How to run a runinclock block. Why is it so necessary?

How to run a motor block correctly?

Motobobes today are almost an indispensable technique in garden work. This is a serious technique that requires the same attitude to itself. If you want it to serve you as long as possible, you should clearly follow all the recommendations for operation.

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The engine running.In, as mentioned above, is extremely important and it is necessary in order to extend the life of the equipment. This is the preparation of the machine for further work, loads. It must be carried out not only after buying a new unit, but also after you carried out serious repair.

Before the main work, you need to prepare the equipment. First you need to inspect each element, check all the mounts, the presence of damage or breakdowns. All malfunctions are eliminated immediately, otherwise unforeseen situations or even the failure of the unit can occur during the running.In.

Preparation for running.In:

  • Check all bolts and all fasteners. They must be strong and reliably twisted;
  • Season the walk.Behind tractor with gasoline, and also pour oil into it;
  • The brake and steering system should be checked before work, as well as several times during the run.In itself;
  • The steering wheel should be in the correct position;
  • Check the condition of the axes, bearings, seals, drives;
  • According to the operating manual, you must lubricate all the details with oils that require this. At the same time, this stage is done with complete cleanliness so that dust, dirt or small particles of something that could negatively affect the operation of the machine does not get into the oil.

General rules for running in motoblocks

At first, the new walk.Behind tractor is inspected, the steering wheel is set up, the brakes are checked, the steering is controlled. Put the bolts and lubricate all the details. Before the first launch, the oil level is controlled. The instructions specify important parameters:

  • Grade of oil;
  • Oil level;
  • Working time at low or medium.Speeds;
  • The level of permissible load when cultivating the soil (plowing depth, type of soil), cargo transportation.

During the running in the walk.Behind tractor, they roll an empty trolley, loosen the soil with a cutter. Each engine levels are measured for each launch of the engine. In the course of the engine, the engine is controlled, they do not perform actions at increased speeds and idle.

How to run a motor block correctly?

The running.In the unit is simply necessary. At the same time, all gear pairs are rubbed for further normal operation.

All work is carried out strictly following the operating instructions. The leadership has information about the permissible loads of a particular model of the unit.

It is important to observe a number of rules, including:

  • You need to run the motor block, observing the specified time;
  • If the depth of plowing is indicated up to 50 centimeters, then processing is performed at a depth of 30 centimeters;
  • The new walk.Behindover can be with or without flooded oil. This is an important nuance. It is important to pay attention to the selected brand of machine oil;
  • The brand of the motor is determined. There are stickers-references on it.

After filling the oil into the crankcase, you can start running in. If there are problems, an oil.Winged bolt is unscrewed to check the presence of a lubricant.

The procedure should be carried out slowly and accurately, you can not go out so as not to provoke negative consequences.

Engine running without load

After starting, let the car work five minutes at low speeds (600-800 rpm), and then increase the speed to medium (1700 rpm), until the temperature of water and oil increases. Immediately after starting, you can not increase the operation of the engine to high speeds. While the engine warms up, check so that there is no water leakage, oil or fuel; Are all indicators and devices work.

Let the engine work for 5 minutes at maximum speeds, watch the engine behavior. To complete the engine without load, you need 2-3 series of 20-25 minutes with interruptions until the engine cools completely.

At idle, the motor should work smoothly, without jerking. There may be a small vibration and tapping, but not strong. The knock will go away after running in and primary oil change. If you hear a strong knock and noise in the engine, noticed that the oil pressure in the highways has decreased, the flow of oil, fuel or water began. Stop the engine. Find out the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it. The engine is carried out only on a working machine.

Hind a walk.Behind tractor to a flat area to start running. First move in each gear for 10-20 minutes, stop the car every 30 minutes of work so that the engine cools down. Turn at low and medium speeds, slowing down in a bend. When moving with a trailer, use 5 and 6 transmission. Make variable loads.

block, necessary

Playing without load is needed for verification:

  • Engine operation;
  • Testimonies of all control devices;
  • Adjustment of the main clutch coupling;
  • Brake adjustment;
  • Axes blocking mechanism;
  • Turning on and shutdown of gears.

If the malfunctions are detected at the time of the running.In, then stop the engine, find out the cause and eliminate it.

How to run up a walk.Behind tractor

Playing diesel or gasoline motoblock is a grinding of all elements and details in its system or node. The process is performed in the mode of weak loads on average first 20 hours of car operation.

Four points adhere to the correct run:

  • The oil level in the motor is checked before starting. If there are shortages, a valve is made above the minimum mark of the probe.
  • Before starting work, the tank is refueling the fuel substance of the brand and the quality required by the operating manual.
  • Control is controlled so that the motor operates for some time at average speeds. The engine should work in each gear, starting from the first to the last.
  • During the run.In process, the new motorcycle block is tested in functional modes. They cultivate and plow soil, as well as transportation of goods in compliance with permissible loads specified by the manufacturer.

It should also be known: when the walk.Behind tractor is in place, it is forbidden to disperse the engine to full speed.

Preparation of the walk.Behind tractor for running

Previously, you need to prepare the equipment for the first launch.

The specifics of the implementation of this process:

block, necessary

All bolts and fasteners are reliable and firmly fixed;

Brake and steering systems work properly. The steering is in a standard position;

Bearings and seals in normal condition, worn parts are replaced;

Guided by the instructions for use, you need to lubricate all the elements with oil (which requires it). The process must be performed very carefully, the oil should not be contaminated.

Technical data

This walk.Behind tractor can withstand rather long and heavy loads, process the most difficult soils. This ability is provided by the engines with which the motorcycle block is equipped. Their power: 8. 10 l.With. Their manufacturers are universal fame, this is: “Honda”, Subaru ”and“ Briggs and Stratton ”. Their mass varies in values ​​from 105 to 115 kg. The process of cultivation is limited by the width of the processed zone: reaches 80. 170 cm. The depth at the same time reaches 20-22 cm. Transport dynamics is as follows: maximum 12.3 km/h.

Motoblock Neva MB 23

There are different variations of the Neva MB-23 motor block. They are reflected in the following table.

Variation Engine. Engine data.
MB-23B-8.0 I/c 8.0 (from) 4 tact. 1 cylinder. Air cooling.
MB-23B-10.0 I/c 10.0 (“Briggs and Stratton”) The same
MB-23B-8.0 pro Vangard 8.0 (Briggs and Stratton) The same
MB-23-9.0 pro EX27 9.0 ( The same
MB-23N-9.0 pro GX270 9.0 ( The same.

The versions of MB-23-9.0 and MB-23B-10.0 were won by greater thank.

The following is a table with technical information.

Parameters: DHSHHV maximum 145 x 65x 130 cm
The mass is pure maximum 105 kg
Traction at the highest load maximum 160 N (kgf),
Dynamics of movement on these wheels. Condition: ICE work within 3,000 revolutions per min per 1 km/h Initial gear: 2.51/3.14 second: 9.54/11.92 Rear movement 2.14/2.68
Working potential at external temperature, ° C Revealed according to the technical criteria for the implemented ICE
The angle of fixed resistance minimum Up to 15 degrees
Rice selection shaft (VOM) (GOST 28524-90) View of the skif. Side. The transfer is wedge.Rephid. Rotates with the same intensity as the other shaft (crankshaft).
Handing technology Wheel formula 2×2. The axis is one.
Clearance 14 cm
Clutch clutch Always off. The inclusion method is a special video for a wedge.Type belt.
The type of gearbox Mechanics, gear-cod. One gearbox may turn off.
Number of programs On the front. 4. On the back. 2.
Tire Pneumatics. Parameters: 4.0 × 10; 4.5 × 10
Air parameter in tires 4.5-10-1.50.2 kgf/cm2
View of the track Changing, controlled.
The width of the track Standard. 32 cm. In the presence of extension cages. 57 cm.
Turning radius 110 cm.
Steering gear Shtandy. You can introduce intermediate installations. Planes: horizontally and vertical.
Engine Petrol. Carburetor. 4 tact. 1 cylinder. Forced cooling with air. The presence of manual launch.
block, necessary

Fuel consumption

In the fuel capacity of this walk.Behind engineer, 3.6 liters. Fuel. The specific consumption depends on the power of the model. On average, 1- 1.6 liters are consumed per hour of fuel.

The device of the motor block and the purpose of its components

One. Gearbox. Its view is indicated in the table. It is concentrated in the body of the apparatus. Its details are lubricated by smearing oil. The rotation of the gears occurs due to the bearing. The gearbox gives the apparatus of the transmission (front and back). Due to the drive belt (it is in streams), you can get one more gear (back and front). Such oils can be poured into it:-TEP-15. It retains its qualities at temperatures from.5 ° C to 35 ° C. Corresponds to GOST 23652-79TM-15. Saves characteristics under conditions from.5 ° C to 25 ° C. Answer GOST 17479.2-85. Usually 2.2 liters are refueling in it. Oils.

Clutch system. It is equipped with a belt, a twisted return spring, a roller that has a lever, a traction and a control lever. The position of the last element is on the steering lever. If you press the levers, the video will mix and properly show the drive belt. From the ICE, the impulse will go to the driven gearbox pulley.

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Cutters. They loosen the soil. Do not create a reservoir. Positions: both gearboxes (both right and left).

Wheels. Function. Motoblock movement.

Club bracket. Connects additional equipment. Does not need an active drive.

Runblocking. Kotlin Coroutines

The limiter of the parameter (depth) of cultivation. Its position: the tail of the apparatus. It limits the depth of immersion and the dynamics of movement when working with the soil. It can be fixed at different heights. The defining factor here is the type of soil.

MOTOBLOK engine Neva MB 23

How to run up engines of different brands?

Recommendations of manufacturers on the run.In motors of current brands:

  • Honda (Honda). The engine should not work at idle for a long time so that the oil in the crankcase does not accumulate and its lubricants do not decrease. It is recommended to operate the unit in the framework of optimal speeds, observe permissible loads, adhere to frequency of use (after 5. 20 hours of operation depending on the model);
  • Subaru engine (Subaru). General recommendations include: monitoring the state of the air filtering system, spark plugs, fuel system, cylinder ribs pollution level. Accordingly, the Subaru engine does not need a special run.In;
  • Lifan (Lifan). Special device sensors will not allow the engine to start with a lack of oil. You need to run up the walk.Behind tractor at medium speed modes. The duration of the first operation in gentle mode is five to eight hours. After re.Replacing the oil is performed.

Chinese.Made engines are also often installed on modern motoblock models. Most of them are four.Stroke and with air cooling.

The grinding of Chinese.Made parts is performed as follows:

  • Denies without load and during rotation of 2500 rpm (average load mode);
  • Ten minutes of use without loads and with a rotation of 3000 rpm (mode slightly lower than high);
  • Ten minutes without load and with a rotation of 3600 rpm (at maximum speed);
  • Half an hour of operation with a small load on full gas (cultivation with a low depth of plowing);
  • Half an hour of use with an average load on full gas (the average recess of milling cutters during cultivation).

At this stage of the runway of the walk.Behind tractor can be considered completed. To understand the difference, idle. 1200 revolutions per minute.

General instructions for running engines are suitable for other popular brands: Neva, Shnnli, centaur, etc.D.