How to cut the lawn with a trimmer correctly. How to cut the lawn in hard -to -reach places

Glass haircut with a trimmer

The height and frequency of mowing is dependent on the type of lawn, season and climate. Lawns of the ground are mowed at a level of 4-5 cm during the first two years, evenly lowering to 3-4 cm. The best height for garden and park lawns is 4.5-5 cm. Meadow lawns are mowed twice a season, thereby giving the opportunity to ripen seeds. The frequency of the mowing. Once a week, in damp weather. Every 5 days. In the dry period, the height of the haircut increases to 5-6 cm, and the interval between the haircuts. Up to 7-8 days. The lawn mowing is often carried out in coordination with the growth of herbs.

Lawn braids

Now there are a huge number of gas mowers models that differ not only in the price of the cutting element and the type of motor, and the presence of auxiliary options. Therefore, choosing a lawn mower, you should take into account the power of the motor, the area and shape of the lawn, also a number of other technical features.

The introduction of a hand lawn mower will allow you to not depend on the availability of energy sources and perform an ideal lawn mower without harm to nature. Sharp knives provide high quality of the mowing, although work for her is quite difficult.

Electronic mowers are ordinary in operation, ordinary in cleaning, quiet, relatively non.hazardous for the natural environment, are great for medium.sized lawns. In fact, the only inconvenience when using this type of mowal is the need to connect to a power source. Beautiful solution for small equal lawns.

Basin lawn mowers are completely suitable for mowing huge lawns at least some form, not being independent of external power sources. But gasoline mowers are harder, more difficult to use and give out a lot of noise.

For huge areas, there is a more difficult and large lawn processing technique. Usually, such machines are equipped not only by blades for trimming the grass, and also with tools for aeration and scoring. Some of them include the function of a garden vacuum cleaner for collecting leaves, sawdust and garbage cuttings. Large lawners are called garden tractors.

lawn, trimmer, correctly, hard

How to use mowed lawn grass

Take your time to get rid of cropped grass, this can and must be used. Let’s see how you can use cuttings for the lawn. For example, for mulching (in order to improve air and water access to plant roots), composting or feeding plants on the site.

Cut grass, which will be used for mulching, must be perfectly dried, after which it is laid out in flower beds, beds, at the foot of fruit trees and shrubs. Do not forget to update the mulching layer in time so that it does not melt, and the parasites do not start in it.

It is quite easy to feed the lawn with a mowed grass, it’s enough to throw it on the lawn (this is not acceptable for all types of lawn) and nutrients will fall into the soil when decomposed. Also, many gardeners prepare compost pits and moisturize them. When the grass rotates, mix it with manure, dissolve it in water and use it to power plants.

How to cut a lawn mower?

Cut off the lawn on the site near the house using the lawn mower, is not so difficult if you know where to start and which front of the work needs to be done first. When spring came, snow and grass on the lawn grew to 10 centimeters, it’s time to spend the first haircut.

To shorten the grass on the site correctly, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • First of all, you need to process a plot along the contour and along the edge of the paths in order to strictly outline the front of the work and mark the boundaries. And also you need to walk along flower beds with flowers and trees if they grow on the lawn. Any technique is suitable for this: manual and electric. But with the help of the second, the work will turn out to be many times faster, however, it is convenient to use electrical engineering only along straight lines and angles. If a site with blurry boundaries and when it is necessary to make a smooth crossing, it is better to give preference to a lawn mower with manual control.
  • While working with equipment, you must definitely use the whole body, do not allow only your hands to move. In order for the result to be better, you need to hold the lawn mower with both hands and move forward smoothly (only in one direction, if something is missed, then go back and walk around the same area).
  • If possible, cutting the contour, move along the paths so as not to cut the grass too short.
  • Move around the site slowly so that you do not have to return. Electric lawn mowers work quickly, because of which people often speed up the step, but in the end they get an unevenly trimmed area.

Before starting the haircut, you need to remove all unnecessary items from the lawn: garbage, garden equipment, toys, branches, etc. P.

The first haircut of the lawn. The height of the mowing

Excessive mowing is no less harmful than insufficient or too rare. The exposure of turf leads to the spread of weeds and various diseases, and in the spring-autumn period it is exposed to low temperatures.

Traditionally, garden and park types of lawns are cut at an altitude of 4-4.5 cm. This minimum mark is suitable for the middle of the season, if the coating of the lawn is sufficiently strengthened and develops rapidly. The first 3-4 spring haircuts, as well as the latter in the season, suggest a height of 5.5. 6 cm.

Approximately the same mark should be followed in the arid summer. Parters’ lawns are usually cut to a level of 3 cm, and sports-about 2 cm

Of course, no one is safe from the passes of this important procedure, and the grass grows too high

This is fixable, but it will require compliance with certain haircut rules. So, you can’t cut the grass right up to the required level. In the first haircut after passing the haircut, a grass 10-15 cm high can be shortened by half, in the second-to drop to the desired height.

There are several more important recommendations regarding the effective and safe haircut of the lawn:

The direction of the haircut should change periodically. it will have a beneficial effect on the quality of the herbal coating. It is best to move perpendicular to the direction taken during the last haircut each time. Thus, it is possible to avoid the thickening of the stems that make the grass hard and prickly.

It is recommended to trim the rectangular lawn, starting from its narrow part. In the case of its rounded shape, you should start moving along the contour, and then lay parallel stripes from the center of the silt and the elongated area.

Lawn care in the spring

The start of the season of care for emerald carpets does not coincide with the start of the main garden season. The first procedures for the lawn are carried out only in April, in the middle strip. traditionally not earlier than the third decade of the month

And even then in the first works you need to be careful and not harm turf by excessive load

Spring lawn fertilizer

The procedures in April are reduced only to the removal of dry grass and garbage from the surface of the lawn with light rakes or manually. They are cleaned only when moisture leaves the soil and Dernin will not be in a waterlogged state.

Full.fledged lawn care actually begins only in May. After thawing and drying out the upper soil, the soil begins to the first serious procedures:

  • When establishing a stable positive temperature, first of all, it is often recommended to make nitrogen top dressing for rapidly growing and restoring turf. But for feeding you need a haircut, and top dressing needs to be postponed until the first mowing procedures.
  • Carry out compulsory screenings, removing garbage, moss, dry grass.
  • If necessary, on the lawn, sand is carried out, processing of propelled saps and shafts of grass. When laying the roll lawn, cut out and damaged areas of turf.
  • With obvious signs of damage to fungi, fungicids are made to prevent the problem from spreading to a large area. But since all spring procedures contribute to the healing of Dernina, usually with serious measures they are waiting until the summer and use fungicides already if the main measures have not helped.
  • After the grass rises to a height of 8 cm, the first mowing is carried out to a height of at least 5-6 cm. It is undesirable to leave mowed grass on the lawn in the spring.
  • After the first or second haircut, the first top dressing is carried out. For spring, you need to use nitrogen mixtures, starting or complex fertilizers for lawns. The mixtures are made with abundant watering and on cool days, avoiding any procedures in dry and hot weather.
  • After the second or third haircut, aeration is carried out, piercing Dernina to a depth of about 5 cm along the entire surface of the lawn.
  • In damaged areas, they continue to hook and laying a new turf.
  • Begin to fight weeds mechanically. by hand by handle.

Subtleties of working with a trimmer on an even relief

If you produce mowing according to a flat relief, then you should be especially careful about the direction of rotation of the coil. Firstly, it is important for both your personal safety and the safety of others. Secondly, taking into account this nuance will allow you to facilitate the work performed.

In principle, with the first moment everything is clear. Because knowing which way various small objects (for example, pebbles) fly away, you can always warn and avoid a possible trouble. But the second point, perhaps, requires explanation.

Explain. If, with mowing, you do not take into account the direction of rotation of the coil, then the mowed grass may be in a nodel area. As a result, you and your unit will have to make more efforts to mowed grass that has been under a herbal dump. over, the quality of kota in such conditions will significantly decrease.

That is, the direction of mowing must be selected, given the direction of rotation of the coil. So that mowed plants fly to the already processed territory.

The trimming of the bush

As you know, a trimmer for grass can be used not only for mowing grass. But also for trimming thin branches. For example, at the bushes. For this, as a rule, the working part of the unit has to be put in a position close to the vertical. As a result, the probability of capturing from the surface of the earth and the subsequent emission of small stones and garbage is great.

So that this does not cause any troubles, it should be remembered that garbage disclosure always occurs to the left side. Therefore, it is better to be located during work so that flying garbage is not directed at people or pets. But the perfect option would be their complete removal from the zone of your work.

However, the possible harm to people and animals is not the only potential trouble at all. Garbage and stones on the basis can damage the tool itself. Therefore, before starting work, it is advisable to remove them from the surface of the soil. At least the largest and most dangerous items.


Remember, the disk cannot be used in cluttered areas, as well as where the difference in the height of the soil exceeds 5 cm per 1 m. That is, you cannot mow the disk on plowed and crossed soils, otherwise you will quickly damage the cutting tool, and you can also get injured yourself.

Do not use it for mowing, even a tall multi.grass with a thin stem, a thick fishing line for a trimmer or a knife is better suited. Spease the grass at a distance of 3-5 cm from the ground, this will preserve the tool from damage.

If there are young trees on the site that you plan to cut together with the grass, then consider that the stumps remaining in the ground will turn into obstacles that can cause falls and injuries.

If you clear the territory for planting plants with subsequent mechanized caring for them, then do not pay attention to hemp, they will not interfere with agricultural technology to do their work.

However, where you plan to take care of plants manually, cut off young trees trunks at an altitude of 30-50 cm from the ground, and then remove them with the root in any convenient way.

Do not mow the grass next to the fences or wheels of cars, an awkward movement can lead to damage to the disk or tire, which in any case ends with losses and stress.

Do not mow grass if people or animals stand nearby, grass trimming can fall into the eye.

Use protective equipment, that is:

Interesting video

Watch the video about how the mowing of herbs occurs using a disk:

The disc, the drive equipped with a trimmer effectively mowns hard grass with a thick stem, as well as a young shoot of trees or shrubs, but for mowing vegetation with a thin stem it is much worse than a knife or a thick curly fishing line.

Now you know how to use an electric or lawn mower with a disk cutting tool Effectively and safely, this information will help you avoid injuries and breakdown of equipment, as well as qualitatively shake the grass in even areas.

How to mow a trimmer with a fishing line correctly?

The mowing of grass with fishing line (cutting string, cord) differs from the same operation, only performed with a knife or saw disk.

This is due to the fact that the trimmer cord affects the vegetation differently.

Therefore, we compiled a detailed instruction that will help you use the trimmer for the grass correctly and competently mow any vegetation fishing.

Stages of mowing

The process of mowing grass, that is, the implementation of certain movements by the trimmer, is only a part of a more complex process, which includes:

Therefore, we recommend reading the articles in which these actions are highlighted, that is:

The choice of fishing line

For an effective haircut of the site, you need to choose the right cord in shape and size.

The string of irregular shapes will also mow vegetation, but in terms of speed and quality will yield to the one that better corresponds to this particular vegetation.

When choosing a size (diameter or section), one has to take into account the following. the thicker the cord, the better it copes with its task, but the stronger the load on the tool.

Too thick string will break the gearbox and shaft bushings, and in particularly unsuccessful cases can greatly damage the trimmer for the grass. Detailed information on how the coil works and the instructions for choosing the cord you will find here (which line for the trimmer to choose).

Coil winding

To charge a fishing head with a fishing line, insert a cord of sufficient length into it and, leveling both sticking pieces, then tighten the button in the corresponding direction.

Remember, the direction of rotation of the shafts of trimmers with a straight and curved bar does not match, so different coils are installed on them. Be careful, a fishing line for a trimmer is drawn on the head of the head, indicating which way you need to twist the button.

To charge a semi.automatic head, act like this:

  • Squeeze your fingers with fixers holding the lid, then remove it;
  • Pull the spool;
  • Remove the remains of the old fishing line;
  • Wind a new string, the winding direction is indicated on the rogue, lid and coil body;
  • insert the rogue into the housing;
  • bring both ends of the fishing line outside;
  • put the lid to the click so that the latches fix it.

The method of charging a mechanical coil depends on its type (in some cases, you will have to wrap the cord on the removed head, then put it on a benzo- or electrocos).

A detailed description of such trimmer heads and tips on winding the fishing line on them will be found in these articles:

Preparation of the site

The trimmer cord is made from various types of nylon, and this material does not differ in high strength or abrasion, so prepare the site before cutting.

To do this, go through its territory and remove all the garbage, from plastic bottles to large stones or pieces of reinforcement.

lawn, trimmer, correctly, hard

If any obstacles could not be removed, then you will mark their perimeter in order to mow most carefully along it, otherwise, with the mowing of grass in this area, you will spend a fishing line for a trimmer much faster, and there is also the possibility of damage to the trimmer for the grass.

The choice of equipment

To understand what equipment is needed, it is necessary to disassemble the processes that occur in the process of mowing grass with fishing line.

Moving at high speed, the cord crashes into the stem or foliage of the grass and cuts them off, after which the upper part of the plant falls to the ground. Sometimes the falling fragment falls under the fishing line for the trimmer and cuts it again, maybe even several times.

Each blow of the cord on the fragments of the grass leads to spraying the juice and flying up small fragments of crushed vegetation, which fly out at different angles, so there is a high probability that such a drop or fragment will fall into the eye.

Given the speed of rotation of the fishing line, their blow can cause serious injury to the eye, and in the field to clear the surface of the eyeball from them is extremely difficult. Therefore, the main element of equipment is glasses or mask that protect the eyes from the opening of drops and crushed grass.

The remaining important elements of equipment are:

  • protective headphones (relevant when working with motorcycles);
  • a convenient suspension system (relevant for any trimmers with the upper location of the motor);
  • Comfortable shoes with corrugated sole sole.

Preparation of a trimmer for grass

Any apparatus is suitable for working with flat mechanical coils. If you are going to mow grass with an automatic or semi.automatic head, then a higher protection is needed.

Devices originally designed to work with fishing line were equipped with a protective casing of increased heights, and part of the models, which included wheels or knives, were equipped with a casing with the so.called “beard”, that is, a removable lower part. This made it possible to change the height of the casing, adjusting it under the cutting tool.

But the devices, in the configuration of which there was no standard coil at all, was equipped with a low protective casing without a “beard”, therefore, either a “beard” or a casing of increased heights are needed to work with collapsible mechanical or any plastic coils.

In addition, when working with a knife, the protective casing often received damage, so for mowing grass the fishing line, it was required to replace it. The most effective was the choice of a universal casing with a “beard”, for example, such.

We also suggest you learn more about the principle of the electrimmer from this article.

Directly mowing

Theoretically, mowing herbs with a motorcycle or electric shock is similar to the use of a conventional braid braid, that is, turning the device to the left and right, gradually move forward.

At each passage, the fishing line for the trimmer will cut the vegetation strip with a width of 1-5 cm, and the mowed grass will either fall into the dangled area or fly apart.

However, in reality, a lot depends on:

Unlike a lawn mower, which collects beveled vegetation in a grass receiver, a trimmer for grass only cuts the grass and leaves it on the site.

If you choose the irregular trajectory of movement, then the mowed grass will fall under the cord again, which will have to grind it, reducing the speed of movement.

Lawn haircut: how to mow grass correctly

The presence of an emerald velvety lawn on the site will become the pride of each gardener, subject to proper care. Regular haircut is an important stage in maintaining the lawn in good condition.

The regular haircut of the lawns contributes to the bunch of grass, which subsequently leads to the formation of dense turf, as a result of which the number of weeds that literally replace young shoots decreases, and also extends the growing season and protects the plants from exhaustion. Thus, thanks to the haircut procedure, you can solve several tasks for caring for the lawn at the same time.

When to start mowing lawn grass

The young lawn may delight the first emerald shootings that have not yet formed yet when more than 4 weeks have passed since its landing. If the height of the seedlings reaches 8-10 cm, you should think about the first haircut. The main rule of the initial care of the lawn is not to cut too short.

Thin.leafy herbs are exhausted, and propharyns may appear on the lawn, which over time will be filled with weeds. Leave at least 5 cm, then the height of the kosba depends on the composition of the herbs of your lawn.

Powers lawn grass in dry weather, but the surface of the Earth should be moistened in order to prevent pulling out that have not yet been strengthened by young shoots. Wething of grass can lead to clogging the lawn mower, and with excessive soil moisture, there is a great risk of damaging herbal coating.

Is it possible to mow wet grass with a lawn mower

You are going to mow your lawn, but the rain upset all plans. Is it possible to mow wet grass? This question is asked by homeowners. Let’s understand.

You decided to wait with a haircut. And they did the right thing. If possible, we should avoid this procedure. But, if you just need to cut the lawn. We will give some tips on how to avoid the bad consequences of this idea.

But, first, let’s find out why cut a wet lawn is a bad idea:

This is unsafe for you

First, you can slip on wet grass and fall. Especially if you work with a trimmer or your lawn mower is non.self.propelled. You can get an injury when falling or even worse suffer from the rotating parts of your technique.

Secondly, if you mow an electric tool (especially wired), then in the best cases your technique will burn, and in the worst you may hit the current.

Thirdly, wet grass will clog the deck of the lawn mower and you will have to often jam it to clean it. And finally you are overlapping your clothes from mud flying in all directions.

This is unsafe for the lawn

Haircut with wet grass or herbs covered with dew can harm the lawn. As it is very easy to tear wet grass with the root. This increases the risk of fungus on the lawn.

Wet grass is very difficult to cut evenly. At first it will seem that you cut it perfectly. But after the grass dries, you will see that the lawn is very uneven.

[How To Mow A Lawn] Like A Pro. Lawn Mowing Tips For A Great Looking Lawn. Lawn Care Tips

Also, if the soil is very moist, the widespread wheels or your shoes can greatly compact the soil, and this is not very good for the health of the lawn.

This is unsafe for the lawn mower

As already mentioned, wet grass is physically hard to cut. Pieces of moist grass clog deck, knives, ejection window. Wet trims of grass remain on parts of the lawn mower and create a favorable environment for mold and rust. Excessive humidity is also harmful to fuel.

How to cut wet grass

If you, despite the above consequences, still decided to cut the lawn, find out how to do it with less damage. First, do not mow in the rain, this is a disaster. Do not mow early in the morning. Instead, choose noon or evening (with dry grass, all the other way around).

Use a sharp knife

A lawn mowing knife should be sharp. Especially when you mow moist grass. If there are scratches on it or dents, replace or sharpen the knife.

Protect the Deco of the lawn mower

Process the Deco of the lawn mowers from the inside with silicone or a special Teflon spray. This will protect the deck from dirt and grass, which will prevent the appearance of rust.

The height of the bevel

Raise the height of the bevel to 7-10 cm. Yes, briefly cut lawn looks very beautiful. However, when the grass is wet, not up to beauty.

Mow slowly

Reduce the speed of the mowing. This will allow the lawn mower to be easier to cope with grass. Do not try to beat records for haircut speeds. Pity your technique.

Clean the lawn mower or trimmer for grass

After you finish your haircut, clean the technique of wet grass and dirt. You may need a metal brush. Before you remove the tool for storage, make sure it has dried. This will prevent the appearance of mold and rust.

Now you know if you can mow wet grass. Please observe safety precautions. Take care of yourself and others.

lawn, trimmer, correctly, hard

With love, Gardeniumpro and may strength arrive with you.

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Why should you cut the lawn

The state of the lawn depends on how this procedure is carried out. The systematic haircut gives the following advantages:

  • absence of weeds;
  • uniform growth of grass;
  • the emergence of new shoots;
  • the formation of a reliable base;
  • Normal density of landings.

Before the haircut, it is necessary to decide on the level of herbal coating.

Having cut too much, the gardener risks losing all the stands. This is due to the fact that the aboveground part of the plant provides the power of the root system. With a lack of green mass, the grass after the haircut will dry out.

The first sign of the problem will be the appearance of characteristic spots.

If the haircut level is higher than required, the coating will become excessively thick. Because of this, there may be a lack of nutrients in the soil.

At a time you need to remove no more than 1.5 cm.

Particular attention should be paid to the frequency of the procedure. If meadet cultures are planted in the personal territory, the lawn will have to be cut at least 2 times a month. Otherwise, the greens will have time to grow up and end your life cycle.

A systematic haircut is beneficial for a green lawn. Dernina, formed as a result of such processing, prevents the germination of weeds and evaporation of moisture. The lawn that is regularly cut, more resistant to mechanical exposure and sharp temperature differences than the site in a neglected state.

Tools used to cut the lawn

To save time, gardeners use special units, for example, lawnmands. They differ in functionality, cost, type and engine power.

Garden-park technique from this category is manual (mechanical), electric, gasoline and battery. The tools are equipped with structures for collecting cut grass, aeration and loosening of soil. Equipment of this type is most often purchased for processing impressive territories.

The characteristic features of mechanical lawn mowers are considered the absence of a drive and the presence of energy. Electric are compact and ease of control. Gasoline models are independent of standard power sources. The disadvantages of this equipment include the noise effect and the need for combustible materials.

A trimmer is a universal tool that is suitable for caring for problem areas. The device is useful to gardeners who diversified the landscape design with flower beds, paths and other elements. The distinctive features of the equipment include budget value, compactness, convenience of use.

Professional devices are often used to care for lawns. This category includes:

  • Spit cars. They can be gasoline and battery. The former are suitable for shortening high grass in areas of impressive area, the latter is best used in small.sized territories. The latter is explained by the fact that the devices need regular recharge;
  • Ryders, tractors for the lawn. They are equipped with a steering system, cutting elements located frontally, and such useful additions as trunk trunk.

Read about the choice of lawnmands in the article Rating of lawn mowers: Choosing the best.

If the summer resident is at the disposal of a relatively small area, it can do with special scissors. Using a set of various nozzles, you can adjust the lawn coating, take shape to shrubs and trees.

At the same time, special knowledge and skills are not required. When selecting equipment, you should focus on personal preferences, financial capabilities, relief, area and form of a personal plot.

Order mowing grass: how much it costs and where to find a service?

Grass of herbs is engaged in both enterprises or private entrepreneurs and various “shabashniks”.

  • vegetation height and stem thickness;
  • the ability to use vehicles for mowing;
  • volume of work;
  • terrain;
  • the presence of stones on the site;
  • time of work;
  • additional services, for example, export and disposal of mowed grass.

Detailed information on those who provide such services and the cost of their work you will find here.


The correct choice of equipment for spinning grass greatly facilitates this process and increases its effectiveness, but the necessary unit is not always available. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how various types of equipment for mowing the grass work, because owning this information, you can always choose the most effective analogue.

You also now know how to properly shake the grass without a mowing, so that the work is as fast and effective as possible.