How to Disassemble a Bosch 2 Puncher 26

The principle of Bosch 2–26 punch is not to be seen at all punch marks.
The rotary rotor transfers the torque to the industrial shaft of the mechanical assembly of the perforator, and at the same time transmits the progressive shaft through the rolling bearing to the percussion mechanism of the perforator and the impact pulse. An overtal moment is transmitted to a working instrument with a progressive shock impulse. Tsey principle implemented in all perforators.

Ale at the third-party companies, there are punching drills, є their own constructive features.

Bosch hammer drills get involved in their own segment of power tools. Ale nichogo vіchnogo muteє.

As your Bosch 2-20, 2-24, 2-26 puncher has pinned praciuvati, you can do it yourself with your own hands. Treba mother elemental skills of the sludge and trochi are sorted out in the electrical technology.
I detail is important, the construction of Bosch hammer drills is simple, but it’s not wicked when folding.

When repairing power tools, including repairing Bosch rock drills, Do not forget the safety technology when working with electric appliances.

For easier repair of a Bosch rotary hammer, it’s necessary to take a look at the assembly tool scheme:

How to Disassemble a Bosch 2 Puncher 26

Schematic punch Bosch 2-26

Be-yak picking up a bosch 2-26 punch can be repaired by looking, a trial inclusion and a manifestation of the causes of failure to correct.

Video of the Bosch 2-26 hammer drill

Bosch 2-26 hammer drill order

Oskіlki order picking perforator Bosch 2-20; 2-24; 2-26 is practically the same, we can discern the dismantling of applications on the Bosch 2-26 hammer drill.

The Bosch GBH 2-26 dre puncher pickup is repaired from the pickup of the bolt chuck’s lot.

Shiidkoroznya a lot of cartridge

At Bosch rotary hammers, two types of ammunition are often stalled: ammo SDS-plus and ammo SDS-max. The intercourse between them in principle is a note to the tail parts of the organ.

The quick cartridge of the Bosch rock drill punch is designed for the design of landing mowing tools and the tool in the bed model SDS-plus or SDS-max. Coverage of overwriting type of cartridge is required for the cartridge of SDS-top, SDS-shvidko.

Rіznitsya mіzh vuzlyami krіplennya patronіv

The order of the parsing of the cartridge of the Bosch 2-26 hammer drill is simple:

  • know the humming tip pos. 34;
  • Distances to the lock pos. 87;
  • know the steel washer pos. 833;
  • tighten the spring, pos. 833;
  • neatly, do not ruin the schob, stagnant magnet, remove the barilic bag pos. 89.

Ammunition SDS-Plus

Respect all cartridge details.

SDS-plus bistrorazny cartridge in a rose

The SDS-plus cartridges were specially broken down to tools for drilling. The diameter of the shank in the tool for the door is 10 mm, the extension of the working tool in the range of 110.1000 mm. The diameter of the drill lies in the range of 4. 26 mm.

Yak take the remix mode

Having glorified a puncher nabіk, to know a peremikach mode_v pos.832.

On the back, turn the remix switch to the “Sverdlinnya” position, press the rewind button visually all the way to the end of the button (there is the red color) and turn the remix switch to the 70º cut to one year.

Video: How to Disassemble a Bosch 2 Puncher 26

If you need a remix knob, tighten the remix knob from the body.

Rosbirannya vuzla percussion mechanism

Putting the Bosch 2-26 hammer drill vertically on the handle, rotate the chotiri gwinti pos. 90, trim the kryshka to the body of the mechanical unit.

Press on the end of the shaft of the shock mechanism and know the crunch. Krishka is plastic in a black color.

Now you need to take the stovbur pos. 821 and the industrial shaft pos. 826. The stink is nothing closed.

Dalі for an additional trick, you need to take the bracket pos. 48 of the rolling bearing pos. 830. Before the speech, in a simple way, it’s called “піяний підсиник”. I know one after another: the sleeve pos. 26 і "« ний ний п шип шип шип ник ник »» »".

We got to the p’any p_dshipnik

Rosbirannya vuzla Stovbura percussion mechanism

  • the removal of the node of the Bosch rock drill punch can be repaired from the side of the empty barrel, having left the cylinder pos. 26 with the drummer pos. 27;
  • from empty treba d_astoy strikers in the fence;
  • on the side of the shaft of the cartridge, know the stopper pos. 85, the steel post pos. 38 and the same stop pos. 85;
  • to know the spur gear six pos. 22.

Vuzol percussion mechanism, industrial shaft і p’yaniy pіdshipnik

rozbirannya cylindra

The middle cylinder of the insertions is the drummer of pos. 27, for the kind of need to know the hummus of the pos. 73. When there are-selected gumovy details p_dlyagayut zamіnі in obov’yazkovym order.

On the protrusive kiltsi cylinder insertions the ball joint pos. 29 and the flat washer pos. 41.

Rose shaft industrial shaft

The intermediate shaft must be sorted out by the nobility of the shaft, pos. 24, and from the body, pos. 77 of the “fifth gear”.

Pіdshipniki are known by znіmachi but personally, for the help of the priest.

Bosch rotary hammer is not characteristic

Bosch hammer drills nadіynі. Ale wreak misbehavior, practically do not get lost in practice. Below is one of them.

Drill a Bosch rotary hammer, but not

As a puncher, ceasing to add, if at all permissions are overlooked, we’re able to get the reason for the possibility of breaking the “frenzied pinshipnik”. Given incomparability is often not difficult to know and know the buva is not easy.

For ус ус ус ус ус ен не не, do not need to go to the repair workshop. Taku nepravlenie usuna be-like wants trochi to be sorted out in the mechanics of people.

New p’yaniy p_dshipnik

The need for a Bosch rotary hammer drill to the industrial shaft. The order of the slaughter is brought to light.

Knowing the industrial shaft, you will get to the "fool’s fist". About ruinuvanny pіdshipnika kochennya vkazu є broken clip, rose folding bags, shmatki clip.

dіstдte pіdshipnik, see the brood, all the parts of the engineered mechanism.

Buy a new “піяний підсирник”, і, having avenged all the details of a new mastil, replace and restore, in the last, a crooked cut out.

Rosbery of the electric part of the Bosch 2-26 puncher

When picking up a Bosch 2-26 punch, an electric part, fix it in the hands of a punch on the hand of a punch, twisting three gvinti.

On the offensive, it’s necessary to win the remix switch.

Turn yogo in a neutral position and pіdnіmіt yourself. Peremikach reverse wiimut.

To know the cries of the stator of the treba, having squeezed a mechanical vuzol in the right hand, and in the left the stator casing, pull them in the open sides, slimming.

Krishka stator vidokremitsya.

Forged shock block with rotor and stator

For the rotation of the rotor of the mechanical unit, pull up the pulled sides of the rotor. The rotor is mounted in a mechanical unit of a small helical gear, inserted into contact with a large helical gear of a mechanical unit.

Rotor rang і can respectfully look at the camp of the collector, pіdshipnikіv.

Bosch rotary hammer rotor

Let the stator take hold of the stator, know the small, plastic, stubby casing for knowledge, and tap it with a wooden disc or a mallet along the end face of the housing, into a kind of stator of inserts. Before tsim do not forget to rotate two gvinti, attach the stator to the housing.

the stator of knowledge, the rotor of distal, you can proceed to look at that defect of all the details that can go into the warehouse of the electric part of the Bosch rotary hammer.

When looking at the Bosch 2–6 pink puncher, I would especially respect the camp of the jaw brushes, the pressure on the brush holders and the height of the jaws, the number of contacts in the reversing switch, and the jaw in the main entrance.

Dovzhina shchitok not guilty buti shorter than 8 mm. On the brush holders, it’s not guilty of the trouble, but it’s not necessary to blame the reverse of the Bosch 2-26 rotary hammer, but it’s not bad, but burn out the battery contact.

Electric part of the Bosch puncher