How to distinguish StiHL original from a fake Chinese. Box

A full overview of the Stihl chainsaw: characteristics, lineup, repair, how to distinguish a fake and price range

thirty.eleven.2019 Famous manufacturers build their image for years, improve products, raise the rating in a particular market segment. German company Stihl. a manufacturer of gas.based gas instruments. The chainsaws of this company are known to such technical features as:

  • high power, maneuverability and cutting capacity;
  • A special anti.vibration system. thanks to a precisely calculated buffer zone, the effect of minimal vibration is achieved;
  • A special protection and safety system is based on an additional braking system, which provides a saw saw for a second;
  • Convenient adjustment. the unit is thought out to the slightest details to ensure comfortable work to the operator;
  • smooth move. an exceptional feature of the device;
  • high.quality components and assembly;
  • Long service life.

It is not surprising that fakes have appeared on the global market for benzo tools. Counterfeit units often imitate the external data of the original StiHL brand devices, however, quality of work, reliability, safety, productive power and other characteristics of the “left” technology do not coincide with the characteristics of this calm.

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About the manufacturer

The main office is in Germany. For a long time the US country was the United States, but later it became impossible. Now the saw is produced at the STIHL factory in China. The assembly quality did not deteriorate, which confirms greater popularity among not only amateurs, but also professionals. Until now, you can sometimes find American.made tools.

Original stihl chainsaws produced in China

Initially, the chainsaws of this brand were produced only at factories in Germany. But modern realities are such that almost all world companies partially or completely began to produce their products in China for economic reasons. In order to reduce costs in 2012, part of the production of STIHL was transferred to the Chinese city of Kingdao. Initially, household models of MS 170 were produced there with tires 30 and 35 cm long, but over time, the assortment increased significantly.

Currently, almost all models of Stihl gasoline saws, exactly like another tool of this company, are produced in the Celestial.

How to protect yourself from buying a fake

The original gasoline saw STIHL is a professional or semi.professional class costs a lot of money. Therefore, the acquisition of the tool you need should be approached with maximum caution and responsibility. A fake can be made with varying degrees of reliability, but almost always it is produced in a hurry on low.grade equipment, which should not be unnoticed by an experienced master. The following tips will help to distinguish counterfeit products from quality goods.

  • Beware to purchase chainsaws from dubious sellers. STIHL has a developed dealer network with standard trading rules and a single pricing policy. The official trade representative will surely show a certificate confirming the right to sell the products of this respected company. If you are offered on the market new Stihl chainsaws at a low price, then you definitely deal with scammers.
  • Pay attention to the marking of the product. The serial number should be knocked out on the case under the muffler and duplicated by stickers on the saw and packaging box.
  • The company’s logo is always present on each model, but not in the form of an easily removed sticker, but in the form of a relief print or high.quality painting. Original logo

Chainsaws and its component elements

The packaging in which the chainsaw is located

Firstly, you should pay attention to the packaging box. In principle, the manufacturers of fakes do everything to make the design of the box indistinguishable from the original. This applies to both inscriptions and drawings, and the choice of color scheme.

To immediately identify a fake, special attention should be paid to the presence of the manufacturer on the box. In principle, it is available, both on the original and on copies. But in the original version on the sticker there is always a 9-digit factory product number. over, it always corresponds to the one that is applied to the chainsaw itself. On fake saws, this number is usually absent.

And one more important nuance. Do not be scared of the presence on the sticker “made by STIHL in China”. This is not a sign of fake at all. Just most enterprises of this manufacturer are in the PRC.

Elements of a set of a chainsaw

As a rule, measuring fuel containers are attached to Chinese fakes. You will not see a single original chainsaw of such a measured container.

If you take a cover for the original tire, then it always has a branded convex inscription. Selfers do not bother themselves with such an inscription. Although, the color of the case can fully match the corporate party.

As a rule, you should carefully look at the attached saw chain. If you take the original chain, then on its links there will always be an engraving “stihl”. On fakes of such an inscription, as a rule, does not happen.

If we talk about the tire, then the visible difference can consist in only one moment: on the fake there is often an additional window to lubricate the driven star.

But the differences visually imperceptibly provided that the tire corresponding to the length of the Stihl standard (30 or 35 cm) is included in the kit. However, as a rule, Chinese subdigors are trying to lure customers with an increased length of this element. 40 or 45 cm.

If you want to learn more about the tools for working on wood and about crafts performed with their help, be sure to read the material on this link.

Set of tools

As a rule, dodging from China attach a whole set of tools to their “brainchild”. over, most often it is in a cheap.looking plastic envelope. But such an envelope only sins with such cheapness, as well as its contents. Because even in appearance it is noticeable that all the attached tools in quality can most likely be attributed to one.

If the chainsaw is original, then only two tools are attached to it. But they. and this is visually noticeable. very high quality. It:


Perhaps this book will not help to identify a fake. Because the fakes have learned to dashing the original printed products.

STIL 180 chainsaw: compare the original and fake


Outwardly fake, in principle, is almost indistinguishable from the original. Fake chainsaw is performed, as a rule, in the same color scheme. For its assembly, screws with the same head as that of STIHL are used.

The first small difference can be found on the lid of the fuel tank. Most often, the “stihl” engraving is absent. Unless, of course, you have a copy in your hands, and not the original.

This engraving is absent on the tire mounting nuts. Original nuts, as a rule, are marked with the letter S.

The original always has a sticker with a 9-digit factory number. It is necessary for the chainsaw to be accepted to the official service center for warranty repair. On the fake, such a sticker is usually absent.

On the muffler of the original product, there is always an engraving “StiHL” indicating the article. Shatters do not bother with such engraving.

Chainsaw and its elements under the outer lid

If you remove the air filter lid, you can notice that the filter itself is far from original, but obviously Chinese. Because this element of the original unit looks like this:

On the other hand, a fake Chinese filter looks completely different. over, even to the touch, its material is felt like a penny cheap. That is, it is a regular foam.

Perhaps it is also worth noting that when evaluating the originality of the saw, one must look at various trifles. For example, on the cover of the air filter, you can easily find such burrs:

If the chainsaw is original, then such negligence on it is simply excluded.

As a conclusion, we want to clarify why we described in such detail the signs of fake chainsaws. After all, in principle, sometimes fake can satisfy you with your quality. over, it may be reliable and durable. But still you should know what you are buying: original or copy. Because some dishonest merchants may try to sell a fake tool in exorbitant prices. And we hope that our material will help you protect yourself from these unclean dealerships.

What is the configuration

The original technique includes a certain set of components.

Imitation does not have instructions in Russian. Some low.quality components.

But in fakes include measured containers for pouring fuel. In real chainsaws, such an element is absent inside the box.

Как узнать страну и дату производства техники STIHL. О чем говорит и молчит серийный номер ?!


Such a trifle as a screw can suggest that in front of you is a fake a chainsaw STIHL.

Genuine devices are equipped with screws that are unscrewed by Thorx. That is, made under the asterisk.

Fakes make screws for a hexagonal key or flat screwdriver. Less often for a cross screwdriver.

There are copies where the screw is like a real. Because this is not the main sign of the original.

MS 660. Novgorod region.

In the Chudovsky district of the Novgorod region in early August, the BPPR and IAZ ATS officers found another fake for the Stihl chainsaw. This time the victim became MS 660.

  • On a fake chainsaw there are designations of the Stihl trademark.
  • The color scheme of a fake chainsaw is similar to the degree of mixing with original stihl colors.
  • The inscription on the “Stihl Germany” bus does not correspond to the original inscription on the Stihl tires.
  • The shape and design of the tire with the shock absorber does not correspond to the original Stihl tires.
  • The shape of the chainsaw itself is also a very rough fake, similar only in color. There are no similar parts with the original Stihl MS 660 chainsaw, as well as with any other Stihl chainsaws.
  • The sticker on the lid of the trimming mechanism does not comply with the standards, there is technical information and place of production on it.
  • The brake lever is fixed only on one side, while at all STIHL saws it is fixed on both sides and has a special shape.

These are only vivid distinctive features that are striking to the buyer. “The worst” hides inside.

Top: original chainsaw STIHL MS 660, view on the left. Below: the cover of the launch mechanism of the fake. Pay attention to the shape of the lid and the sticker.

Above: original chainsaw STIHL MS 660, view of the right. Below: Fake Stihl MS 660 View on the right. Pay attention to the tire, to the stickers and the shape of the saw.

Top: original chainsaw STIHL MS 660, view on the left. Below: Fake saw tire. Pay attention to the shape of the tire, the inscription on it and the tire head.

MS 341. Leningrad region.

On July 31, 2010, fake chainsaws in the village of Sinyavino were seen. Some of these chainsaws “came” to STIHL service workshops. As it turned out, the chainsaws were sold throughout the Vyborg direction of the Leningrad region and on the exit of the city, from hand and from cars directly, without checks and other documents, which is a direct violation of the rules of trade adopted in our country. This practice is quite popular at the moment in fake traders appear suddenly and work no more than one day, they can be found at crossings, along the highway and in parking lots near large stores. As a rule, the same model of the chainsaw, Chinese production is sold, only the names of the model are distinguished, saws are offered at a knowingly low price at which you can not buy a real professional chainsaw.

Distinctive features of this fake:

  • On a fake chainsaw there are designations of the Stihl trademark and the designation of a real.existing MS 341 model.
  • The color scheme of a fake chainsaw is similar to the degree of mixing with original stihl colors.
  • The lack of marking on the tire does not correspond to the original Stihl tires.
  • The shape and design of the tire with a hole for the syringe of the driven star does not correspond to the original Stihl tires.
  • The shape of the chainsaw itself is also a very rough fake, similar only in color. There are no similar parts with the original Stihl MS 341 chainsaw, as well as with any other Stihl chainsaws.
  • The sticker on the lid of the trimming mechanism does not comply with the standards, it contains a place of production and a strange sign of the RO in Oval.
  • The brake lever is fixed only on one side, while at all STIHL saws it is fixed on both sides and has a special shape.
  • From the side of the chain star on the lid there is a sticker with technical data, which is not found on the original STIHL saws.
  • In specially designated places there is no serial chainsaw number.
  • The design of the clutch coupling does not correspond to the original clutch coupling stihl.
  • There are no special patented covers of oil and fuel tanks on a fake saw, as on original saws.

These are only vivid distinctive features that are striking to the buyer. “The worst” hides inside.

Top: original, view on the left. Below: Fake, view on the left. Pay attention to the shape of the saw, the tire and cover of the starting mechanism with the sticker.

Top: original, view on the left. Below: the cover of the launch mechanism of the fake. Pay attention to the sticker and tank covers.

Top: original, front view. Below: fake, front view. Pay attention to the muffler and color of the crankcase, as well as the lack of serial number.

Above: Original clutch coupling Stihl. Pay attention to the marking in the form of a stylized letter S, which distinguishes the original spare parts of StiHL. Below: Clutch coupling fake. Pay attention to the inscriptions on it and its design.

Top: original, view of the right. Below: Fake, View on the right. Pay attention to the cover of the chain star and the sticker on it, to the size of the nuts and on the shape of the chainsaw.

Disadvantages of fake products and the risk due to their use. Find out from this video.

Why buy an original saw if the fake is almost no different? The original saw will last for many years, original spare parts are suitable, support and manufacturer’s support is present. But the most important thing is that all original saws are tested and meet all safety rules.

Due to the huge influx of fakes, it is better to buy STIHL saws from official representatives of the company, the list of sellers can be viewed on the company’s website. list of dealers.

Why fake stihl is worse than the present:

  • There is no warranty;
  • As a rule, low quality manufacturing;
  • Danger to work. Damage is not excluded, brake failure;
  • Spare parts and accessories are not suitable.

These are only some reasons for a vapid for which you should not take a fake. An ordinary No-Name chainsaw can be bought for an amount of 6-7 thousand and it can work, accordingly. The usual Stihl MS 180 costs at least 11 thousand, even closer to 12. over, in terms of its technical characteristics (engine power, tire length, etc.P.) does not exceed competitors.

The first signs of a fake calm

In most cases, you can confuse the chainsaws only in the pierces. Assembly, appearance and quality of manufacture are very different. Problems begin only if the saw was taken, which is called without looking. How can this be confused:

These “samples” even have a different color, not to mention the rest. It is obvious to the calculation that the seller selling the saw will tell the buyer that they have been shared with red covers. No, there are no. Only such orange as there is. And only such a shade.

Here are a photo from the official website of the company, US division:

Two similar to the type of chainsaw, but one is the original, and the second is also not fake. an analogue, with other logos, another company, but by design, flowers and layout, posing as “that same” chainsaw.

Here is a more difficult task (although this is not 180, but the principle is the same):

There should be no stickers anywhere except on the brake. Well, the blue color is not about us at all.

In general, the list or as they say the checklist of the authenticity check should be as follows:

  • Use of corporate color;
  • Use of corporate font;
  • Stamping everywhere, except for the handle of the brake;
  • The smoothness of the gaps, the location of the inscriptions;
  • The quality of the packaging (high quality corpuscard, from good quality seal). There is definitely a sticker with a serial number on the box, the country of production. Similar information on the sticker should be applied to the saw case;
  • The presence of the same serial numbers on the package, a sticker with a serial number at the saw end, an engraving located under the exhaust system (above the sticker);
  • Tire tire nuts with the STIHL logo (stylized letter S);
  • Logo on the leading star;
  • Logo on the piston (!)-Yes, it is unlikely that anyone will climb there, but still;
  • The absence of any holes at the place of attachment of the driven sprocket on the tire;

For stickers. everywhere in addition to the brake handle, stamps are used. Although some learned to fake them. But not all.

The most important thing is that new saws are forbidden to sell somewhere except officials.

Simple but effective test

A good way to verify the right choice. This requires the chain itself and your hands. What additional tools, as well as devices are not required.

Everything is simple. You need to take up one end of the chain, and straighten the second end in front of you. Now see how the product will behave.

If the far end will only bend slightly, that is, to fall down, then the original is before you. Probability of more than 90%.

If the chain sags strongly, then in front of you is a fake.

It is not difficult to explain such a difference in the behavior of genuine and fake chains. In the production of these tools, the teeth undergo 17-22 technological special processing methods. For fakes, this is at best 10 processing.

But only by such a test I do not advise to determine the authenticity. Consider all the characteristic features, and also study the packaging.

What should be done

There are several ways to minimize the chance to buy a fake product.

  • Choose a certified store. There are official representative offices of the company. There are many of them. You can find through the official website. There are all addresses and phones. It is almost impossible to meet a fake there. This is nonsense;
  • Avoid spontaneous markets and dubious stores. The threat is carried by those outlets where there is no quality control of the goods offered. Even if the chain is offered by action or seductive price, it is better to refuse;
  • Look at the prices. There is an official website and a catalog with prices. This is the recommended retail cost. If the chain is noticeably cheaper than indicated there, they try to sell counterfeit;
  • Check certificates. Always demand from the seller documents for goods. This is your legal right. Many forget about him, and also be shy to use. This is better than working as a fake chain.

They figured it out. You can summarize.

Throw away or not

There are situations when a person did not keep track, and took a fake. Such purchases are made with hands, in spontaneous markets, as well as at dubious points of sales.

You understand, no one will return the money to you. Yes, and you do not have to count on the return of the chainsaw.

There was a Chinese copy in front of you. Question. What to do with her now? I do not advise throwing away. To complete the simple tasks of its characteristics is enough. Yes, the original is better in all respects. But the Chinese analogue will justify its money. For simple work on the site or at the cottage, it is suitable for. It is repaired independently. Fortunately, spare parts and consumables to buy is not a problem.

Summing up

The true chainsaw of Stihl 660 belongs to the category of powerful professional tools. The device copes with work in difficult conditions. But the price is high.

A copy of the Middle Kingdom is noticeably cheaper, and is also inferior in all characteristics and assembly quality.

Throw a copy to the landfill, if you bought it, you should not. In some situations it will be useful.

But if the task is to buy a chainsaw for prolonged and difficult work with wood, then carefully take the choice. Otherwise, no fake will cope with those functions that STIHL 660 easily realize. The manufacturers of counterfeiting simply do not have resources and makes sense to make an exact copy in terms of characteristics and capabilities. The main thing is to make a chainsaws similar outwardly. To deceive buyers, and make them buy their products. That’s all.

You worked with a chainsaw? What brand do you prefer? Hold in the hands of MS 660? What do you say about this device?

I have everything on this. Thank you for your attention!

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