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How to cut round glass?

Now let’s look at the easiest way to cut round glass. To do this, you need to take a glass cutter and tools in order to cut an even circle. First, mark the center of the circle on the glass, then attach the suction cup to the place where the center was marked. We will tie a rope to the installed suction cup, and a glass cutter should be tied to the rope. The length of the rope from the suction cup to the cutter should be equal to the radius of the circle that you plan to cut. After all the preparations are completed, you can draw a circle on the glass with a glass cutter. Now draw “rays” from the resulting circle on the rest of the glass with a glass cutter. And after that, with ticks, break off the extra pieces that are between the previously held “rays”.

Oil type tool

An oil glass cutter differs from a roller glass cutter only in that it is equipped with a special container from which oil is supplied to the cutting roller during operation

By its design, an oil glass cutter differs from a roller glass cutter only in that it is equipped with a special container from which oil is supplied to the cutting roller during operation. As a result, the cutting effect is greatly enhanced, which makes it possible to cut thicker glass.

The principle of working with an oil glass cutter practically does not differ from working with roller models.

Open the glass

Many also refer this process to the preparatory stage, but we will single it out as an independent type of work. It is no secret that there is no absolutely waste-free production for this type of work, especially if the ultimate goal is to obtain a product with unusual geometric parameters. But if you first calculate and outline how to cut glass with a glass cutter, you can minimize waste. Experts recommend combining the longest side of the glass with the longest edge of the workpiece. At the same time, you should not rush to throw away the remaining trimmings. they may be useful in the future.

Features of working with non-standard glass

Tempered glass cannot be processed at home; when exposed to mechanical stress, it crumbles or breaks into pieces. Corrugated. Is cut with a glass cutter in the same way as usual, but on the smooth side.

Acrylic glass is actually not glass. Thin material is cut with simple scissors or an ordinary knife. A thick sheet can be drawn along a ruler with a fragment of a hacksaw
blade, several times, and then bend and break the grooves along the mowing line.

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The diamond glass cutter is equipped with a correspondingly small diamond, this diamond cuts the glass. The hardness of diamond is well known and therefore it has long been used for cutting glass.

Nowadays, as before, the diamond glass cutter is considered the best tool to cut glass.

Stencils of a bull (cow) on the window for the New Year 2021 for paper cutting

Windows are the eyes and soul of the house, they should always be clean, and smart on holidays. So that Fate favors, and more often indulges with buns. Many people sincerely believe in this, and I hope it is true. That is why it is impossible for the New Year to leave the windows of the house and apartment everyday, while the entire living space will be decorated.

You should not be limited only to the fact that preparing for the New Year, you create festive snowflakes, decorate the Christmas tree beautifully, prepare congratulations to colleagues and friends, and also teach New Year’s poems with children. prepare fun contests and do crafts.

By the way, beautiful stencils for cutting in the form of snowflakes, stars, deer and heroes of fairy tales will make the rooms much more comfortable, and the special, mysterious atmosphere of the New Year’s celebration will noticeably intensify.

The symbol of the coming year is the Bull, the personification of strength, perseverance and hard work. It would be nice to learn from him these wonderful qualities, in the new year they can help in the fulfillment of the most cherished desires.

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Let’s decorate our home together with the children with the most unusual, beautiful and happy paper symbols of Winter and its next anniversary. And, perhaps, luck will come to him constantly.

Paper bull templates for window decoration (you can print)

The best part is that when creating such window decorations, they never repeat themselves. How nice it is when the neighbors also have smart windows, and they are all different, with their own flavor. Walking around the city and looking at such decorations, created by the hands of adults and children, you feel special joy and imbued with the general holiday mood.

It’s probably great when you have drawing skills, because then you can draw any image yourself, bringing your own ideas to life.

Now admire the masterpieces of those who do it professionally:

What wonderful gobies, cows and calves, but the most wonderful thing is that there is no one alike!

Vytynanki with the symbol of the year 2021 for cutting and printing

You can also cut and stick on the glass “famous” bulls and cows. for example, characters from animated films that our children love so much. However, this must be done correctly.

We will teach you how to carefully cut a beautiful template:

  • Window decorative decorations begin to cut out from small parts. it is better to do this with nail scissors or a clerical / dummy knife.
  • Cut out the smallest parts of the image let the adults do it.
  • Gradually it is necessary to move on to the larger details of the protruding.
  • At the end, all unnecessary is cut off, that is, the outer contours of the drawing are released.

During work, use a self-healing cutting board, try to hold the picture by the places that will be cut. this will avoid smudges and fingerprints on white paper.

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If the picture was cut out by a child, and it did not turn out very neatly, just glue the decoration.

there are also cartoon characters of bulls and cows. So why not decorate winter windows with them. Take a look at these examples:

Cow Murka and calf Gavryusha from Prostokvashino

Stencils of a goby-lady for cutting on windows for the New Year 2021

Vytynanka, or cut out pictures, are very popular. This original decor allows you to create extraordinarily beautiful window decorations, all you need is plain white paper and scissors. If desired, ready-made stencils can be painted with paints and felt-tip pens, and there is nothing complicated about that. Today, even children who go to kindergarten know the cutting technique, and therefore can do this exciting business with their parents.

To create a vytynanka, you just need to circle the image you like on the computer monitor, attaching an A4 sheet to it. But there is an easier way. you need to download the stencil to your PC, save it, and print it using a printer. All that remains is to carefully cut a bull or a cow, and then stick it on the glass.

It is not at all necessary to cover all the windows with images of cows. you have a unique opportunity to show your creativity and create interesting paintings with the participation of the Lord of the Year. It will be great if the characters of New Year’s fairy tales appear next to the animal. Snow Maiden, Santa Claus, as well as a Christmas tree, the moon, snow-covered trees and houses.

See what great templates have been prepared for you:

How To Cut Glass. GardenFork

  • Head of a cheerful bull.
  • Smiling beauty cow.
  • Calf riding a month, and much more.

Give your child at least one window in your house, and let the child decorate it on his own. If the baby is not attending school yet, advise him to choose the simplest images of a cow. Nearby, he can place a Christmas tree with Christmas balls, stars and a cheerful Snowman. If necessary, help your son and daughter. cut out the smallest details, recommend how best to place on the window.

Drawings of gobies for carving on windows

There are many bulls, bulls, cows in our collection of stencils. as well as their images in combination with all kinds of additions. other characters, inscriptions, numbers. Why not, such installations look much more interesting. You will probably like these templates.

Feel free to experiment. Of course, white openwork pictures are conceived like frosty patterns on a window, but no one bothers you to make them colored using multi-colored paper.

New Year stencils and templates Bull in A4 format

When it is necessary to create a large vytynanka, a regular stencil must be divided into several parts. The Excel program will help with this. You will also have to cut out from A4 sheet, but only these will be separate parts of the Bull, then they need to be connected.

And a few more tips on how to glue the vytynanka. so that they hold, and the glass remains unstained:

Vytynanka should not be glued to wallpaper, or to untreated wooden surfaces, this decoration is only for glass and mirrors.

glass, window

In the end, we want to please you with a few more great templates. choose and decorate your home with pleasure. Happy New Year!

Vytynanki with the symbol of the year 2021 for cutting and printing

Friends, I would also like to note that there are also cartoon characters of bulls and cows. So why not decorate winter windows with them. Take a look at these examples:

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Cow Murka and calf Gavryusha from Prostokvashino

Stencils of a bull (cow) on the window for the New Year 2021 for paper cutting

New Year’s time. how cool it is. There is such beauty everywhere: there are snowflakes on the windows, kids make crafts and souvenirs, Christmas trees, snowmen. Balloons and crackers, how great it is! On the table are delicious snacks and salads, main courses and so on.

This holiday atmosphere will immediately be felt and the mood and smell of tangerines will rise immediately. Mmm. how delightful it is that there are moments like this.

According to the Chinese calendar, 2021 is the year of the bull, or as the kids affectionately call, the cows. Therefore, the templates will be with this animal. And this collection is proof of that. Pictures have been collected from all over the Internet so that you can superbly decorate. Choose, print and compose. After all, each vytynanka is beautiful in its own way, and you can also make it unique, just color it, add your own star).

But, you can also decorate with other decorations, for example, cut out numbers, Santa Claus and other cartoon characters and a beautiful Christmas tree. And of course, snowflakes-fluffs, without them nowhere.

Stencils of a goby-lady for cutting on windows for the New Year 2021

First of all, I will start with the most ordinary and simple characters. bulls and cows, but only which it will not be difficult to cut even for children. Choose any image you like, right-click on it and save it to your laptop. And then cut and glue on the horse.

You can cheat if there is no printer for printing, for this, attach a sheet of paper to the monitor screen and circle the picture, stencil.

Drawings of gobies for carving on windows

And again I want to demonstrate different works, in which there are bulls and cows, as well as numbers and inscriptions:

Paper bull templates for window decoration (you can print)

Wow, the symbol of the year. how beautiful and cute he is! And even if it is made with your own hands, then even more so. Every year you walk past houses and look at the windows, because each opening is decorated in a special way.

Use these ready-made schemes that I have selected for you and please not only your home, but also your neighbors. Well, or if you are an artist, or are good at pencil, you can create your own unique creative masterpieces.

And now I recommend taking a look here:

New Year stencils and templates Bull in A4 format

And now let’s talk about animals that are large in size, maybe even larger than A4, how to do this? Use the program eksel, in it you can split any picture into several sheets.

And it’s even easier to make a stencil on a regular sheet, just download the picture you like and stretch it across the sheet.

That’s all, I hope that all these templates and stencils of gobies and cows made of paper for cut-out windows will help you beautifully and brightly decorate your home windows or work. After all, anywhere you want to feel a holiday atmosphere in the air.

Happy new year 2021! Good luck, happiness and good health!