How to install an engine on an ant from a walk-behind tractor

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Development of a walk-behind tractor into more complex home-made devices

A homemade uniaxial tractor can serve as the basis for various more complex units that can be used not only for soil cultivation. On the basis of homemade products from the “Ant” scooter, you can make a mini tractor, snow blower, towing vehicle or other mechanized device. Making a tractor from “Ant” is especially popular. To do this, a steel bar from a channel or beam is attached to the frame of the walk-behind tractor under the engine. Then a sprung two-wheeled bogie with a seat at the top is made. The springs can be removed from the same scooter.

Under the trolley with a seat, the same rod is welded to the frame, which is connected to the rod of the walk-behind tractor by an overhead coupling with bolted connections. This allows such a tractor from “Ant” to tow quite serious loads. The metal bar will distribute the force across the entire tractor frame. There is a full opportunity for the manufacture of a trailer for a walk-behind tractor from “Ant”. 4 wheels on springs are attached to a frame made of a steel beam, and a rectangular platform made of boards or sheet metal with folding sides is mounted on top. Front side can be fitted with a driver’s seat instead of a tailgate.

You can make a lot of different homemade products from “Ant”. It depends primarily on technical literacy and skills in working with metal and mechanisms. In addition to the old scooter, a variety of parts and mechanisms can be used, otherwise inevitably sent to scrap metal.

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Such home-made devices can radically facilitate a person’s work in a personal or summer cottage.

Their main advantage, in addition to a fairly low cost, is that they can be maximally adapted to the specific needs of the owner.

At present, the development of agricultural machinery has reached a high level of development. It is difficult to imagine a modern farmer without a cultivator or walk-behind tractor.

Ant-1. characteristics and features

uniaxial tractor Muravei-1 (First) is designed for cultivating sandy and clay soil and preparing it for.

install, engine, walk-behind, tractor

Also, with the help of the Ant, you can cultivate dry, loose soil.

  • engine model. BS170F / P;
  • engine power. HP 7;
  • number of speeds. 1 back and 2 forward;
  • fuel tank / crankcase volume. 3.6 l / 0.6 l;
  • transmission. belt-chain;
  • plowing depth. 100-300 mm;
  • plowing width. 750 mm;
  • completeness from 4 to 6 cutters;
  • launch. manual;
  • wheel size. two wheels 4.00-8 “;
  • weight up to 90 kg.


single-axle tractor based on motor scooter Ant

For a practical and convenient use of a walk-behind tractor, it can be made from an old Ant motor scooter. On such a technique it will be convenient to move around the cultivated area, transport the grown crops, humus, agricultural tools, even firewood, garbage and much more.

1.3 Walk-behind tractor engine

In the manufacture of such a unit, you can use a two-stroke gasoline engine from the Ant motor scooter. Such an engine has forced air cooling and this is an undoubted advantage at a low speed in order to avoid overheating. The engine is interlocked with a four-speed gearbox. To reduce the cost of the unit and reduce the size of the walk-behind tractor, you can make a muffler with your own hands, using parts from a factory muffler from a motor scooter. The exhaust tract is positioned to the side, and the muffler itself is inserted into the exhaust cylinder.

The engine is started using a kickstarter, the speeds are switched using a lever located on the box with sectors. It is necessary to lengthen the gear shaft by 170 mm in order to integrate the overrunning clutch. The driven sprocket is attached to the end of the left shaft. Due to the rotation of the shaft, the coupling interacts with the roller and the roller is set in motion. to the menu

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Stages of assembling a walk-behind tractor from a scooter

In order to assemble a uniaxial tractor from a scooter, you need to disassemble the vehicle itself into its component parts. First of all, you need an engine, which must first be sorted out and put in order. Then a support frame is welded from a steel sheet with a thickness of about 4 mm and iron water pipes with a diameter of 40 mm, on which the engine is rigidly attached to three supports. After that, the carburetor, magneto, air filter and muffler are installed on the frame. To prevent the engine from overheating, a cover must be mounted above it, capable of providing forced cooling.

For a walk-behind tractor from “Ant”, wheels from a motor scooter can be useful. They are wide enough to provide good traction. The chain drive is done with a drive that connects the motor to the shafts that have flanges that can be removed from the old combine. The selection of gears can provide excellent shaft speeds, but the lower case on the frame must be carefully dimensioned to allow the frame to reach the ground. The control is carried out using a metal telescopic tube that can be taken from a broken vacuum cleaner, which will allow adjusting the height. The gearbox provides three positions, but only the first gear will work. Manual choke control.

1.5 Homemade wheels

It will be difficult to move on such a mechanism when loosening or in a snowy season if it is used from a scooter. The rippers, which are installed on the future single-axle tractor, are homemade. Wheels are selected 5-10 inches. In order to increase the grip of the wheels with the ground, you need to put on a homemade bandage on the wheels. Such a bandage can be made of steel strip.

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Its cross-section can be different, but the optimal one will be 90 by 5 mm. The lugs are made from a corner of 25 mm and are welded to the steel strip. To avoid slipping of the lug band, antennae are welded to it, which are bent into the inside of the disc.

In a walk-behind tractor based on the Ant motor scooter, there is no need to make a homemade trailer, since the motor scooter was originally already with a body. This body will serve not only for transporting equipment and crops, but also for people. If a single-axle tractor is equipped with a special snow shovel, then it can be used in winter for clearing snow. Among the large Spectra selection of cultivating and motoblock equipment, I would like to highlight the single-axle tractor Ant-1 and Ant-2.

2.2 Features

uniaxial tractor Ant-1. one of the most popular motoblocks, equipped with a powerful four-stroke gasoline engine. The change in speed occurs smoothly without jerking with the help of the speed control lever, which is located under the thumb of the right hand.

When plowing or cultivating, trampling of the treated soil is excluded due to the rotation of the handle in the horizontal plane. The rubber of the wheels has a wide tread, which provides better grip on the ground. Operator safety is ensured by two protective fenders.

There are more decent industrial ones, but their bite. And what about those who have almost 20 hundred square meters? The idea to make such a uniaxial tractor myself came suddenly, and not to me, but to my neighbor, the artist. He invented, and I have already finalized.