How to Make a Chainsaw Fuel Mixture

For users of chainsaws, the topic of the right fuel mixture for a chainsaw will always be relevant. Since the uninterrupted operation of wood sawing and the wear of the engine and consumables depend on the quality of its composition. Ready-made mixes, such as Stihl, Husqvarna, Partner, are always on sale in retail chains. But due to the fact that you can make such a compound yourself no worse than an industrial one, but also much cheaper, it raises the question. how to prepare a fuel mixture for a chainsaw.

How to Make a Chainsaw Fuel Mixture

Bad fuel mixture


Gasoline for the required composition must be AI-92 or A-92, it must not be stored for longer than three months, since over time the resin content becomes higher and the polymerization process takes place, and this negatively affects the combustion chamber, the carbon layer settles there. Gasoline is selected depending on the weather season. Shelf life of the oil also needs to be carefully monitored, they are limited.

High-quality oils such as Stihl, Husqvarna, Partner can easily be interchanged, since their manufacturers, having contracts with oil refineries, only sell such products under their own brands. A prerequisite in the manufacture of the mixture is to take into account the factory instructions regarding engine boosting (ratio of engine power and volume and maximum speed).

For example, not expensive M-12 TP oil, Russian-made, is diluted with gasoline at a ratio of 1:50, but it applies only to low-speed chainsaws, Russian-made. Ural, Druzhba, but if the engines are highly accelerated, like imported models, then it categorically not suitable.

Oils are synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral. In this case, semisynthetics will be the best option, less carbon deposits will form from it, while synthetic oil burns out completely. The volume of the container with oil is better to take one hundred, two hundred milliliters, since in domestic conditions there is very little oil consumed, and the shelf life expires quickly.


Typically, in a mixture, the oil is two percent or one fiftieth of gasoline. However, various manufacturers reserve the right to recommend other proportions of components to users. For example, for the Partner brand, the ratio of oil to gasoline is 1:40, and for Chinese models it is 1:25.

Video: How to Make a Chainsaw Fuel Mixture

The proportions in the mixture must be maintained precisely, otherwise an excessive amount of oil will entail additional soot, the engine will start to wear, and the person involved in the sawing will breathe vapor from unused oil. Also, due to excess oil, the octane value of the composition decreases. In the case of insufficient oil filling in the fuel mixture, bearings will quickly wear out due to friction and scuffing of metal surfaces.

The resulting mixture should be consumed within a week or two, at best in a few days, due to the breakdown of oil additives. The most ideal fuel mixture flow rate is one day. When the cutting work has already been completed, the remainder of the composition from the tank must be drained and used for other needs. Then the saw needs to be started and at idle use the remainder of the gasoline from the carburetor.

Measured containers available on the market will allow making the correct measurements of the components of the mixture; they are presented in the photo below. The smallest capacity of the produced volumes per liter. Therefore, it seems possible to make yourself a measure with a different amount of the fuel mixture. To measure a not significant volume of pouring the composition, you can use a graduated laboratory cylinder.

How to measure yourself

To make a measurement with your own hands, it is enough to take a hard plastic bottle with a volume of half a liter or liter. Then, water is poured into this container in the amount of 102,204,306,408,510,612,714,816 milliliters in turn. At the same time, each time making a mark resistant paint on the bottle. Next, at the level of marked traits, numbers 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18 are written. The oil is measured with a syringe without a needle of 10.20 milliliters. In this marking, a step of 102 milliliters is taken for a ratio of oil 1 to 50. Observing this principle, the proportions can be changed depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

To prepare the fuel mixture, the required volume is selected, for example, division with the number 3. First, three milliliters of oil is collected in the syringe and poured into the measure. Then gasoline is collected in it to flush the oil, and then gasoline is added to the measured volume to the level of 3. The composition shakes well and refuel in a chainsaw. The inconvenience of such a measure is in the manipulation of a syringe.

Fixed volume measure

You need to take a bottle with a narrow long neck, like a glass one. At the upper level of the neck, a mark is applied, to which water is poured. Then this fluid must be poured into a laboratory cylinder to determine the exact volume. At the label level, the numerical value of the amount of the fuel mixture is set. The resulting volume of water is divided by 51 and multiplied by 50, this will be the volume of gasoline that flows in and the second lower mark on the bottle is marked. Oil is added to the top mark. Then the mixture is mixed. the chainsaw can now be refueled. The video depicts such a process. To refuel the tool in different volumes, it is advisable to prepare several bottles.

Chainsaws Ural, Friendship are not whimsical in everyday life and are refueled “with a bang” by fuel mixtures, made at home, when the correct proportions are observed. For more advanced imported saws, mixtures are suitable, which include oils from such companies as: Stihl, Husqvarna, Partner.

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