How to start a carver saw correctly. Maintenance:

How to start a Carver saw properly

By design, all models of modern chainsaws are a mechanism launched by an internal combustion engine. This is usually a single.Cylinder two.Stroke version in which there is no classic gearbox. Its function is performed by a single.Stage chain gear, which drives the saw headset. The main components of the chainsaw design:

start, carver, correctly, maintenance
  • Membrane carburetor;
  • Ignition;
  • Fuel system;
  • Starter;
  • Air purification unit;
  • Chain and tire;
  • Circuit brake (contact and inertial);
  • Tension mechanism;
  • Lubrication system.

Figure 1. External device of the chainsaw

The chainsaws are equipped with a clutch of the centrifugal type, which automatically works depending on the engine speed. With sufficient power, special elements are pressed to the inside of the drum, putting the leading star in motion. The advantage of such a mechanism. When jaming a saw in the cut, the clutch begins to slip, reducing the risk of a breakdown of internal mechanisms.

Important! ICE in chainsaws has maximum speed up to 13.5 thousand. In a minute. The quality of his work directly depends on the fuel mixture, oil.

Как починить электропилу \ Останавливается под нагрузкой \ Saws repair \ Замена пружины, шестерёнки

Distinctive features of the factory of different brands

In some models, the launch system may differ slightly. The main difference in the location of the main elements on the case (the presence or absence of a primer, the number of bolts for stretching the circuit and others), as well as in the proportion of the preparation of the fuel mixture. After acquiring the tool, you should carefully read the instructions that always indicate the algorithm of the first launch, running.In and frequency of preventive measures.

Important! The constructive elements of Chinese chainsaws are especially common. When choosing such a tool, you should check in advance the availability of detailed instructions.

Features of starting with a cold and hot engine

To start the engine, several processes occur at the same time in the device at the same time. The supply of the fuel mixture to the engine piston begins, it is compressed and ignited from the spark of the candle. In this case, the quality of the air mixture differs when starting with cold and hot ICE.

If in a preheated state a normal level of air is sufficient, then in cold form it is not enough. In such a situation, it is required to pull the starter many times, which leads to wear of his cable. To adjust the supply of air mass in the carburetor there is a special damper. In cold weather, it must be completely opened, if necessary, pump up fuel directly into the carburetor using a primer. This will accelerate the launch of the chainsaw and reduce the risk of breakdown of its main components.

Features of launch in winter

Before starting work in winter, the chainsaw is recommended first to be brought into a warm room for 10-15 minutes. If this is not possible, start the tool at idle, extending the air damper to the middle position. Strengthen the engine power only after preliminary heating. Some models have the possibility of switching air intake in summer and winter mode. This is the optimal solution if you often work in the forest at any time of the year.

Checking the chain tension

To check the tension of the chain on the saw set, just pull it with your fingers in the middle part of the tire. The shanks of the links with proper installation should not exit the grooves by more than a third of the length. The circuit should calmly move along the tire without severe efforts, if the movement is difficult. The tension should be loosened.

It is easy to adjust the voltage of this element in the chainsaws with the help of a special lamb bolt on the case. Some models have two bolts, less often the key is required. Before the start of operation, you should carefully read the instructions.

Как подготовить топливную смесь?

How to start a chainsaw?

Most European models have a launch system and a starter have a similar device, a mechanism of operation. Exception. Old chainsaws of domestic production (Ural, forester). On the case there is a handle through which a cable is missed. If you raise it, the cable adheses with the drum of the ratchet mechanism, several revolutions of the crankshaft occur. At the same time, the fuel emission and its ignition using a candle occur, after which the chainsaw starts the launch of. To simplify the start in high.Quality models of the chainsaws, the following mechanisms can be implemented:

  • Installation of the damper in a carburetor for preliminary enrichment of the fuel mixture;
  • Decompression valve that reduces the operating pressure in the engine cylinder;
  • The spring, which during the movement of the cable simplifies the unwinding of the crankshaft;
  • An additional pump for pumping fuel (usually found in American manufacturers).

The starter is constantly subjected to dynamic load. Because of this, he can at any moment fail right during the launch. With frequent operation of the saw, it is recommended to carry out prevention at least once a year. The replacement of the cord in the starter is recommended only together, since it is required to reliably fix the spring.

How to start a chainsaw of the carver 241, overview of the Carver RSG 241 chainsaw. The launch of the chainsaw.

Carver RSG 241 chainsaw review, equipment, maintenance, operation. In this video you will see how to properly start the Carver RSG 241 chainsaw and similar saws differing from the STIHL chainsaw. How to start a chainsaw of a calm will be shown in another video, as I drank a calm to start a little different. What actions need to be performed to start a chainsaw. 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Video how to start a chainsaw carver 241, overview of the chainsaw Carver RSG 241. The launch of the chainsaw. Channel the best in the world of technology and tools

start, carver, correctly, maintenance

Key principles of work

The chainsaw is always held with both hands, tightly squeezing the hilt with all the fingers (the thumb of the left hand should be located under the front handle). Put the saw closer to the body. So the hands of the hands will be less tired (you do not need to be afraid of the proximity of the saw). In addition, in this position it will be easier to maintain balance and maintain full control over the process.

The legs must be placed widely, bending at the knees for stability, but the back should be kept even. If the master needs to change the situation, he must first turn off the engine by activating the brake. If you need to move the chainsaws a considerable distance, it is recommended to cover the tire with a casing.

Learning to use a chainsaw at first is better on horizontal, not too thick logs. When confidence and strength in your hands is felt, you can learn a roll of trees. To cut logs or bars evenly, you need to make marks with a pencil and then gradually move along these marks. Well, if there is an opportunity to see how experienced sawers work.

The stage of preparation

Before cutting down the tree, it is worth making sure that the surrounding objects (railway rails, buildings, power lines, vehicles and so on) will not suffer as a result of the fall of the trunk). There should not be anything superfluous at a distance of two lengths of the sawn tree in any direction. In addition, if the place is crowded, then it is necessary to use warning signs. This is a prerequisite.

It ultimately depends on this in which direction the barrel will fall. Especially careful should be with a rotten, dry tree. It can lead itself unpredictable for the lumberjack and fall not as planned. You can determine the damaged tree by external signs (dry branches, damaged barrel). Experienced rollers determine the quality of wood tapping on the barrel. A healthy tree “rings”, the patient has a deaf sound or is not heard.

The earth around the tree must be cleaned of bushes and other overgrows. This is another important preparatory action. It is necessary to remove everything that can interfere with the safe departure of the master with a chainsaw during the roll

How to saw

The treatment procedure itself usually occurs in this way. The lumberjack rises to the right of the barrel and makes the guide ahead on the side of the natural tilt at a 45-degree angle to a depth of about a quarter of the diameter of the tree. This file should be as low as possible. It will be easier to tie the barrel (and the stump will not be too high). It is also worth it to keep in mind that it fed as it indicates in which direction the tree will subsequently fall to the ground.

A horizontal cut is made on the opposite side of the tree after this. The main gross drinking. There should be some short distance between him and the inclined sawing file. This gap is needed so that the tree does not collapse before the term.

In the course of work, it is necessary to track where the barrel rolls in order to have time to react if something goes wrong. When the tree begins to fall, you need to quickly remove the chainsaw from the cut, turn off the motor and leave a dangerous place.

If, hooking with a roll after another trunk, the tree did not fall to the end, then professional assistance will be required. Leave it unattended, as well as to independently try to rectify the situation, it is forbidden to.

There are times when the tire of the chainsaw is stuck in the trunk. No need to panic and tear it out sharply, especially if the tool is in working condition. First of all, you need to stop the engine. And then you should manually tilt the barrel a little until the chainsaw is slipped.

How to start a chainsaw with a valve of decompression

Before you start a chainsaw on which a decompression valve is installed, it is necessary to enable it. I would like to note that there is no decompression valve on the file of a calf 250.

After the first outbreak passes, the valve will be installed in normal operation, respectively, after the engine control lever is installed in the open air damper and the launch continues, it is necessary to press the decompression valve again.

Schematically, valve operation is shown in the figure below.

Запуск бензопилы CARVER HOBBY HSG 145 15

In fact, the valve does not launch faster, it just simplifies the process and makes it more comfortable, t.To. For the launch, a person will have to apply much less effort.

Cumbbound device

The basis of the plant of this kind of model, indeed, all other chainsaws are a carburetor. But since we are talking today about the chainsaw of Shtil 180, he will not leave the topic. So. The carburetor in this model has a single screw, That is, this is a kind of screw of settings for the stroke of idle. While the jacket of the fully equipped load is in a stationary state.

In simple words we can say that it simply cannot be adjusted (see. Here), while the adjustment of the full load simply cannot change. It is important that the carburetor itself at the factory was configured in such a way that, regardless of the fact of which the direct operation of the chainsaw is carried out, the air-fuel mixture is brought to the engine itself.

Launch of a cold engine

With a heated engine, the saw starts without using the damper. Follow the above instructions, skipping points regarding the damper. If the engine starts with difficulty, half open the throttle. The half.Open position is achieved by using the lever of the damper, after which the lever is returned to its original position.

How to set up a carburetor on a Carver chainsaw

Holoid adjustment with a screw T always costs separately. If the Carver chainsaw engine stalls at idle, the reason for this may be:

  • Poor spark plug;
  • Loss of compression due to critical wear of the piston system;
  • Bad fuel;
  • Poor carburetor operation, not related to adjustment;
  • Paraffin filters in the tank and carburetor.

For the same reasons, the Carver chainsaw engine can work poorly not only on idle, but in general it does not pull, does not develop revolutions, stalls when the gas handle is pressed, etc.D. Therefore, first you need to try to deal with these reasons. And lastly, if the problems are not resolved, you can try to increase the idle speed by turning the screw t clockwise.

  • If the engine does not start at all on idle precisely because of the adjustment violation, the screw T is twisted at 1/2 or 3/4 revolutions and the engine is started.
  • Then they are regulated by ear with the engine, observing all safety measures. (With a strong increase in revolutions, the chain of the chainsaw may begin to rotate, and this is dangerous).
  • If the chain is spinning in idle, the screw T is unscrewed to the position in which the engine on idle works confidently and does not stall, and the chain does not spin.

Then check the operation of the chainsaw engine in all modes. If it works stable on idle, but stalls when gas is pressed. A sure sign of a lack of fuel supply to the combustion chamber. With good operation of all systems, clean filters and a nozzle, the reason is most likely a violation of the adjustment of the screw L.

  • It is also better to adjust it on the warned engine of the Carver chainsaw, screwing it for 1/4 turnover and trying to gamut.
  • If the supply of fuel is too abundant, the engine will work as in idle when the handle position is positioned. This means that the screw L is twisted too much and it is necessary to twist it back in 1/4 turnover, trying to give gas.

If, after adjusting the screw l, the Carver engine does not give out the power necessary for operation, you can carefully try to increase the maximum speed adjustment of the screw N.

It is also regulated by the engine, but in the position of “gas for the whole”. Extremely carefully, at 1/5, 1/6 part of the turning the screw is screwed and listened to the engine operation.

An increase in the ceiling of the revolutions can several extend the duration of the old chainsaw with a worn piston. Weak compression is compensated by a greater supply of the mixture at maximum speed.

Professional adjustment of the screw N is carried out using a tachometer to determine the ceiling of revolutions and oscilloscope to control the frequency of flashes on the candle. The compression is preliminarily checked.

After adjusting the screw N, a change in work in other modes may occur. Therefore, it will be necessary to try out work in all modes and, if necessary, slightly adjust the adjustment by screws l and t.

It is not always worth doing this for the following reasons:

  • With a strong twisting, the sharp end of the screw can destroy a jacket of loose powder bronze in cheap chainsaws, and this is a breakdown.
  • 1.45-1.5 turns from “to the end” may not correspond to the old position of the screws in which the chainsaws still worked until the last, and real factory settings.

Therefore, it is necessary to regulate on the basis of the position “as it was” for no more than 1/4 turnover per appointment. It is important to remember how much and in which direction the position of the screw was changed.

If you still need to wrap the screw “to the end”, they consider the number of revolutions from the position “as it was”, this will make it possible to return the settings to the previous position. Tighten “to the end” you need to effortlessly.

General principles of independent settings of the carburetor of the chainsaw are presented in the following video:

Chainsaw Preparations for work

How to use a chainsaw: step.By.Step annotation

The owner of a personal house, a cottage in another summer cottage sometimes need to create wood cuts. In this case, you need to purchase special equipment. Chainsaw Sometimes it is inconspicuous inventory. So Job It took place rapidly and non.Hazardous, before the operation of the equipment, you need to join the detailed annotation of this process.

How to use a chainsaw, you need to know each master. If you do not make the rules discussed by the manufacturer of similar equipment, the highest risk of production injuries appears. Therefore, before operation, the subtleties of the equipment should certainly be carefully seen to our client.

Equipment features

Starting the study of the issue of how to use the chainsaw “Khuskvarna”, “Calm“,” Friendship “or other varieties of such equipment, you need to think about especially every tool. Our client remains the existing varieties conditionally divide into three groups.

The first class includes household appliances. They are used in personal operation in the performance of a small volume of work. Such chainsaws have low power. However, for the home master of such multifunctional abilities there will be many. These are relatively cheap and light equipment.

Semi.Professional chainsaws allow you to bring down trees. Applying them also create a system or repair work. The working time of the tool does not exceed 8 hours during the day.

Profic chainsaws are able to work up to 16 hours per day. Their continuous operation is achieved by 9 hours. This is expensive, heavy equipment. Of course, choose it only to purchase a special company, enterprises.

Features of domestic chainsaws

Russian instrument has certain design features. In order to correctly operate them, you need to study the device of chainsaws. The most all-terrified instruments of this category are “friendship”, “friendship-altai” and “Ural”. They are in the field for a long time.

To realize how to use the chainsaw “friendship” and other brands, you need to see their device. The equipment has an engine and clutch clutch, and a gearbox is also found. The saw apparatus. To be able to manage the work of the starter, special structural elements are provided.

The power system has a gas tank, carburetor and a crane. Samotek fuel enters the gas pipeline with an open crane in the carburetor. Removable starter launches the engine. These accounting systems work properly to ensure the usual functioning of the equipment.

Features of foreign chainsaws

Very popular are the chainsaws of the brands “Khuskvarna” and “Shtil” are now. Their device is similar to Russian types of tools. But in their device there are several features. They should be studied, ahead of time before using the chainsaw “Shtil” or “Khuskvarna”.

The presented equipment of foreign companies is relatively small in weight. This makes work significantly more comfortable. The Khuskvarna has a gasoline suction function. This is well suited if the situation has occurred when the gasoline ended and the engine stalled. With subsequent refueling, this function will allow the saw to start a saw.

“Calm»Has a quick.Removable cover, which is practical if the passage of filling the candle with gasoline. Devices with a lid on bolts cause certain difficulties. In this case, the fasteners must be performed using only 1 screw. Foreign equipment is characterized by a huge set of additional functions. But the operating rules for all varieties of chainsaws are common.

Training tool

Considering how to correctly use a chainsaw, you should start with a detailed study of the manufacturer annotation. The subtleties of equipment operation remains here to be indicated by our client.

Before starting work, the tool needs to be checked. Start by tension of the chain. For this purpose, you are pulled by the upper link. In the correct version, the shank leaves the groove for a few mm. At the same time, the lower section of the chain should not sag. Otherwise, the chain should be pulled. After which it should stretch just. Strong tension is also unacceptable.

Chainsaw STIHL (Calm). How to use

How to refuel it true. What oil to use. Principle work. How to start correctly. A little story.

The handle of the inertial brake should not in contact with the main handle. Otherwise, when the saw is working, the clutch will shift. Elementary primary check can significantly reduce the likelihood of equipment breakdown.


Considering how to use the STIHL, Jonshed, Husqvarna, Partner and other models, you should pay attention to the refueling process. Almost all of the devices presented have a two.Stroke engine. He is not able to work on a pure gasoline mixture. Therefore, fuel is prepared from certain components.

To prepare fuel, you need to take 1 liter of gasoline 20 g of engine oil. Gasoline should be A92 for domestic tools and A95 for expensive foreign models. The recommendations for the choice are indicated in the instructions by the manufacturer.

Motor oil should be specially designed for a chainsaw. Ordinary car varieties in this case are not suitable. In a plastic container, you need to stir oil with gasoline. The resulting mixture must be poured into the tank. Its hole is indicated by the gas stitching icon. The neck of the container for the oil is indicated by a drop.

Lubrication of the chain

For the equipment to work for a long time, and its functioning is of high quality, it is necessary to periodically add grease for the chain.

Most often, manufacturers recommend using only branded oils. If the user decides to use a different tool, you can replace a special lubricant with car varieties.

The viscosity of such a product must correspond to the level indicated by the manufacturer.

After choosing the correct lubrication, you need to understand how to use a measuring container for a chainsaw. The marks are located near the neck of the gas tank. When working with the equipment presented, it is necessary to periodically control the oil level inside the saw.

Carver RSG-38-16K chainsaw review

For lubrication, special oil for gasoline 2-stroke engines is selected. Gasoline is used with an octane number 92. It is advisable not to use low.Quality gasoline, as this can lead to premature breakdown of the saw. The proportions in which you need to mix the fuel mixture are indicated on the oil packaging. As a rule, it is taken for 1 liter of gasoline and 0.025 l of oil.

You can’t use the saw categorically:

  • On one gasoline, since due to insufficient lubrication, the engine will quickly fail.
  • Season with diesel fuel, since you can damage the rubber and plastic parts.
  • Pour oil not intended for 2 stroke engines, because it can clog the exhaust opening, the piston rings will be jammed.
  • Pour the mixtures that have exhausted the expiration date, t.E. They prepared a month ago.

Basic set of chainsaw STIHL:

The modern range of products of STIHL:

  • Chainsaws;
  • Electric saws;
  • Garden trimmers;
  • Boisters;
  • Lawn mowers;
  • Drills, as well as battery equipment;
  • Motoburs, manual garden and country instrument;
  • Equipment for workers and garden work, protective equipment;
  • Multi and combi systems for garden work;
  • Cleaning technique and saws for concrete.

STIHL chain of chainsaws

The ribbons are divided into several large categories: for home use or household, chainsaws for trees care, chainsaws for gardening and agriculture, chainsaws for forestry.

Household chainsaws calm

  • MS 170 KW1.3/1.8 liter power.With;
  • MS 180, KW power 1.5/2 l.With;
  • MS 180 C BE, KW power 1.5/2 l.With;
  • Ms 181, power kW1.5/2 l.With;
  • MS 181 c be, KW power 1.5/2 l.With;
  • MS 211, KW1.7/2.3 liter power.With;
  • MS 211 C Be, KW power 1.7/2.3 liters.With;
  • MS 230, KW power 2/2.7 liters.With;
  • MS 230 C BE, KW power 2/2.7 liters.With;
  • MS 250, KW power 2.3/3.1 liters.With;
  • MS 250 C BE, KW power 2.3/3.1 liters.With. (the model is implemented without a cutting headset).

Calborne chainsaws for use in forestry

  • STIHL MS 241 C M, KW power 2.3/3.1 liters.With;
  • STIHL MS 260, KW power 2.6/3.5 liters.With;
  • STIHL MS 261 C MQ, KW power 3/4.1 liter.With;
  • STIHL MS 361, KW power 3.2-3.4 liters.With. Or kW 4.4-4.6 liters.With
  • STIHL MS 362 C M, KW power 3.5/4.8 liters.With;
  • STIHL MS 441 C m, KW power 4.2/5.7 liters.With;
  • STIHL MS 461, KW power 4.4/6 l.C (novelty from the manufacturer Shtil);
  • STIHL MS 462 C M, KW power 4.4/6 l.With;
  • STIHL MS 651, KW power 5/6.8 liters.With;
  • STIHL MS 661, KW power 5.4/7.3 liters.With;
  • STIHL MS 661 C M, KW power 5.4/7.3 liters.With;
  • STIHL MS 880, KW power 6.4/8.7 liters.With.

Top models of chainsaw STIHL

Due to a large assortment of STIHL chainsaws, it is difficult to highlight all the most popular. According to the owners, we can conclude that the chainsaws of such models are used by a well.Deserved recognition:

  • MS 271 STIHL;
  • STIHL MS 880;
  • Shtil 120;
  • Motopila Shtil MS 210;
  • STIHL MS 291 saw;
  • Shtil 220;
  • Shtil 450;
  • STIHL 350;
  • Shtil 440;
  • MS 5200 STIHL;
  • Motopila Shtil 108;
  • STIHL MS 241 C M;
  • Shtil 200;
  • Shtil 290;
  • Saw Shtil MS 341;
  • Shtil 181.

Rules for the operation of the Shtil saw:

  • DREAM DRIVELY OF THE SALE in protective equipment;
  • The operation of the chainsaw should begin after the period of the runaway (the terms of the running.In from 5 to 7 hours), until the completion of the run.In, it is forbidden to work with a saw at maximum speeds. Only in moderate load mode;
  • Be sure to turn off the chainsaw before putting it;
  • Before starting, make sure that the chainsaw is in good condition and refuel;
  • The ratio of mixing oil and gasoline is 1:40, this proportion is recommended for the most effective engine function, gasoline should be diluted with oil in the correct ratio, according to the instructions;
  • It is necessary to refuel a chainsaw with fresh fuel every four weeks;
  • Perform the cut according to the instructions. Longitudinally or by the lateral part of the tire, do not try to press on the saw blade when working, but only direct the chainsaw.
start, carver, correctly, maintenance

STIHL Elastostar EMATIC Lubrication System of Quickstop brake for instant stopping circuit


  • Every day, according to the norms, it is performed. Inspection of the device for damage, cleaning the air filter, lubrication of the tire and circuit, once a month the condition of the candle, ignition system is controlled, the fuel filter is cleaned, the fresh fuel mixture is prepared, and the carburetor adjustment is prepared;
  • The chain must be pulled as weakened if the chain is blown and no longer is sharpened, replace it with a new one, the chain tension is adjusted to the outer side edge of the chainsaw body. To sharpen the chain, you can use a special machine or contact specialists.
  • Download the operating manual STIHL 211-Ms
  • Shtil-170 chainsaw instructions
  • Download the operating manual STIHL 660-ms

The main malfunctions of the stamp brand and ways to eliminate them

  • Classopyl Shtil refuses to start. Reason: Fuel, air filter is clogged, not enough fuel mixture. Elimination: cleanse the filters, add the fuel mixture, monitor the quality of the fuel, this contributes to better operation of the device.
  • The chainsaw does not work at full power, makes extraneous sounds, for example, knocking or rattling. Reason: Carburetor adjustment is required. Elimination: conduct an adjustment of the carburetor in the service if you drank under warranty.
  • The chainsaw stopped gaining power. Reason: problems with the piston group, you need to adjust the carburetor. Elimination: Check the condition of the engine, carburetor and fuel filter, as well as ignition systems.

Step.By.Step instructions. How to make the right run.In

Before starting to work with this device, namely imported production, it is necessary to conduct initial processing. First of all, through such a manipulation, you can normalize the correct operation of the engine. And the second important advantage is that you simply learn to handle the tool itself.

So, let’s actually deal with yourselfThe process of running your new chainsaw.

  • First of all, what you have to do is prepare a kind of mixture on which your device will work. To do this, you need oil and gasoline. But remember that to prepare such lubricants, you must use exclusively proprietary products.
  • In order to know which manufacturer, the oil is suitable for the model of your tool, you simply need to look into the instruction that is attached to each chainsaw model where everything is described in detail.
  • It is worth noting that During the preparation of this mixture, you must precisely follow all the proportions. Since the number of the octane, which applies to gasoline you used, should not exceed the indicator: 90. An exceptional moment can only be if this kind of change in the number is spelled out in the instructions itself.
  • Actually, let’s start the question of how to run a chainsaw correctly.

How to Saw Correctly. Tips and tricks with a Japanese Pull saw

Airy damper lever

For example, it can be a lever of the air damper or stop button. In addition, it is very important to first check the same position in the inertial brake. Since it should be turned off. It is worth noting that when it is turned off, the chain can be extended freely without much effort on the tire. But remember that you must produce this manipulation, exclusively protecting your hands through the use of gloves.

It is worth noting that it is extremely desirable to show their device to specialists at least once a year working in this kind of service center so that they determine in what condition your tool is at the moment and check the carburetor.

Carver RSG-45-18K chainsaw-parameters and equipment

The basic configuration of this tool includes a reliable 2-stroke motor that meets EPA EU-II standards. The motor is highlighted by a modest expenses of fuel and low noise level.

To launch the internal combustion engine in the device device, a simple but very reliable hand starter is provided. A compulsory air supply system is responsible for cooling the cylinder.

The characteristics of this chainsaw Carver include:

  • Power. 2.5 l. With.;
  • The recommended length of the tire used is 15–18 “;
  • The number of cutting links of the chain is 72;
  • The mass in the form ready for work is 6.7 kg.

Carver 45 18k chainsaws are equipped with a metal card, which extends the life of bearings and crankshaft nests and nests.

Preparation of fuel mixture for chain saw.

Since the manufacturer puts two.Stroke engines that do not provide for a separate lubrication of rubbing parts on most chain saws available to the consumer, it is very important to prepare the correct fuel mixture when running. It is prepared from gasoline and two.Stroke engine oil in a certain proportion recommended by the plant by the manufacturer of the chainsaw

What gasoline to take for the fuel mixture?

The basis is taken by gasoline with an octane number of at least 90. For Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, the AI-92 brand is the best fuel option. Avoid the use of dubious types of fuel, as well as the use of any additives that increase the octane number. Over time, additives lose their properties, and gasoline becomes low.Blade.

The use of fuel with a low octane number when running and operating a chain chainsaw causes uneven operation of the engine and tapping it. In this case, there is an increase in the temperature of the motor and an increase in the load on the indigenous bearings. Imaginary savings most often leads to the failure of the cylinder-piston group requiring significant means to restore it.

Often the newly made chainsaw owners, the question arises what gasoline to pour in the tank of the instrument: ethylated or uneashed? Ethyl fuel is used to start the engine without a catalyst. If your saw with a catalyst (a green gas tank cover), then use an inequilled type of fuel.

What kind of oil is used in the fuel mixture, and in what proportions?

For both running.In and for the constant operation of the chainsaw, two.Stroke engine oil is used. If you do not want to take risks and experiment, then purchase a lubricant recommended by the manufacturers of the tool. As a rule, for them, fuel and lubricants make large companies to order. This allows the manufacturer of chain saws and other benzo.Tools to guarantee the proper start and trouble.Free operation of their products.

Since the branded oil for chainsaws Husqvarna, STIHL, Partner, Oregon, Jonsred are based from one barrel, you can run into the tool any of these

At the same time, it is very important to consider the recommendations both on the instructions for the oils and the recommendations of manufacturers of chain saws. Using branded fuel and lubricants, in the preparation of the fuel mixture, adhere to the instructions for the operation of the benzo tool

Recommended fuel and lubricants in fuel preparation
Circrated chainsaws Proportion Gasoline, (liters) Oil, (liters)
Husqvarna up to 1.5 kW 1:40 one 0.025
Husqvarna over 1.5 kW 1:50 one 0.020
STIHL up to 1.5 kW 1:40 one 0.025
STIHL over 1.5 kW 1:50 one 0.020
Partner 1:40 one 0.025
Partner 1:33 one 0.030

In the absence of branded oils, you can run into a new chainsaw using the lubricants of third.Party manufacturers of the JASOFB or ISOEGB class. According to the instructions, the ratio of components is taken from the rate of 1:33. At the same time, the manufacturer of the tool does not recommend taking four.Stroke engine oils and two.Stroke for boat.Cooled boat engines, labeling as TCW.

Preparing the fuel mixture for the rolled chainsaw should be in a clean container designed to store fuel and lubricants.

  • Pour into a container a half portion of the necessary gasoline;
  • Add the required amount of oil;
  • Gently mix the components;
  • Pour the remaining gasoline and mix.

Where they produce

The trademark of the Carver (Carver) belongs to the eastern industrial company (VIK), which is located in g. Khabarovsk. Accurate address: ul. Luga house 10. By order of Vic Vic, the Carver is collected at the factory in China, such a policy allows minimizing production costs, which means to reduce the final cost of the chainsaw.

VIC experts control the quality of products at all stages of production, starting with the purchase of materials and ending with the sending of a batch of finished products to wholesale customers.

Also, Chinese partners produce spare parts that the company imports into the territory of the Russian Federation and spreads through established sales channels. There are no problems with the purchase of spare parts for chain saws of the Carver in our country, spare parts are always available and you can buy them in any corner of our country, even in the most remote regions.

Device and operating instructions

Before use, it is better to read and study the technical documentation, reviews and instructions in detail to avoid injuries, injuries and equipment breakdown.

During operation, special attention should be paid to the chain, because over time it tends to lengthen it. In this regard, it is regularly necessary to check its tension in order to avoid moments when the chain suddenly jumps off the tire and can injure the operator

Fuel and oil are poured exclusively into a cooled tool. The fuel mixture is prepared with clear observance of the ratio of oil and gasoline AI-92. Oil must be used special for two.Stroke engines.

According to reviews, very often users of the chaver of the PSG45 15 chainsaw are found with the problem of a tight brake and with the fact that the saw simply does not start. In fact, this problem is easy to independently eliminate by configuring the gap between the ignition coil.

User reviews

For introductory purposes, we give examples of real reviews left by visitors through the form of Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Review from Eugene: “What really liked is that the chainsaw is started without any effort. One has only to pull. It saws quite briskly. Log diameter up to 40 cm easily. At this price. A completely indispensable apparatus on my garden plot “.

Review from Maxim: “The quality of plastic could be better. But this is a question for the manufacturer, not to the designers. There are no big complaints. The unit works well. In general, the price is really acceptable “.