How to lubricate the gearbox angular grinder Metabo. Control of the application

The better to lubricate the gearbox angular grinder

Any power tool contains in its design rotating parts subject to increased wear as a result of friction. It is possible to prevent premature destruction and extend the life of the instrument if you prophylaxate the rubbing parts in a timely manner. In the corner grinder, the gear of the gearbox is susceptible to the main wear. You can reduce the harmful effect of friction by applying lubricants to the surface of parts. Consider which lubricant for a gearbox of a corner grinder is better to buy.

With intensive daily use of corner grinding, lubrication replacement in the gearbox should be carried out at least once a year. Often, users do not adhere to certain periods of preventive maintenance of the tool, and regulatory work is carried out after the manifestation of extraneous sounds during operation. This is a completely incorrect method for leaving the gearbox.

Ring during rotation, rattling indicates that the gears formed on the gears, and they will soon have to be replaced.

The prophylactic examination of the gearbox begins with the separation of its casing from the rest of the corner grinder. To do this, just unscrew the four fasteners.

The next photo shows that the lubricant in the case is present, but gathered on one side of the case, and it is not enough.

This is because the angular grinding of the grinder (angle grinding machine) works at high speeds. Under the influence of centrifugal forces, particles of oil strive to move away from the axis of rotation. With prolonged operation, the surface of the gears become completely dry, and without lubrication the metal is erased. In this case, it is enough to lubricate the gear tooths with the existing composition, then close the gearbox and work until the next prevention.

Often in the gearbox you can notice grains of oil mixed with dust. During operation, the corner grinder heats up, and these grains soften, solid particles prevent the operation of the mechanism. Such a lubricant must be replaced.

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Than to lubricate the gearbox

Any tool where there are movable elements need periodic lubrication. Especially if it is actively used. With regard to angular grinding machines, the consistency and the composition of the lubricant must meet certain requirements.

The presence in the composition of solid or worse than abrasive elements will cause abrasion of the working surface and individual parts of the device. A cheap lubricant when reaching a temperature threshold of 100-120 ° C simply evaporates. Therefore, the maximum allowable values ​​of the lubricant should pay special attention, otherwise the tool in the heat of work will be left without lubrication.

A good composition protects the surface from moisture, as well as from subsequent corrosion, which means that it must have the properties repulsive water. The verified consistency allows you to maintain a lubricant on the surface: too thick the lubricant will complicate the functioning of the mechanism, and the liquid simply wars in the gearbox.

The viscosity of the lubricants for the power tool is classified according to the NLGI standard (abbreviation “National Institute of Consistent Lubricants”). The choice of one or another consistency depends on the specific model angular grinder, namely, the speed of rotation of the gearbox. The higher this indicator, the less density there should be a lubricant.

Classification of viscosity for power tools:

  • NLGI 00. The most liquid consistency used in heavy technology: chipping hammers, professional peorators, etc.P.
  • NLGI 0. This is a semi.liquid composition, which is just used for Bulgarians, as well as circular saws and gasoline braids.
  • NLGI 1. A sufficiently viscous consistency for use in construction peorators and medium.power drunks and drums.
  • NLGI 2. Soft variety of lubrication. Used in household jigsaws, light peorators and drums.

The required class of the lubricant must be indicated in the instructions for the equipment. If there were no documents with a corner grinder, then all the parameters of the model should be indicated on the official website of the manufacturer of the equipment.

The main characteristics of the lubricant for angular grinder

In angle grinding machines, the main node subjected to the greatest loads during operation is a gearbox consisting of scooters.

The rotational moment created by the rotor of the corner grinder is transmitted from the rotor to the working tool through a small, scabbling gear to a large lobby gear. Properly selected lubricant for the gearbox significantly reduces friction and heating temperature.

In the grinder, bearings are used, which also requires periodic lubrication. This is especially true for the spindle support bearing with a large scooter of the gear.

Such lubrication is suitable, which meets not only the listed requirements, but also environmentally friendly.

Lubrices for an angle grinding machine are required to have certain characteristics and must be the required consistency by properties.

The lubricant for the gearbox angular grinder should have:

Lubrication for angular grinder should not have mechanical impurities, it is resistant to corrosion, firmly retained on lubricated details, do not melt at high temperatures, prevent the formation of bully in the places of contact of parts and of course possess water.repellent properties.

In the corner grinding machine of any company, two types of sliding bearings are used: bearings for the electric motor and supporting bearings for the gearbox.

The selection of lubricant for bearings of the electric motor differs from the selection of lubricant for the gearbox bearing. It’s all about different working conditions.

Lubricants recommended by foreign manufacturers of the tool

Foreign manufacturers of the tool, including angular grinder, recommend specially designed ointments as lubricants for bells.

One of the common foreign lubricants is the lubricant with the marking MOS2 NLGI 2 ISOL-XBCHB 2 DIN 51825-KPF 2 K-20.

  • MOS2. indicates the filler material, in this case molybdenum;
  • NLGI2. indicates the second class of viscosity;
  • ISOL-XBCHB 2-belonging to ISO standards;
  • DIN 51825-KPF 2 K-20-the lubricant is made according to German standards DIN;
  • Figures 51825 mean that the lubricant belongs to type K.

Lubricants produced with such characteristics are quite expensive. There are imported, less expensive lubricants on the market.

lubricate, gearbox, angular, grinder, metabo, application

Each tool manufacturer, whether Bosch, Makita, Hitachi, Dewalt, Metabo, Redverg, Interskol, E256, Lepse, recommends its lubricants. This is the manufacturer’s policy. They insist that those lubricants that are indicated in the instructions are used when performing maintenance. over, non.compliance with these recommendations does not allow to carry out warranty repairs.

Lubrication for the gearbox angular grinder Makita is produced in tubes. Its high cost is proportionate to high quality and a long period of work.

Brands and their characteristics

Tips for choosing a liquid will help to purchase high.quality and suitable goods. The peculiarity of foreign manufacturers is that they use ointments as a basis for their products. Such masses have a special development technology. All types of liquid have different markings. Combinations of letters and numbers encrypted certain characteristics.

For example, one of the most expensive imported ointments has the following characteristics:

  • used for molybdenum;
  • has a second class on viscous properties;
  • ISO standards are saved;
  • In the process of lubrication development, German standards were used;
  • belongs to type to.

For lubrication with such characteristics will have to pay expensive. It is called “Makita”. You can purchase it in tubes. The quality and duration of use can be considered the advantage of the high price. Therefore, cheaper lubricants are also presented on the market. High lubricants from a foreign manufacturer increased interest in domestic products.

Russian fluids are suitable for different types of tools and are not inferior in quality. Peorators, drills, gearboxes. all of them have their own types of lubricants.

Good reviews have lithium lubricants. They repel water well, and are also designed to work at different temperatures. Organically and inorganic components contribute to condensation.

CITIMI-203 is used for closed types of bearings. Other bearings are better not to lubricate them.

There are also pigment lubricants, they differ in color. There is blue and dark purple lubrication VNIINP. For the first option you have to pay more than for the second. Therefore, they buy it less often. Although the quality of the products is pretty good and costs spent money.

Chips on the choice

Lubrication for gearboxes and bearings (for example, conical) differ in properties. Materials for bearings must have increased adhesion. It is necessary that the lubricant be held tight on the gearboxes during operation. The gearbox is lubricated using spraying.

Suspensions of the lubricant during operation form a kind of fog. In addition to adhesion, there should be other qualities. For example, it is important to resist high lubrication temperatures. She must withstand high temperatures without problems and not melt with them.

Varieties of lubricants for angular grind

Before lubricating the corner grinder, you need to familiarize yourself with the main types of lubrication. To process the gearbox, the angular grinder is most often used by the following mixtures:

Important! If there is no way to purchase branded products, it is better to use the mixtures for the CV joints. You can find them in almost every car shop.

The better to lubricate, which one to use for angular grind

Many are interested in what lubricant is needed for the gearbox of the corner grinder and which is better to use. To deal with this, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of choosing lubricants for tools from different brands.


Bosch is a fairly popular manufacturer of drums, peorators, bells and other power tools. People who use devices from this brand can use their branded lubricants. They are sold in small tubes with a capacity of 50-100 ml. This is enough to carefully lubricate the gearbox 3-4 times.

If you fail to purchase a lubricant from Bosch, you can look for universal mixtures. Solidol or a mixture for CV joints and the angular grinder of Metabo are also suitable.


This company, like Bosch, is also engaged in the production of power tools and lubricants for them. Despite the fact that the catalog of lubricant in Makita is small, you can still find a suitable composition for processing the gearbox.

Most often they are sold in large plastic containers of 500 ml. In rare cases, you can find small disposable tubes for 30 ml.

Additional Information! Makita lubricants are many times more expensive than mixtures of other brands.


This is a famous Sino-producer, whose popularity is growing rapidly. It is worth noting that Interskol makes not only angular grinding lifting, but also lubricants for them. The brand catalog has at least ten items. They are used to process tail drills, gasoline engines, gearboxes and saw structures.

Dewalt, Dewalt

Dewalt is a popular American brand specializing in the production of electrical tools. This manufacturer does not create brand lubricants and therefore will have to independently select the appropriate composition. It is allowed to use solidol, lithola and lubricants for cries.

A gearbox broke, causes and frequent malfunctions

Increased vibration, the presence of uncharacteristic sound during operation, severe heating of the body, jamming the gearbox during the operation of the corner grinder require immediate intervention to determine the causes of the resulting factors and their elimination. As the practice of operating the Bulgarians shows, the most frequent malfunctions of the gearboxes are caused by the following reasons:

  • wear of bearings with the advent of the backlash of a critical magnitude;
  • bearings can be called “crumble” due to shock loads during the “rigid” operation of the corner grinder;
  • the increased wear of the conical pair of gears, a breakdown of teeth;
  • untimely replacement of the reducer lubrication or the presence of low.quality lubricant in it.

Bearing wear (Lepse)

In the next video, the author makes a complete disassembly of the corner grinding of the Lepse brand production (Electromachine Building Plant G. Kirov) in order to determine the lack of rotation of the spindle with a normally working electric motor. In this case, a full analysis of all the disassembled details is performed. Even high.quality Soviet bearings after 10 years of work have a slight wear, which manually determined by the size of the backlash. A detailed description of the actions in such cases in the article on the link “Bearing replacement in the gearbox angular grinding”. In the case of a corner grinder of the Lepse model, the back of the front bearing of the rotor requires it to replace it. After replacing a defective bearing, it is necessary to lubricate it with a new one, as well as all other bearings of the corner grinder.

Lack of gear adhesion (Interskol), gearbox noise/rattles

When the corner grinding of the Interskol model, the next video contains an explosive noise characteristic of the failure of a gear pair. The assumption was confirmed after the opening of the gearbox body, where the breakdown of the leading small gear is visible. Further disassembly of the corner grinder made it possible to determine the likely cause of the gear breakdown. The increased backlash of the front bearing of the rotor could cause increased efforts in a pair of conical gears, which led to the failure of one of them.

Important: an increased beating beating, due to a malfunction of bearing nodes, can lead to a touch of an armature with a stator winding, which will lead to an intermediary closure and burnout of the winding. The elimination of such a defect will cost enough.

Luft (Crown, Bosch)

Increased backlash not only of the rotor, but also the spindle can cause an emergency.

Crown Crown Crown Ground from the next video had an increased spindle backlash. The author drew attention to a strong end beating of a working tool. Work in such conditions can lead to destruction, for example, a detachment circle, which will create an unsafe situation for working with a corner grinding and surrounding people. The author made the bearing with the help of the puller.

In the next video, the spindle backlash has a significantly larger value. This is due to the wear of both supports of the bearing nodes. a ball bearing located in the cover of the case and the sliding bearing located in the gearbox body. Lack of lubrication. the author makes this conclusion, analyzing defects. It should be noted the method by which the sliding bearing is extracted from the housing. Calibrated rod (in this case, the guide drill) creates pressure on a plastic lubricant, tightly filling the cavity of the internal diameter of the sliding sleeve. The lubricant after the load penetrates the gap between the sleeve and the case and squeezes the sleeve from the landing nest.

By analogy with the previous two, in the next video there is a spindle backlash in the corner grinder of the Bosch model. It shows that no special tool is required to eliminate the defect. It is possible to extract and replace the rolling and sliding bearings without the use of pullers, only improvised means are used, including a spinger that has come up in diameter.

Stator malfunctions

The malfunction of the bearing nodes of the rotor may cause the stator winding. Therefore, the replacement of bearings is not to solve the problem of the performance of the corner grinder. It is required to own methods of rewinding the stator winding. The video describes a way to solve this problem yourself. The main thing is to successfully make a template and choose a frame for winding copper wire (in the video it is a spray for air freshener).

Hear is heavily, causes and solutions

Conical gearboxes of the Bulgarians during work perceive significant loads. Therefore, during the contact of the teeth during friction, a significant amount of heat is released. Heat discharge is ensured using the reducer case with good thermal conductivity of the material of the body of the impeller and part of the heat is removed by lubricant.

In the case of closing the turns of the stator or rotor windings, the contacts of contacts in the brush node increases the resistance of the circuit, which affects the increase in the released heat. If the temperature of the gearbox body exceeds the value indicated by the standards, then the reason should be sought in deviations from the normal operation of the above nodes and parts of the corner grinder.

The following videos show the importance of applying the material of lubrication material required by the technical documentation and the timeliness of replacing the developed lubricant. The lubricant over time is polluted by abrasive materials due to the wear of the gears and when working with materials releasing a large amount of abrasive dust (concrete, stone, ceramic tiles and other similar ones). When using a lubricant not designed to work in gearboxes, the gears will quickly fail.

In the next video, the author proposes to redo the contact system of the brush unit. The former included a spring in an electric circuit, which was heated and quickly lost its electrical properties. The proposed contact system includes parts with a relatively large cross section in relation to the spring and avoid the release of additional heat.

Prevention, maintenance, diagnostics

Carrying out the corner grinder significantly reduces the likelihood of a sudden failure of the power tool. Ultimately, the costs of repair work are reduced, the corner grinder increases resource indicators. It is necessary regularly with a frequency of about once a year (depending on the intensity of the use of corner grinding) to carry out the following maintenance work:

  • brush node;
  • Remove the gearbox cover;
  • disconnect the gearbox body along with the rotor from the electric part of the corner grinder;
  • Remove the rotor shaft from the gearbox bearing after removing the sliding gear.

Clean all internal and outer surfaces.

Check the wear of graphite brushes. If necessary, replace them, withstanding the following order:

The brush node located on the case of the corner grinder Makita GA9020 provides a convenient replacement of brushes. Photos all tools.RU

Determination of gearbox defects.

  • Check visually the wear of the teeth profile, the presence of chips;
  • checking the shaft for the backlash in the sliding bearing or needle bearing;
  • check the rest of the ball bearings for play and the presence of lubricant;
  • On the shafts and gears with key joints, check the wear of the dumps and grooves for them;
  • If necessary, replace the sliding bushing, bearings, grease.

Inspection of the details of the rotor.

  • conduct an external inspection of the rotor and stator windings for the presence of darkened places and violation of the varnish coating, which indirectly indicates the presence of inter.seal circuit and overheating;
  • Check the rotor bearings for backlash and the presence of lubrication;
  • inspect the surface of the collector for wear and other damage.

Inspect the wiring for insulation violation. Check the state of contacts.

Make assembly in the reverse order.

Check for several minutes in idle work.

Work on the maintenance of a corner grinder will not take much time, timely prevention will delay the cost of costing.

Lubrication for the gearbox of corner grinder. selection and lubrication

Corner grinder, like other tools used in the household and professional activity, requires regular maintenance. Work efficiency and duration of the service life are ensured by timely maintenance. In the article, the master plumber will tell you how to independently serve such a tool popular with home masters as an angular grinding machine (corner grinder).

The term for the next replacement of lubrication depends on the loads and intensity of using the corner grinder. It is usually equal to 12 months. With everyday operation, the corner grinder with frequent overheating of the shift frequency is significantly reduced, at least six months old.

To verify the need to make a new lubricant, the gearbox needs to be disassembled by twisting the screws on its lid. Inside there is a pair of braids. The small one is anchored and is used to act as a large, located on the secondary shaft. A grinding or cutting disk is attached to this shaft.

During operation, the lubricant when the gearbox moves over the walls of the case, drying out and forming large lumps over time. The material used for a long time overheats, becomes liquid and flows from the body. Therefore, its volume in the gearbox is reduced. If the gears have only a thin layer of the lubricant, its addition is required. The lubricant for the corner grinder is subject to change in the presence of dried lumps on the internal walls of the gearboxes or with its insufficient amount.

General rules for replacing a lubricant

The main module of the corner grinder is a gearbox. It is this part of the corner grinder that experiences the maximum load. The block includes different elements that contribute to rotation. Once in the tool case, the substance reduces friction. The compositions used for the angular grinder reducer make it possible to reduce the temperature indicators that occur during operation.

During the work of the corner grinder, the mixture for lubrication is gradually spreading within the body. After a while, the substance begins to dry, and lumps are formed in the work. These pieces collect particles of dust and metal, therefore, a quick replacement of the oily composition is needed. Sometimes the problem occurs due to high temperature. The lubricant heats up, flows out, and the gearbox is left without a protective mass. It is important to replace it in a timely manner.

The required volume of lubricant for angular grinders is prescribed taking into account the complete coating of oblique teeth of the gears. Excess material will be squeezed out of the case, and too small a number will not be able to ensure the correct functioning of the gearbox.

It is recommended to take the amount of lubricant laid down during the assembly of the machine at the factory as a guideline. It should be noted that with prolonged storage in the warehouse or in the store, a certain amount of lubricant may dry and decrease in volume.

Therefore, it is better to first put the material a little more than required, and make sure that the lubricant distribution after bringing the gear of the gearbox into effect. The generally accepted norm is the lubricant filling about 40% of the reducer volume.

Any tool where there are movable elements need periodic lubrication. Especially if it is actively used. With regard to angular grinding machines, the consistency and the composition of the lubricant must meet certain requirements:

The presence in the composition of solid or worse than abrasive elements will cause abrasion of the working surface and individual parts of the device. A cheap lubricant when reaching a temperature threshold of 100-120 ° C simply evaporates. Therefore, the maximum allowable values ​​of the lubricant should pay special attention, otherwise the tool in the heat of work will be left without lubrication.

A good composition protects the surface from moisture, as well as from subsequent corrosion, which means that it must have the properties repulsive water. The verified consistency allows you to maintain a lubricant on the surface: too thick the lubricant will complicate the functioning of the mechanism, and the liquid simply wars in the gearbox.

The viscosity of the lubricants for the power tool is classified according to the NLGI standard (abbreviation “National Institute of Consistent Lubricants”). The choice of a particular consistency depends on the specific model of the corner grinder, namely, the speed of rotation of the gearbox. The higher this indicator, the less density there should be a lubricant.

Classification of viscosity for power tools:

  • NLGI 00. The most liquid consistency used in heavy technology: chipping hammers, professional peorators, etc.P.
  • NLGI 0. This is a semi.liquid composition, which is just used for Bulgarians, as well as circular saws and gasoline braids.
  • NLGI 1. A sufficiently viscous consistency for use in construction peorators and medium.power drunks and drums.
  • NLGI 2. Soft variety of lubrication. Used in household jigsaws, light peorators and drums.

The required class of the lubricant must be indicated in the instructions for the equipment. If there were no documents with a corner grinder, then all the parameters of the model should be indicated on the official website of the manufacturer of the equipment.

Electric tool manufacturers advise using special compositions of their own production. Such recommendations are given, in particular, Makita and Bosch.

You can buy such funds, but their cost is quite high, and the costs are not always justified. Interskol is more affordable to the type of materials used. What lubricant is still better? The lubricant for the gearbox of the corner grinder must meet certain requirements:

  • The viscosity of the composition does not exceed 800 pass;
  • The temperature of the drops of drops from the bulk of at least 120 ° C;
  • Homogeneous composition without the presence of mechanical interspersed;
  • Moisture resistance.

It is worth it or not to bother, the pros and cons of

Before you start making home.made lubrication, speculate about whether such a lesson makes sense? What is the extreme need to ignore the recommendations of the manufacturer and fill out the gearbox of the grinder of the “self.packal” mixture of components originally intended for other mechanisms?

The close analogue of the gearbox of the corner grinder is a hinge of equal angular velocities (shock), a responsible node of the front.wheel drive car. Transfers high torque in complex temperature parameters, with a high speed of rotation. The details of the working hinge are in contact with each other in conditions that lead, in the absence of a lubricant film, to local welding. By the way, the same effects arise in the brackets or hypoid gears.

Unpacking / unboxing angle grinder Metabo WEA 17-150 QUICK 600535000

There were times when many set out to replace the factory lubrication of a homemade spum. The most common recipe was simple and affordable. We take Litol-24 and generously add friction modifier, for example, molybdenum disulfide (now sold in the fields of auto chemistry, inexpensive). Of course, mix thoroughly with a wooden stick. Heat the mixture and insert into the hinge with a syringe, piercing the rubber cover with a needle.

Such “useful” tips were very popular in the former USSR in the late 80s, when the first VAZ “eights” and “nine” were faced with the problem of lubrication. Rather, with a lubricant deficiency for them. And there were those who followed such advice, and then shared their experience. Very sad experience.

Gear lubrication for Ultra power tool is suitable for corner grind. Photos all tools.RU

Let’s get back to our Bulgarians. What extreme, inexorable need requires the use of homemade (surrogate) lubricants? If in the midst of work your angular grinder categorically required grease, apply any plastic lubricant available at hand. Litol-24 and cyatim-221 (preferably 221F) are suitable. The solidel of the USS would also come up, but, fortunately for the corner grinder, it is no longer released. We repeat. any plastic lubricant is suitable, but it must be evaluated not as an analogue, but as a surrogate.

In this case, you will have to perform all procedures to remove the residues of the existing lubricant from the gearbox. Without bothering about the absence of antifriction and outfit additives in surrogate, end the corner grinding of emergency work. Finally cut this corner or sheet of corrugated board. Or a crumpled wing of a car, the steep owner of which demanded: “so that it was ready by morning”. After that, go to look and purchase an original lubricant or a quality analogue from other manufacturers. Remember that the accepted measure is temporary, caused by extreme necessity.

Hitachi G12SA Angle Grinder, Gear Lube

Before laying the original or an analogue of lubrication again in the gear, do not forget to clean and rinse the gearbox from lumps of black sludge, into which the applied surrogate has turned. When you pick a wooden stick with metal dust from the wear of the gears, think about whether it is necessary to invent home.made grease. Not everyone can create a qualitative analogue, and all surrogates have already been invented.

By the way: domestic “lubricant 158”, shus-4, Grease, designed for hinges of equal angular velocities, work very well in the gearboxes of the Bulgarians. Three shortcomings:

  • Low viscosity. Having heated, lubricants flow from the gearbox through the gap between the lid and the spindle.
  • Contain additives aggressive to non.ferrous metals. Corps of gearboxes of all aluminum alloys. Some models have spindle bronze-graphic bearings.
  • Low moisture resistance, very hygroscopic. Bulgarian gearboxes do not have hermetic seals.

How to lubricate the gearbox angular grinding grinder Makita, Bosch, Interskol and not only

Than lubricate. Most manufacturers insist on the use of lubricants produced under their brand. The list of recommended lubricants is usually given in the operating instructions. Listen to the author’s opinion, purchase a tube or a jar of original material in advance.

If the manufacturer is so democratic that the instructions limited himself to the instructions to apply the “intended” compositions for this, the decision of the corner grinder makes the decision “how to lubricate” the “how to lubricate” the decision. And buys. as an analogue. a universal lubricant of another manufacturer. Or, remembering the video seen on YouTube, he says to himself: “Somewhere it lies in my garage of the same bank, it will be necessary-I will grease”. Decide for yourself, original or analogue. Or listen to the advice of the dealer. Or use other people’s experience. Options “make lubrication yourself or use surrogate”. we do not recommend.

The right amount of lubrication. Having started a new power tool, it is advisable to know how many lubricants to be laid in its gearbox during maintenance, the need for which sooner or later will arise.

Remove the lid of your brand new angular grinder and look into the gearbox body. A conscientious collector should lay such an amount of lubricant that it covers the gearbox body with a thin layer and the lead gear, completely fill the teeth of the driven gear and the volume of the lid under the driven gear. Take so much for the standard and steadily follow it.

Reference. Authorized Makita dealers say that the lubricant should occupy no more than 50% of the gearbox volume.

Therefore, it is very useful, purchasing a corner grinder, buy a tube of grease at the same time. Original or similar.

The frequency of lubrication

Some sources claim that lubricate the gearbox of the corner grinder should be once a year, others. “as necessary”.

The frequency of lubrication depends on the class class. Professional corner grinder, which works “without breaks, for a long time with full load”, will simply not live without lubrication until one.year.old. Try to independently determine the need to lubricate the gearbox, using the simplest diagnostic methods.

With any doubt. open the gearbox for inspection. It’s easier to add fresh lubricant in five minutes than for the entire output “display for repairs” the desired power tool. Actually, the technology of lubrication can be viewed on YouTube:

Important. In some models, the gearbox cover is attached with screws with a head under Torx 3.5 or Torx 4.0. Save in advance such a bit.

Learn on the video the process itself and the sequence of lubrication replacement operations. Do not listen to recommendations such as “Eternal lubrication for the gearbox of corner grind. Eternal lubricant is designed for use only in eternal engines.

After opening, carefully inspect the lubrication in the body and the gearbox cover. If it is translucent, initial yellowish or blue-green colors (depending on the brand), has no inclusions of dirt and wear products-no grease should be replaced. It is enough to replenish its number.

lubricate, gearbox, angular, grinder, metabo, application

The old lubricant is quite plastic. remove it with a soft rag (rag). If it has turned into lumps of dirt (low.temperature sludge), after removal, rinse and dry the gearbox.

When cleaning and washing the gearbox body, be careful with the rear bearing of the spindle. If it is needle, do not wash or lubricate. Needles can fall out of a worn separator (or outer clip, if such a design) and you will make a lot of problems, up to the replacement of the bearing.

When the spindle is installed in sliding bearings, do not zeal. The porous bronze material of the bushings was saturated with grease and it is not necessary to “degrease” it.

Rinsing the gearbox body, hold the corner grinder up so that the dirty solution does not flow through the rotor shaft into its bearing and electric guts.

For washing, use pure gasoline or white spiteen and hard bristle brush.

When you need to replace the lubrication

What is the state of my (mine) angular grinder and what service she (it) needs? How to determine it? This question worries every normal owner of a single corner grinder and every normal owner of the enterprise, on the balance of which a whole park of manual power tools “hang”.

Any user of the corner grind.

Having worked with a corner grinder for several minutes, cutting off something serious, such as a strip “100 to 4”, tear off the circle from the workpiece, turn off the “machine” and listen.

  • The rotation of the circle slows down smoothly, the characteristic noise of the corner grinder becomes quieter, and finally the spindle stops, having made several almost soundless turns before. The gearbox body is barely warm. You can confidently put in the column “grease” of your “diagnostic card” and feel free to boldly clamp a new piece of iron in Titsa.
  • Slowing rotation is uneven, with “rifts”, Spindle stops without “run”. The gearbox body is very warm, almost hot. Summary: gearbox requires replenishment or replacement of lubrication.
  • The speed of rotation of the circle fixed on the spindle drops sharply. Characteristic rattling and mechanical knock are heard. Spindle stops the impetus, sometimes with the sound of a blow. The gearbox body is hot, the hand barely tolerates. Diagnosis: Perhaps it is no longer required lubrication, but a reducer repair with a replacement of gears.

Corner grinder Makita Ga 5030 with a circle. Photos all tools.RU

The process of wear of the gear of the gearbox with a lack of lubrication. “oil starvation” develops an

  • The noise when working intensifies and increases in proportion to the wear of the teeth in thickness. Wear products, mixing with grease, worsen its properties.
  • Wear reaches such a value that when changes in the load (torque or rotation frequency), the tops of the tops of the teeth arise against each other. Lubricant mixed with wear products does not perform its functions.
  • With a sharp, peak overload of the “cars” of the top of worn teeth, finally meet. The lubricant of lubrication from the corner’s corners that has lost the protective properties observes indifferently how the teeth of the sliding gear are cut, the teeth of the driven are painted.

The autopsy will show the emergency destruction of the gearbox caused by a lack of lubrication.

Reference. Wear products: the smallest particles, dust formed during the friction process of surfaces. Carbon, an integral component of steel alloys, acquires a crystalline structure of diamond and extremely abrasive.

Frequency of replacement

Many sources (manufacturers of manual power tools, lubricants, authors of instructions and good tips) recommend replacing the lubricant in gearboxes in angular grinders, drills, peorators “at least once a year, or more often, depending on the intensity of operation”.

Corner grinder of a professional class, capable, as stated in its operating manual, “work with full load for a long time and without a break”, will simply not live a year without lubrication.

Professional corner grinder Bosch GWS 22-230 H requires frequent lubrication. Photo 220 volts

Corner grinder stored on a shelf in a garage (or in a barn in the country), it takes more than one year without breakdowns, if only moisture would not get into the gearbox and did not do its own business there.

Decide for yourself whether to lubricate or not, focusing “on the intensity of operation” and on the results of the diagnosis, you and the.

What grease to choose

There are several ways to reduce the friction effect on the interacting elements of the angular grinder gearbox. The choice than to lubricate the friction nodes is made from the following options:

  • the use of expensive special lubricants for gearboxes from known brands;
  • the use of universal compounds suitable for any power tool;
  • lubrication of the gearbox with lithol or solidol;
  • Using self.made lubricants.

Application of special materials. the optimal solution. When choosing a lubricant for the gearbox, it is recommended to give preference to the compositions produced under the same brand as the corner grinder itself. For example, if AEG machine machine, then the lubricant must buy the same brand.

When using specialized products, the service life of the angular grinder increases significantly, since the manufacturer takes into account all the features and nuances of the operation of their own equipment. The minus of the use of branded materials is their high cost, which may affect the family budget.

Most masters use budget grinders or a Chinese.made tool. For such machines, specialized lubricants were not developed by the manufacturer and are unlikely to ever appear. However, such a technique requires maintenance. What in this case to do?

Specialists and service masters recommend purchasing any budget non.branded composition designed specifically for gearboxes. You can also use a lubricant used for a CHIR. joint.wheel drive joints operated under significant loads.

It can be purchased without problems in any car shop. This option is much worse than using branded materials. This is due to the fact that the specifics of the operation of the friction nodes of two different mechanisms are not taken into account.

The most unfavorable solution is the use of lithola or solidol, since both of these materials are not designed to grease the friction nodes heating to high temperatures.

Some owners of the Bulgarians use only these compositions, which is why their cars cannot last during the service life declared by the manufacturer. In an effort to gain profit here and now, they do not take into account future expenses for the acquisition of a new tool or replacing expensive parts.

Homemade mixtures

Situations when there was an acute need to lubricate the elements angular grinding, are not uncommon. And at the same time, as luck would have it, to get a lubricant suitable for these purposes, there is no way. Then the owner may try to make the tool with his own hands from the available materials.

To ensure the desired level of adhesion, a lubricant for car crock is taken as a basis. In addition to excellent penetrating properties, its use for operation in conditions is allowed:

  • significant loads;
  • high humidity;
  • temperature fluctuations in a wide range;
  • significant heating;
  • exposure to solid pollutants.

To thin the material and obtaining the consistency necessary for the reducer, it is recommended to add oil MS-20. The liquid is based on the basis gradually, preferably with drops, with constant mixing of the formed composition with a mixer.

The use of home-made material based on “Citiam-221” with the addition of TAD-17 is no less effective.

And what lubricant for the gearbox do you use? Have you ever had to make a lubricant yourself? Share your experience with us, please.