How to dilute Stihl oil for two -stroke engines. Engine power supply system

The proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw “STIHL”: types of oil, selection of gasoline and proper mixing

Many users of the benzo tool relate to the preparation of the fuel mixture quite irresponsible. For example, I met the owners of the saw who diluted gasoline with oil “by eye”. They just poured as much as they want, and then came to me with a faulty tool.

STIHL 2 Stroke Engine Oil | Fuels and Lubricants | STIHL GB

It is important to understand that more, as less, does not mean better. It is the golden mean that is important.

If you prepare a mixture with a shortage of oil, then everything is clear. There will be a sufficient amount of lubrication for the cylinder and bearings, which means friction and temperature will increase, bunks are formed in the cylinder and can jam the crankshaft bearings.

And what will happen if you pour? A large volume of oil, during combustion, form a lot of residual combustion products that settled on the piston, in the exhaust window of the cylinder and muffler, making the movement of exhaust gases. As a result, a drop in power or complete loss of performance.

Freight that is formed with an excessive proportion of oil can settle under compression rings, preventing them from compensating the temperature expansion, which will entail bulletin, in general the consequences can be quite serious.

The device of the lubrication system

Depending on the brand of the chainsaw, the details of the lubricant can differ a little structurally, but their total number and connection scheme remains unchanged. The main components of the details of the lubrication system are:

    Oil tank located, as a rule, in the engine crankcase.

Fuel and lubricants


Engine manufacturers recommend the use of high-octane gasoline of the AI-92, 95 brand. The use of fuel with various additives to increase the octane number is not allowed. During this time, the process of resounding and polymerization can take place in it, which negatively affects the operation of the engine.

We do not recommend consuming gas stored for more than 60 days

Most chainsaw engines provide for the use of ethyl gasoline. If you purchased a tool with a catalyst (the tank cover will be green) we recommend that unequilled brands of gasoline.

Important: you should not save and use gasoline with an octane number below 90. It is also not recommended to use gasoline with an octane number, higher for 95. This leads to premature wear of the piston group of the motor.


In the design of two.stroke engines with air cooling, a separate lubrication system is not provided structurally. Lubrication of moving parts occurs with oil available in the fuel mixture. Therefore, it is necessary to use only high.quality oils from trusted manufacturers.

Recommended oils for gas station refueling:

  • STIHL HP. designed specifically for chainsaw engines. It has proven itself under any weather conditions, provides ideal engine operation.
  • Husqvarna HP. oil from the famous manufacturer of garden technology. Special additives reduce the pale formation on the engine crankcase, which can occur due to the use of low-quality fuel.
  • Oleo-Mac Prosint 2T-multifunctional oil with synthetic esters. Protects the engine details from corrosion, reduces the wear of mechanisms and parts.
  • Champion Jaso FD. high.quality oil from a well.known company. Provides good protection of all moving engine parts;
  • Vitals Semisynthetic. all.season oil for budget models of chainsaws, intended for use at temperatures from.20 to 40C 0.

Important: the use of mineral, semi.synthetic and synthetic car oils is prohibited. They are intended for engines of a different type and do not have the necessary properties.

The choice of oil

Unlike four.stroke engines, STIHL 180 chainsaw oil is poured directly into the gas tank, having previously mixed with gasoline. It is recommended to pour the oil specified in the instructions for this model in the chainsaw.

In no case can you use oil intended for low.speed engines (boats, scooters, etc. D.).

It can significantly reduce the life of the motor, and if traces of such a substance in the cylinder-piston group are detected, the tool will be considered removed from the guarantee, t. e. will not be subject to warranty repair or exchange.

Synthetic and mineral oil oils for chainsaws STIHL are sold in bottles or cans of different containers: from 100 ml to 5 liters. Minerals have a lower cost, and semi.synthetic and synthetic provide complete combustion in the process of engine operation, t. e. lack of soot and a minimum of toxic compounds in the exhaust.

In addition, synthetic oils retain their qualities in a much wider temperature range, as well as contain special additives that are useful for engine operation: anti.orally, detergents, cannibal, etc. D.

You can choose motor oil for your tasks depending on the model of the saw and the frequency of its use: the oil consumption during the operation of the device is low, and given the shelf life of semi.synthetic and mineral lubricants, there is a risk of simply not having time to use even a liter bottle to the end.

So with small alleged volumes of work, you can not buy a voluminous canister, but limit yourself to a bottle. The expiration date does not have only mineral lubricants of Stihl.

Basic rules of application

Two.stroke oil for chainsaws is most often created at the mineral base. Less often it is synthetics or semi.synthetics. Oil for 2 stroke engines of chainsaws by technology is mixed with fuel even before refueling in the tank.

Filling lubrication directly into the tank is also practiced, but this is not the most reliable way. Especially if the tank was completely empty. In this case, the fork is likely that gasoline will partially enter the system without lubrication. And the engine will work for a dry for some time.

The gasoline/oil ratio for chainsaws is strictly determined by the manufacturer of the saw. In some cases, oil manufacturers indicate their proportions. This is characteristic of expensive synthetic lubricants. And the ratio of gasoline/oil in this case increases in the direction of the fuel.

If, when using lubrication, it is found that a wet oil plaque remains on the candle, and dirty development is dripping from the exhaust pipe. these are obvious signs of incomplete combustion or the use of low.quality lubricant. You need to once again review the choice of motor oil for the chainsaw and the proportion of its use.


What oil to use to lubricate the chain of the chainsaw and how to choose this so that it can be used at any time of the year? The Oregon brand offers compositions that are suitable for any type of tools. Stability of viscosity is the key that oil is suitable for operation at any time of the year. The composition includes purified mineral oils, to which additives are added. The peculiarity of Oregon compositions is in the manufacture of their high molecular weight compounds. The distinctive features of the oil include:

  • protection of the guide tire and chain from overheating;
  • decrease in vibration;
  • Prevention of corrosion by the formation of an oil film.
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Thanks to special adhesive additives, such oil gains greater stickiness, viscosity, so even at high speeds it will not spray and remain on the chain and tire. Thanks to the regular use of oil, you can reduce the load on the cutting headset, and in general on the entire chainsaw mechanism. Special additives reduce the use of saw energy, increasing the effectiveness of the saw process. The main thing is that when using these funds, tarry deposits are not formed.

The ratio of the amount of oil and gasoline for the fuel mixture

The proportion of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw is usually compiled according to two recipes:

If the chainsaws have been recently acquired and has not yet been operated, then the lubricant is increased by a quarter. The same amount is poured into fuel, conducting sawing at temperatures below 2 degrees.

Obtaining such a mixture is not difficult. Almost every modern saw is equipped with a special two.section capacity. Oil is poured into a smaller part, and in most of the gasoline. The covers of both parts are tightly twisted and the container is turned over, thoroughly shaken. This achieve complete and homogeneous mixing of both components.

If there is no such special container, then you can use any plastic container with a plastic capacity with a capacity of one liter and a disposable syringe for 5-10 cubes. The tank for gasoline must be previously cleaned of all kinds of pollutants and water. After that, one liter 92-95 gasoline is poured into it.

In parallel in the syringe, 20 ml of oil is gained. If the refueling is made in cold weather, then it needs to be taken 24-30 ml. Gently pour it into a container with gasoline. It tightly closes with a lid and thoroughly shakes up until the components are completely mixed.

How to start a stihl 180 chainsaw correctly?

If you do not know how to start the Stihl 180 chainsaw “for cold”, it is worth strictly follow the recommendations and requirements of the manufacturer, following the algorithm:

  • Turn on the ignition (how to set the ignition on the Stihl 180 chainsaw, the device is indicated in the passport).
  • Set the control lever at the lowest point (thus, the carburetor damper will block the air from the filter, and the throttle will be completely open, and the fuel mixture will be able to enrich yourself).
  • Pull the starter handle, this must be done several times before the first outbreak passes. This reproaches that the mixture entered the cylinder directly, and your unit is ready to start.
  • Now you can move the lever to one section up, while the throttle will remain in the previous position, and the air will open.
  • You just have to pull the starter. At the same time, the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw will operate at increased speeds.

Advantages and disadvantages of oil

Any high.quality machine oil has its pros and cons of

Any high.quality machine oil has its pros and cons of. Some experts say that any chainsaw oil is suitable for any. This is not entirely true, almost any substance can be used for Hursstavna chainsaw, but only transmission oil is required for the StiHL chainsaw. When choosing, you need to know the Oil Cauline, a two.stroke engine requires a composition that has a reddish, bluish or greenish tide.

Read how to adjust idle speed on a trimmer

To make a mixture yourself, it is required to use heat.resistant lubricant, which has a well.known trademark.

The seasonality affects the density of the product:

What are the features of different oils, you can find out carefully by studying the label on the container. In the absence of instructions or labels on the package, you should refuse to use such a substance. At the same time, the TTX of the oil should not radically change when the temperature modes are dropped.

You should not use any substitutes, often among them are counterfeit products (up to 20%). It is quite difficult to distinguish a fake, it is required to have specially equipment.

It is recommended to store fuel in metal containers. It is best to cook the fuel mixture in the canister.

There are a large number of oils and each has its own characteristics

TTX of mineral or organic oil intended for the chain itself are not suitable for preparing the fuel mixture. The reservoir (up to half) is filled with the finished product, then mixed (the container must be hermetically closed). Thus, a uniform composition is obtained. It is better not to cook fuel ahead of time, it quickly loses its functional properties. At room temperature, the combustible liquid deteriorates for two weeks.

What else is important to know about the use of gasoline?

With the completion of the summer season, you need to completely free the Lighting Military municipal bore from the fuel. This is due to the fact that during wintering the remnants of gasoline incorporate moisture and in every possible way reduce their readiness for ignition. In other words, if unused fuel is not drained from the tank, then in the spring difficulties may appear with the launch of technology. In order to fulfill this requirement, before winter conservation, you must finally let the lawn mower to the last drop of “blood” should be worked out. the moment when the engine itself stalls.

Do not use fuel, which is stored for a long time, especially not hermetic. The old fuel is eliminated and absorbs moisture from the air, so the octane number is reduced. It is better not to use gasoline for refueling, which was stored in the canister for more than a year.

Finally, if you always use only the type of fuel recommended by Stihl, then the resource laid down in the motor will be spent very economically. STIHL’s lawn mower in this case will last not only during the warranty period, but for many years and even decades.

Gas and oil proportions

For the normal operation of the oil engine, very little is required. Its number is always determined in percentage ratio, since the gas tank in saws can have different containers. In addition, many operators prepare a mixture with a small margin, especially if serious work is ahead. After all, one tank for modern tools, for all economicality, is rarely enough more than 1 cubic meter of firewood.

This is a standard due to the high quality of the manufacture of modern engines. Characteristic of most modern saws of German, Swiss, American, Japanese, Italian production. In a word, all saws released no more than 10 years ago by world famous brands-Husqvarna, Stihl, Oleo-Mac, Makita, Echo and others-will require just such a proportion.You can find out about this from the instructions.

However, many purely chinese saws are also influenced by advanced processing and assembly technologies. So, many saws of domestic brands collected in the Middle Kingdom also work on mixtures 1:50. For example, on the recently released bison models, the proportion label appeared in the form of a cardboard flag right on the handle of the starter cord, apparently for those who do not like to look in the instructions.

This ratio is often called “rocker”. This means that after buying a new saw, it will be necessary to pour a mixture more enriched with oil in the gas tank. At this time, the moving parts of the cylinder-piston group are rubbed, in the process a large proportion is required compared to the usual. After burning a pair of three tanks in a sparing mode, you can switch to the ratio recommended by the manufacturer.

Also, 1/40 proportion is generally accepted by some manufacturers, for example, in Partner chainsaws. Given that the oils here are slightly more than in the previous version, a slight excess of the norm will not damage any engine. When using high.quality fuel and lubrication, another question arises. the price of fairly expensive consumables.

To date, it is considered obsolete. Widely used in domestic chainsaws of the old structure like friendship or Urals. Today, it is still a monk to meet her in some Chinese Nunemo chainsaws or branded retail chains. However, every year the number of such goods is reduced and amounts to the most budgetary and low.quality niche of a benzo.tool. In addition, for such products, it is not important how expensive and high.quality oil is flooded into the gas tank. the engine resource is still shamelessly small in any case.

How to adjust the carburetor on the Stihl 180 chainsaw?

The configuration of the device is designed for users with various experience with these equipment. Cleaning, replacement or repair will not be difficult for you, since to disassemble the carburetor on the Stihl chainsaw 180 is quite easy.

You can make the unit yourself, change the gaskets and a needle valve, for which you will need disassembling the Carburetor STIHL 180. To do this, it is necessary to promote four screws located on the lid of the compensator, as well as lead one on the fuel pump. After you open the body of the unit, you should be extremely attentive, since even the hit of small litter and even hairs can make the operation of this unit impossible.

How to make a mixture for lubrication of a chain correctly

For self-preparation of the mixture, you need to use gasoline A-92 and A-95, if the octane number is lower, then this can lead to engine breakdown. If gasoline has stood in a canister or other container for a long time, it is already considered unimportant and loses its properties. Poor fuel chainsaws will not be able to work powerfully and efficiently.

Experts advise choosing most chainsaws that are used in our regions with API-TB and API-TC class designed for two-stroke engines. Do not save on ingredients, but buy high.quality oils from well.known manufacturers and accurately observe the proportions for the preparation of the mixture.

If you add more oil to the mixture, this will lead to the formation of a carbon felted in candles and pistons. Excess gasoline will contribute to the appearance of bully on the pistons and the rapid failure of the chainsaw engine. Before preparing the mixture, you need to carefully read the instructions on this model of the technique.

Ready.made mixtures are not recommended for a long time, a maximum of 1 month, you can not save it in open form or in the sun. The water or dust that enters the mixture can lead to a carburetor breakdown, since the installed filter cannot completely clean the fuel.

Fuel mixture capacity

You can use simpler containers that are always at hand, for example, plastic bottles or glass, but statistical electricity occurs in such objects. Be sure to make sure that dust or moisture, solid particles do not get into the container, if all the proportions are observed, then you need to mix everything well.

Когда смесь окончательно готова, ее можно залить в бак, аккуратно не развивая топливо и так, чтобы он был заполнен не до конца. Depending on the use of the chainsaws, it is necessary to either fully use the entire lubricant or drain it into the container and then pour it again as necessary, but no later than 30 days later.

It is good to use various additives recommended by manufacturers of equipment so that fuel is better. A lot is sold on the sale of additives and you can choose the right for your chainsaw.

The operation of the chain lubrication system, types of oils

look at a rotating chain with a lighting surface

dilute, stihl, stroke, engines
  • Budget option. nanothek standard, you can work with it at temperatures before.20OS, premium nanothek to.30OS. Also, this category includes a product from Encor, with a capacity of 1 liter.
  • Mineral oils with bio console. Makita Biotop, Stihl Bio Plus.
  • Oils recommended by the manufacturers of chainsaws. Makita Biotop, Makita, Oregon.
  • In large volumes containers-Encor oil 3-5 liters, Stihl 5 liters, Oregon 5 and 25 liters.

The main task of creating a mixture for lubricating the chain is the uninterrupted operation of the engine, the complete combustion of fuel, so that in the end smoke, soot or bully can not form. Compliance with the necessary proportions, proper operation and high.quality ingredients will help to use a chainsaw for various business works as long as possible.

What oil to use?

Oil, as already said, should be for two.stroke engines. over, it should be suitable for chainsaws, which is indicated on its packaging. There are just two more stroke oils, for example, purely for boat motors or scooters. They should not be used, since the mode of operation of such a technique is not so intense, therefore, the requirements for the clock are slightly lower.

At the same time, there are oils, which indicates that they are suitable for both chainsaws and boat engines and scooters. Such oil can be used. But if it is only for boat engines or scooters, then you can’t.

Oil manufacturers

One of the best oils in general recognition of most experts is produced by STIHL, the same one that does the chainsaw also very well. Therefore, if you have expensive chainsaws, it is better not to save when buying cheaper oils.

Another serious world manufacturer of chainsaws. Husqvarna. also produces the same two.stroke oil. But many users noted that when it is used on the technique of other brands, it leads to excessive smoke, and in general the chainsaws do not work in full power. At the same time, the Husqvarna technique itself works perfectly on this oil. Therefore, if you have a Husqvarna chainsaw, then buy the oil for it the same. It is better not to take for other equipment.

There are also famous world brands producing different small ones, including two.stroke. For example, Ravenol. Oil of such manufacturers can also be bought without fear.

There are oils produced in principle, they are good if the saw is used in household operation. That is, of course, it will slightly reduce the resource of the chainsaw, but in everyday life you will not notice this, since the chainsaw engine in any case in such sparing operating conditions has been serving for many years. For professional activities, I do not recommend taking such oil.

But the most important thing is not to run into fake products. In order to avoid this, buy oil in reliable serious stores and retail chains, and not in any incomprehensible markets.

The color of the oil

Oil for two.stroke engines is usually red, blue or green. This does not affect the operational properties. The dye is added only so that in the future you do not mix up a gas-oil mixture with clean gasoline and did not fill it somewhere, where it is not supposed to pour it.

Mineral or synthetics?

Yes, as for cars, for chainsaws, there are both mineral and synthetic oils. Due to the lower price in most cases, mineral oil is used. However, the synthetic provides a longer service life of the chainsaw, since there is no Nagar left on the walls of the cylinder.

But do not be afraid of mineral oil if you cannot get a synthetic. At least there is a nagar with him, but he is not so much. However, the service life of a saw with such oil will be slightly lower (but not catastrophically).

What is just impossible to do is just to start using synthetic oil after earlier on your chainsaw for a long time (more than 100 mothers) used mineral water. This is due to the fact that synthetics will wash away the accumulated carpet and it can get in pieces where it is not necessary. Therefore, if you started to use mineral oil, then use it only.

Stihl chainsaw oil

To begin with, it would be nice to mention that all Stihl chainsaws are created with quite small sizes, but with their dimensions, they have a very impressive power. Thanks to this feature, Stihl chainsaws are in great demand.

Despite the high quality, durability of the chainsaw depends on the use of the correct lubricant and fuel. The first problematic question that the owners of this technique face is: what kind of oil and fuel to choose for their chainsaw? In this article you will learn about which oil is better to use for your chainsaw, and about which fuel is better to fill in your “baby”.

Choose oil for chainsaw stihl

The first thing you should know about is that almost all Stihl chainsaws are equipped with a carburetor two.stroke engine. There are also two separate tank in them: the first for oil, and the second for gasoline.

The first, and most importantly, remember that a simple oil is poured in the model of domestic production, which is usually poured into the tanks of motorcycles, and their proportion should be no more than 1 to 25. As for the chainsaws produced abroad, they will need to buy branded oils, the proportion for which is 1 to 40. Of course, you can try to pour oil for domestic saws in an imported saw, in which case, the power of your tool may noticeably fall. The best advice that can be given when buying oil for such a technique is to contact the manual to use your tool.

A good choice will be synthetic oil for two-stroke air cooling engines of the API-TB and API-TC class. Having come to the store, ask the seller about the presence of such brands as Stihl, Husqvarna, Hahotek, Champion, Alco, etc. In no case do not greedy on the ingredients, it is better to spend money on a quality product than then spend a lot of money on repairs.

Choosing gasoline for the chainsaw of Stihl

When choosing gasoline for your chainsaw, you should pay attention to, of course, the quality of the gasoline itself and, its octane number. It is best to take gasoline with octane AI92

You can try AI95, but too many questions arise about its quality. If you doubt the quality of AI95, then AI92 will be the best choice for you.

We do not advise you to use gasoline, which has long been in any container for a long time, whether it be a canister, tank or something else. For the fuel mixture, only fresh gasoline must be used, otherwise, it can lose all its useful qualities: octane number, etc. If you still use not fresh gasoline, then your chainsaw will work at incomplete power. In the case of a rude breakdown, due to the use of such fuel, you will have to spend a lot of money on its repair, since such a case does not apply to warranty, and you will better purchase a new tool.

Making the fuel mixture of gasoline and oil

Before proceeding with the creation of the fuel mixture for the STIHL manufacturer’s chainsaw, pay your attention to the manual from the manufacturer. Why do you need to do this? The thing is that with insufficient oil content in gasoline, the cylinder and the piston will heat up hard, which will occur in the bullying, which will lead to a breakdown of the CPG, and as a result-to expensive repair

In order to prepare a high.quality fuel mixture, you need to mix oil and gasoline in a clearly verified proportion. If the oils are more than necessary, then this can lead to the appearance of soot on pistons and candles. If you overdo it a little with gasoline, then expect the ambulance of your engine. For example, on average, one liter of gasoline should be mixed with 20-50 ml. oils. For a train, it is recommended to pour 4 liters. gasoline. 100 ml. oils. In this ratio, a mixture for chainsaws is prepared up to 1.5 kW. If the power is more than 1.5 kW, 100 ml should be poured. Oils for 5 liters. gasoline. But these are all approximate calculations, always use the proportions indicated in the manual to your saw, if you yourself do not understand how much and what is needed. But do not really believe the numbers indicated on the oil label.

Correct ratios and cooking for popular manufacturers

Different manufacturers recommend different proportions for their chainsaws

Their observance is followed with attention. The lack of lubrication leads to the failure of the internal combustion engine

An excess. to the loss of power, smoke, the formation of soot with all the above problems.

How to dilute for StiHL, in particular for the MS 180 model

The manufacturer recommends for motors of its chainsaws, including the STIHL 180 ms HP Ultra oil in a proportion of 1:50. It provides the highest capacity, service life and cleanliness of the ICE. It is also recommended to use motor oils in cans with the inscription STIHL

It is important to purchase original, but not counterfeit products here

In the case of a mix of oil and gasoline, not so. The mixture can be stored up to 2 years. After long storage, the container must be shaken to mix the possible precipitate.

Motomix is ​​a ready.made fuel mixture from Stihl, very comfortable when there is no time or the opportunity to mix liquids in place

How to dilute for a Husqvarna saw

The manufacturer in the operating instructions recommends using special oil for Husqvarna. It is adapted to the engines of this manufacturer, provides a long service life and quality work. Poured in a ratio of 1:50.

It is allowed to use oils for two.stroke air.cooled ICE from other manufacturers. If a proportion is not indicated on the canister, the manufacturer of the chainsaw of Husqvarna recommends pouring an increased dose in the proportion of 1:33.

Thus, for 1 liter of gasoline for the chainsaw, Husqvarna is flooded:

  • 20 ml (in the colloquiality of grams) Husqvarna oil (1:50).
  • 20 ml of other acceptable oil, if 1:50 is indicated on the canister.
  • 30 ml per 1 liter of gasoline, 1:33, if another proportion is not indicated.

Husqvarna does not recommend storing the cooked mixture longer than 30 days. Before pouring a defended mixture, it is necessary to shake.

The ratio of oil and gasoline for Partner chainsaws, in particular Partner 350

For its saws, including model 350, Partner recommends using Talon branded oil in 1:40, that is, 1 part for 40 parts of gasoline.

In order to calculate the need for 1 liter (1000 ml), 1000 should be divided into 40. Result. 25 ml per 1 liter (1000 ml) of gasoline.

In the instructions of this manufacturer there is no information about the permissible replacement of the recommended Talon oil with others. In practice, oils for two.stroke engines with air cooling and other brands are used. In this case, the proportions are recommended already by oil manufacturers and are indicated on the canister.

Pay attention to the canister, the inscription 1:40, this once again confirms that each oil has its own recommended mixing proportions with gasoline

How to mix two stroke oil | Stihl HP one shot

How to breed gasoline with oil huter

The manufacturer Huter does not release any one brand for his chainsaws for his chainsaw. There are recommendations for a general type. JASO FC classification oil or others: API TV, API TS, JASO FB for two.stroke ICE of air cooling.

In the operating instructions, Huter himself does not call proportions, but indicates that the mixture is compiled in the proportion indicated by the manufacturer of the oil.

For example, if the canister indicates 1:50. 20 ml per 1 liter of gasoline is poured. If indicated 1:40. 25 ml per 1 liter.

How much oil per liter of gasoline is poured into champion chainsaws

For its chainsaws, Champion recommends using Champion oil for two.stroke high.speed air.cooled ICE. Proportion 1:50, that is, for 1 liter of gasoline 20 ml.

In addition to the CHAMPION proprietary, the use of oils for the same engines of other brands is allowed. over, it must comply with the standards of the API TV/C or JASO FC/D, which should be indicated on the label of the canister.

How many grams of oil per 1 liter of gasoline are needed for makita saws

Makita, recommends for its gasoline saws, Makita oil for high.performance two.stroke engines

Makita pays attention to environmental protection. Oils of this brand have a minimum of polluting exhaust

Recommended proportions 1:50, 1 liter is poured 20 ml. It is allowed to replace with analogues of other brands, provided that they meet the international standard TS-3. At the same time, it is recommended to add more oil in the instructions, 1:40, for 1 liter 25 ml.