How to make a trobrebore from Ushm. Making manual tossid scrap metal

How to make a bell from a grinder with your own hands

Bricks are fastened together with a cement mortar, which can be removed without effort. This is done using a chisel and a hammer. The strobe should follow the seam of the masonry. In this case, dust formation will be minimal. A vertical groove is performed by a perforator using different nozzles.

In the stroke of the surfaces of the walls, the material from which they are built played an important role. The course of work, which has its own characteristics, also depends on it. Execution process:

Homemade X-Ray Transformer, Part 1.

  • Before the start of stroke with a hammer and core, you need to outline places for holes in the form of recesses (then the drill will not go to the side).
  • Keep the tool at right angles with respect to the wall so as not to break the drill from exposure to the mechanical load.
  • In the process of execution, severe heating and dulling of the tool occurs, so it should be periodically cooled in cold water.

It is more difficult to work with burnt bricks. You can determine it by black dust. This interval of distance must be held at low speeds with connecting the shock method of the tool. Rumors between holes are removed using the punch chisels in the “without drilling” mode.

How to turn a grinder into a strobore

To make a full.Fledged troborer from a grinder with your own hands, you need to solve two issues:

  • Dust divert. This is a priority problem. Without its solution, further modernization is meaningless.
  • Placement on the shaft intended for one disk, two circles on concrete. At the same time, the design should be reliable and ensure the strictly perpendicular position of the circles to the cut plane. The slightest skew at 3,000 and more revolutions per minute is at best the jamming and failure of the gearbox or engine.

Production of a protective casing

By and large, this detail makes home.Made trobreobores from the Ushm. Such a nozzle on a grinder replaces the standard protection installed on the device, completely hiding the part of the circle, not immersed in the wall. How to make fasteners, the question should not arise. They are simply copied from the factory part. The protective and dust.Off casing is a flattened cylinder cut on the side, in which there is a pipe for connecting the hose from the vacuum cleaner (you can use the construction, and if you make a cyclone filter, then ordinary household). The height of the cylinder is sufficient to fit two discs at it at the required distance from each other. For its manufacture, two iron semicircular plates and a strip of steel are needed, which will fasten them. The strip bends, is welded to the rounded parts of the plates and the base of the casing is ready. Depending on the factory protection mounts, in the plate that will fit the grinder body, in addition to the shaft slots, holes are made for bolts, or a clamp clamp is welded.

The adjustment of the depth was drunk

Part of the casing that solves this problem is at the same time a guide for a stroborer. If you attach the wheels to it, then the device will be easily moved along the wall. It is made in “g” or “t”-shaped form-the lower part of the “letter” is typed from two corners, which are attached to the upper part of the protective casing so that the lower part can freely lower and rise, which will allow you to regulate how much the discs will peek out of.Under the casing. Fixation in a given position is easiest to make using a bolt connection or stop. Additionally, on the basis of the guide, the sidewalls are welded so that dust, no matter how the depth of the cut is adjusted, does not fly out from under the casing. The upper part of the “letter” is needed for stability. Wheels are installed on it for smooth movement of the stroborer along the wall.

Two disc shaft installation

Extremely rarely the factory shaft of the grinder is sufficient length, which will immediately fix two circles on it. There are two logical exits from this position. To blame a new shaft or make a nut that would clamp the first circle and hold the second. For a number of reasons, the second solution is more profitable:

  • Not required to disassemble a grinder.
  • If the device fails, then you can purchase another and simply rearrange the nut on it.
  • It is technically easier to make a nut than a shaft connecting to the gearbox.
  • The nut is pulled out with the sleeve.
  • The first disc is installed on the shaft of the grinder.
  • A sleeve lies on top of it and on it. The second circle.
  • The nut flows through the upper disk, the sleeve and tighten the first disk and clamping the second with each other and the sleeve.

The entire design is clearly shown on the video:

How to make a drill strooboresis

The device, also the functionality of such power tools as Ushm, an electric drill and a barboresis, there are no principle differences. But by comparison with a grinder, two diamond circles are installed parallel to each other in the furrows. With this arrangement of discs, it is comfortable to form strokes on the surface of the ceilings or walls.

Thanks to the use of a stroborez, you can break through grooves with careful faces on the surface of the walls, which are made of materials such as brick, aerated concrete, concrete. Shtrobes are needed for the upcoming laying of electronic wiring or gas pipes. And water supply.

To make strokes in such a building material as aerated concrete, a conventional electric drill can be used as a stroborer. To do this, you need to purchase a cutter of a cylindrical shape, and then put it in the cartridge of the power tool. Using such a regular design, you can make a huge number of cautious grooves on the surface of aerated concrete blocks without the help of others without the help of others.

When performing work and making grooves in the walls with the introduction of electrode, a huge amount of dust will appear. Therefore, it is best to make stroobes in the wall with a drill together with a partner who would save a vacuum cleaner, during work, dust and construction garbage.

Apart from the use of a drill for making grooves, it is recommended to additionally make special woodcuts made of wood and fix them on the power tool. Thanks to the use of slides, the grooves will turn out 1st size and depth.

The nuances of the stroke of the grinder

It is impossible to stroke the wall without dust. In addition, the Bulgarian in the classic form does not allow to control the depth of the groove. So you can damage the reinforcement of the carrier wall. For this, a special nozzle is used. The washers between the disks change the width of the groove for the wiring or pipe. A vacuum cleaner hose is connected through the pipe, the handle on top allows you to more accurately withstand the directions of cutting.

It should be borne in mind that the grinder is not intended for prolonged continuous operation, so every 15-20 minutes you need to take breaks to cool the electric motor and gearbox. The rest of the work techniques are the same as with the factory strobes. The home.Made design may not be accurately completed and evaluated. With strong loads, the beating present may be dangerous.

Preparatory events

Since the factory.Made cavalrs have a price of 5.5 thousand. Rub. (budget models, professional level equipment will cost 50-60 thousand. Rub.), then for home repairs, homemade nozzles are used for a grinding machine.

The grinder should have a motor with a capacity of at least 1,500 watts, since the installation of a double disk increases the load on the drive.

Necessary tools and materials

For the manufacture of the device will be consumed:

  • Scraping or a piece of a sheet of carbon steel with a thickness of 1.5 to 3 mm, necessary for the shield. It is not necessary to use structures made of plastic or plywood due to low mechanical strength and insufficient resistance to the effect of heated dust.
  • A steel tube suitable for connecting the sleeve of a vacuum cleaner (directly or through an adapter).
  • Tool for cutting blanks, drilling holes and stripping welds.
  • Welding inverter and protective mask.
  • Measuring and drawing tools.

Drawings and diagrams of nozzles for fine

There is a standard protective screen on the corner grinding machine, which is used as a template for marking blanks. The master can develop the sketch drawings of the nozzle, focusing on the power of the electric motor, the dimensions of the grinder and the diameter of the cutting tool.

In the manufacture of the device, an increase in the weight of the troborer should be taken into account. Difficult equipment is difficult to keep in a horizontal position when cutting outstretched grooves.

How not to buy an extra tool. Nozzle for stroke on a grinder

A nozzle for stroke on a grinder is a good alternative that will help save on the purchase of an expensive separate tool. In the simplest case, this is a slightly modified casing on a grinder and an additional disk on the instrument shaft. In this case, the angle grinding machine must meet the requirements for power. Have at least 1,500 watts. It will not work to buy a barborer for a grinder in a store, as this is a multi.Component unit. But you can find a casing with an increased distance for an additional disk, with an exhaust and mechanism of automatic leaning the casing for safety.

Protective casing with cutting depth

If you use a grinder instead

It is clear from the design that in extreme cases, a car for manufacturing a stroke can be replaced by an ordinary grinder. Put a disc on it on concrete and make the right cuts in two approaches. This is really done if one small strobe is needed, but practice and multiple reviews show that the dust will be seated for a long time after such strokes that it can stall all the work.

If necessary, to last a few grooves, the loss of time will be significant, and if such work is performed with some frequency, then the method becomes ineffective. Other disadvantages of this method are the inability to withstand the same sizes of the edges of the strobe and their depth. This can not be called a significant drawback, but sometimes fraught with a dumped piece of wall with the rtellation of the core of the string.

If the length of the fastener allows, then you can put two discs on the concrete on the grinder and then the strobe will cut out in one call. Even if you do not touch the issue of safety measures, it will not become less dust and it will settle at the same speed. As a result. The winnings of time will turn out to be insignificant, and injuries increase by an order of magnitude.

Method number 2. Electric stroobores

Electric drive tool is much more effective for generating grooves in the wall. Therefore, for strong surfaces and large volumes of work, it is much more convenient to use the finished tool for the manufacture of an electric stroborer. The most suitable version of the electrical tool is the usual Bulgarian, which lacks another working disk to function in a stroborez mode.

How a Screw is Made- China factory

You can solve this issue in practice quite simply:

  • Buy two identical concrete disks and an additional tug nut;
  • First, install one disk on a grinder and tighten your native nut, as in the usual operation of an angle grinding machine; Rice. 5: Install the first disk on a grinder
  • Set on top of the nut on the shaft and the second disc; Install the second disc
  • Press the second disc for another nut; Rice. 7: Press the second disk with a nut
  • Electric strobores is ready for use.

It should be noted that in some models, the length of the shaft can be very small, so after installing the second disk of the place to twist the nut, it will not be enough. In such situations, it is necessary to install between the disks instead of a clamping nut of a piece of pipe or washer separating the discs. This will significantly reduce the width of the strobe, but will allow you to fix both disks at the same time. In the presence of sufficient length of the shaft, you can use such lining to increase the width of the strobe, for example, for water pipes or for several cables.

Rice. Eight. Stroke width

The only disadvantage of such a home.Made tool will be a huge amount of dust when developing the furrows in the wall, since structurally, the Bulgarian, unlike the Stroborez, is equipped with a shield only from flying particles. Therefore, with prolonged work, you will need to protect the organs of vision and breathing. To do this, you can use both a respirator in combination with protective glasses and a special casing in combination with an industrial vacuum cleaner. The first option is the simplest, but dust will settle throughout the room and create a number of difficulties, for the second you will need a construction vacuum cleaner and a cover for assembling dust.

Homemade casing for a stroboresis.

Due to the fact that the original casing for a stroborez is a lot, it is much more profitable to make it independently from improvised materials. Structurally homemade casing should have a way out to connect the hose from the vacuum cleaner. An ordinary vacuum cleaner will not cope with such a volume of garbage and its fractions, as a result, a bag or flask will be filled too quickly, and the engine may break from finely dispersion dust. Therefore, you will need to rent such a device or convert the existing.

For a metal casing, you will need a steel sheet of 1. 2mm in thickness. A diamond disk, welding or bolts with a sealant (depending on the convenient mounting method). If the metal is too thin and it will not work for welding, then it is better to combine the details of the nozzle with bolts and treat the seams at the seams. Since the welded design is more reliable, we consider this option in detail.

The whole process of making a home.Made nozzle for a stroborez consists of such stages:

  • Draw a drawing of the future casing for a stroborez, you can make a pattern for cutting side elements;
  • Cut two side parts, in one of which make a hole for the grinder shaft; Rice. 9: side plate with a hole
  • Using a metal strip, combine two parts with welding, treat all the irregularities at the seams with a file so as not to get hurt about them while working; Rice. 10: Using the strip, weld the side parts
  • To the outer edge of the nozzle for a stroborez, weld a pipe that is suitable for connecting a vacuum cleaner in diameter; Rice. 11: weld the pipe
  • At the edges of the nozzle for a stroborez, weld two metal blocks, make holes for attaching the casing to the grinder; Rice. 12: weld the clamp
  • To a separate metal sheet of triangular shape, weld the clamps on two clamps, as shown in the figure. It is designed to girth the grinder and allows you to adjust the depth of stroke.

The nozzle for a stroborez is ready, you can connect it to the assembled device and use it for stroke. The only thing that should be paid to is the need for simultaneous inclusion of both a barborer and a vacuum cleaner. If the vacuum cleaner is not equipped with a socket on the case, then you need to use a portable extension cord for at least two outlets, you can buy it in a store or make it yourself.

Manual model for working with aerated concrete

Well, the last thing I would like to tell about this topic is the use of a special stroborer for aerated concrete and foam blocks. The principle of operation of this tool is the scraping of a certain amount of material due to its softness and looseness. This tool allows you to easily make grooves for laying a cable manually, without electricity. If your house is built of aerated concrete and you decide to conduct an electrical wiring in the house, we recommend that you do not waste your time on making a home.Made tool, but simply buy a ready.Made product from the manufacturer. The cost of a manual model does not exceed 500 rubles, which is slight, given the amount of work throughout the dwelling. If you still want to make a manual strooboresis for aerated concrete, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the video instructions for the assembly:

So we told how to make a troborer with our own hands from a grinder and improvised means. We hope that the information was useful and interesting for you. Be sure to watch the video examples to learn about all the intricacies of making homemade!

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DIY barobores. Bulgarian Strobores: Instructions

Repair is often similar to the invasion of barbarians or tsunami. He takes all his free time, mercilessly devastates the wallet, constantly requires tribute and new “weapons”. In order to at least somehow reduce the suffering of the family budget, many decide to apply their own forces and skills to ennoble their native hearth. Speaks on highly qualified labor are immediately reduced, but there is a need for tools that are unlikely to be useful in ordinary life.

So, for laying various pipes and cables in the walls, a stroboresis is usually required. An apparatus, the price of whose future repairmen leads to mournful bewilderment. In addition, if you do not plan to cut all the surfaces in the apartment on the chessboard every six months, the stroboresis will be lonely dusty somewhere in the bowels of the closet. It would seem why not to use the banal grinder, which is in the arsenal of many home.Made male representatives? Or do not make a gap with your own hands? The fact is that without the necessary improvements, work with such a mechanism is fraught with injuries and other troubles.

Production from a grinder

Do.It.Yourself trobores made from an angle grinding machine is brilliantly simple. To organize high.Speed and high.Quality teething of grooves in the wall under the hidden wiring, certain actions must be performed.


  • Prepare two identical disks for concrete, stone and brick.
  • Remove the casing from the grinder and fasten the first disk using a regular nut. Do not forget to first put on a fixing spacer on the axis of the Bulgarian Reducer (under the disk).
  • On top of the standard nut (after the disk) put on the second disk. And fix it with the help of the second nut. If there is no spare standard nut. Purchase or order the finished one from the turner, it should fit perfectly under the thread of the grinder shaft.

Scrap Metal Art- Making a Pelican out of a Motorcycle Tank. Step by Step

Be sure to use protective ammunition: overalls made of rough fabric, respirator. If you work without a casing, a protective helmet with a visor, additional protective glasses, boots, mittens from rough and thick fabric are strictly required here. The fact is that stroke is source of high.Speed dust, which can fly into the face, clog eyes, ears and respiratory tract. The separation of diamond particles when overheating of the disk in the stroke mode of stone and concrete can be dangerous in the form of irreversible clogging of the eyes during operation.

Manual model for working with aerated concrete

Well, the last thing I would like to tell about this topic is the use of a special stroborer for aerated concrete and foam blocks. The principle of operation of this tool is the scraping of a certain amount of material due to its softness and looseness. This tool allows you to easily make grooves for laying a cable manually, without electricity. If your house is built of aerated concrete and you decide to conduct an electrical wiring in the house, we recommend that you do not waste your time on making a home.Made tool, but simply buy a ready.Made product from the manufacturer. The cost of a manual model does not exceed 500 rubles, which is slight, given the amount of work throughout the dwelling. If you still want to make a manual strooboresis for aerated concrete, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the video instructions for the assembly:

So we told how to make a troborer with our own hands from a grinder and improvised means. We hope that the information was useful and interesting for you. Be sure to watch the video examples to learn about all the intricacies of making homemade!

From which to make a protective cover from dust on a grinder

The manufacture of a protective casing involves the use of such types of materials as a plastic canister, pots of aluminum, chipboard, plywood, laminate, a board, stainless sheets, etc.P. You can choose any material that is available on the farm. In this case, the need to buy a nozzle is excluded, since it is very easy to make it with your own hands.

The main condition is to ensure sufficient strength of the finished nozzle on the grinder. The casing should withstand the effects of small particles of concrete flying during work. To make a casing, there is no need to resort to the use of auxiliary tools, such as welding, since from a plastic canister you can quickly make a nozzle. An example of such a nozzle is shown in the photo below.

It takes a minimum of time for the manufacture of such a device. Homemade grooves from a grinder can be made quickly and easily, using the arsenal from improvised means. If you use materials made of aluminum or wood, then when working on the manufacture of the nozzle you will need self.Tapping screws, and when using steel, you can not do without a welding machine. Consider the principle of manufacturing a barborer on a grinder with your own hands:

  • For manufacture, you will need the remains from chipboard or fiberboard. In addition, even plywood is suitable, so we use any sheet material that is available
  • Two lateral bases are cut out of the chipboard of the corresponding form. The forms of these bases depend on the size of the available tool
  • In order not to have to select the shape, it is recommended to pre.Draw on paper, and then transfer it to the cardboard. Make a template out of cardboard, eliminating all the shortcomings
  • Based on the template, make a cover using chipboard for this
  • On the one hand of the base of the chipboard, drill the hole of the corresponding diameter. Fix the finished nozzle on the power tool with this hole
  • To connect the chipboard in the manufacture of the nozzle, you can use self.Tapping screws or special furniture fasteners of the corresponding length

The photo below shows the resulting cover for a grinder. Such a cover is simply made, but its lack in the absence of a hole for connecting the hose. The sleeve of the corresponding diameter and length, which is necessary in the upper part of the structure, will help to eliminate this drawback. To the protrusion of the sleeve should be connected to the hose from the vacuum cleaner.

It is interesting! When using a vacuum cleaner for absorption of debris and concrete crumbs, it is recommended to take industrial or construction vacuum cleaners, but not household. They are not intended for such business, so in the end they can get out of order quickly.

The process of manufacturing the nozzle is not difficult, and the quality of the final device depends more on the ingenuity and imagination of the master. You can not make yourself a simple cover for a grinder, but also adjustable. The principle of manufacturing a protective casing of the adjustable is that it is necessary to make an additional mobile part. Due to this mobile part, the necessary size of the ledge of cutting discs on the grinder will be selected.

In a similar similarity, you can make a nozzle with an adjustable part from chipboard and other materials.

DIY barborer manufacture

The cost of a professional stroborez ranges from 5-50 thousand./rub. Naturally, for a team of professionals or a construction company, such an amount will pay off quite quickly. But for the master, making one.Time repairs in an apartment or house, such a purchase makes no sense at all, since, except for cutting channels, nothing else can be done with a stroberase. The best option in this case will be its manufacture on the basis of a conventional grinder.

Preparatory stage

You can ensure the manufacture of the simplest tool for cutting channels based on a grinder. For this:

  • A combination of full.Time nuts and two cutting discs for working with stone or concrete is needed.
  • The first disk is put on the shaft of the grinder and is clamped by a standard fastener, which will play the role of a dividing sleeve between the disks. Then a second disc is installed, which is fixed by a nut designed for a grinding circle.
  • If the length of the working shaft allows, to adjust the distance between the disks you can add a few more flat goals or make a separate sleeve. In this case, it will be possible to cut channels of various widths.
  • Naturally, when cutting with two discs, the load on the electric motor of the grinder will also increase, so during operation should be done periodic breaks to prevent it from overheating.

But when working in the room, it is still advisable to equip a handicraft gear with a casing to collect dust and protect the worker From small fragments, thrown out by spinning disks.

Production of a protective casing

Naturally, even with a home.Made stroboresis based on a grinder without a protective casing, you can’t do not do without a protective casing. In addition to protecting the worker from various fragments, The casing should have a special pipe To connect the vacuum cleaner. Various filtering elements capturing dust during operation, without the help of a vacuum cleaner, can quickly clog.

If the volumes for cutting the channels are small and the work is not in the room, the casing can be made from the waste of plywood or laminated strips for the floor.

Such a casing, of course, will not be able to solve the problem with dust, but it will be a good protection for the operator and the surrounding working area from the scattering fragments when cutting channels (strata).

True, with this design of the casing, cutting depth will always be the same without the possibility of adjusting it, but for the same type of channels, for example, for electrical wiring, this will be quite enough. And the plywood base will easily slide along the surface of the wall and the presence of slide with the wheels is not necessary.

Using metal

Feeling with all the elements Stroborez, it can be freely made from metal on its own, so that when a disk is accidentally disrupted or breakdown, it does not injure a working operator.

The best for the casing is a metal pan with a diameter of a little more cutting disk. You will also need a sheet of metal with a thickness of 1.5 or 2 mm, a clamping clamp for the planting diameter of the standard protective casing of a grinder, a short metal pipe and a plumbing tap, the diameter of which should coincide with the diameter of the hose from the vacuum cleaner.

For the sole, you can use a profile pipe. To do this, cut it along, and cook the frame from the resulting halves by placing cut halves parallel to each other. Halves to weld Better with metal tubes, through which it will be possible to skip the axis for fastening the rollers.

Then cut out two sidewalls from a metal sheet and weld them to the finished frame.

After that, cut the mount for a grinder and weld a clamp to it. For a clamp clamp, you can use a screw with a hexagonal head or under screwdriver.

In the bottom of the pan, cut a hole equal to the diameter of the opening of the standard casing. Then shorten the walls of the pan to a certain height and cut it below the hole.

Then you need to cut the sidewall from the sheet of iron and weld it to the pan opposite its bottom. But before that, the hole is also cut into it. The result is a ready.Made casing that is welded to the sole frame.

In the almost finished casing, in its front, the hole is cut out and a metal pipe is welded from a pipe with a diameter for a plumbing lining of 40 mm. A wide nut under the handle from the grinder is welded to him. And a plumbing challenge for a hose from a vacuum cleaner is inserted into the pipe.

The pipe can also be welded to the top of the casing, and select another place for the handle.

make, ushm, making, manual, scrap, metal

After the casing is completely collected, The rollers are attached to the sole, and a screw is used to install the cutting depth of the fine.

After the complete assembly of the casing, it is installed on a grinder and is fixed on it using a clamp.

After welding and the full assembly of the manufactured casing-drill with the help of a file of burrs and sharp corners, as well as from welding spray. For the convenience of working with a vacuum cleaner, you should use a long hose, which should be at least two m/p.

How to make a launch button for a pendulum machine from Ushm

Ushm works when you press the button. Over, the speed of rotation of the spindle depends directly on the effort of pressing the button. This means that the button is built.In the adjusting mechanism, the operation of which facilitates the operation of the tool. When operating Ushm on a stationary machine, you need to think over the starting system so that you do not have to hold the handle with one hand, and press the button with the second.

If the tool is equipped with a regular button, which is automatically fixed when it is turned on, such as in the first version of the machine structure, then no difficulties arise here. First, the tool is turned on, and then you can perform work. However, most angle grinding machines are equipped with self.Disconnection buttons, which must be held with a hand during operation. There are two ways out of this situation:

  • Use screeds (for example, plastic) or clamps of the corresponding diameter. They fix the button in the pressed position. At the same time, it is also necessary to take into account the latch, which is responsible for self.Equipment of the tool. Both the latch and the button must be pulled off with a clamp, screed or other similar materials. In this case, the principle of operation of the device will be as follows. If it is necessary to launch the tool, you need to stick the fork in a socket or make a switch
  • Redo the starting system. Rationally if the tool is planned to be used more often as a cutting machine than an autonomous grinder. To do this, it is necessary to remove the wires from the Ushm to a separate switch that will turn on and disconnect the tool if necessary

The power button, if displayed, is best placed on the handle. A homemade machine does not require large costs for its manufacture, which is, in fact, it is its main advantage.

What is a strooboresis and why it is needed

During the laying on the electrical wiring building, it is required to cut grooves. A similar problem occurs when installing sewage systems, water supply, heating. According to the Rules of the European Republic, all possible communications usually hide on the floor or walls. The need to cut the grooves for pipes arises again, in other words. The stroke.

Stroborese will help to quickly cut the grooves for a cable or pipe

At home, a small number of grooves on soft material can be hidden manually using a chisel and a hammer. However, when it comes to a large volume of work, and you will have to hammer a brick, concrete or slag block, then for such a case, a barborean is extremely necessary.

make, ushm, making, manual, scrap, metal

What recommendations and tips to consider when touched

You can proceed to the procedure for preparing grooves in the room immediately after the manufacture of a home.Made. When breaking through the curtains, one important nuance must be taken into account. Work should be carried out in the room where the locations of the electrical wiring are pre.Known. If a wire is energized on the path of the tool, then the result of such a meeting can lead to death for the master.

Carry out the work of strokes with both a conventional barborase and a grinder, taking into account the following tips and recommendations:

  • Procedures can be carried out in vertical or horizontal directions
  • It is possible to stroke under the slope in extremely rare cases when a bypass of a decorative element or communications should be performed
  • Horizontal stroke must be performed exclusively at a distance of 15 cm from the floor slab
  • Vertical grooves should be located at a minimum distance from the doors and Windows 10 cm
  • When conducting work, it is important to take into account the depth of the groove. It is necessary to choose a depth depending on the type of communications that are planned to be laid in the groove, as well as the thickness of the wall itself. If this wall is supportive, and is the outer, then the depth of the groove should not be more than 3 cm
  • The width of the groove is also selected depending on the technological task, but it is not recommended to exceed the permissible limit of 2.5-3 cm

After laying communications, the groove should be sealed with a cement mortar. The location of the groove should be cheated with wall plaster. School work is recommended to be carried out at the construction and repair stage before the walls of the walls are placed.

It is not at all difficult to make a hut of concrete from a grinder, and if you set such a goal, then everyone can achieve it. When drawing a conclusion about the work done, it should be noted that with a shit you need to take breaks in order to let the power tool cool down. If the case does not have a connector for connecting a vacuum cleaner, then work should be carried out in the respirator. Glasses must be put on in any case, since various small particles can fall into the eye.

Depending on the type of material that strokes, it is necessary to select the corresponding speed of moving the tool. If the reinforcement comes across in the concrete wall, then it is recommended to cut it with an abrasive circle. It is necessary to use a wood strooboresis with particular caution, not forgetting about the reverse blow.