How To Make A Snowmobile Out Of A Chainsaw


The Stihl chainsaw also has sufficient performance to be used in DIY construction snow scooters. Most importantly, the chainsaw has enough power to start the snowmobile. In addition, the calm engine is distinguished by its quiet operation, which will give additional comfort to movement.

How To Make A Snowmobile Out Of A Chainsaw

Chainsaw Stihl MS 180

Which chainsaw is suitable for THESE purposes?

In order to independently make a snowmobile from a chainsaw, you will actually need a saw. You can take any brand and model that is available. Craftsmen recommend using Druzhba, Ural or Stihl dust, as they are the most suitable in terms of technical characteristics and differ in the quality of engines.

What skills are needed

You do not need special skills to assemble a homemade snowmobile, but it is desirable to be able to work with welding and have a welding machine. To use the above diagrams and drawings, it is advisable to be able to understand them.

Navigation through records. Homemade chainsaw snowmobile

Driving on snowy roads or rough terrain Not entirely practical. And sometimes such an opportunity is completely absent, so those who like to fish or hunt on a snowy day begin to assemble a snowmobile with their own hands.

Any spare parts available are permitted for the upcoming assembly. It is also important to consider the following nuances:

  • First of all, you need to prepare and study the drawings of the homemade product, correctly distributing the working units and the necessary parts.
  • Next, you need to choose a suitable model of a chainsaw. Aggregates from different firms of domestic and foreign production are considered. It is important that they have the required power and are suitable for the future apparatus.
  • To create the frame of the future snow-scooters, steel corners and bent steel sheets should be used. On their basis, a frame is made for the struts and for the spar.
  • The next stage involves making technological holes, which will be needed for the shaft and gear transmission of the tracks.
  • After that, you should equip the fuel tank and engine.
  • Next, the steering wheel and transmission are installed.
  • Even when making your own snowmobile, you need to take care of the braking system. It plays an important role in driver safety.
  • Further, the caterpillar system is equipped. At the same time, there is a need for the mandatory assembly of the mechanism, since K. The use of tracks from an old tractor is permitted. And a small snowmobile can be equipped with any skis.

Brake system

In the classic version, the homemade snowmobile is NOT equipped with a braking system. It is optional, because The unit cannot develop high speed. However, if you want to fix the problem, you can equip a simple brake mechanism.


On the right tip there is a special groove for mounting the chain sprockets. It is a crawler shaft sprocket that is secured with a nut. To implement such an action, a corresponding thread is made on the tip.

The shaft end has the same dimensions and is fastened in the same way as the shaft sprockets.

The sprocket with the most teeth is installed in the first stage of the transmission. The power plant “Ural” has up to 38 teeth.

Which engine is suitable for making homemade products?

Before getting ready for work and starting assembly, it is important to choose a power unit from a chainsaw.

It must meet several criteria:

  • Power and traction are the most important parameters. It is on the power and thrust of the chainsaw motor that the speed of movement and the carrying capacity of the homemade product depend. For example, an internal combustion engine with a capacity of NOT more than 2 liters. C. Can only carry one adult and his small luggage. As the power of the engines used increases, the capabilities of the snowmobile will increase. It should be remembered that the higher the power of the power unit, the more fuel it will need for stable operation. The best option is to use motors with a rated power of 3 to 6 hp. FROM.;
  • Build quality. if the designer wants a homemade chainsaw to last more than 1-2 seasons, then you need to choose manufacturers’ motors. This is why most snowmobile enthusiasts use Stihl or Husqvarna chainsaws;
  • Dust and Moisture Resistant. There should be a minimum of unnecessary holes in the motor housing. Otherwise, snow and dust will enter the engine compartment, which can provoke a short circuit in the ignition system. It is best that there are only 2-3 holes in the motor case, intended exclusively for air cooling.
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Another important requirement is that the engine from the chainsaw must be in full working order. Before assembling the snow scooters, the manufacturer will need to clean the air and fuel filters, as well as adjust the carburetor and set the Required gap in the standard ignition system of the chainsaw.

Principle, device diagram, theory, how everything should turn out

All work begins with a plan and drawings, which you can then rely on. Diagrams and drawings will be required in order to take into account all the nodes and their location, the relationship between themselves and the operation of the mechanism as a whole. Pay close attention to the location of each node, as in case of an error, the snowmobile simply will not go.

Work plan:

  • First, the chainsaw motor is fixed to the made frame.
  • In the steering part of the snow-scooters, skis are installed, which are the main element of movement.
  • Then the steering is installed.
  • To set the mechanism in motion, it is necessary to install tracks at the rear.
  • Connect the track disc and the chain saw motor sprocket.
  • Finally, the driver’s seat is installed, which is attached to a specially equipped place.

For steering equipment on a snowmobile, borrow a handlebar from a moped or bicycle. The main task will be to correctly fix the steering wheel so that when turning, the skis also turn.


Snowmobiles are a home-made version of vehicles on snow and ice. Making them is easier than making a snowmobile. Self-propelled sleds equipped with a chainsaw engine with a pushing propeller, have a chassis with 3 or 4 skis. They can reach high speeds. The only drawback is the impossibility of driving through hard-to-reach areas, so they are operated on a flat surface.


A mechanism from the Buran unit is used as a caterpillar, the tape is shortened by 0.75-1 m. The gears of the gear drive are planted on the transverse shafts, then the canvas is laid. The cogwheel of the caterpillar is made from nylon letter 15 mm in size.


Control. steering on support-steering skis. The support levers are rigidly connected to the steering shaft bipod. The steering wheel is two-handed, the gas handle is mounted on the right side.

Chainsaw snowmobile. Assembly principles, device diagram. Homemade snowmobile from a chainsaw. Drawings, diagrams. Recommendations for use

Craftsmen and craftsmen always strive to remake any technique, arguing its functionality to the maximum perfection. You can find many different useful alterations. And making a snowmobile from a chainsaw has become a classic and put on a stream of homemade industry. Let’s take a look at the most interesting options for transforming an aged, and unnecessary, Soviet chainsaw into a light, swift snowmobile.

Snow scooter

Snow scooters are guided sleds for downhill skiing from a steep snow-covered mountain. They are suitable for outdoor activities for both children and adults. Everyone can make a children’s snow scooter. The design is a frame with a chainsaw motor, built-in seat, controls and 3 metal or wooden skis.

The advantages of winter homemade products:

  • Maneuverability;
  • High speed;
  • Easy to carry;
  • Stability;
  • Development of the vestibular apparatus in a child.

The disadvantage of the model is the impossibility of driving on a flat road.

How to make a snowmobile with your own hands from a chainsaw. Chainsaw models for conversion

Choosing a model for rework. Ural, Druzhba, Husqvarna, Stihl. You can use an old tool with a worn saw blade.

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The most popular option is the Friendship saw, which is distinguished by the simplest device with a minimum number of nodes and components. Among the shortcomings, one can single out the large weight of the unit (12 kg) and the low level of safety. In addition, this technique is low-power 1 kW and is far from meeting the requirements of today. it is morally outdated even for creating a snowmobile from a chainsaw.

If we consider the Ural, then this is a more suitable modification, since it was originally developed as a powerful machine for felling wood. Therefore, in terms of technical parameters, the Ural fully corresponds to the expected loads on the Snowmobile. With almost the same weight with friendship, the Ural saw is much more powerful. 3.7 kW.

A homemade snowmobile from a Stihl chainsaw, Husqvarna are very suitable options, taking sufficient power of kW with a light weight of 4 kg and a modern design of tools.


To install the systems, it is necessary to work out the frame base. Usually, in practice, the central part is made from a corner of 63×50 mm. Track rollers are attached with brackets that are welded to the bottom of the frame.

To install the chain drive and gearbox, a sheet steel platform is foreseen, which is welded to the frame. A ready-made seat from another technique is used or a module is formed from plywood, it is covered with a fabric with foam rubber or a suitable material. Before installing the seat, be sure to provide support for it. Racks are made from a corner of 30×30 mm.

As a beam connecting the traverse and the front of the frame, the craftsmen recommend using an ordinary water pipe to which the drive axle will be attached. In the center, a stand is attached to install the motor, and skis are attached to the sides. You can take a new caterpillar or from Buran. The drive shaft can be a tube of 14-15 mm.

Next, the engine is attached to the crossbar, the gearbox is installed, then the fuel tank. The brake system is usually NOT installed, since the speed of the snowmobile from the chainsaw is assumed to be in the range of 25-30 km / h. Parts from sorting equipment are ideal as track rollers and axles.

The control system is based on the movement of the support levers by means of a two-handed steering wheel. You can use the handlebars from an old bike. The chain drive consists of two stages. The first stage has a large driven sprocket, the second stage has a driving sprocket. Additionally, for safety reasons, a snowmobile from a chainsaw is equipped with headlights, various limiters.

DIY scheme for making a snowmobile from a Ural chainsaw

Schemes for assembling a snowmobile from the Ural chainsaw: 1. steering wheel; 2. fuel tank (from the Druzhba chainsaw, 3. power unit (from the Ural chainsaw), 4. steering ski rack bushing (pipe with a diameter of 30-2 pcs.), 5. steering ski (2 pcs.) 6. drive cogwheel caterpillar (nylon, letter s15, 2 pcs.), 7. caterpillar (from the snowmobile “Buran”, shortened), 8. frame, 9. support roller (from potato sorting, 18 pcs.), 10. back braces. limiters (pipe ½), 11. track tensioner (2 pcs.), 12. track tensioning gear (nylon, letter s15, 2 pcs.), 13. bearing 0204 in the housing (4 pcs.), 14. box. trunk bottom-plywood s4, sides board s20) 15. seat (cover-plywood s4, foam rubber, leatherette) 16. 1st stage of chain transmission; 17. 2nd stage of the chain transmission; 18. seat back restraint (pipe ½ “) 19. Driven sprocket of the 1st chain drive (large sprocket with creeper, intermediate shaft) z = 38; 20. leading sprocket of the 2nd stage of the chain transmission (small sprocket with a creeper), z10; 21. Driven sprocket of the 2nd degree of the chain drive (drive sprocket of the drive shaft of the track), z18; 22. leading sprocket of the 1st stage of the chain transmission (sprocket of the gearbox output shaft), z12; 23. steering knuckle lever; 24. steering rod (2 pcs.); 25. steering shaft with bipod; 26. front axle beam (pipe with a diameter of 30); 27. the drive shaft of the caterpillar; 28. tension here caterpillars.

Without creating a diagram and a drawing, it is unlikely that it will be possible to connect together the main structural units, such as:

  • Engine;
  • Transmission;
  • Skis and tracks.
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To simplify the design process, you should take the track from the Buran all-terrain vehicle. If a children’s version is being constructed, then skis will be enough.

Chainsaw “Stihl”

It is also suitable for making a snowmobile with your own hands. This is an environmentally friendly device that is absolutely harmless to humans. The main advantage of the chainsaw is its low weight and quiet operation, in comparison with the Ural chainsaw, and even more so when compared with the Druzhba chainsaw.

Homemade chainsaw snowmobile

The assembly of any structure begins with the development of drawings. All the necessary units can be placed on them, after which you can proceed to the practical implementation of the idea. Therefore, at this stage, you should decide on which brand of chainsaw is suitable for the implementation of the plan.


Immediately striking is the fact that the right handpiece has a keyway for installing and securing the chain sprocket. This is the sprocket of the track shaft, which is securely fastened with a nut. To make fastening possible, a corresponding thread is cut on the tip.

The end of the tension shaft has the same overall dimensions, and the fastening of the structural elements is carried out in the same way as the fastening of the track shaft sprocket.

The sprocket with the highest gear ratio (number of teeth) must be in the first gear stage. The engine of the Ural chainsaw has 38 teeth.

Application Tips

It is worth immediately Please note that a self-made design, whatever it may represent, it is unlikely that it will be possible to register (legitimize) with the relevant authorities. And therefore:

  • According to the law, a homemade snowmobile does not belong to the category of vehicles. Therefore, its further application, as well as responsibility for the consequences, rest solely with the person who made it. It is better if it will be operated somewhere in the outback and NOT caught the eye of the relevant services.
  • A snowmobile and a floating all-terrain vehicle are completely different devices, although they have a certain similarity.
  • Since the engine has a low power, it is NOT desirable to transport cargo with this vehicle. Better to ride it alone.
  • For movement at night, lighting (headlights) can be installed on the snowmobile. This will increase the functionality of the device and comfort when moving.


On a homemade device, you can install a handlebar of any design, and even from a bicycle. In this case, it is very important to bring manual control of engine speed to the steering wheel. In order not to bother too much, it is better to use a steering wheel from a moped, scooter, etc., where the engine power control mechanism is already provided. This will make the design more reliable and easy to operate.

Brake system

Usually, such a vehicle does not have a braking system, and it is not required either, since the snowmobile does NOT develop high speeds, especially a homemade one. Although, if you seriously approach this problem, you can build a primitive braking device.


This unit is considered the most responsible snowmobile mechanism. Compared to other structural elements, such as a bar or chain, the engine should work properly and without it the snowmobile will NOT even move. Therefore, the long-term performance of the device will depend on the reliable and trouble-free operation of the engine. If you want to install an engine from a chainsaw, imported, then you can purchase a used “Stihl”.

Another important structural element, on which the trouble-free operation of the snowmobile depends, is the gearbox.

Chainsaw “Ural”

This is a specialized model that has more reliability, power and less weight in relation to power. This is an environmentally friendly unit that can work in extreme conditions.

If you decide to use the Ural chainsaw, then this is a good choice. Its technical characteristics are fully consistent with those declared.


  • Power. 3.68 kW;
  • Weight. 11.7 kg;
  • Engine (gasoline two-stroke)
  • Overall dimensions. 46x88x46 cm;