How to Cut Drywall Curved

Drywall, one of the main building materials for interior decoration today. And in fact, with proper use, the material ensures the correct form, ease of installation, accessibility, economy, environmental friendliness, fire resistance, and also that ease of processing is not unimportant. Indeed sheets of drywall are easy to cut and cut at home. Anyone who has tried and knows how to do this, he will not doubt it. And if you went to our page to see for yourself this and learn how to easily cut drywall sheets, then we will help you with this.

What drywall sheets can be cut and which tool is used for this

If you try to characterize the properties of drywall from the layman, then it is moisture resistant and ordinary. As a rule, moisture-proof drywall has a blue-green color, but the main one is the marking, which should contain the abbreviation GKLV. Conventional drywall is referred to as GCR. And the second is the thickness of the drywall. Usually for walls it is chosen thicker from 10 mm, but for ceilings, especially for perimeter ceilings, thinner up to 10 mm.
We must say right away that although drywall is different in terms of its properties and application, its cutting technology will be the same. For cutting, we will need a tape measure to mark the sheet in size. Flat bar, rule or level to hold the line. Clerical knife to incise drywall sheet.

DIY do-it-yourself drywall process

First of all, decide on a place convenient for you. Professionals can already easily cut sheets of drywall and a canopy, but if you are new to this business, we would recommend that you cut sheets on the floor, on a flat surface.
So, put the sheet on a flat smooth surface and draw lines along which you will cut the sheet. You can do this with a tape measure and a pencil. Sometimes a sheet is cut immediately without marking, but it is better to check seven times and cut one, than to make people laugh later!

How to Cut Drywall Curved

After we take the rule, level or profile, the main thing is that one of the surfaces should be flat and long. We put it close to the sheet and with the help of a clerical knife we ​​cut the sheet along the entire length of the marking.

The force should be about 3-5 kg. The blade should be installed perpendicular to the sheet so as not to break, and to ensure the correct direction for further fracture. We make a cut from one edge to the other.
After, we take the sheet and bend it in the direction opposite to our cut. To do this, it is sometimes better to turn the sheet over.

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And you probably have to do it if the sheet is on the floor.
Now bend the sheet in place of the cut, but in the opposite direction. As we have already said.

As a result, the sheet will crack and break, but still remain held on to the surface layer of paper.

Next, we take the same clerical knife and cut it at the place of the cut, but on the other hand, cutting through the paper.

After we cut the paper along its entire length, we disconnect the two halves of the sheet.

That’s all, the process of cutting a sheet of their drywall at home with their own hands can be considered completed. As you can see, everything is simple and easy, and with our instructions and photos, anyone can perform the process of cutting drywall.

How to cut drywall at home with your own hands on a curve

The above method is good for cutting sheets in a straight line when the lines are all straight and the shapes are correct, but what if the drywall needs to be cut off in a parabola or curve. In this case, we also initially mark out the sheet using a marker or pencil. To mark the most accurate, you can use a little trick. It is necessary to take aluminum wire and bend it in the form of unevenness, which must be reflected on the sheet. Next, we circle the wire as the floor patterns the place of the future cut.

We take a jigsaw with a shallow file. We begin to cut drywall in a curve, like plywood, while not particularly zealous with the pitch, so as not to crumble the sheet.

At the end we pick up the sheet so that it does not break.

The result is a cut sheet of drywall in a curve. The method is convenient, but has its drawbacks. Firstly, it requires a special tool. Secondly, it is more "dirty", that is, more dust and possible fragments of gypsum stand out from it.
Summarizing the above information, we can confirm the fact that drywall is a modern and easy to process material, which means that even with insignificant skills in its processing, you can cut almost any form out of it. Such a dignity of the material will become indispensable when installing structures from it.