How to Properly Raise Band Saws For Saws

Band saw blades are the main consumables of the sawmill. The productivity and economic efficiency of the equipment depends on its quality. To date, the most common types of paintings for tape sawmills are bimetal products. In which the main part is made of durable but ductile material, and the teeth are made of wear-resistant alloy. Regardless of whether you assemble a band saw with your own hands, drawings of equipment can be found on the Internet or buy ready-made, in any case you have to deal with the choice of paintings. On this page of our site we will answer all popular questions regarding the selection and operation of such a consumable.


How to Properly Raise Band Saws For Saws

  1. Features of canvases for sawmills
  2. Saw blade classification
  3. Features of teeth of a saw tape
  4. Proper use of tape
  5. Tips for using canvases
  6. Welding and replacing the saw blade
  7. Conclusion

Features of canvases for sawmills

A wood sawmill canvas is a flexible metal band with teeth on one edge. A design feature is that the tape is looped. It rotates between the pulleys of the sawmill and cuts logs. Depending on the material of manufacture, width and thickness, such a cutting tool has a different resource. Although the design of the saw band is understandable, and the characteristics of the alloy used in its manufacture can be found in the description, the choice of such products is extremely difficult. Especially for the uninitiated in the subtleties of the woodworking buyer.

Saw blade classification

An important value when choosing the cutting part of your sawmill is the material of the tape. To date, such products are manufactured in the following form:

  • Bimetallic. Universal carbide tapes (up to 45 HRC). Due to the use of two types of metals, the working life of such products is quite high. That allows you to reduce the cost of acquiring equipment.
  • Made of tool steel. The material is affordable and durable. Sharpened teeth are also well repaired. They are most popular in the woodworking industry.
  • Of hard alloys. Used for cutting dense materials. When working with viscous and soft wood are not effective. They require a delicate attitude. How to sharpen a carbide band saw? This process is not possible without diamond equipment.

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Features of teeth of a saw tape

The number of teeth is an important parameter in choosing the blade for the sawmill. Evenness of cutting depends on this characteristic, which means the quality of the manufactured lumber. The more teeth, the better the cut. But manufacturers of such products need to find a “middle ground” between the number of teeth and their size. The larger the cutting part of the blade, the more efficient the sawmill can carry out the dissolution of the logs.

Proper use of tape

To cut a tree, you need to correctly align the teeth. There are several options for the location of the teeth. The choice in favor of a particular option depends on the density of the wood and the diameter of the log with which they work on such equipment. How to breed band saws? This can be described for a very long time. Find the diagram on the Internet and conduct the wiring according to it and the material that you will work with.

Tips for using canvases

Sharpening also influences cutting speed and quality. At home, it is difficult to sharpen the teeth. For this, special equipment is used that grinds the tape in automatic and semi-automatic mode. But with a file you can always update the factory sharpening. To do this, at a specified angle, several movements are carried out in one direction. If you often have to improve the cutting characteristics of the teeth, then purchase equipment for sharpening them. In the long run, you can save money and use the band saw longer.

An important point in the operation of the cutting tape is to monitor its stable position. You also need to make sure that the canvas is stretched correctly and that there are no defects on it.

Welding and replacing the saw blade

When replacing the cutting part of the sawmill, make sure that the equipment is disconnected from power. First lower the web tension and then loosen the setscrews. Remove the tape from the drive wheels with gloves. Do not forget to clean the sawmill from sawdust and shavings. For this purpose, you can use a construction vacuum cleaner.

Change the grease in the rotating parts of the sawmill and check the bearings. Replace the old saw blade with a new one. Hold it in place and stretch. With a correctly installed tape, the teeth look down.

During the operation of the blades, welding of the band saw at home will be periodically required. For such work, a highly qualified welder and special equipment are needed. If it is not, then you can try to do this using a welding machine. After creating the seam, the place is cleaned and the canvas is annealed. Using this procedure, the weld points are heated in order to reduce the density of the metal. This will make the junction of the edges more ductile. Which means less fragile.


Today there is a large selection of cutting blades for woodworking equipment. You can purchase such supplies of domestic manufacturers and leading foreign brands. When choosing a blade, pay attention to the materials from which it is made, the width and shape of the teeth. During operation, do not overheat the canvas. Periodically, you need to change the layout of the teeth and update their sharpening.

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