How to make a pressure washer from a compressor

Mini. a car wash for your own hands

In today’s world, almost every family has a car in personal use. At the same time, not every motorist can use a garage as a place to store useful things. It is quite obvious that all cars, without exception, sooner or later require external cleaning. Sometimes a light, superficial. And for this does not need to stand in line at the car wash or spend money to purchase a car washer. In order to save time and money, you can make a mini washer with your own hands: always carry it in the trunk and use it if necessary in any secluded place.

Materials for work:1. Plastic canister with two necks for drainage. 1 pc.;2. Filling hose for washing machine (length. 2 m). 1 pc.;3. Spray gun on a telescopic rod. 1 pc.;4. Quick disconnect coupler. 1 pc.;5. Valve for tubeless wheels (spool valve). 1 pc.;6. Rubber gasket (inside diameter 15 mm, outside diameter 24 mm). 1 pc.;7. Connecting socket. 1 pc.;8. Electric screwdriver, thick drill bit, feather drill 22 mm diameter, silicone sealant or rubber glue, car compressor.

First step: mount the air inlet.After assembling the necessary components, remove the cap from the plastic canister’s drain. Important: in the future, when using a mini-canister will need to put on the side, pouring port down (for direct outlet of water under pressure), so the cover of this hole we leave for a joint with a hose. Make a hole in the removed cover with a thick drill bit.

Mini car washer with my own hands

We put the silicone sealant on the edge of the valve for tubeless wheels (colloquially speaking. spool).

The second step: mount the water outlet.Remove the cover from the second hole of the canister. Use a feather drill to make a hole in it corresponding to the diameter of the connecting socket.

From one end (better. curved) of the filling hose for the washing machine cut off the nut and its attachment.

The fastening itself in the further work is not useful, but we fix the nut to the back side of the connection socket, having preliminary applied a silicone sealant on it.

Third step: connecting the hose to the watering gun.The use of the filling hose for the washing machine is due to its ability to withstand high water pressure. We insert the cut off part of the hose into the nut of the quick coupler.

Step four: Connect the hose to the canister.To prevent air from escaping during water supply under pressure, a rubber gasket of the required diameter should be inserted into the second nut of the filling hose.

with attachments

So, if it is possible to allocate some capital for creation of such useful installation, let us consider assembling of the device which is quite capable to compete in efficiency with professional high-pressure washers. The “heart” of our creation will be its most expensive detail. the pump. Although in the same China you can order a fairly high quality product for a very reasonable price.

Air pump with your own hands

The air pump, which can pump up a bicycle tire in 2 minutes can not be found in the store, but you can make it yourself. With it it will be possible to create pressure in tires up to 60 atmospheres. The secret of creating such high pressure and the operation of the pump is the piston. When open, it lets the pressure up to 10 atmospheres, and when closed, it can hold pressure up to 60 atmospheres. Pressure over 100 atmospheres will tear the tire, so there is no point in making a high-pressure air pump. Consider the instructions for making a medium pressure pump.

Selecting the pump, be careful, as to use in the creation of a high-pressure miniwasher, you need to consider some characteristics:

  • Flow rate. minimum 15 l/min.
  • Pressure. 100-200 bar.
  • Quality of components. in the mechanism of this type should be present ceramic pistons, brass cylinder head, as well as volumetric inserts.

The electric plunger pump is ideal for all these requirements. Accordingly, the system will be powered from the usual outlet with a voltage of 220 volts, the recommended power of the electric motor is 2-3 kW, at shaft speed. from 1.5, up to 2 thousand revolutions per minute. Additional protection for the motor will provide some additional condensers, at your own risk you can do without them.

Internal pressure

The more pressure you create inside the canister, the stronger the water jet coming out of the hose will be, which means the dirt will come off faster. Pressure must be set carefully, water under high pressure can leave dents in the car or damage fragile parts. Manufacturers recommend a pressure of 150-170 bar, but for cleaning your car 100 bar is enough.

If you can not clean with a jet of water, get the nozzle on the hose, a turbo cutter. It can be used to wash rims, tires, and remove accumulated dirt in the cracks. To use a turbo cutter, you will need 160 bar.

Algorithm of making a mini-cleaner

When assembling the construction it is very important to observe the sequence of connecting parts. In strict order, install:

  • tank;
  • filter;
  • the hose is fastened;
  • the pump is installed;
  • engine;
  • regulator;
  • Everything is fastened with a hose;
  • a gun and nozzles are applied.

The principle of operation of this device, made by yourself is the following: the pump turns on, then the water goes into a hose from the canister, then the trigger of the gun is pressed, the water is delivered by force of pressure in a thin stream. You can also use the car nipple designed for tubeless tires and a sharp knife.

  • in the lid of the container we make a hole with a sharp knife, and the hole must be smaller than the seating diameter of the nipple;
  • we put the nipple on the inside;
  • at the bottom of the canister we make a hole for the coupler. It should not have any seams or protrusions;
  • use a wire to thread the socket through the hole into the canister;
  • apply silicone sealant to the joint;
  • attach the connector to the socket;
  • wait until the sealant dries;
  • screw the lid on;
  • connect the pump;
  • make sure to plug the socket with a finger and increase the pressure in the container;
  • use a connector to fit the hose;
  • connect one end of the hose to the canister and the other end to the irrigation gun;
  • almost up to the top of the canister fill with water and pump air inside. Remember that you can not inflate the canister with air too much, so that it under the force and action of pressure does not expand. If the canister is too voluminous, then prepare in advance the clamps to contain the excess pressure, as well as to inflate the tank;
  • Pull the trigger of the gun to bring the water out under pressure. On the gun, you must select a certain type of jet.

Requirements for a homemade “Kercher

Properly assembled homemade “Kerher” by its technical characteristics practically does not differ from the branded. The main thing is to consider the requirements for the unit:

  • the product must have a high efficiency, this means the volume of water required to pump it with a pump for a certain period of time. This is what determines the force of the pressure;
  • the pressure exerted on the surface by the force of the water flow must be taken into consideration. The cleaning of the car bottom will require a lot of pressure;
  • It is necessary to install an additional purification filter on the design, which will not allow the ingress of microparticles, chemical elements and iron elements. It will also protect the device from mechanical influences.

The device

The best high pressure mini washers for washing your car

Now it will be useful to consider the structure of the car wash and understand what components it consists of. The design of any pressure washer will consist of 5 main and a mass of auxiliary elements. If we talk about the main ones, we are talking about:

Now let’s talk about them in detail. The motor is the basis of the entire structure. It is thanks to its presence that you can achieve the work of the pump, which can be called stable. The electric variant will be the most common, although there are also autonomous solutions. If we talk about autonomous versions, the fuel for them will be either diesel or gasoline. If we talk about a pumping unit, its main purpose will be to pump water from a special tank or a centralized network. If it is a centralized version, the sink must be completed with special hoses.

The pump itself is responsible for increasing the pressure. An important criterion for this part is resistance to wear and tear. Here it should be said that this parameter will depend on the material of which it is made. Mostly nowadays it is made of plastic. This option is not of very high quality, because if you use the device for more than 20 minutes, its failure is almost guaranteed. There are solutions made of brass, which will be more reliable. It should be said that the models on the market, as a rule, are equipped with plastic variants. For this reason, a self-made model can be significantly more reliable.

The motor fuse is responsible for monitoring the operation of the entire pump. Once the water level reaches a critical level, the motor can no longer rotate. This is usually observed when the liquid enters but does not come out due to the fact that the hose is blocked, and the washer of the type in question continues to work. The filter is the main element of protection, which protects the sink from mechanical failure because of ingress of sand or other foreign particles of considerable size through the nozzle.

Choice of a motor

We can’t do without a good motor. It makes sense to stop at a single-phase motor of small power. By the way, it can be found in your garage or removed from an old washing machine or similar equipment. In general, the power of 200-300 watts is enough. Single-phase motor is much safer than a three-phase in terms of wiring and somewhat more economical, so we will focus on it. And it is for you to decide whether there will be a condenser and a reducer in your car wash. Such equipment can extend the life of the system, but will greatly complicate the design. In addition, these elements are not required, everything will work fine without them. In any case, the car wash with their own hands is not so difficult. Let’s move on to the practical part.

Choosing the necessary materials

Now we should proceed to the selection of necessary materials to make their own hands considered the type of sink. First you will need to select and purchase a number of parts. The purchase of the pump will take most of the amount to buy accessories. But this element can be called, probably, the most important in this device. Accent should be made on models that have a high capacity. Specifically for the high-pressure washer, the best solutions will be those that can develop pressure up to 110-190 bar. To create the pistons, you should use durable solutions such as ceramic pistons. For block heads. brass. And the large bearing area should fall on the special inserts of the crank-type system.

The next point is the selection of an electric motor. It is better to take a single-phase version, if the operation of the sink will be carried out in domestic conditions. Connecting it to the mains will increase the efficiency of such equipment. You will also need to have on hand the condensers and the reducer of single-stage type. You can’t say that a homemade sink can’t do without these components, but if you want to extend its operating life, these details will definitely not be superfluous.

Such an element as a coupling will also be necessary. Its main purpose will be to connect the motor with the pump. It should be soft for the reason that it should compensate for all kinds of inconsistencies. In addition, it can be used instead of a fuse, if suddenly there will be any problems with the gearbox or pumping equipment. Another necessary element, without which there will be neither a sink that is made from a compressor, nor a solution from an HPF. a water tank. A certain amount of water will ensure that the pumping equipment will work evenly.

Tweaks to making your own miniwasher

In the process of assembling the car wash, there are several important points, which determine the safety of further operation and absence of problems.

The frame. the basis of the entire structure:

  • system is supposed to be made with optimal dimensions, for which suitable pipes are selected. round, curved;
  • In addition to the wheels in the lower part, it is desirable to install locking devices;
  • Handle. makes it easy to transport.

Earthing. an element of safety:

After preparation, several basic steps are carried out:

  • Electrical equipment is installed on the frame, including a motor, pump, and other structural elements.
  • A gun with a nozzle, which supplies water, is mounted after pressing a special button. Such devices are used by professionals, but they can also be easily purchased in the store.
  • The high-pressure hose is assembled.

After completing the assembly, connect to the water supply. The 7 m long hose is suitable for this.

How to avoid unforeseen damages to the device

Thinking about how to make a car washer with their own hands, it is desirable to ensure optimal operation, preventing the need for subsequent restoration.

Important points about using the rig:

  • before start-up check all connections, fasteners;
  • the filter element needs to be cleaned regularly from contaminants;
  • do not often use the machine at full power;
  • installation of the battery will protect the device from power surges.

If you assemble the unit yourself, the subsequent rebuilding, replacing the rubber rings, gaskets will not be difficult.

Preparing the axle for the Hypermop

This is one of the trickiest parts, and I made some bad decisions at this point.

In retrospect, I only wish I had used a metal rod that could fit directly into the drill. Using a handle from a mop made it very easy to install the dust collector, but it was very difficult to fix it with a drill.

  • Screw the dust cap onto the handle
  • Place the handle on top of all the mops
  • Estimate the desired length
  • Make a mark
  • Remove the dust canister from the support
  • Cut the pole with the saw
  • Carefully mark the exact center of the end of the rod with a center finder
  • Carefully punch in the center
  • Find some long (5-7cm) round drill bit
  • Measure the diameter of the bit
  • Find a drill bit slightly smaller in diameter than the previous drill bit
  • Drill a hole 5 cm deep along the length of the post
  • Drive the bit into the pole

Now you have an extremely long, drill compatible, rotating wooden stick with a brush on the end!

This worked well in my case, but the situation probably varies greatly depending on how good your mop.

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Features of a high-pressure car wash

Why most specialty stations are equipped with this type of sink? This is due primarily to the fact that with the help of this device to wash the body, the bottom, the suspension, the engine with the underhood space can be, without much effort. The main positive feature of this high-pressure car wash is that the directional jet of fluid easily and effectively washes away dirt from the surface of the object. This stream appears as a result of the high-performance pump, and forms its special tip.

Such a device will be useful not only for washing cars, but also for various household needs. So the intention to have your own system will solve many domestic problems, especially if you have at your disposal a plot with a spacious house. At least street connections and paths will be washed a hundred times faster. There are many stores that sell this type of product, but it is much more pleasant to make a high pressure car wash with your own hands. All the more so because the process is not particularly difficult.

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You will need

    ; ;

  • Two-position toggle switch;
  • Several nylon ties;
  • A pair of hoses, similar in diameter to the pump jets;
  • Capacity for water (trash can with a lid);
  • Garden sprayer.

We need the simplest tools: a soldering iron with solder and flux, pliers, a knife and a hot glue gun.

Making a car wash

The first thing we do is to prepare the battery for our device. Flux the lithium battery terminals. Bare a few copper wires from the insulation, and connect them in a series of a group of individual batteries into one.

Batteries with 3.7 volts (when fully charged, 4.2 volts). We form a series of 3 groups, as a result we get about 12 V at the output.

Wrap the resulting battery with adhesive tape, leaving only two end pins to connect the consumption element.

Select the pump to match the voltage and current from the battery. Despite its small size and low voltage (12 volts), it can pump up to 6 liters of water in a minute. Capable to create blast pressure up to 7 bar.

This design is so compact that it fits into a small plastic food container. We place the compressor in it and mark the edges of its case.

One of the contacts leading from the pump to the accumulators, let it through a toggle button. Burn a hole in the wall of the container and fix it with hot glue.

It’s time to connect the hoses to the compressor. But first it is necessary to make under them apertures with a soldering iron in the case of the container. We choose the right place and pierce them. We slip the hoses through and fix them by hand on the compressor outlets.

Usually they keep well without additional clamps. Seal the holes in the casing with hot glue.Prefabricated battery, as well as any other, you will need to recharge. For this purpose we cut in the end wall of the container the charging connector and connect it with the battery outgoing pins.

It’s a good time to attach the car wash to the water tank. Choosing an ordinary bucket with a lid, you can easily do it. Soldering iron made a few small holes in the corners and at the end of the container, we fix it to the lid of the bucket with nylon ties.

Thread it through the plastic, and lower it into the container. Cover the container with a lid. It remains only to connect the garden sprayer to the outlet hose of the compressor.