How to make a haying line on a walkbehind tractor. Competent installation of a mower on a walkbehind tractor

DIY Rotor haying. How to make homemade vases from the rear axle, how to make a hinged combine from the gearbox

Work on its own land is a rather difficult occupation. In order to facilitate the whole process, special labor devices were invented, which over time evolved and automated.

However, in addition to large.Scale production units, there is a need for individual means of cultivation of land, which will differ in mobility, efficiency, environmental friendliness, etc.D. And at the same time, without fail, the whole agricultural vehicle should cope with maximum efficiency with the task posed to it, whether it be a walk.Behind tractor or mower, which will be discussed today.

Advantages of rotary mowing

The main advantage of the rotary braid is the damping device installed on this unit. It reliably protects the cutting devices from any obstacle caught in the course of work.

BCS 853 walk-behind tractor with Disk-Hiller-type Bedshaper

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Another advantage of this type of mowing is a beard of herbs with a promising laying of it either in the wiper or in the rolls in those areas of agricultural machine where the angle of steepness is up to 20 degrees. In addition, in comparison with the same segment analogue, the rotary mower is simpler in operation and safe.

The correct selection of equipment for the implementation of a particular agricultural engineering event is a significant savings, not only time, but also energy consumption. In any case, the width of the braid should be selected taking into account the upcoming volume of work, the processed area, as well as a specific type of mowing.

Therefore, the main task of the buyer is to choose a model that is optimally suitable for the power of the unit on which it has to be installed.

Video rotary mower to a walk.Behind tractor at work.


According to the standard, the state of work is checked every 5 hours of operation. If the intensity is higher, then checking is also required more often. Service time for various options:

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  • When running around the walk.Behind tractor, the braid is installed and checked for good operation;
  • With prolonged simple equipment;
  • When replacing any details (most often problem areas are discs with knives and belts, less often a gear system);
  • Annual check and complete then.

If there is a shift in the motor block of important elements, then you will have to attach a mower and look at the serviceability of the whole process with work. In this case, it is necessary not to use intensive operation or prolonged work.

During the usual technical inspection, the fastening tightening, the frame for the lack of cracks and chips, the condition and tension of all types of belts, as well as sharpening knives and the free rotation of their rotation are checked.

Do not forget about the maintenance of this mower

Every 50 hours of normal operation, the oil is checked and its replacement is carried out. If operation is carried out in difficult or difficult conditions, then it is desirable to check the oil every 25-30 hours.

Often, Litol-24 is used as a lubricant. Rotor.Type gearbox has a need for 100 cubic centimeters, and the upper and lower gearboxes at the angles of 50 per each.

The lubricant in corner reducers changes with the full removal of them in conjunction with the drive system from the driven pulley. After pouring, they are installed back. The rotary gearbox is necessary to turn off the coronal nut. After that, you will need to remove the closure and rotor. Then the four bolts are turned off, and the washers of the spring type are removed. Only after the procedure the reducer lid is removed, and oil is filled. After pouring, reverse assembly is carried out.

This is interesting: a mower for a motornote salute 5.

The main breakdown is considered to be the wear of the belts. This is due to improper tension. In the absence of the required experience, the best option is considered to be an appeal to a specialist or to the service center.

For the favorite, the rotary version of the mowing of the KR series is used. The most advanced option is KR 3, which has all the qualities that allow you to perform any amount of work with proper maintenance. It is required to remember that the technical inspection and oil replacement should be carried out regularly, as this will not be worried about problems. After any repair on the equipment, all the settings must be installed again, which correspond to the characteristics specified in the instructions.

Homemade mowers for a walk.Behind tractor

Consider several varieties.

DIY rotary mower

This variety of mowers is used under the haircuts of the lawn and for mowing grass on hay. It is important to remember that the model only cuts high plants, it only crushes low grass into small pieces.

The assembly of the mower is shown on the Neva walk.Behind tractor and similar structures. The following elements will be needed for work:

Knives are made by their hardened alloy for 65 g. Four knives go to a separate disk. On each of the disks, a slot with a diameter of 6 millimeters is made using a fortified drill. The knives are attached using Shinka, it is fixed over the couch, regardless of the main knife mounting design. There is a small gap between the blade and the tire, about 2 millimeters more than the thickness of the blade. Such a constructive solution is necessary that the centrifugal force spread knives while working with a mower to the walk.Behind tractor and they cut plants. It is important that the design can rotate freely in a circle (360 degrees). This is necessary to protect the knife when hitting hard soil, stones.

The axis axes of the knife part are made of strong carbon steel, its diameter should not be less than 8 mm. The disk is to the end tightly, so that nothing interferes with the movement of the knife part. Photo of a rotary mower:

Then the frame of the rotary mower on the walk.Behind tractor is cooked. Disks are installed on the finished basis and connected to the drive from BOM (additional elements of the walkover mechanism). This version uses gears with a checkpoint from a VAZ car. Drink rotation is performed in a counter position, against each other. Thanks to this, the grass squints through the rows. The last step is to install a protective element on the drive.

DIY segment mower

For the manufacture of a segment mower for a walk-behind tractor with your own hands, you need a metal pipe with a cross section of a rectangular type of 1200-50-15 millimeters or a standard segment of a braid. It is made on it 12 holes of 10 millimeters at an equal distance from each other. They are needed to install m8 fixing bolts. In the future, they will be fixed on them a guide metal strip (length 0.89 meters) with teeth and blades installed on all sides of the rectangular pipe.

The segmented mowing knives have backs with sections and clips of the drive lever. On a metal basis on both sides, presses and scenes are also mounted. The main wheel is installed on the chassis of the model. The working mechanism of the mowing operates due to the movement of the shaft of the development of the current motor. Drawing of mowers:

Homemade pitch-brey

The mechanism consists of 2 drums, they are attached with a frame and a fixation tape. The cart is made of cooked pipes and metal corners. Plywood and wheels falls on the base-frame. Plywood needs thickened (you can take a sheet of metal).

The tape is easy to make from a strip of rubber, it is connected in a ring using duralumin plates by 2 millimeters.

Another version of the drum braid to the walk.Behind tractor is welding of metal parts:

Block: 3/5 | Summer characters: 3258Source: https: // moymotoblok.Ru/navesnoe-onborudovanie/Rotornaya-I-Egmentnaya-Kosilka-Dlya-Motobloka/

Production of a rotary mower: step.By.Step instructions

For the manufacture of a rotary mower for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands, drawings, tools and materials are required. Drawings are available on the Internet, you just need to choose the desired design. The following details will be required of the materials:

  • 2 disks from grain seeder;
  • Chain from the gearbox of the chainsaw;
  • 8 knives made of hardened steel;
  • Shinka;
  • Soshnik.

In addition, you will need corners, profiles or pipes for the manufacture of a frame, fasteners.

After all the materials and tools are ready, proceed to the assembly. In the center of each disk, drill a hole with a diameter of 6 mm. Fix the chink on the snufflet, and then fix the knives on it. Provide the knives with a rotation condition of 360 degrees, this is necessary so that in the event of a collision with stones and hard objects, knives are scrolling, and not break.

The axis of the fastener of a home.Made mower for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands is made of carbon steel 8 mm or more carbon steel. The axis must be delayed all the way.

Principle of operation

First of all, it is worth noting that this kind of mechanism is intended for work, which are performed in meadows and fields, namely, relating to the mowing. Over, these can be not only cultures that are grown in the agricultural area, but the device is also quite easily and simply capable of cope with weeds, which in fact also overwhelm our fields.

It is precisely this kind of activity that is the main direction of the functionality of a rotary mowel, which are peculiar trailers to the tractor that moves them.

Over, this cutting device has the possibility of a kind of separation, which consists in The tool can be installed as from the side of the mowing, in the front, as well as in the rear area of ​​the device.

Walk Behind Tractors

As for the start of the operation of the mowing of this kind of direction, it actually can be carried out both from the transmission of the tractor itself and by moving the wheels of this vehicle. On the frame made of metal, the support wheel is attached, it is it that has an element with the cutting.

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Actually producing its movement, it, let’s say, provokes a cutting system to move, it is thanks to this kind of process that the mowing itself is produced.

It is worth noting that such a number of these elements is the most optimal and effective, since The productivity level of the tool itself is increasing. And in general, rotary mowers have quite significant indicators relatively safe and quality.


This type of mowal can be used in the summer for mowing grass, and in winter. For cleaning from the snow of sidewalks. This model has a rather complicated design. It has a pair of drums that are connected by a frame and a transport ribbon on which there are special hooks.

Turf Pride Core Collector

Pipes are welded for the bed. Then the wheels and plywood are installed on it, instead you can use tin. The braid has a size of 800×400 mm.

You can use large-diameter canned cans as drums. You need to cut both bottoms. Instead wooden circles are installed. Install the drums and fix the cutting surfaces four pieces per each on the bottom.

When installing them, you need to leave a gap of 1 mm, for free rotation. Then install the collected drums on the bed. Between themselves, they need to be connected by a transport tape, which can be made from a piece of rubber.

Brielmaier demo 2

Recommendations for working with a haying grinder for a walk.Behind tractor

The personally made mower will be well combined with any brands of motor blocks, in particular with Neva, MTZ, Salyut, Zarya and MB 2. Similar devices of only rotary type can not be installed not only on the mentioned models, but also on agate, OKU, Agro, ZWR, Centaur, Urals and Patriot.