How to make a chainsaw generator.

How to make a generator from a chainsaw with your own hands

It makes sense to make a gas generator with your own hands only if you have most of the necessary components. The purchase of all components will not allow making a gasoline generator cheaper than a ready.Made industrial. It is also necessary to take into account the time and risk of breakdowns as a result of configuration and adjustment.

Autonomous generators are often indispensable, and a complete list of their possible applications will be very long. From the electricity of the beach party at the weekend to constant work near the private building. A wide range of work performed by a large number of types of autonomous generators that differ both structurally and in characteristics. They have a common principle of action. The internal combustion engine of one type or another rotates the shaft of the electrogeenerator, converting mechanical energy into electrical.

  • A household generator is, as a rule, a portable unit with a gasoline engine, not intended for long.Term operation, having a power of several kA.
  • Professional generators have increased capacity and time of continuous operation, and for greater fuel efficiency and increasing the resource on them, as a rule, diesel engines are installed. Over, if domestic electric generators produce a single.Phase current with a voltage of 220 V, then professional generators in the vast majority of three.Phase, designed for 380 in output voltage. Large dimensions and mass force either powerful generators on the wheel chassis, or make them stationary.

So, in this classification we have already discovered a number of constructive differences. Consider them in order.

The advantages of a gas generator

Benzogenerators are widely in demand as mobile sources of electricity thanks to undoubted advantages:

  • Small installation sizes make it possible to use it in small areas;
  • Low weight parameters allow you to easily move the generator without utility mechanisms;
  • Thanks to a simple design, you can make the unit yourself;
  • If necessary, all nodes or parts are easily replaced;
  • The equipment is with good performance;
  • Gasoline generators are much cheaper than diesel or gas piston.

Pros and cons of home.Made electric generators

If you have a talent to create a different technique from improvised devices with your hands, then easily turn a regular chainsaw into a truly multifunctional equipment.

Practice shows that a generator from an old chainsaw made independently is an excellent option for a private economy. The advantages of an electric generator assembled by yourself were appreciated by many owners of suburban areas where there is no centralized power supply. Namely:

How to make a Small Electric Generator

  • Tightness, so such an unit can be used in almost all positions, without the risk of damage or quick wear of equipment;
  • The ability to realize your own talent of the designer and technology, demonstrate to others their ingenuity and resourcefulness;
  • Available cost and minimum of material costs compared to the factory device, the purchase of which will cost a decent amount of money. Such reasonable savings will cause fertilizer in your friends and loved ones;
  • Easy control and trouble.Free operation of the device in a country site or private farm;
  • High productivity and reliability of work, provided that the instructions for performing work and the assembly scheme of the aggregate. It will provide electricity to a house that is located in the area remote from electric networks, as well as household appliances in it.
make, chainsaw, generator

Now, let’s talk about the minuses of such a device 220 Tue. He is alone: ​​the complex nature of the assembly of equipment with your own hands. If you do not have appropriate skills, knowledge, you will be quite problematic to cope without the prompts of an experienced master.

We make a benzogener with our own hands together

A gas generator is a power plant with two.Stroke or four.Stroke gasoline engines, in which an asynchronous or synchronous generator of alternating current can be installed. With frequent shutdown of electricity, a do.It.Yourself gas generator made is an ideal solution to maintain an electricity flow.

No less necessary for industrial purposes, for example, when working with a welding machine. The average operation of the device with a full fuel tank can vary for 5-10 hours, depending on the power of the return of energy and fuel consumption.

Device and design

In private country houses, in summer cottages in villages, you can very often observe the loss of electricity for several hours or even days in the winter season. Energy generator is an ideal option for maintaining the performance of household appliances in the house, but sometimes, in a harsh winter time, an emergency can happen and your generator will stop working.

This extremely unpleasant situation requires quick repair, but for him we have a separate article. Now we will analyze the design of the gas generator and its components.

The key element of the unit is a gasoline engine that is equipped with different systems, such as: supply of lubrication, noise reduction and fuel supply. The exhaust pipe is leading from the engine to remove waste.

Above the engine, the fuel tank with an indicator of fuel levels is most often located. Air filter and battery are located near the engine and below the tank.

Gasoline generator device diagram

So that the generator works as quieter as possible, a muffler is installed on the exhaust pipe. We note right away that we will not do a silencer for a gas generator with our own hands, since it is very expensive in time and often unsafe.

Making an axial fllow generator

On the generator control panel there is a voltmeter, a circuit breaker, generator readings (more advanced models), ignition lock, outlet, direct current and ground terminal. In order for the generator to be convenient to move, it will be equipped with wheels and special stops that prevent free movement.

We collect a gas generator on our own

Before making a gas generator with my own hands, I would like to bring a brief educational program on the engine. For weak generators, a two.Stroke engine is also suitable for use for a short time. But if the uninterrupted operation of a huge number of communication and household appliances in the house for more than 5 hours is required, you will have to get four.Stroke.

Engine power determines the type of alternating current generator: three.Phase or single.Phase. If you need a load of more than 5 kW, single.Phase options are no longer suitable.

So, to create a simple version of the gasoline generator with your own hands, you will need a gasoline engine, inverter and alternating current generator. In practice, engines from motorcycles, cars, chainsaws or lawn mower are often used very often. Mainly buy or choose a car generator, as it already has a voltage regulator.

As a voltage converter, you can purchase a regular UPS purchased for computers or various office equipment.

In addition to the main of the above elements, you will also need to fasten the gasoline generator with your own hands (you can take an unnecessary tire of the car) and the case (you can make them old household appliances or from several sheets of metal). Instead of the fuel tank, for lack of the perfect option, you can take a five.Liter plastic bottle. Well, you will have to spend money on the muffler.

The stages of the assembly

All elements of the future generator should be attached in separate parts of the tire. They should be fixed firmly, since the vibrations can come during the generator and the generator breaks up without working out and the day.

The level of very strong noise is reduced by the installation of a muffler that restrains the spread of sound.

You can make a noise insulation of a benzo generator with your own hands, but almost every mechanic will say that this is not worth it, so this moment we will miss.

When using benzokos, the work is significantly simplified, since the installation can be assembled by taking the device cover as a basis. As an addition, you can make a body of their plywood with the removable side for repairing the structure and convenient maintenance.

You can understand and study the assembly of a gas generator with your own hands in more detail by watching a video:

Curiosity for “crazy handles” and a banal desire to save a rather considerable number of people for an independent assembly of the unit for the production of electricity. How appropriate this idea is, and how long the installation of this kind will work from “pastry”?

How reliable a home.Made generator

Some masters engaged in the construction of gas generators for more than one year, boldly declare that such a device will serve no less than professionally assembled at the factory. In addition, with independent assembly there are a lot of advantages, namely:

  • Saving finances (the average cost of the unit up to 1 kW will cost at least 120)
  • Pride and pleasure from independent assembly
  • The ability to choose the necessary parameters of the generator for personal needs
  • Knowing the device and the possibility of disassembling a gas generator with your own hands for fixing

Another part of the people, which is skeptical of homemade units, assures that saving is not worth it, since:

  • If you buy all the elements for a gas generator, then the sum of all elements individually will cost one and a half to two times more expensive.
  • Choosing a generator for an engine and vice versa for a beginner is a very difficult, and sometimes impossible task.
  • The manufacture of the unit requires certain knowledge in tools.
  • A considerable amount of time may be required to implement the plan
  • Benzogenerators made in factories have many advantages over homemade, namely: automatic inclusion of the generator as a backup power when turning off the main line, aesthetically beautiful appearance, self.Diagnosis with tracking working parameters and errors in the work.
  • Homemade devices are usually heavier and more overall than factory models.

Where to get a generator?

To create an electric generator at home, you need an old generator. The best option will be the used generator from the KAMAZ truck or any other agricultural unit.

Naturally, you should not count on the power of the unit 1.7 kW, as in the case of factory generators. However, for several household appliances, a pair of light bulbs in the house of a homemade electric generator should be enough.

You also need a converter. Such equipment is very common, so finding it will not be difficult for you.

The simplest gas generator

As an example, we will analyze the simplest home.Made structure based on a chainsaw and an electric engine from an old washing machine:

  • The electric motor from the washing machine we attach to the tire of the chainsaw using a specially made stable bracket.
  • We put the pulleys on the drive shafts of both engines and connect them using belt transmission.
  • Button for adjusting the speed of the chainsaw engine located on the handle, supply an additional device for adjusting the pressing force. A simple bolt, fixed with a clamp, will perfectly cope with this. To increase the speed, it will be enough to twist it, and to reduce it. Weaken.
  • In parallel, we attach two capacitors designed for a power of 400-450 volts to the outer starting winding of the electric motor.

The video shows a generator with a engine from a washing machine

This simplest in its design Installation is capable of issuing current 220 in 180 A, which is enough to power a drill, screwdriver, lighting devices.

Such an elementary device is able to make almost any master. Of course, except when a person does not see the difference between the engine and the carburetor, or the words of the bracket and the container for him sound the same. The manufacture of electrical appliances for a person who does not know the differences between the concepts of power (watts), current strength (ampere) and the voltage of the circuit (volt) is completely unacceptable. Complex designs require fundamental knowledge and skills that will help to correctly calculate the power of the engines, ensure the safe use of the finished design, correctly configure all the parameters.

On the Internet on the forums, masters discuss different home.Made structures. For those who want to replenish the ranks of the “Samodelkin”, participation in discussions will bring a lot of benefits. You can get many useful tips on the construction of a new or repairing old. Special videos will help to see the manufacturing process. What to choose a silencer, an electric starter, whether it is possible to make an auto.Start function. You can find an answer to all questions of interest. You want to go further and put on the site a wind generator to save electricity? What current is needed at the output. 12 or 16 A? There are enough instructions for any topic, study and use the best of them in business.

Those who decide to make a benzogenerator with their own hands need to correctly evaluate their capabilities. Unsuccessful attempts can cause damage to household appliances or even become a threat to life.

The video shows another generator with your own hands, let’s see

Working with electric devices imposes increased safety requirements and Does not forgive negligence. Be very attentive and careful!

How to connect a generator and a chainsaw with your own hands?

The connection of the generator and the chainsaw in a single design is carried out by using a specially selected shift block. If such relevance arises, it is simply connected to the saw or quickly disassembled. This means that such an electric generator will differ in mobility.

The mount can be carried out in several ways:

If we are talking about connecting with your own hands, then I advise you to make it belt. The fact is that the chain version during work will give birth to an excessive amount of noise. In addition, he will sometimes demand a high.Quality lubricant. The belt must be selected so that the device is located as close as possible to the chainsaw.

Types of clutch malfunction and ways to eliminate them

Here the list of possible breakdowns is not so great, the most common cases are:

make, chainsaw, generator

Damaged spring, It can be stretched or bursting, in both cases the clutch will not work and repair is necessary. Depending on the brand of the chainsaw, you will have to replace the spring or the whole clutch. So, for example, on STIHL saws it is possible to replace the spring, but on Husqvarna and Echo you will have to change completely.

Clutch drum, on which the leading star of the chainsaw is located. The wear of the drum and sprockets also worsen the operation of the clutch mechanism, it is determined quite simply, the production inside the drum and on the asterisk is visible to the naked eye. The malfunction can be eliminated by installing a new clutch drum.

Another type of breakdown. Faulty bearing Inside the clutch drum, its wear is also natural, although not so frequent compared to cases described above. On many models, this bearing is changing, and there is no need to change all the clutch.

Fla. Can be stopped

Florida officials carefully study the state program that reimburses the residents at the last minute of buying generators, chain saws and other purchases related to hurricanes and consider it the possibility of eliminating it, since, according to Craig Fuguet, the director of the emergency department of Florida, the program rewards those. Unprepared for storms.

“The purpose of the program was not to provide you with a generator for free,” Fuguet said in an interview with South Florida Sun-SENTINEL. “We do not want fraud and waste in our programs. We do not want our dollars not to go to the destined victims or for those goals “.

Fugate proposes to stimulate the inhabitants of Florida for advance training with the help of incentives such as the exemption of manufacturers from sales tax. Last year, the state provided tax holidays in connection with the preparation for hurricanes.

Florida also studies whether local authorities can, using federal money, to strip generators to poor residents with medical needs or disabilities, Fuguet said. “It seems to me that if we really look at how to satisfy the needs of the victims of natural disasters The return of power to people who undergo the greatest risk is certainly a good state policy,” he said.

Model Sun-SENTINEL last month that more than 300,000 residents of Florida received generators and other cleaning funds paid by taxpayers for the last two seasons of hurricanes.The cost has now reached 344 million dollars. The Federal Emergencies Agency implements the program for reimbursement of expenses, but the state pays 25 percent.

As of Thursday, Fema distributed 102 million as compensation only for the hurricane Wilm, which fell on October 24. Most of the compensation money was sent to the regions of Florida with medium and high income, while poor residents, including some with life-threatening diseases, were left without electricity, because the generators could not afford, as Sun- Sentinel.

In response, some members of the Congress of South Florida condemned the program, calling it an empty waste of money.

The scale of four hurricanes that fell on Florida in 2004, as well as hurricanes Wilm and Dennis, this year revealed the inefficiency and shortcomings of this policy, Foget admitted.

He said that his office is preparing recommendations for the changes for the governor Jeb Bush. In December, the governor said that the cost reimbursement program is “erroneous”.

After Vilma, residents of Southern Florida made purchases for goods from the list of compensation for Fema, speaking to the newspaper that they buy because Fema pays.The newspaper found doctors, lawyers and other specialists who have applied for compensation to Fema, including the builder of Fort Loddell, who bought a generator to cool his collection of wines.

In dozens of cases, residents reported Sun-SENTINEL. That Fema compensated them more than they paid for generators and other items.

Fema representatives initially stated that the overpayment was an exception. Last week, after Sun-Sentinel found that 99 percent of the requirements for the generators were not more than 836 for Wilma, Fema published a statement that said: “We are going to correct this.”

Fuguet emphasized that the program “never intended and was not created as a program for granting people the rights to receive generators”.

“The initial intention and goal is to get help to people so that they can satisfy their own needs without going to the shelter,” he said.

What is an alternator on the generator: an alternator what is it

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Homemade gas generator from Ural chainsaw and 1.5 kW engine

Today the domestic market of such technology is very wide. You can buy any generator model, even one that can provide electricity with a tiny village. Shop shelves are full of units of different brands, cost, capacity and durability.

However, such a technique is really very expensive in its cost in stores. Therefore, I wondered: is it possible to make an electric generator with your own hands at home, and how to do it?

Why homemade alterations are so often created from chainsaws? The fact is that this unit can perform the functions of a universal drive through the use of various kinds of nozzles. This property is taken as the basis of almost every home.Made unit from a chainsaw.

According to the simplest principle of choosing the engine power, you need to connect the current device to the output shaft. Due to the presence of a powerful engine, compact parameters and a relatively easy weight of such equipment, as well as its ability to work even in extreme situations, alterations from the chainsaws have acquired really wide opportunities.

Making a home.Made walk.Behind tractor

A motorblock from a chainsaw should be done first. The saw can act as a universal drive that combines small dimensions and a mass with a fairly serious power. If you assemble a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands based on it, a prefix can be installed on it to perform a wide variety of agricultural work. This will need knowledge of such disciplines as design and drawing. With accurate observance of sizes, you can assemble a home.Made walk.Behind tractor that is not inferior in its characteristics and capabilities to its analogues of the factory assembly.

The cubic shape of the frame is welded from steel corners with a size of 32 by 32 mm. A chainsaw engine is suspended to the transverse corners of the top from the inside, and under it the gasoline tank is attached with brackets. To the front vertical racks, you need to weld the supports on which the intermediate shaft will fall. On longitudinal corners, you need to weld the same supports for attaching the bear shaft bearings. A crossbar for manual control is welded from an iron pipe with a diameter of 3 cm. You also need to install a leading asterisk and asterisk on an intermediate shaft connected by a chain. All this can be taken from a moped or car. Rightened rollers or wheels from a baby stroller are quite suitable as wheels. After that, the prefix of various purposes joins him.

Based on such a walk.Behind tractor, you can make the simplest motor cultivator. The cultivation of the soil in the country with a full basis is considered the most tedious occupation, requiring time and effort. A chainsaw cultivator will reduce the time to fulfill it and save strength. To do this, on the axis of the walk.Behind tractor are planted on the sides of the milling cutter. A constructive addition should be the presence of a lowering gearbox, which gives a cuneiform transmission from the engine on the one hand, and on the other, the chain goes to the drive shaft.

DIY ATV from a chainsaw. How to make improvised means?

The main advantage of a home.Made ATV is the ease and simplicity of the device. It will not need to buy expensive mechanisms for its assembly, because it can be made from the existing equipment.

The procedure for the manufacture of an ATV from a chainsaw is as follows:

  • First you need to assemble the support frame. To do this, steel beams will need to be interconnected by point welding. After a thorough check of parts, they can be finally welded to each other;
  • After that, you need to install the motor from the chainsaw in the designated place. He can mount in the front or back of the ATV. The main thing is to securely fix the motor on the platform;
  • Next, the transmission and drive mechanism should be installed on the rear wheels. The finished drive can be taken from the old motorcycle. The mechanisms used must be securely fixed on the frame to avoid plays;
  • Then it is necessary to install the steering that can be taken from the old motorcycle;
  • At the end, you will need to install the seat from the car and 4 wheels from ZAZ-968 or Oka.

Homemade ATV will need to be tested. To do this, first you need to ride on it over a crossed area with a small number of obstacles. If the car works fine, then you can go on a trip on strong off.Road.

Assembly of sawmills

During the construction of houses and other buildings from logs, you often have to dissolve them on the beam. Pylorama from a chainsaw allows you to do this as efficiently as possible with good cutting accuracy. At the same time, the tool itself does not require any alterations. It is simple Fixed in the frame

Made, for example, from metal corners or profile pipes. The processed logs are laid on the guides. The whole design is presented in the diagram below.

In a homemade sawmill, the log is not moved: a carriage is moved with a saw fixed at the desired height (depending on the thickness of the lumber) with four screws. Due to the fact that the frame is moving accurately, the sawing occurs carefully, the cut is even. The created device (its option is presented in the photo further) also allows you to cut boards without problems, harvest wood.


There are two options for sawmills. They have a vertical or horizontal location of the working tool.

The device with the vertical position of the chainsaw contains:

  • Guide, which is made from a segment of a channel or a rectangular profile pipe. Its length should be larger than the size of the processed logs.
  • Sled. For manufacture, use 2 segments (40 cm) of the corner 50×50. They are welded at the ends of the upper shelves perpendicular to 2 metal lanes 3 mm thick. The distance between the internal surfaces of the vertical shelves of the corners must correspond to the size of the channel or pipe.
  • In the middle of each of the corners on top, the same vertical plates with coaxial openings are welded.
  • They insert a steel rod into them, attached by welding perpendicular to the tire of the chainsaw. On the rod on both sides of one of the vertical corners, pipe segments are placed. The latter are fixed with bolts M8 through the corresponding holes with a thread. They serve to set the thickness of the received boards.

See »Review of a convenient and reliable chainsaw of Huskvarna 142 Swedish production

  • The logs are placed on top of the logs and fasten it with self.Tapping screws that have hidden heads.
  • Installed on a guide sludge.
  • Turn on the engine of the chainsaw and move it along with the slides along the log.

We start assembling the unit

Stage one: fix the engine from motorcycles

First we take the piece of the board and cut it first in terms of the size of our bed. It is advisable to take weighty material so that our equipment has a strong and reliable basis.

Resign the engine position from motorcycles. Using a paper template, we precisely mark the holes, flashing them with a drill or a screwdriver.

We try on both engines on the bed. Disconnect the fuel tank, and fix the engine from motorcycles to the seats.

Stage Second: we fasten a direct current engine

Mark the position of the engine. The distance from both shafts of the engines should be a few centimeters to avoid friction between them.

We are the shafts of our engines. The discrepancy in centers is easiest to adjust with any gaskets, or simply correcting the seat on a wooden bed. You can do this with an ordinary chisel. The smaller the backlash between the shafts, the less vibration from the unit and wear of the driving part.

We mark the pipes. Most often, engine shafts differ in size of diameters. It is also fixable if you use PVC hoses of different diameters as connecting pipes. Their flexibility will help smooth out the smallest inaccuracy in the rating of the shafts. In our case, the author used two hoses of different diameters, inserting one into the other.

Having cut off the pipes of the length we need, we plant three clamps on both sides, squeezing them with a screwdriver.

We fix the DC engine on screws, laying them first with washers. We connect the shafts by hand and squeeze the clamps with a screwdriver.

Now you can fix the fuel tank. It is not difficult to cope with this task, using long self-tapping screws and a trimmed cap from a dowel-clamp. Do not forget to connect fuel tubes.

Having started the fuel engine with a starter, we measure the voltage at the output with a voltmeter. Adjust the fuel supply, and the number of revolutions, on which the voltage depends. Focusing on the rating of the inverter, set the output tension with a small margin.

make, chainsaw, generator

Stage third: connect inverter

The ends of the cables cleaned from the DC engine are fixed on the inverter terminals. The power indicator will immediately show the activity of the device.

make, chainsaw, generator

Simple control (a light bulb with a cable segment and a fork at the end) check the work of our miracle generator.

To connect the electric motor to the inverter, we use terminals.

Stage Four: engine turning off button

Since our leading engine, which creates mechanical rotation, he needs a switch. The shutdown button is complete with the device, so it only needs to find a convenient place.

Stage Fifth: We make a casing frame

We make a protective frame of polypropylene pipes with a diameter of 25-32mm, making holes in the bed with a feather drill.

At the corners we connect it using polypropylene fittings.

If there is no plumbing welding machine, the structure can be connected to specialized glue for pipe PPs.

Such a frame will also help in carrying the device.

Well, to eliminate the noise from the vibration of our device, you can fix 4 passes on the back of the bed, making them as shown in the photo, from segments of an old bicycle chamber.

How To Make 230v Generator With 2 Stroke Engine Using Alternator 230v Electricity Energy Generator

Sixth stage: launch battery

In order not to twitch the fuel engine starter once again, the author of the video used a lithium-polymer battery (Lipo) for a short-term start of a direct current engine. This comparative new device can really be powerful, and withstand a large number of working cycles with a minimum loss of capacitive power. Thus, the fuel engine is launched electric, while its starter remains as a spare version.

We connect the outgoing accumulator contacts to the inverter terminals through the starting toggle switch, tying a train from wires with nylon ties. The charging nest can be removed from the side so that it is convenient to connect it for charging.

We also fix the fuel engine disconnection button

Homemade lawn mower

Lawn mowers are a technique for cleaning grass. They are used by the owners of private houses and cottages to give land plots an attractive, well.Groomed look. Factory.Made models are convenient in operation, but at the cost they are not available to everyone. A gas.Mower made of a chainsaw made by independently will cost much cheaper than branded analogues. Its capabilities are enough for domestic use.

Homemade masters collect different in appearance and capabilities of home.Made lawn mowers. But any design provides for the presence of such elements:

The process of manufacturing the lawn mower takes place in the following sequence:

  • Weld the frame of a suitable size, for example, from metal corners 25 by 25 mm;
  • With the help of bolts or welding, handles from iron tubes are attached to the frame;
  • Wheels are mounted in the corners of the frame;
  • Remove the handle and tire from a gasoline saw;
  • The remaining part of the tool is screwed to the frame using studs with nuts so that the shaft of the gearbox, turned 90 degrees, is directed down;
  • Lengthen the gas cable;
  • From two metal tubes, a telescopic shaft is made, which is then attached to the gearbox;
  • Make a knife independently (for example, from a canvas of a hand saw) or purchase a factory product;
  • Using bolts or welding, connect it to the shaft.

Wheels from a baby stroller, from an old wheelbarrow are suitable. If you use pipes of different diameters, then you can make a telescopic handle with the ability to adjust its length. This increases the convenience of operation.

Knives are of different designs. Their simplest option is presented in the following photo.

Работа электропилы от генератора (Electric chain saw is powered by a gasoline generator)

High.Quality steel knives are not afraid of meeting with small stones. They are able to mow not even weed bushes. The homemade mower with some craftsmen is additionally equipped with a grass collector, thanks to which there is practically no cut grass left on the site.

Our hands are not for boredom

It is optimal to use the Friendship chainsaw as an engine and drive for the following devices:

The simplest belt transmission from the chainsaw to the automobile generator will provide electric light with an electric light or cottage. In the same way, you can connect it to the centrifugal pump to pump out water from the basement. By adding a worm gearbox to the motorcycle, you can easily design a simple winch.

The likeness of a tape sawmill is easily constructed from a chainsaw, where, instead of the tape, a carriage with a saw mounted on it will move. This design will allow itself to dissolve the tree trunk on the beam. Theoretically, you can also cut boards, but due to a wide cut there will be big losses.