How to cut the slapers with a wave with improvised means. Method number 1. We break the thin slate

How to cut the slate. cutting technology and the necessary tools

In summer cottage construction for any householder, slate is the most irreplaceable material. With it, you can quickly and inexpensively make a roof for a garage, barn, arbors or even a garden house. The non.demand demand for him indicates that the ease of installation and affordable price. However, do not forget that it contains asbestos, a mineral dangerous for the respiratory tract and mucous membranes of a person. In sheets that are not exposed to external exposure, it is in a bound state, held by the binder. The danger lies in wait for workers when cutting material. This article will tell you how and how to cut the slate, so as not to violate the integrity of the leaf and protect yourself.

To make slate, manufacturers mix asbestos with cement and water, pour it in shape and leave to dry. To prevent dusting, both sides and slices are covered with special paint, which gives the desired shade to the material and makes it more smooth. The slate has the following physical characteristics:

  • Large weight. The mass of one sheet of a standard size exceeds 30 kg. Among the roofing materials, it has a large weight, which exceeds which perhaps ceramic tiles.
  • Fragility. Violating the integrity of the sheet of the slate is easy enough. On the one hand, this is bad, since it is necessary to carefully be transported and storage. And on the other hand, this is a certain advantage, since cutting the sheet is not particularly difficult.
  • Color. An unpainted slate is easy to recognize by a light gray shade that cannot be confused with something. If it seems unpretentious or does not harmonize with the finish of the house, just buy paint and apply it to the surface of the roof.
  • A variety of textures. Manufacturers of building materials produce wave and flat slate. Not different in composition, they have a different surface and a different sphere of application. The wave type is more often used to cover the roof, and flat to protect the walls.

note! Slate is made using asbestos. This insidious mineral of the silicate class penetrates with dust into the lungs, irritating and applying microtrauma. Therefore, in order to cut a sheet of slate, you need to use personal protective equipment that protect the respiratory tract and eyes. It is best to cut not indoors, but outdoors.

Cut with a corner grinder

The corner grinding of the USSR has been called an angle grinding machine that produced in the same name of the same name. It is better to saw the slate with this universal tool with an assistant, following this technology:

  • Gently take out a sheet of slate on an open area and place it on two supports that will lift it above the surface of the earth, to work more conveniently.
  • Determine the cut place and draw a fishing line for a trimmer by which you will cut. Moisten the place of the future cut with water abundantly. Firstly, the plasticity of the slate when getting wet increases, and secondly, less dangerous asbestos dust is formed.

Important! To cut the slate, use a corner grinder with a stone disk or a diamond circle. The first option is cheaper than the second. Nevertheless, the diamond nozzle allows you to fill the cuts in any direction or even grind the edges of the sheet.

Cutting slate corner grinding with disk for stone

Taking advantage of the corner grinding machine (corner grinding), equipped with a stone disk, you can easily saw a wave of a wave slap.

The technology of work requires the use of water, which should be supplied with a thin stream to the site of the saw. this will simultaneously cool the working part of the tool and prevent the appearance of harmful asbestos dust.

To supply water, an assistant is necessary, who will hold the hose or water the incision with water from an ordinary plastic bottle. In this case, the dust will not fly apart, but dragging along with water to the ground. If there is no assistant, then you can fix the hose with water with improvised means so that it flows to the cut.

Corner machine (hereinafter UDSHM) with a disk for stone, it is convenient to cut sheets of roofing material along the wave. Previously, mark the place of the cut, put the sheet on the even plot of the earth so that the cut falls on the lower wave, or on the wide boards, so that the place of the cut is not far from the edge of one of them.

Creaming a flat slate

If you have to cut the sheet across the wave, the operation is carried out in two approaches: at the first stage, convex crests are cut along the intended line, at the second stage the sheet is turned over, and convex crests are cut again, which before that remained below. With this method, the slate is cut through and decaying into two parts.

At the end of the work, immediately clean and wipe the dry tool, paying special attention to its working part. Asbestoscene particles, sticking and dead, it is very difficult to remove then.

Use for cutting corner grinders with a diamond circle

Having at your disposal UDShM with a diamond circle, you can cut slate sheets along and along the waves. It is previously required to wet the material well by laying a very wet rags along the line and leaving them there for about three hours. The wet slate becomes more elastic, supple, dusting less.

corner grinder equipped with a diamond circle, it is convenient to cut slate sheets in winter, laying them on the snow. Since the working part of the tool is in contact with the material from above, the main part of asbestos dust will settle in the snow and will not fly apart.

branded corner grinder with a diamond circle

UDSHM with a diamond circle will help to cope with a sharp sheets in any direction, and will also polish their edges, making the material more resistant to destruction under the influence of atmospheric influences. With the help of a diamond circle, it is also convenient to cut off the corners of the sheets if it is planned to install them without shifting half a width.

Before starting independent work, it is recommended to watch the thematic video on how to correctly cut the slate sheet with an electric tool with a diamond circle.

How easier and safer to cut a sheet of slate

The more cement contains cement, the more difficult it is to cut a slate of slate using an electric tool. Most often, sheets of flat slate have to be cut into smaller fragments, everyone who has come across a similar occupation knows that it is very difficult to cut or drill a sheet with high.speed tools.

The cutting edge of the disc saw instantly heats up and loses its sharpness. The same thing happens with a drill or cutting disk of a corner machine. Therefore, the following conditions must be observed during the cutter of the slate:

  • The speed of rotation or movement of the cutting edge of the tool should be minimal;
  • The force attached to the cutting tool should be higher than average, but not maximum. When cutting slate, it is very important to ensure the stable position of the tool, any flooding or skew leads to the splitting of the slate leaf;
  • For productive and efficient cutting, it will be necessary to provide a support of wood or metal, which prevents a skew or displacement of a sheet under load.

Important! The most important condition for safe slate cutting is protection against dust and asbestos fiber separated by the cutting edge from asbestos.cement mass.

Cutting sheet using a high.speed tool

Most often, they try to cut off the sheet with the help of an angular grinding machine and cutting stone through concrete. Of all the power tools available in the household, the corner grinder will best cope with the task. It is only necessary to adapt a little to the features of the slate, and the problem with the segment of fragments of any thickness and shape will not represent much work.

The easiest way to cut the slate in wet or moisturized state. But, unfortunately, the speed of water penetration into slate is relatively small, so you have to use small tricks:

  • Draw a fishing line for a trimmer cut and lay a thick textile cord or rope soaked in water on top of it. After 10 minutes, along the marking line impregnated with water, an incision is made along the entire length to a depth of not more than 2-3 mm.
  • After cutting the cut, the groove must be well pour water.
  • After another half an hour, you can proceed to the capital pruning of the slate, but at the same time, the force attached to the tool should be less than the average.

The process of cutting slate leaf is largely reminiscent of the process of cutting sheet glass, so if you have a desire and the need to cut off the slate in one fell swoop, use cutting circles with a cutting edge of diamond powder.

A cheaper way is to cut the slate of slate with a manual circular saw. Most often, circles with fused carbide edges are used, but their severity is enough for only a few hours of work. time to sharpen such circles is spent more than on the process itself. Of all the power tools, the slate mass of electrolobsics and electric wizards is the worst of all. You can cut the slate, but it is troubled if the saw under the jigsaw is not made of winning.


How to cut slate. we adjust the sheets in size

Having taken the roof of the roof with such a material as slate, you need to figure out how to cut the slate sheets correctly. Consider several ways to cut the slate, which are used by builders and home craftsmen.

  • Cut the slate sheets with a corner grinder with a disk for stone. It is worth noting that this method is suitable for working with a partner. This is due to the fact that while one person cuts a slate leaf using a corner grinder, the second at this time pouring a section of a slope of water from a hose or a plastic bottle at this time. It is necessary to pour water on a sheet of material so that asbestos dust, which is inevitable when sawing, does not rise into the air.
  • We saw the slate with a corner grinder with a diamond circle. Note that when cutting slate sheets in this way, you can choose any directions of sawing. In addition, you can also grind the edges of the material. There will be even more dust, so you must definitely protect the respiratory tract with a respirator, and eyes with glasses. We carry out the work itself in the fresh air. Before cutting slate, you must abundantly moisten the intended fishing line for the trimmer of the cut and wait a couple of hours. The material in this state will be cut much easier. But you need to be extremely neat so that when sawing, do not split the sheet.
  • Cut the slate sheets with a cutting machine. For this method of sawing, you will need a disk for cutting stone. First you need to moisten the intended fishing line for a trimmer cut with water. Then draw a disk for cutting stone along this line. At this place there will be a risk that we moisten again with water. And again we draw a disk along the line. So repeat four times. The cutting line for the cutting trimmer will deepen to such a state that the slate sheet can be broken without much effort.
  • Flat slate can easily be cut using a conventional cutter. To do this, we plan on a sheet a fishing line for a cutting trimmer. Using a ruler and a cutter we risk. Repeat the action three, four times. Risk will delve into, and the slate sheet will easily break through the cutting line. Note that when working with a cutting, asbestos dust stands out quite slightly. Also, for cutting, you can apply a conventional hacksaw or an electric jigsaw with low speeds. The main task when using any tool will be accuracy, because the slate sheet can easily break and split.

In fact, there are a lot of methods and methods of cutting slate. There are complex methods where special tools are used and professionals work. And there are ways where you can do with improvised tools that are in any house. The choice depends on the availability of the necessary tools and, of course, the assistant.

What disks are suitable for cutting cutter

The slate is very durable when installed on the roof of the roll. But when cutting the slate along the line, it turns out that this is a fragile material. Cut it off with a corner grinder with a disk very carefully and carefully so as not to break the edge in the wrong place.

To cut the slate (both wavy and flat), it is best to buy an angular grinder of 125 mm (maximum circle diameter). This size just allows you to saw the slate on the waves, and is sufficient for flat sheets.

There are two types of disks on sale that are used to cut asbestos.cement sheets:

This type of cutting circles is good because it does not require very strong pressure and effort. But before cutting the slate with a stone disk, think about where the constant supply of water will be, otherwise you will not cope. When cutting a disk for stone into the air, a dense cloud of fine asbestos dust rises in the air. To eliminate it, it is necessary to supply water to the place where the corner grinder is in contact with slate with slate. So you can, and cool the disk, and the dust is besieged.

The easiest way to supply water. with a thin stream manually, from a hose or a plastic bottle. If there is no one who could constantly water the circle of water, then you need to fix the water hose. Circles for the stone is good to cut a flat slate in a straight line. So you can also saw the wave slate for the roof, but not across the wave, but along it.

Diamond circles perfectly cut slate on any cut line. A solid circle is best suited, without slots. It is good because it does not have segments that are clogged with dust. A solid diamond disk is very durable, suitable for the hardest materials. But it is adapted exclusively for wet cut with water supply, otherwise it will overheat in 1-2 minutes. The diamond disk also cuts the corners and grinding the edge of the sheet so that it is more resistant to moisture and temperature extremes.

How to cut a wave slate, and how to saw straight sheets

The cut of slate sheets of different configurations has some differences. Since you can’t glue it in an unnecessary place in an unnecessary place, you need to act very carefully and skillfully. Therefore, masters often advise beginners first to practice in the cut (“fill your hand”), trying their strength and skills on the old sheet that is not needed. If it turns out well, get to work. instructions when cutting the slate during roofing work looks like this:

  • We advise you to wet the slate material before sawing in water. It will become elastic and more suppressed to cut. And there will be less dust.
  • Then you need to apply a fishing line for a cutter to a cutter sheet. coal or chalk, on the front side.
  • Before cutting a flat slate, lay a sheet with markings evenly, stable so that it does not stagger. Saw on the front side. If we cut it near the edge, then you need to put a wooden board under the fishing line for the trimmer cut so that the edge does not accidentally break off.
  • We behave the tool, pressing slightly. As soon as we start cutting flat slate, reduce speed. We do the same and at the end of the cut. Reduced turns on the launch and the end of the cut line are needed in order to avoid chips, because the edge of the slate sheet. The most fragile.
  • Drink flat slate. easier, but cutting wavy slate. more difficult. Depending on the tasks, it can be cut along the crests or across them. If you need to cut along the wave, then this is the same process as sawing a flat slate.
  • Transverse cut through slate crests. A little more complicated. It needs to be performed with a corner grinder with a diamond disk. This is more convenient and safer. First we make cuts on convex waves from the front side along the intended line. Then we turn the sheet with the wrong side, draw a fishing line for a cutting trimmer. And again, cut the bulge along the intended line. Bulge from the inside. These are the hollows of the crests from the front side. Thus, we get a full incision of all bulges and depressions. The slate sheet itself should decompose into two parts.
  • The edge of the cut sheet must be sanded. Grinding the edges is performed by a diamond disk.
  • Disks after work wet, hot and with a raid of asbestos dust. Be sure to wipe them with a dry rag. Otherwise, the plaque will quickly petrify, and you will no longer be able to use this circle to work again.

Basic cutting rules and method of work without dust

You need to cut the slate on the street using personal protective equipment, since the material selects asbestos dust regardless of the choice of the cutting method of the panels, you need to comply with the recommendations for the use of tools. This is especially true for electrical species, t. to. In this case, a lot of dust is distinguished. Slate based on asbestos fibers is harmful to health, t. to. The smallest particles do not act well on the condition of the respiratory system.

In most cases, such fibers are fastened with cement grains that reliably hold the threads and do not allow harmful emissions to spread. There is little harmful effect from the roof coating, t. to. The material is in a constrained state of rest. To enhance harmlessness, the slate profile is recommended to paint. But in case of violation of the integrity of the canvas (cutting), the particles of the fibers are released into the air and have a harmful effect on health when inhaled.

The conditions that need to be created to cut off the slate:

  • work is performed outdoors, t. to. dust in a closed hangar, the shed is not permissible;
  • It is advisable to place the workplace so that the wind takes the dust flow away from the master and nearby rooms;
  • Wet material distinguishes much less dust, so the cutting place is necessarily moistened with water, using rags, brushes, waterings for this.
wave, improvised, means, method, number, break

A raw profile is less dust when processing, cut the slate moistened with water, much easier. Wet sheets get additional elasticity, soften.

Cutting flat slate

Cutting flat slate is much easier. The flat surface is easier to marry, it is more convenient to control, hold, fix it on the desktop or bars. Flat slate produces different sizes, different compositions, fiber lengths. Successful cutting of the sheet depends on their diameter and length. Flat slate thicker than wave, but more fragile, despite the density. Can be pressed and unnecessary. Its thickness ranges from 4mm to 10mm. Unlike a wave, flat slate breaks better when cutting.

How to cut a flat slate? The same tools as wavy, in addition it can be broken, evenly, without harmful dust. Cutting slate cutter is quite effective if the correct disk is chosen. The diamond disk copes with this work easily. You can make a shallow grinder to make a shallow drink and then break the sheet.

You can saw a flat slate with an electric saw. To do this, we make notches with a chisel over which the incision will pass, then lower the saw. Be sure to moisten with water. A manual circular saw is also useful, it is better to use it at low speeds.

Cutting slate with an electric jigsaw is ineffective, but you can. Use carbide hacksaws with diamond spraying. Follow the cut line, it will “run away”, excess effort will lead to the split of the sheet.

How to cut the slate evenly and without dust, without resorting to the help of a corner grinder

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When it comes to slate cutting, most citizens immediately recalls such a remarkable instrument from all sides as a corner grinder with a cutting disk. The only problem is that its use is fraught with a number of unpleasant difficulties, and most importantly. the corner grinder is far from in every household. Fortunately, slafers can be cut completely and without using a complex tool.

What will be needed: an old canvas from a hacksaw, a hammer

In order to cut the slate, you will have to make a special tool. To do this, cut the strip from a timely prepared hacksaw cloth in advance. The working side of the workpiece should be stupid and worn under 90 degrees. If sharpening remains on the canvas, then the slate will simply split during operation.

To ensure greater convenience in operation, it is recommended to stick a handle to the panel. Actually, here is the whole tool you need to use it with the hammer. The principle of operation of the “device” is extremely simple: we make markings on the slate, apply a stupid panel to it and apply a light blow with a hammer. If the tool was made correctly, then the blade will cut right in the slate. Having drove the canvas into the material, we continue to strike with a hammer until we bring it to the edge.

The “cutting” of the slate should start from the center, gradually moving first to one edge. then to the other strictly by marking. There is nothing complicated about it. The main thing is not to overdo it with the force of impact on the hammer. The incision is very even, almost perfect. Distinguishing the result from the work of the corner grinder will be extremely difficult.

How to cut a corner grinder with a corner. What disk is cut

This procedure can be performed using two types of slate disks:

A disk for a stone. In this case, it will not be necessary to make significant efforts. It is important to organize a constant supply of water with a thin stream to touch the corner grinder and slate. Thus, cooling the disk and the prevention of dust are achieved. The easiest way to do this is to put an assistant with a garden hose or a cut plastic bottle nearby. When working alone, the hose with water is fixed in a position convenient for watering. Using a corner grinding machine and a stone disk, it is better to perform a cut along a slate wave. For convenience, before starting work, the sheet is marked and laid on a flat surface. If the cut is carried out near the edge of the sheet, a wide board is installed under it.

If necessary, cut in the transverse direction to the waves of the procedure is divided into two stages. Initially, a cut of convex crests is carried out. Then, turning the slate over, the procedure is repeated: it turns out that those crests that were below are from above. If everything is done correctly, the sheet carefully breaks down into two parts. At the end of the work, the tool should be thoroughly wiped from dust, especially its working part. The fact is that if asbestos.cement layers are injected, it will be very difficult to remove them from the surface of the disk for the corner grinder along the slate. A soft dry rag is used for cleaning.

Diamond circle. Using a corner grinder with a diamond circle, you can cut the slate in any direction. For greater efficiency, it is pre.wetted, increasing the elasticity and supplement of the material. In addition, this will significantly reduce the volume of dust that appears. If cutting is carried out in winter, then slate sheets can simply be laid on top of the snow: in this case, most of the asbestos dust will simply absorb into the snow cover.

In addition to cutting in any direction, a corner grinder with a diamond circle can grind the edges of the slate leaf. Thanks to this, an improvement in the resistance of the material to climatic influences is achieved. It is also convenient to cut the corners of the sheets with a diamond circle if they do not move half when laying.

wave, improvised, means, method, number, break

How can slate from power tools be cut

In addition to corner grinder, a cutting machine equipped with a stones cutting disk can be used to cut the slate. The preparatory procedure here is the same as in the case of a corner grinder: the sheet is first marked, and then moistened. Working as a detachment machine, it is important not to allow any shifts, conducting the disk exactly by marking. The slate is usually cut for one approach, so after wetting the cut with water, the procedure is repeated again, so the incision deepens. As a rule, in order to comfortably break the slate, 3-4 such approaches will be required.

For sawing the soaked slate, you can apply a regular electrician, equipping it with canvases with a small teeth. At the same time, the spindle is installed in a reduced transmission mode. When using this tool, it is important to observe increased accuracy, avoiding any pressure on the slate, otherwise it will crumble. The use of an electrician is justified only in the case of small volumes of such work.

What tools can be used for slate cutting

Depending on the material of the slate manufacturing and the preferences of the builders, the following tools are used for this purpose:

  • electric circle.grinding machine (corner grinder);
  • portable disk saw;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • drill;
  • hacksaw for metal and wood;
  • Installation knife.

You can use several different tools for slate cutting

With the help of some tools, work goes quickly and without great physical efforts, others take a lot of time, they have very low performance and high labor intensity. Consider the methods of work and purpose of each of the listed tools.

Cutting slate corner grinding

The most famous and often used manual tool is used for cutting wave and flat asbestos.cement slate. Euro.shifer is not cut with a corner grinder.

Most often, slate is cut using an angular grinder

Important. It should always be remembered that the corner grinder is considered one of the most traumatic tools. Strictly follow the safety rules.

The slate is cut off by a diamond disk by concrete. The disk has long slots in the radial direction for the release of construction dust. There are diamond discs for cutting ceramic tiles, they do not have slots. The difference is explained by the fact that the concrete tool creates shock loads, ceramic tiles are damaged. And for the slate, this is not critical, the main thing is the rapid removal of a large amount of dust. Abrasive circles for cutting asbestos.cement slate are not used, they wear out quickly, require frequent replacement. To cut one sheet of asbestos.cement slate, you will need several abrasive circles.

When cutting slate in large quantities, it is much more practical to use diamond discs by concrete

Practical recommendations

  • Before cutting, you need to check the serviceability of the tool and the direction of rotation of the disk. He should rotate towards the working, and not vice versa. Otherwise, the corner grinder can be undermined and severely injured.
  • Cut should be cut along the drawn line. Dust quickly falls asleep, use a color felt.tip pen to prevent such a phenomenon.
  • A slate of slate should lie on a flat surface, make sure that it does not crack prematurely under his own weight.
  • It is advisable to prepare roofing materials on Earth, it is much safer and faster than cutting sheets on a rafter system.

In order to reduce the amount of dust, you need to moisten the surface of the sheet. You can do this with a garden hose or plastic bottle. But it should be remembered that wet asbestos is poorly removed from the surface of the diamond disk. Will have to periodically stop the work to clean it manually. The diameter of the disk should be at least 250 mm, this will cut the waves from one pass and one side.

Sometimes you can find a cutting option, when the crests on one side are cut first, then the sheet is turned over and the crests are cut and cut off on the other hand. Do not do this for several reasons. First, time is much increasing. Secondly, it is likely that during turning the cut sheet cracks. Thirdly, the cut is uneven.

Schifer cutting with a portable disk saw

This tool is recommended to be used during cutting of the euro.screen, which is made of soft cellulose fibers, saturated with modified bitumen. The diameter of the disk should at least twice the wave height. To reduce friction forces, the disk is periodically wetted with water.

You can also use a disc cut for slate cutter

During the work, it is necessary to constantly ensure that the fishing line for the trimmer of the cut is located above the surface of the stand. The disk saw has a stubborn platform, it glides poorly along the bitumen surface. Always keep it only on the side on which there is a sprinkle of stone crumbs, the stones greatly facilitate sliding.

There are advice to trim the asbestos.cement slate with a saw with diamond spraying. Professional roofers do not consider this option to be optimal, since the disc saw is not adapted to cutting solid materials. And violations of the recommendations of equipment operation leads to critical overload of its elements. As a result, the saw engine is burned out or the axis bearings are broken. Another problem is a tool on an uneven slate is very difficult to keep in one plane, and frequent inclinations can provoke emergency situations.

Schifer cutting an electric jigsaw

The method is extremely rare due to very low performance. The point is not only that the jigsaw is not intended for such work, but also that the teeth of the saw are greatly clogged. It is difficult to clean them and long. A jigsaw can only be cut by a soft Euro.shifer.

Elektrolobzik is better to use for cutting euro.shifers


Used for asbestos.cement wave slate. The holes are drilled along the given line as close to each other as possible, then the sheet is carefully broken. Some roofers previously cut the remaining areas with an ax, but this is not necessary, it will be split only along the line of drilled holes.

During the choice of tools for cutting slate, two factors should be taken into account.

    Scope of work. If you plan to cover a new roof, it is better to use electrical tools. They allow not only to accelerate work, but also to improve their quality, minimize the amount of unproductive waste and improve the tightness of the roof. If you need to make a small repair of existing coatings, then you can use manual tools, in this case, high performance is not required.

The selection of tools for cutting the slate depends on the volume of roofing work

If you do not have any experience in performing such work, then it is recommended to practice unnecessary segments. After a few attempts, practical skills will appear, the cutting speed and the effort of pressing the canvas will be adjusted. For each type of roofing material, these parameters are individual, subtleties cannot be learned from articles, practice is necessary.

Do not be afraid of uneven slices, all of them further when installing the roof are closed with whole sheets or special additional elements. Exceptions are very rarely, but they can be provided at the stage of planning roofing work.

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The weight of the slate

Schifer weight 1m2 during disassembly

Speaker sizes 8 wave

How much ceramic tile will last?

Ceramic tiles have a fairly long service life. And the best confirmation of this is that the old tile is often used to restore buildings. In addition, archaeological finds also confirm the long service life of this roofing material. The age of some samples, for example, exceeds 5 thousand years.

What to do if the slate cracked?

It is better to solve such a problem by replacing the sheet of slate, but it is difficult to cope with this alone. The fastest and easiest solution would be to lay the slate to the damaged place or its (place) sealing. If holes from nails are visible on the slate, then they can also be sealed; As an option. you can attack a piece of roofing material using a burner.

What load falls on the roof?

The load on the roof can be from 70 kg to 200 kg per 1 m² of horizontal projection. What is characteristic, the roof. regardless of how much it weighs. should also withstand the so.called temporary loads, which include repair work, a layer of snow in the winter and its (snow) purification.

How to close holes in corrugated board from self.tapping screws?

The simplest solution is to screw new screws into these places. If there is no such possibility for one reason or another, the holes can be sealed using polyurethane or acrylic sealant.


Does the soft roof have disadvantages?

The soft roof has its drawbacks, and significant. So, it is not always possible to completely seal the vapor barrier layer, because the water vapors, falling into the layer of insulation material, accumulates there (after all, due to the dense waterproofing carpet, the moisture does not evaporate). Over time, moisture accumulated in the insulation begins to drain down and wet spots appear on the ceiling. In addition, moisture at a minus temperature freezes, its volume increases, and waterproofing, as a result, breaks away from the base. During operation, waterproofing is subjected to mechanical/climatic influences, which is why cracks appear on it. Through these cracks, water enters the house, and it is sometimes difficult to detect and eliminate the cause of such leaks.

Hanging rafters. what is it?

Hanging are those rafters that rely on only two external walls. This is a variety of rafter farms, to which the attic ceiling is attached. If the span in the hanging rafters exceeds the mark of 6 meters, then between the upper ends of the rafter legs an additional vertical suspension beam is additionally attached. If the flight varies from 6 to 12 meters, then the design of the rafters is complemented by struts, which reduces the length of the rafter legs.

How to care for metal tiles?

To ensure a long service life and optimal conditions for the use of metal tiles, it is necessary to periodically inspect the roof. In order for the polymer coating to be maintained clean, often there are enough rainwater, but the fallen leaves and other pollutions are washed off in this not in all cases. Therefore, at least once a year it is necessary to clean the surface. The same applies to drainage systems.

To eliminate pollution and darkening of the surface, use water and soft brush. You can clean the roof with a stream of water (the pressure should not exceed 50 bar), and to remove the stuck dirt, use detergents intended for painted polymer coatings. Before starting work, be sure to read the instructions for the water tool in order to make sure that it is definitely suitable for such a surface. If the pollution is not excreted, you can try to eliminate them with a piece of fabric moistened with alcohol. The roof must be washed, moving from top to bottom, so that the detergent is completely washed off. Then the surface and drainage systems are washed with water.

As for snow, it is usually rolling from the roof, and what remains is quite consistent with the bearing capacity of the design.

What is the best way to warm the roof?

It is important that the material that will be used to warm the roof has good thermal insulation characteristics and there is:

  • safe (that is, did not have harmful substances in the composition);
  • effective (warming material must comply with all the requirements of energy efficiency);
  • reliable (the initial properties of the heat insulator should not be lost throughout the operational period of the structure).