How to Cut Baguettes for Docking in the Corners

Beautiful joints of skirting boards are obtained not only due to their plastering. The quality of the panel cuts also contributes to the result. Today we are talking about how to cut a baguette correctly, which tool is needed for this, and without which it is quite possible to do.

How to cut a polyurethane baseboard

How to Cut Baguettes for Docking in the Corners

Polyurethane is a fairly strong material, so the clerical knife is not suitable for cutting such a baguette. This can be done with a hacksaw or a miter saw. For the first tool you will need a miter box for marking the corners. The circular saw is equipped with a scale for aligning angles, so the miter box is not required. But this tool is expensive.

A polyurethane baseboard can melt when sliced. Sometimes this happens due to an insufficiently sharp cutting disc. Therefore, before you grind polyurethane with a miter saw, sharpen the knife or spray it with cold water from the sprayer.

How to cut PVC skirting

When cutting a plastic baseboard, we recommend using a hacksaw for metal. A thin and sharp blade gives the most accurate cut. without chips and chipping.

The second popular tool for cutting PVC skirting boards. stationery knife. They usually cut foam baguettes. Well, if speed is more important than edge quality, you can arm an angle grinder.

How to cut a baguette with a miter box

The tool allows you to withstand the desired angle when cutting the skirting board. As a rule, they are designed for angles of 450 and 900, sometimes for 600. A more serious tool is equipped with a rotary mechanism for aligning non-standard angles.

How to cut the inside corner of baguettes

It is better to lay out first from the inside corners. it’s easier to avoid mistakes.

  • Measure the desired length of the plinth;
  • install it in the miter box so that its position in the tray is the same as on the ceiling;
  • press the bar with your left hand to the far side of the miter;
  • place the hacksaw at an angle of 450 so that its handle is close to the left hand;
  • cut the baseboard. here it is important not to overdo it with pressure;
  • place the reciprocal level also to the far wall, pressing it with the right hand;
  • hold the hacksaw at an angle of 450, bringing its handle closer to the right hand;
  • trim the baseboard.

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How to cut baguettes for joining outside corners

  • Mark by applying molding to the ceiling;
  • place the bar in the tray of the miter box and press it with your left hand to the near wall;
  • hacksaw. at an angle of 450, the handle. next to the left hand;
  • cut the bar;
  • press the reciprocal with your right hand to the same side;
  • hacksaw in the mirror position. at an angle of 450, the handle. to the right hand;
  • make a cut and dock the corner.

This method is suitable if the angles in the room are straight. If they are not equal to 900, then the usual miter box may not work. Try using other methods.

How to cut a baguette without a miter box

Instead of a miter box, you can arm yourself with a pencil and. a ceiling! The marking in place allows you to dock the baseboard in the corners of any size. straight lines or with flaws.

  • Trim the slats that will be adjacent at an angle of 900;
  • end one of them against the wall and draw a fishing line along the contour of the baguette;
  • Rest the reciprocal level in a perpendicular wall and also outline one of its sides;
  • point of intersection of lines. control, according to which it will be necessary to make a cut;
  • attach each of the eaves to its place again and transfer the control point to them;
  • draw a line from the control point to the top of another corner of the bar, cut along it.

Skirtings can now be docked in the right place. We described how to cut baguettes without a miter box in the inner corners. Similarly, we can outline the necessary points for external ones.

How to cut styrofoam with a string

The cold string cutting method is simple to execute and requires nothing but the string itself and the foam. It is also suitable for cutting PPP ceiling skirting.

The steel string must be pulled and perform movements similar to cutting with a two-handed saw. The foam will heat up from friction, and the string will follow it like clockwork.

How to cut foam

Polyfoam under the influence of high temperatures begins to melt. This property of the material is widely used for decorative cutting of foam. The thermal torch transformer supplies electricity to arcs that heat the stretched wire. Hot strings, in turn, cut polystyrene according to the path specified by the drawing.

A professional tool allows you to use curly nozzles, recreate complex sketch elements and achieve high cutting speeds.

How to cut polystyrene with a soldering iron

You will need a soldering iron, a screwdriver, pliers and a copper wire.

Remove the working sting. With a pair of pliers, bend the wire in half and measure on it a length equal to the length of the tip. Excess ends bend. leave about 1/3 of the length of the working sting, and “bite off” the rest with pliers. Insert the impromptu copper “tip” with the thicker side into the soldering iron.

Secure with a screwdriver and plug the tool into a power outlet. Heated copper wire literally floats on the foam in the direction you need. You can pre-apply cut lines on the material.

How to join baguettes

At the joints of the plinth planks, glue is mandatory. In order to avoid cracks between baguettes, leave a 1-2 mm distance between them when gluing. It is better to press the baguette with the edge of the palm of your hand so as not to push it and leave no fingerprints. In this case, the molding must be pressed so that the remnants of the glue come out. Remove excess immediately with a soft damp cloth.

Seams need to be putty, leveled. Then finish the ceiling baguette.

Now you will have no questions how to cut a baguette and join elements between each other. Fruitful work and quality results!