How to mix trimmer oil

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Gasoline and trimmer oil! How to change?

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How to dilute gasoline with oil

For some, diluting gasoline with oil for use in a trimmer or chainsaw is as easy as shelling pears. But at the same time, not everyone can do it right. And if you pour oil into gasoline just “by eye”, the consequences will be sad.

The trimmer, most likely, will simply start to smoke while mowing the grass and then stall. So what can you do? How to prevent this and dilute gasoline with oil properly?

First of all, it is worth noting that 92 or 95 gasoline is suitable for gasoline equipment. As for the oil, it is necessary to choose only two-stroke and high-quality.

Before refueling the chainsaw, the gasoline is diluted in a 5 liter canister. For these purposes, a water eggplant is suitable. It is convenient to use, since a funnel can be easily installed in the neck.

How to thin gasoline with trimmer and chainsaw oil

The funnel can be made from a plastic bottle of a suitable size. Displacement can be selected at your discretion. As a result, there is no need for a hose. Gasoline just needs to be poured into a 5 liter bottle using a funnel.

So, gasoline is poured into the canister using a funnel. A ruler is present on the oil bottle. The proportions in which you need to dilute gasoline are also written there. This refers to a scale of 100 ml. 5 liters of gasoline will require just that much oil.

New canisters contain plugs. Therefore, you may need to cut it off. This can be done with a sharp knife. As a result, the diameter of the hole in the canister will become larger, and it will be easier to pour oil into it. A volume of 100 ml is poured according to the intended ruler on the canister.

Then the oil canister is closed and placed in suitable storage conditions. The canister with gasoline is also firmly closed with a lid and shaken well. This will mix the oil evenly with the gasoline. As a result, the fuel should have a bright pink hue.

Now all that remains is to refuel the trimmer or chainsaw. To do this, diluted gasoline is poured into the vehicle’s gas tank.

Nothing bad will happen if there is a little more or less oil in the gasoline. In this case, the technique will not be affected. But if you add 2 times more oil, the trimmer will start to smoke. As a result, carbon deposits will appear inside the muffler and on the spark plug.

After such work, you will need to clean the candle. And with prolonged use of improperly diluted gasoline with oil, after a while, the muffler will have to be removed and soaked using kerosene.

How to dilute gasoline with trimmer oil?

Trimmer specifications contain links to recommended fuels and lubricants. In this case, the octane number of the brand of gasoline is indicated specific, but in the part of oils there is a lengthy explanation about the need to use a product of a certain manufacturer. For persuasiveness, it is indicated that only if these recommendations are followed, the company extends the warranty. What is this: a marketing ploy or oils from other manufacturers do not meet the requirements? The answer is in this article.

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Why mix trimmer oil with gasoline

The two-stroke engine has a simple yet extremely efficient design:

  • the piston makes a working stroke every second stroke;
  • the cylinder is lubricated with oil dissolved in gasoline;
  • removal of combustion products occurs due to compression, without a special mechanism.

All this led to the creation of a family of small engines that have been successfully adapted in household and professional equipment:

  • trimmers;
  • chainsaws;
  • motorcycles;
  • various tillers.

Due to the design features, the desired fuel consumption was achieved only on small engines with a power in the range of 15. 20 hp. This figure looks especially good in the range of 1. 5 hp. Here, in full measure, the low weight and dimensions of the engine correspond to the consumption of gasoline.

As the size increases, the area of ​​the inlet and outlet channels increases. The process of gas removal and fuel supply deteriorates sharply. In this regard, a transition to a more efficient gasoline mixture combustion system was required, which would provide for the presence of forced engine maintenance systems. Four-stroke models have thus intercepted the palm among high-power powertrains. Combining them into multi-cylinder designs allowed the creation of special systems associated with the formation of the composition of the fuel mixture, lubrication and other things, which had a beneficial effect on gasoline consumption.

The rubbing elements of the piston and cylinder of a two-stroke engine are lubricated with oil, which is in a certain proportion in the fuel composition. Gasoline burns out, and oil settles on the surface of the cylinder, reducing the friction of the rubbing parts. Lack of lubrication leads to cylinder damage, up to and including seizure. In case of excess, under the influence of high temperatures, the thermally modified product is deposited in the annular grooves. Compression drops, and with it power.

How to mix oil with gasoline

Engine oils are used to add trimmer gasoline. Mixing is done in a certain proportion. Manufacturers have a different volume ratio: from 1 to 50 to 1 to 20. There is a reference to this in the technical specifications. You should be careful with small proportions of oils. A small inaccuracy leads to oil starvation of the engine, reduces its resource.

There are products in which the proportion of 1 to 20-40 is indicated. It is better to refuse the use of such a lubricant. The wide range of the mixture indicates the low quality of the product. The occurrence of piston rings, with constant use of such grades, is practically guaranteed.

Motor oils, type M-8, are added in a ratio of 1-20. In high-speed engines, their use is undesirable. The cycle between supplying the mixture is so small that it will cause an excess of lubricant in the cylinder. Trimmers have low speed, therefore they allow the use of low-grade grease. Due to the initially low resource, you do not have to worry about the coking of the rings. Before there is a complete wear of the equipment.

It is not essential to use the recommended oil or from other manufacturers. The main thing is to dilute the gasoline with trimmer oil in the correct proportions in accordance with the characteristics of the product. Denial of warranty by service workshops only on the basis of the use of a different brand of grease, but with acceptable parameters, is illegal.

Gasoline selection rules

Before buying fuel for your lawn mower, you need to read the manufacturer’s instructions. It lists the grades and grades of fuel that can be used for a particular trimmer model. In general, when choosing gasoline, you need to focus on the A-92 brand. A-95 is also suitable for refueling lawn mowers, although some experts do not recommend taking fuel with such an octane number. This is due to the fact that at many gas stations in Russia, such gasoline contains various additives and solvents (for example, alcohol). It should be borne in mind that you cannot save in this matter. in order to extend the service life of the lawn mowers, you should choose only high-quality fuel from trusted suppliers.

Gasoline for four-stroke engine

Devices with a four-stroke motor are more complex. Oil and gasoline are poured into different containers, from where they are then fed to the engine. For a mower with such a motor, you need AI-92 and AI-95 gasoline. It is better not to use fuel with a lower octane number, because this will lead to unstable engine operation. In addition, do not use a lubricant designed for two-stroke models.

Practical recommendations for preparing a mixture

As oil for a lawn mower, one should not consider completely primitive options, which include autolas of the AC-10, ASZp-10 brands or exotic Chinese and garage origin “masterpieces”. The bulk of lubricants for two-stroke engines are painted by manufacturers in colors contrasting to gasoline: red, green or blue. There are several recommendations, proven by many years of practical operation of trimmers.


How much lubricant should be diluted per 1 liter of fuel if the operating instructions indicate the ratio 1:40, on the fuel tank. 1:25, and on the oil canister. 1:50? The answer is unequivocal. you need to follow the recommendations given on the packaging with the lubricant. Two-stroke engines do not like oil starvation, but you should not oversaturate gasoline with oil either. This provokes the formation of abundant soot deposits on the ventilation ports of the cylinder, which leads to seizure of the piston.

Gasoline diluted with an excessive amount of lubricant ignites worse, which devalues ​​the efficiency of the engine and reduces its resource.

The proportion of how to dilute gasoline with trimmer oils is not difficult to calculate. It is enough to divide the amount of gasoline by the recommended ratio. One liter of gasoline is 1000 ml. To calculate how much lubricant you need to add to get a mixture of 1:50, you need to divide 1000 by 50. It turns out that 1 liter of fuel requires 20 ml of oil. It is convenient to measure the required amount of lubricant with a disposable syringe, with a volume of 20 ml.

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Do not prepare a large amount of the fuel mixture in advance. Gasoline diluted with oil should be stored in a tightly closed container in a dark, cool room. It is safer to use steel or aluminum canisters to store the prepared mixture, rather than plastic containers. This is especially true for beverage containers. Polyethylene terephthalate, which is used in their production, is not resistant to most oil products and additives. But plastic is great for sewer systems

It should be remembered that the resource of the unit, its performance, fuel consumption and comfort when working on the lawn largely depend on how to dilute gasoline with oils for trimmers.

How to dilute gasoline with trimmer oil.

Standard proportions

First of all, it is necessary to take into account the information that the manufacturer recommends, since in the event of a failure of the lawn mowers, you can present your claims to him, and not to a third-party source. If there is no instruction in the passport, and even more so if there is no passport, then we recommend that you look for another trimmer model from a more reliable seller.

For all other cases, when you have a lawn mower model in your hands and there is no way to find out its technical features, there are standard proportions of the most likely fuel mixture components for a two-stroke engine. Basically, these units use AI-92 gasoline and a special synthetic oil, which contains a solvent for better mixing with fuel. Such oil evaporates slowly and has the ability to completely burn out in the cylinder, leaving no carbon deposits.

The standard ratio of synthetic oil to gasoline is 1: 50. This means that 5 liters of gasoline requires 100 ml of oil, and in accordance with this oil consumption per 1 liter of gasoline is 20 ml. Knowing the amount of oil required to dilute 1 liter of fuel, you can easily calculate any rates when preparing fuel for the trimmer. When using mineral oils, a ratio of 1: 40 is most often the standard ratio. Therefore, 1 liter of fuel will require 25 ml of such oil, and for a 5 liter canister. 125 ml.

When lawn mowers are working, a person with little experience in operating such equipment will not be difficult to determine and correct the actual amount of oil required for a particular model. You should only pay attention to the exhaust gases (their color, odor toxicity), cycle stability, engine heating and developed power. details about the consequences of incorrect mixing proportions of gasoline and oil can be expected in another section of the article. There are options for lawn mowers running on AI-95 gasoline. This should also be considered.

If the manufacturer recommends fuel with such an octane number, then the requirements must be followed so as not to reduce the operating resource of the equipment.

How to properly dilute gasoline for a trimmer

Depending on the trimmer type, they can be filled with a fuel mixture or separately with gasoline and oil. Now there is a huge variety of types of motor oils that are suitable for various equipment, including gardening. In order to choose the right fuel for a particular lawn mower model, you need to know its technical features and understand the brands of gasoline and liquid lubricants. All the details on how to dilute gasoline with trimmer oil are in the material below.

Refueling the two-stroke lawn mower

In ordinary household models, the lawn mower usually uses a two-stroke engine. Lawn mowers do not need a lot of power and agility, so it is quite suitable for the task at hand. In addition, this engine is much cheaper and simpler, but it is fueled with a mixture of oil and gasoline. Such fuel is poured into the carburetor and fed into the cylinder in the form of oil-gasoline mist. Thus, the oil provides lubrication of all the necessary parts, and in the process of engine operation, it burns along with gasoline. However, the combustion of this mixture is accompanied by the release of a pungent odor and smoke, which increases the toxicity of exhaust gases.

Important! For such lawn mowers, you need to use a special oil for two-stroke engines, which burns completely without leaving a burn, and has a low evaporation rate. And so that it mixes well with gasoline, it contains 20% solvent.

How to refuel the trimmer

A ready-made mixture of gasoline and oil can be stored for no more than 3 months (pure gasoline is stored less). Dilute enough fuel for several trimmer uses. In general, prepare:

  • gasoline and oil that is suitable for two-stroke air-cooled engines;
  • metal canister and mixing container;
  • respirator;
  • gloves.

Adding oil to gasoline

Dilution instructions:

  • Pour 1 liter of gasoline into a container of suitable volume and add 1/2 of the required amount of oil.
  • Stir gently while keeping a good distance from open flames.
  • Add the remaining half of the oil to the fuel and stir again.

Trimmer refueling process

General tips for refueling a trimmer with a 2- or 4-stroke engine:

  • Place the fuel tank so that the lid is on top, then fill in the required amount of fuel.
  • Do not overfill the fuel tank. This will lead to one of the problems: overflow into the intake manifold and fuel filter, fuel ignition or engine breakdown.
  • Try to pour the mixture so that it does not spill. To do this, you can use a watering can.
  • If you do spill fuel, wipe it up immediately. Dispose of the cleaning material, do not accumulate in the room. it is fire hazard.
  • The start-up of the device should be started after the fuel canister has been removed at a distance of more than 10 m.
  • If there was a long break between the operations of the mower, then the remaining old fuel must be drained.
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Choosing a brand of gasoline for trimmers

Select the brand of gasoline for lawn mowers, taking into account the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you do not follow them, then the motor will soon break down. Often RON 92 or RON 95 unleaded fuel is used to fill the trimmer tank.


Gasoline for fuel mixture

Filling the trimmer with AI-80 gasoline can lead to device breakdowns due to its low technical characteristics. Please note that after purchase, fuel can be stored for no more than 60 days, but it is better to reduce this period.

Polyethylene cans are not used for storage, since static electricity will be generated in contact with the inner walls. An accidental spark will cause an explosion. Although, there are special plastic canisters marked “flame”.

RYOBI: How to mix and store 2 stroke fuel

Today, buying a trimmer is not a problem for yourself. It occurs on mowing if the mower has not prepared the fuel mixture correctly. The motor often stalls unexpectedly, like a blowtorch. We have to start the engine over and over again, pulling the semi-automatic winding device, popularly nicknamed the “lash”.

How to mix gasoline with trimmer oil

What two-stroke engines dislike?

When preparing the working mixture manually, it should be remembered that two-stroke engines do not reach the design working power if the proportions of the fuel mixture are violated. The above condition forces the owner of the unit to comply with the proportions. As practice shows, the use of lawn mowers with an underfilled lubricant product. there is oil starvation of the engine, which does not allow the unit to be brought to the specified power.

Excess lubricant prevents the engine from developing the required power. When preparing the working mixture, a reasonable question arises, how much oil needs to be mixed in gasoline. Helps to define the exact standard. It is recommended to fill the trimmer with gasoline according to the following mathematical calculation. If the fuel tank holds 5 liters, 1 liter of gasoline is divided by 50. That is, 100 ml of lubricating consistency is poured into the gasoline for the trimmer mower per 5 liters. The owner of the lawn mower receives the ideal fuel in terms of structural composition.

Gasoline for four-stroke engine

Devices with a four-stroke motor are more complex. Oil and gasoline are poured into different containers, from where they are then fed to the engine. For a mower with such a motor, you need AI-92 and AI-95 gasoline. It is better not to use fuel with a lower octane number, because this will lead to unstable engine operation. In addition, do not use a lubricant designed for two-stroke models.

Trimmer Fuel Mixture: Practical Tips

A lawn mower is the same equipment necessary for a suburban or gardening plot, like a tiller or a chain saw. An unpretentious tool in operation, demanding exclusively on the quality of the fuel mixture and its own purity. And if there is usually no misunderstanding with keeping lawn mowers clean, some users periodically have questions about the composition of the fuel. How to dilute gasoline with trimmer oil to keep it running as efficiently as possible? What are the consequences of an excess or, conversely, insufficient amount of oil in gasoline? The answers to these simple questions lie on the surface: you need to understand what role the lubricant plays in the operation of a two-stroke engine.

Consequences of violation of the ratio

The service life of the motor scooter depends on how accurately you follow the manufacturer’s recommended proportions of the oil-gasoline mixture. The fact is that the fuel mixture enters the cylinders in the form of gasoline-oil mist. And the task of the oil composition is to lubricate the moving and rubbing parts and surfaces of various parts in the cylinder. If it suddenly turns out that there is not enough oil, and somewhere it will not be enough at all, the parts that touch dry will begin to damage each other. As a result, scuffs, scratches and chips are formed, which will certainly lead to complete or partial engine failure (for example, it can jam).

In the opposite case, when too much oil enters the engine, it does not have time to completely burn out, settling on the cylinder walls and turning over time into solid particles. coke, slag and the like. As you might guess, this also leads to engine failure. The most important thing is that you must not allow. even a single violation of the proportion towards the lack of oil. It is better to pour a little oil 10 times than not to top up just 1 time. It often happens that this time is quite enough to break the engine.

Algorithm of actions

Fuel quality increases with proper mixing of the mixture components. The question arises before the mowing machine, how to breed, in what sequence. When mixing the components, pay attention to whether the containers are cleanly washed. A tiny slurry can stall the fuel supply to the carburetor. The fuel tank should be filled from a special container with a filter device.

The procedure is as follows. Half of the available gasoline is mixed with the volume of the specified amount of lubricant. This is followed by the mixing process.

When the components acquire a homogeneous consistency, 50% of the remaining fuel is poured into the partially diluted gasoline. This is how it is recommended to dilute the trimmer fuel.