How to Reel a Fishing Line into a Trimmer: Process Features

The trimmer is one of the main tools for lawn care in the garden. Therefore, it must always be operational. Sometimes you have to change certain elements of the device. For example, gardeners find it useful to know how to wind a line on a trimmer.

How to Reel a Fishing Line into a Trimmer: Process Features

So, in order to replace the main cutting element, you must first select it correctly. In principle, the diameter of the line that should be used in it should be indicated in the instructions for the machine. The smallest value is 1.6 mm and the largest is 3.2 mm. The best option would be a fishing line with a thickness of 2 mm. In this case, you should pay attention to the power of the device.

If you have purchased the necessary cutting element, try to install it correctly. Before wrapping a fishing line on a trimmer, consider its cross-section (square, round, with pointed edges). Also remember that fishing line can only be used for mowing grass.

So, in order to replace the thread, it is necessary to disassemble the trimmer. There is nothing complicated about this. You just need to unscrew some fasteners and remove the cover under which the coil is located. We need to remove it. It is very easy to wind the line onto the reel of the trimmer. To do this, you will need about 5 meters of material, and on it you will need to mark the middle.

Now inside the reel you will find a bobbin with a slot, in which you need to insert the fishing line. After that, we begin to wind it in the direction indicated by the arrow on the body. Next, the bobbin is inserted back, and the ends of the thread are threaded into the holes on the sides of the spool.

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Before you wind the line on the trimmer, pay attention to the fact that the coil can consist of two parts. In this case, one part of the thread is wound on one side, and the second on the other. After that, it is necessary to install the coil back and fix the cover. It should be noted that it may have a left-handed thread. This is done so that the cover could not unscrew and pop off the device during operation.

Before winding the fishing line on the trimmer, you should decide on the system for feeding it: automatic, semi-automatic or manual. The second option is the most optimal. Naturally, all work should be done very carefully and carefully so as not to injure your fingers. In addition, before replacing the fishing line in the trimmer, it is necessary to clean the device from the remains of grass, dust, dirt and other debris.

In principle, there is nothing complicated in doing this procedure. However, it almost never signs in the instructions for the device, so most users have to guess for themselves how to make a replacement. The main thing. Follow the winding direction indicated by the arrows on the bobbin and reel. Naturally, one should not exert much effort to twist the apparatus so as not to break it. However, the fasteners must be strong so that the lid or reel does not fall off during operation. If you are not confident in your abilities, use the services of a knowledgeable person.