How to light a car from a screwdriver. How to get a car using a second battery?

How to run the car from the screwdriver battery?

In fact, you can cope with the difficulty yourself, and you can apply a normal screwdriver for this. Note that in the work we need not the tool itself, but the battery, which is built in it. It is much smaller in size, not to mention the container, but it may well have a car that has gotten a battery.

Drown out the donor engine and turn off the ignition. At first, attach the red wire to the positive terminal of the donor, then to the discharged battery. Connect one end of the black wire to the “mass” of your car (for example, to the engine of the engine cylinders or the body), and the second to the negative terminal of the donor. You can start.

Is it possible to light from a battery without a car?

It turns out yes. The main thing is to launch the motor and not put pressure on the trigger-then the generator will begin to nourish itself and maintain at least some stress in the booster. Four ways to start a car without batteries checked the magazine “At the wheel”. The first is “Cook”, Connecting a couple of launch wires to another battery.

First connect a plus battery donor with a plus of a factor car, then minus. Yes, it is better to connect the minus on the starting machine to the engine housing. Start the donor engine and wait a few minutes to battery your car could get a little recharge. After successful launch, we remove the wires.

And again about electric cars, question⁠ ⁠

I actually go in the Nastye Time on a connected hybrid.

There are several driving modes in the car, including Pure, that is, on pure electricity, and “Hybrid”. Where it helps Bateree if necessary for ICE (well, or vice versa).

When choosing each regime, the computer hits about how many kilometers there is enough batter charging.

When choosing a hybrid (that is, mixed, in my opinion) mode, the display shows 40 km:

And when choosing a purely battery drive, for some reason as much as 45!:

That in my opinion it is completely illogical! It turns out on a clean battery you can go further than on the batteryICE.

Charger from laptop and car lamp

If the motorist has a laptop, then he can use his power supply to “build up” an extinct car battery. In addition, you will need a car lamp H4 (100 W/12 V). The parameters of the charger of the laptop are 19 volts, 4.74 amperes.

Elements for recharging the starter battery are recommended to be used in the following order:

  • First connect the “plus” of the ZU to the positive contact of the battery.
  • Minus charging from a laptop through a car lamp, connect to the negative pole of the starter battery.

This technology allows you to charge the battery in about 9 hours. In this case, the working machine will start even at negative ambient temperatures.

It is important to consider that the lamp here solves the problem of installing a specific current strength against a stable voltage of about 20 volts. A more powerful lamp will produce a stronger current.

Necessary tools

In order to try this method in practice, the first thing that the driver should be in the trunk is a screwdriver. Of course, not every motorist can boast of such an instrument in its own car, but for the future it is worthwhile to worry about its acquisition, because this simple device, or rather, its battery for 12-14 volts can become a real salvation in a difficult situation.

But as practice shows, the screwdriver battery alone will clearly not be enough to “revive” the car battery. So, for their connection, it will be necessary to use two standard self-tapping screws 3-4 cm high (can be replaced with hexagonal keys) and the same number of connecting wires made of clean copper with “crocodiles”.

Method 1

Place the screwdriver in the keyhole for about two.Thirds of the holes. The purpose of this method is to destroy the locking mechanism and its internal pin to run the car, rotating the screwdriver inside the same lock instead of the key. This is a common method for cars, the keys to which are lost.

Insert it in the same way as the key. Should not be inserted too deeply, because stopping pin is already broken. It is necessary to use a screwdriver, as if the key was used, turning it by about a quarter of turning clockwise to try to start the engine.

What to do if the battery is discharged in the car. Proven ways how to return the life of the battery

Unfortunately, almost every car enthusiast came across a battery with the discharge of the battery. This is a very unpleasant event, even more unpleasant in that, as a rule, it occurs in the morning. You approach your car, you have some plans for the day, for example, you need to urgently get to one or another place.

Get behind the wheel, turn the key in the ignition lock and nothing happens. As a result, you have to change your plans in place and somehow get out of the situation, because the car

With a discharged battery is absolutely lifeless.

Read how to check a screwdriver without a battery

What to do and why this happens, we will consider in this article.

Alcohol launch

This method can be called extreme, it can be applied if, in addition to alcohol, other launch methods described above are not available.

This method is extreme due to the fact that it is disposable, after starting the car in this way, you will have to throw away the battery. That is, new batteries in this way are strictly not recommended. But we actually move on to the essence of the method.

In order to briefly revitalize your battery, you will need weak alcohol. For example, dry red wine. If your alcohol is stronger, then it must be diluted with water until the concentration of alcohol is the same as in the fault.

After the liquid with the desired concentration of alcohol is obtained, turn off the banks on your battery and pour about 150 grams of alcoholic solution or, simply, wine into it. After that the car

This is due to the fact that alcohol increases the acidity of the electrolyte, and this, in turn, leads to the removal of salts from lead plates. All this should give the last time to start your car on this battery.

Launching a car using “slings”

This, let’s say, an advanced option for starting the engine from a pusher. For him you need another car and a towing cable.

It is used in cases where there are no wires for “lighting”.

The launch is carried out using the “slings” as follows:

  • Drive a car of your friend in front of your car;
  • Put your car to a fitted car using a towing cable;
  • Sit behind the wheel of your car turn on the ignition, squeeze the clutch and turn on the second gear on the checkpoint;
  • Signal the front car that he will touch;
  • After you are starting to tow you, smoothly release the clutch and slowly add the gas. The engine of your car begins to turn and quickly start;
  • After that, immediately squeeze the clutch and brake. The engine must continue to operate at idle.

Actually, that’s all, you can go. The main danger with this launch option is the opportunity to “catch up” with a towing car and hit it in the back.

Launching using a start-updress (ROM)

Few people have ROMs from ordinary motorists, but they are almost always on specialized one hundred. First, find out what it is?

ROM is a device with which you can, both to charge the discharged battery, and start the engine in which the battery was discharged.

ROM, can be considered a “sophisticated” charger, it works for a regular network in 220 in.

light, screwdriver, using, second

The launch with the help of ROM is quite simple:

At the same time, note that the plus terminal is connected to the plus of the battery, and the minus to the “minus”.

After the engine is launched, the maples can be removed.

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Starting from the pusher

This method of starting the engine, I think, all motorists know. He is the easiest. He does not need any additional accessories, only physical strength, or several strong friends.

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By the way, you can start yourself, but for this you need that the car stands on the hill.

This method has restrictions, with a pusher you will never start a car equipped with an automatic gearbox.

This method is suitable only for cars equipped with mechanics. How to start a car in this way?

The engine is carried out in the following order:

  • The driver gets behind the wheel and turns on the ignition;
  • After that, you turn on the second gear and squeeze the clutch;
  • The car begins to accelerate either from the mountain, or by acceleration by one of the friends (they must push the car);
  • After the car is more or less dispersed, smoothly release the clutch. The launch of the power unit begins;
  • After the engine has started, immediately turn on the neutral gear and squeeze the brake. The whole car is started and you can drive, the on.Board network works from the generator.

Launching a car using a “crooked starter”

This method is suitable for launching old rare cars produced before the beginning of the 90s of the last century.

In the set of these machines, in addition to the jack and the wheel key, there was a “curve starter”, and the engines of cars had a special groove on the flywheel coming from the crankshaft. In addition, in the bumers of cars, there was a special hole for using the “crooked starter”.

Starting in this way is carried out very simply. You insert the “curve starter” into the groove and turn the crankshaft of your power unit manually.

The main drawback of this method is high energy consumption. However, if the engine and ignition are adjusted well, you will need only one, two turns to start the launch.


This method has nothing to do with cigarettes and tobacco smoking. But it is named so because of an analogy with lighting from one cigarette another.

To start the car engine in this way, you will need wires for lighting.

In order to Bind The car with such wires is needed:

  • To fit a car from which lighting will be made, as close as possible to a car with a discharged battery, as close as possible, so that the wires from the clip of your battery were taken out to the clip of a donor car.
  • We connect the battery wires of two cars. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the wire from the plus maple of the donor car is connected to a plus maple on a machine with a discharged battery. In the same way, we carefully monitor the combination of negative terminals. Thus, you connect the side network of your car to the battery of another car.
  • After this simple procedure is done, you can start a car. After the launch is made, you remove the wires. The on.Board network begins to work from the generator, and your battery begins to charge.
  • Naturally, immediately after lighting, you can not change the engine, since the battery will charge in a few minutes, it will not have time.

Useful tips

A few useful tips that will help you start and not harm yourself and the donor:

  • Why is the connection of a minus terminal for a car with a hooked battery minus connected to the housing, and not to the minus of the battery? Because the donor battery in this case gives energy to the starter of the car, if you throw minus on a dead battery, most of the energy will go to its charge, and the starter may not be enough, just plant the working battery and everything.
  • How to light a car from the battery? Modern machines do not allow direct connection to the battery on safety. In some, the battery is hidden in an inaccessible place to ensure safety or for the convenience of layout. At the same time, the plus terminal is displayed in a convenient location. The minus will be on our case. Then connect the charged battery with a plus to the displayed plus, and minus on the case, start the car.
  • When you light a car which wire is thrown first? Compliance with the sequence of wire connection is dictated by safety precautions. At first, always pluses, then only minuses. If you first connect the minuses, then any random touch with a plus cable of metal will cause a closure.
  • After successfully launching the motor, whether it is possible to turn off the wires at once? It is possible, but not urgently. With a parallel connection of batteries, it is better to let it work for a few minutes so that the sowing battery is better to make up.
  • Can an electronics in one of the cars get out of the system of lighting? Maybe in case of non.Compliance with simple recommendations. There should not be a load of load, therefore it is not recommended to light a gasoline machine from a diesel engine or vice versa. Diesel batteries are more powerful and have voltage, usually 24 volts. While the battery of the gasoline engine is 12 volts. The jump voltage burns fuses and can disable electrical equipment. Therefore, it is necessary that both batteries have the same voltage when lighting.
  • It is recommended to carefully examine the sowing battery, before lighting. If the electrolyte leaks out of it, and the smell of acid comes from the battery and it is very heated, it is dangerous to light it. Hydrogen may be released, which can flare up at the slightest spark.
  • Is it possible to use a rented machine in this case? In a nutshell I will formulate a condition that is in any car sharing agreement: to use car sharing transport in order to run the engine when the donor is discharged from the donor car, it is also prohibited to use the rented car as a donor for cigarette. In short, it is forbidden to light a car sharing.
  • Help to start the purchase of a special starter. The principle of its work is similar to lighting. The only nuance of such a device is its weak charge. Enough of it literally for 1-2 attempts.
  • Is it possible to light a car? Cooking from a donor with a neglected engine only in extreme cases. There is a risk that the load from the generator will give a jump in voltage, which will cause the combustion of fuses and other electronics. To minimize risk, it is recommended to turn off the headlights, heating, music and other consumers in a donor car, this will unload the generator. Connection scheme is the same as for ordinary lighting.
  • Is it possible to light a car through an inventor? There are videos on the Internet showing how they launch the car with an inventory welding apparatus. Indeed, some devices of this type have a mode for starting, or charging batteries. If there is no such mode, you can use this method in case of emergency. The holding wire goes on plus, the mass is attached to the minus of the battery. Then they turn on the device and start the motor. After starting the engine, the inverter is immediately turned off, otherwise you risk burning fuses and wiring.
  • What wires are needed to light a car? Is there a difference and is it worth bothering with the search when there are the first first things at hand? What wires are not suitable, lighting then can be dangerous for health. When choosing wires for lighting, you need to make sure that they are copper, if then aluminum are thick and withstand the current strength of 200 amperes.

A section is no thinner than 16 millimeters. Crocodiles (clamps) are better to use large with external insulation (this eliminates the random touches of the minus to the plus). Use homemade wires taken somewhere dangerous, the gas current force can burn them and you will burn your palms. Procedure and possible errors when biting

Now you yourself can light a car, and do not be afraid to spoil anything, and cases when everything is at your own peril and risk I recommend avoiding avoiding. See you, my readers, subscribe to updates, and do not forget to share the link with comrades, they will also be useful to them a lot.

Is it possible to light a battery?

You can “light” both from a separate battery and from unassuming machines. There are options. No need to let the owner of the car, the starter of which was turning normally, until he put the battery to zero, but the motor did not start. It’s not about ampere hours, but in a malfunction that must be eliminated.

light, screwdriver, using, second

It turns out yes. The main thing is to launch the motor and not put pressure on the trigger-then the generator will begin to nourish itself and maintain at least some stress in the boosts. Four ways to start Car without batteries checked the magazine “At the wheel”. The first is “Cook”, Connecting a couple of launch wires to another battery.

The effectiveness of the method

The main advantage of lighting a car from a screwdriver is the availability of this method. After all, almost any owner of the house has such an instrument. If the machine does not start, then you can get it only with two methods:

  • Cigarette. But if there is not a single living soul with transport, then this will not work. And as luck would have it, the battery has the ability to sit down in the most inappropriate points (at night, in the early morning).
  • Take up “from a pusher”. A very unreliable method, since not all engines are able to withstand this and the risk of changing the location of the chain or belt of hydraulic fracturing is too high. In addition, at least 2 people need at least 2 people.

As an emergency exit from this situation, you can use a screwdriver. With it, you can easily and simply start the car without reflecting at the work of the screwdriver battery.

How to light it

After everything is prepared, you can proceed directly to the lighting procedure:

  • Remove the battery from the screwdriver by disconnecting it from the device case. Instead of a screwdriver, you can take a drill.
  • Study the design of the battery contacts. If it is internal, then insert a nail or self.Tapping screw into each of the contacts. Nails can be replaced with hexagonal keys. If the design is external, then tightly attach the nails to the contacts and wrap it well with electrical tape.
  • In order to avoid short circuit, it is recommended to make additional insulation of impromptu contacts using a sponge or rag. You can use any other toothless material.
  • Attach one end of wires for lighting to the nails, and the other to the contacts of the car battery. In order to avoid loss of voltage, the wire must be connected as denser as possible. In this case, we must not forget about polarity, connecting a plus with a plus, and minus with minus.
  • In order for a sufficient amount of energy to come to a car battery you need to wait 5-10 minutes. After this time, try to start the car.
  • As soon as the car starts, disconnect the wires from the terminals.

It should be borne in mind that only nickel-cadmium and nickel-metall-gidrid batteries are suitable for this action.

Over, the battery of the screwdriver should be completely charged. But even at 100% charge, it will be possible to start a car only 1 time, it will not work without recharging it.

This method of lighting a car is emergency and it is better not to abuse it. Ideally, it is recommended to purchase a special universal blank, suitable not only for phones, but also for automobile batteries.

In which case can the battery sit down?

The most banal reasons for the discharge are unbearable overall lights, a constantly burning light bulb in the trunk, an incorrectly connected alarm. Do not use fuses of greater denominations than provided by the operating instructions for the car. Protect the terminals from oxidation with special means.

In this case, the process of discharge battery, especially if it is new, can greatly accelerate winter frosts. Literally in ten days of inaction at a temperature of minus 15 battery maybe Sit down fully. That is why it is recommended to start once a month car, standing on the joke.

How to get a car

If everything you need is at hand, you can proceed to the lighting process. The procedure will be as follows:

One. Remove the battery from a screwdriver or drill, disconnecting it from the body.

Inspect the contacts. If they have an internal structure, try to insert on a nail, self.Tapping screw or hexagonal key in each of them. If they are made in the form of external connectors, then attach the same nails or screws, and then reliably fix them with island or tape.

Additionally isolate the impromptu contacts from a random touch, which can cause a short circuit, using a dry sponge, rag or other object that does not conduct current.

Connect the wires to light the screwdriver of the screw to the battery of the machine, combine positive contacts with positive, and negative with negative.

Try to start the engine by confidently twisting the starter.

As soon as the engine works, disconnect the wires for lighting from the car battery.

Is it possible to “light” a car with a running engine?

Good day, dear readers of our site. The battery has a tendency to always discharge at the wrong time. Then the radio tape recorder will remain, then you forget about the headlights, or even at all, the battery is already old, and breathes on the incense. Over, winter is not far off, and problems with the start of the engine will increase at times.

And so, your battery was discharged at the most unnecessary moment. And in order to urgently move on the road, nothing remains, how to “get out” from a neighboring car. But the owner of the second car refuses flatly, and says that it is dangerous to modern cars. Is it really? We will try to answer this question, and learn how to “light” from another car correctly.

How to give “cigarette?

For those who recently got behind the wheel, we will explain. “Cook”. In a driver’s jargon means starting the engine, using special wires from one machine, with a battery from another. Even easier, this is when one car has a battery, you can connect the battery from another car, and thereby start the engine. This procedure is simple, the main thing is to know how and what to do.

It is best for “cigaretime”, when the battery sat down finally, and the starter turns very weakly and badly. If the starter scrolls as it should, but the engine still does not start, then the battery is in good condition, and the reason is different. For example, it is time to replace the candles, the sensors are buggy, or the water in the tank turned into ice and clogged the fuel chip.

Technically, everything will not be difficult to do, and absolutely any person can cope with this, despite the experience of driving.

  • We connect special wires for lighting, which drivers call crocodiles ”, to the battery of the donor car (that is, from which we will run the engine). First we catch the plus terminal, and then a minus. Both cars should be drowned out.
  • Then, we connect the wires with the car that needs to be given to “cigare”. Do not confuse plus with minus in any case! Red wire, both on the other car, should be on the plus, and the second is on the minus. Incorrectly established polarity can derive all the electronics of the machine.
  • After all the wires are connected, get behind the wheel and start the car engine that needs to be “cighed”. The engine should start. If everything went well, we put idle speeds at 1,500 rpm, disconnect the wires from the donor, and go about our business.

When you can “light”? And is it possible to do this from a working engine?

About whether it is possible to “light” modern cars, let’s say one thing: you can! And do not blame the operation manual, not a word is said about it there. So if you were asked to help, you can not be afraid of anything. Let the engine work 5 minutes to reload, disconnect the terminals, and let them start the engine.

The main question that concerns many motorists, is it possible to light from a car with a working engine? Indeed, on the one hand, some are afraid that the car whose village was the battery will fully conside the resource of the battery of the donor machine, and it itself will not start. And on the other hand, and the most dangerous thing is that this procedure can disable the entire electronics of the donor. Is it so?

As practice shows, You can’t categorically get a car with a car with a working motor. The engine, on a car from which is “cooked”, must be drowned out, and at least a minus terminal is removed from the battery. Thus, the separation of electric networks of two machines is obtained.

If these points are not observed, the generator and electronics of the donor car can receive a powerful blow from a sudden load from the starter of another car. The load can be more than 200 amperes, after such an electronics will either fail, or in the future many malfunctions will appear in the motion and fuel sensors.

You can not be afraid at all that the car that needs to be “couted” will consume all the battery energy if the battery is new or completely serviceable. You just need to stand for 5 minutes at idle, so that the battery is recharged, after which you can “treat the cigarettes”.

It is also necessary to remember that the batteries, both cars, have the same capacity. And do not try to start a huge SUV from a small.Leaf, that simply does not have enough capacities.

Well, let’s summarize. The myth that cars with an electronic control unit, that is, almost all modern ones cannot be cooked, this is the myth that is distributed, for the most part, who is able to provide technical assistance on the roads. All this is nonsense. When you connect with wires to someone else’s car, You just start the engine from it, and nothing more. You can light absolutely any car without fears. The main thing is that the engine is drowned out, and at least a minus terminal is disabled. And yet, if you have to resort to this procedure often, it is better to think about buying a new battery. Good luck on the roads!

How to start a car with a saturated battery on a machine?

First connect a plus battery donor with a plus of a factor car, then minus. Yes, minus on the factory car It is better to connect to the engine housing. Start the donor engine and wait a few minutes to battery your car could get a little recharge. After successful launch, we remove the wires.

light, screwdriver, using, second

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Acceleration from pushing the most popular method Bind Auto without starter Among motorists. Another method start the car if the starter does not work. This is a towing. For this you will need another car and cable. If a The breakdown happened on the road, just stop any car and ask you to help you start.

Useful life hack with a screwdriver

You will be helped by a battery screwdriver!We remove the battery from it (for 12 V, can be 18 V, but with some improvements about which below).

Then we connect the wires. First, a screwdriver is necessarily to the battery. It has a marking of the polarity of its inclusion.

And then to the car battery. Be sure to convince several times that the polarity is not confused.