How to use a chain saw correctly. How to cut logs of different sizes correctly?

Work with a chainsaw preparation for work, performing wood sawing, sawing, cutting of branches. Cuts, files, correct rolls. Check the impeccability of the working condition of the device. pay attention to the corresponding chapter in the operating instructions: The drain of the saw chain in good operational condition, the front protective shield Properly mounted guide tire Correctly stretched saw chain […]

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How to correctly configure one -axle tractor for cultivation. Recommendations for the use of a walk -behind tractor

The principle of cultivation by a motorcycle unit Soil processing in a personal plot using a walk.behind tractor is not only a plow, you can process the soil on the site in an unnecessary way, that is, the cultivation of the soil with milling. And so let’s talk about this type of land treatment in more detail. When processing the […]

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How to assemble champion chainsaw correctly. Champion chainsaw 237 16: User reviews

Champion chainsaws (Champion) Champion chainsaws have established themselves as inexpensive, but rather reliable garden tools. The models of this brand are distinguished by endurance, durability and unpretentiousness to the quality of fuel. Champion chainsaws do not require special service and show high efficiency under any weather conditions. This model stands out easy to use, lightness and efficiency. The tool is […]

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