How to start a huskvarna saw. How to set up a carburetor?

How to get a Huskvarna saw: how to start a Huskvarna saw. Husqvarna saw instructions

Husqvarna 142 e chain. This is a light, easy.To.Circuit, a universal saw for use in everyday life, intended for a more demand consumer. The new starter spring mechanism allows you to make a chainsaw extremely easy. Husqvarna 142e chainsaw meets the most stringent safety requirements, simplicity in circulation and ergonomics, in no way inferior in this professional saw. Can be used for work in the garden and in the yard, as well as for the roll of forest.

  • Absorption of vibration, as well as handles isolated from the motor
  • Air centrifugal system for long intervals between filter cleaning, uninterrupted operation and reduction of wear
  • Curved front handle to achieve better capture and natural work pose
  • Narrow building, a high center of gravity and a flat bottom make a chainsaw extremely convenient to operate
  • Double.Acting chain brake, a protective shield for the right hand and the chain limiter increase the safety of working with a saw
  • Forged three.Section crankshaft, designed to maximize the service life and is intended for operation in the most difficult conditions
  • Low noise
  • The low weight of all moving details of the Husqvarna 142e motor involves quick acceleration

Here you can always buy a Huskvarna chainsaw 142, as well as chains, candles, butter, sharpening tools and other accessories for working with it

Technical characteristics of the Khuskvarna model 137

Among the advantages of the chainsaw of Khuskvarna 137, solid technical characteristics are distinguished.

  • Power. 2.18 liters. With.;
  • Maximum torque. 13000 rpm;
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 370 ml;
  • The capacity of the tank for oil is 190 ml;
  • The recommended tire length is 33–38 cm;
  • Chain step. 0.325 “;
  • Mass with a cutting element. 5 kg.

Thanks to the good characteristics of the chainsaw of Huskvarn 137, it can be used not only in private farms, but also on the forest roll. The tool is good to cope with cutting branches, removing the clearing of old shrubs and cutting trees, a pillar diameter of up to 40 cm.

A set of model delivery

The Swedish company Husqvarna supplies the 365th model along with everything necessary for the assembly and repair of the tool.

The setting of the chainsaw includes:

  • Branded tire, 18 ”and a groove width 1.5 mm;
  • Saw chain with 3/8 pitch ”and a width of the shank 1.5 mm;
  • Operating instructions in Russian.

If necessary, the buyer can order an additional chain for the Husqvarna 365 chainsaw, tire, branded oil for 2-stroke engines, as well as equipment for sharpening the circuit.

Why not start and what to do

Among the malfunctions of the Huskvarn chainsaw, the engine is highlighted. The motor is either completely impossible to start, or it starts poorly.

When asked why the chainsaw is not started, there is no unequivocal answer. The main assembly unit of the tool is the engine. The stability of the work is influenced by the following conditions:

For each factor, his working knot is responsible:

  • For the combustible mixture. Carburetor;
  • For the air. The cleaning system, in particular, an air filter;
  • For a spark. Ignition and candle mechanism;
  • Lubricant. Lubricant and gasoline.

The common reason that the chainsaws are not starting is referring to the non.Compliance of the launch algorithm. The motor unit should be launched only after the full assembly of all parts:

The brake of the chain is always turned on. In order not to lose control of the tool, you can not start in the air.

The launch of the motor in the cold state is carried out as follows:

The chainsaw guy shop talk Husqvarna 51 55 chainsaw linkage repair 8 28

  • Put the tool on the ground, step on the back handle with the right foot, the left hand is located on the front handle.
  • The saw is in a stable state, the chain does not apply to the soil.
  • Take the starter handle with the right hand, pull the cord, while it is not twisted around the hand.
  • As soon as the first outbreak occurs, they return the lever of the air damper to the initial position, opening it, and repeat the start.
  • Gas and release. The lock is turned off.
  • They transfer the engine to idle speed due to the Rapid shutdown of the gas limiter.

The launch of a warm engine is carried out in the same sequence, but without opening the damper.

If the start is produced correctly, but the engine does not work, the possible reason is the absence of fuel in the tank, or the fuel chamber of the carburetor is not filled. Check the tank and the camera, fill them with the mixture.

If the incendiary system is faulty, the candle is inspected and checked for the presence of spark on the electrodes. If it is wet (gasoline floods the candle), and the spark is not detected, the part is turned, dried or changed. If it is dry, the spark is present, then the problems in fuel equipment are clogging, depressurization of the gas intake.

Magneto malfunctions are also confirmed by a weak spark. Despite the ignition, there may be no outbreak in the cylinder, while a candle turned out of the cylinder, wet. The method of elimination is the purge of the cylinder with open carburetor shutters.

The electrodes of the system are covered with soot or oiled. This is eliminated using a metal brush. The candle is washed, cleaned, giving gas to evaporate.

Violation of the gap between the side and central electrodes leads to a poor start. Normal interval indicator-0.6-0.7 mm. It is adjusted by the bending method.

In case of damage to the ceramic insulator surrounding the central candle, or live cores of wires, the wires are replaced.

If it starts and stalls

Huskvarna chainsaw starts and stalls when pressing gas. This leads the jacket of the carburetor jacket and the contamination of the fuel tank filter. The defect is eliminated as follows:

The next reason why the chainsaws stall is pollution of the muffler with exhaust resins. The issue is solved by cleaning.

Distance of piston rings affects the work of the cylinder.Piston group. In the presence of a backlash during the audit, the details are replaced.

When starting the engine, the unit may also stall:

start, huskvarna, carburetor
  • With increased dryness, the channels supplying oil are cleaned, the elements of the connection of the fittings with the tubes are examined;
  • When oil leaks in the connecting points or the presence of cracks on the tubes are sealed with sealant.
  • If the piston rings in the grooves are buried;
  • With the wear and elasticity of the rubber sealing of the crankcase;
  • Leakage of the cylinder connection to the carder;
  • Due to improper installation of the ignition force angle;
  • As a result of contamination of the ribs of the cylinder and the fan lattress;
  • With strong load immediately after buying a new engine.

Why the ribbon does not start hot. Why is the chainsaws badly starting

Consider each reason in more detail.

Fuel and air filter

Pollution of the main filter elements of the chainsaw, adversely affect its work.

For example, a dirty air filter will provide air supply to the carburetor in full, which will affect the quality of the fuel mixture and normal engine start. Fuel filter pollution will make it difficult, or even reduce the supply of gasoline to the carburetor and make the engine to work impossible.

Reduced compression

One of the frequent cases of the difficulty starting of the chainsaw is the wear of the CPG (cylinder.Piston group).

CORRECT WAY To Adjust Or Tune The Carburetor On A Chainsaw

As you know, for the normal launch of the chainsaw in its engine, compression should be present. It is necessary for the normal compression of the fuel mixture in the engine cylinder, it also affects the operation of the gasoline pump.

During the operation of the tool, the value of the compression indicator falls, and the chainsaw begins to start poorly.

The reasons for the lack of compression, or its decrease, can be natural, t.To. The engine wear out during operation. Problems can also be caused by serious breakdown, for example, Zadir CPG, or breakdown of a piston ring.

A sign of reduced compression is the weak resistance of the starter during the start. With reduced compression, a decrease in the power of the chainsaw is observed, which negatively affects its performance. The problem of replacing piston rings, or completely CPH, is eliminated.

Carburetor adjustment

Not correct adjustment of the carburetor will cause the chainsaw will not develop full power. It will be bad to start, or not start at all. The setting of the carburetor directly affects the quality of the fuel.Air mixture, which is necessary for normal starting and further engine operation.

If the carburetor is improperly adjusted, the fuel with the air will be present more, or less gasoline than required, and the mixture will not be ignited even with normal sparking.

Excess gasoline in the mixture, it is customary to call overflow. Characteristic signs of overflow, it is a wet spark plug, after several unsuccessful attempts to start a chainsaw.

Spark plug

Spark plug is one of the main elements of the ignition system. On its electrodes, a spark is formed, and when this element fails, it will be difficult to start, or it is not at all possible.

The candle can completely refuse, or work with interruptions or give out a weak spark. Checking the candle is quite simple, for this you will need to unscrew it from the engine, attach to the cap of the high.Voltage wire and, putting it on the cylinder, pull it for the starter. If the candle is in order, the spark will be powerful with a bluish tint. Weak spark with a reddish tint, a sign of a problem. A defective candle needs to be replaced.

Ignition coil

The reason that a new chainsaw is not started, or it starts poorly, may be a ignition coil. Modern chainsaws are equipped with electronic ignition coils. This part is not subject to repair, and, as a rule, in the presence of a defect, it completely changes.

Gap between the ignition coil and flywheel

An unbelievable gap between the flywheel and the contacts of the ignition coil affects the quality of sparking, which in turn is responsible for the normal start and stable engine operation.

Video: how to start a chainsaw STIHL MS 180

Before storage, it is necessary to drain the fuel, and then start the engine and burn the remaining fuel in the system. Preparation is necessary to prevent adhesion of membranes during storage. This simple operation will allow you to start dust after winter. If you still do not know how to launch the QUIET 180 chainsaw, you should know that it will be easier if you add 2 ml of the fuel mixture to the cylinder before passing it through the hole for the spark plug. This can be done with a syringe.

Installation of a saw with a decompression valve

Users sometimes ask how to start if the tool has a decompression valve. In the model 250, this is not the case. As soon as the first outbreak occurs, the valve will work normally. The engine control lever will be installed in a position where the air damper is open. The launch will continue; The decompression valve should be pressed again. This does not make the launch fast, but simplifies the process and makes it comfortable, since the operator is required less effort.

If you are not entirely sure how to start the Calm 180 chainsaw, keep in mind that valve equipment, regardless of whether it has a hot or cold engine, should be launched using a valve. This will facilitate engine control. Thus, you can extend the service life of the starter and reduce the number of torn laces, as these chainsaws have a larger cylinders and compression degree.

Overview of the chainsaw MC 180

This equipment model costs 11,490 rubles. This is a household tool that will help you deal with work in the country. Using the device, you can get rid of unnecessary knots and chop small trees. Management is carried out with one hand, and thanks to easy weight, it is very convenient to work with the device.

The consumer should know not only how to get a Calm MS 180 chainsaw, but also technical characteristics. Among other things, there is a 35 cm tire and an engine 31.8 cm 3. The volume of the oil tank is 0.15 liters. The weight of the equipment is 3.9 kg. The volume of the model is 2 liters. With. The volume of the fuel tank is 0.25 liters.

Calm 250 Chainsaw Review

Quite often, consumers are wondering how to get a Calm 250 chainsaw before buying. This was discussed above. However, this information is not the only one that you need to read before using the model. Other functions include:

Having bought this model, you can quickly replenish the score. This function is implemented using a cover that has a patented design. The operator working with the equipment will have reliable hand protection. Consumers especially emphasize the timing belt and the chain, which guarantees high.Quality and quick cutting of wood.


After the purchase of the equipment described in the article, you will be asked how to launch the chainsaw “quietly”. This information will allow you to extend the life of the tool. Incorrect treatment can lead to Rapid wear of some details

start, huskvarna, carburetor

It is especially important to know how to prepare a device for long downtime. This was discussed in more detail higher

After reading this information, you can understand how to prepare your device for winter storage.

Sometimes some consumers are aware of the possibilities of starting specifications. If it can also help you, then you must read them. Some of them were presented above, but their complete list is given in the instructions necessary for equipment.

Common breakdown of Partner saw: Diagnostics at home

Partner gasoline saw cannot be called unreliable. For many users, it has been working without problems in winter and summer, for many years. But others complain of the same typical problems:

All these problems have internal causes in the details and nodes of the tool. So, to get to the point and eliminate the breakdown, you will have to disassemble the power plant. This is not as difficult as it may seem, because manufacturers always take into account this possibility.

For independent diagnosis of malfunctions at home, you need to understand that the common problems of the chainsaw in the vast majority of cases are caused by the same reasons. Therefore, already by symptoms you can assume where the source is located.

For example, if the chainsaw is not started, then the reason is most likely lies in the ignition system, namely in the candle. If air seeps into the cylinder, then you need to look for a defect in the fuel system. A contaminated filter makes the engine stall and smoke, and so on. Let’s look at these cases in detail so that you feel confident during the independent repair of the chainsaw partner.

How to dilute gasoline for a Huskvarna chainsaw

For productive operation and increase the service life at high power, they observe the proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw, measuring the measurement of the fuel mixture ingredients with a measured tank. When preparing even a small amount, small inaccuracy affects the quality of fuel.

For dilution, use high.Quality gasoline with a minimum octane number. Ron 90. If the parameter is less than the recommended, the engine begins to knock, which leads to its overheating and increasing the load on the bearings. With constant work at high speeds, gasoline with an increased indicator is chosen.

Oil is recommended to use 2-stroke.

To properly dilute gasoline for a chainsaw, use such a mixing scheme:

  • For engines with a working volume of a cylinder up to 80 cm³. 1:50 (2%), t.E. 5 l of gasoline. 0.10 l of oil;
  • For engines with a volume above 80 cm³. 1:33 (3%), t.E. 5 l of gasoline. 0.15 l of oil.

How to run a chainsaw: Instructions

Let’s see the main steps that must be observed in order to correctly launch the STIHL chainsaw.

  • Before starting, you need to apply the circuit brake. It is activated by pressing it forward (as shown in the photo).
  • Remove the protective cover from the tire.
  • If the model has a decompression valve, it should be brought to the inclusion position, facilitate the winding of the dashboard.
  • Click on the fuel pump to reduce the number of pumps and facilitate the start.
  • The combined arm should be in the cool launch mode. To do this, fix the gas lever and click the combined lever all the way.
  • Before starting the system, provide an open surface. In this case, the cutting part should be at a distance from the ground, in another way it will become a merclo when starting.
  • Take the tool with both hands, keeping it on the ground. The left hand should be on the handle of the chainsaw, and the right hand. On the starter cable. With your right foot, fix the tool stepping on the back handle.

With your right hand, carefully pull the rope of the starter until you feel strong resistance. Using strength, pull the starter’s rope a couple of times, briefly starting the engine

In this case, in order to avoid washing, it is recommended to disconnect the cable upward from the body. After a short start, the engine stops. Now move the combined lever in one click upward. The lever should take the position of the drink.

  • To start the chainsaw engine, pull the starter motor again.
  • When the engine works with a short press, activate the throttle lever. The combined lever automatically will be installed at idle.
  • Without affecting the lever of the throttle, move the chainsaw.
  • Pull the handle for yourself and release the brake of the chain. The position of the left hand remains constant, hand. On the handle. The chain will be unlocked after the corresponding click.

You can see a detailed description of how to correctly start a chainsaw. Using this detailed annotation, you can find out how to launch a chainsaw.

What to do if the chainsaw does not start?

But what to do in this case, if all the steps indicated in the operating annotations are produced, and the chainsaw is still not launched? Regardless of the manufacturer of the chainsaw. “Table”, “Husqvarna”, “Partner”, “Ural”, “Friendship”. A number of general events for factory equipment can be distinguished.

Below are practical advice from experts who were tested and tested by efficiency:

Do not be nervous, do not try to configure the carburetor of your chainsaw. Put the tool aside and let it relax. The prerequisite may be just that the candles are flooded. Let them dry. Take an annotation for operation. Try to launch Ponova pollen. Close brake does not need to turn on. If this does not work, try to remove the lid from the chainsaw housing and remove the air filter. With such a macar you can check the cleanliness of the filter and immediately facilitate the starting process. Change candles. If it is unrealistic to install new candles, you can use old ones, having previously removed and lit them. If a third.Party sharp smell occurs, this means that excessive fuel hit the chainsaw engine. To correct this situation, it is necessary to remove the candle and, turning the pollen upward, squeeze the excess. Without turning pollen to the usual position, sharply pull the starter a couple of times. This will ensure the release of combustion goods from the camera. The candle must be wiped dry and light, and later screwed and restart without installing the filter. It is necessary to check the surface of the piston for the presence of fuel in it. If you turn out the candle and notice through the hole that it is dry, it is necessary to introduce slightly fuel into the camera with a syringe. The prerequisite of the troubles in this case can be a lock, it interferes with the supply of fuel to the engine. If the engine can be launched with a small amount of fuel, then the craving will remove the blockage and the problem will be solved. The last two acts can be performed only if there is a dry candle. Check the good condition of the starter

Starting a chainsaw without a starter is unrealistic. Check the ignition for the presence of a spark. Try to carefully pull out the silencer of the tool and start it without it.

Any saw has its own characteristics of plants. How to start the Husqvarna chainsaw, you can look. Follably follow the instructions and the saw will last for you for a long time.

Malfunctions and repair of the chainsaw of Khuskvarna

Repair of the chainsaw of Khuskvarna 137, 142, 240, 365 with your own hands. Video Chainsaw is an inconsistent assistant for each real owner.

Since the emergence of the tool, its popularity has grown quickly.

So, Huskvarna 142 chainsaws have the highest functionality. It is extensive used not only in forestry, and in personal plots.

Choosing a chainsaw is quite simple. So, the most perfect thing is to direct attention to well.Known brands, such as Khuskvarna. This company produces a wide line of such a tool. Khuskvarna 240 and other models own the highest quality and functionality. But, to chagrin, even such tools are not safe from breakdowns.

Possible malfunctions

After a chainsaw appeared in the house, many owners sighed with relief.

After all, this tool allows you to solve complex problems quite rapidly and simply.

But, here it is worth considering that the chainsaw often fails. This is due to the fact that it is subjected to huge loads during operation. Therefore, you must always be prepared to eliminate breakdowns.

Now there are a huge number of workshops who offer their services for the repair of chainsaws and other tools. But, this does not mean that when a malfunction appears, you must immediately run to the repair workshop.

Some malfunctions can be removed with your own hands. To do this, you just need to know the main prerequisites for the appearance of breakdowns and the method of eliminating them.

So, in the process of frequent use of the tool, breakdowns can occur:

Each of these breakdowns can be eliminated with your own hands. The main thing is to know the sequence of work when eliminating a particular malfunction.

Article about independent repair of the chainsaw of Shtil 180 Read here.

Ignition system

If the tool suddenly stopped working, then the first thing to check is the ignition system. And you need to start with a candle.

You need to do work very carefully. A special hook is used for this. First you need to disconnect the wire and remove the candle.

Husqvarna k760 cut off saw carburetor. K760 concrete saw fuel lines

If it is dry, then this means that fuel does not enter the cylinder.

Not starting or badly starting up a chainsaw.Reason and how to eliminate.

The common problem is Khusvarn 137/142

If there is spray on it, then the breakdown can lie in the carburetor or in the launch rule. To eliminate the breakdown, you need to wipe the candle and block the fuel supply. After that, the starter starts.

Thus, ventilation of the combustion chamber and the removal of excess fuel are performed. After that, the candle is installed in place and the chainsaw is launched.

If there is soot on the candles, this indicates that the chainsaw of Khuskvarna 137 works on low.Quality fuel. Nar is also formed as a result of the incorrect ratio of fuel and oil. In order for the tool to work as long as possible, you need to carefully study the instructions for operation.

If there is a fiddle on the candle, then it needs to be carefully removed. To do this, you can use an awl. Electrodes are gently rubbed with a skin. After that it is installed in place. You also need to pour fuel, which is recommended to use for this model of the chainsaw.

Article on the repair of a chainsaw partner 350 with your own hands Read here.

Problems in the fuel supply system

If the tool does not work, then this may be due to the fact that fuel does not enter the cylinder.

First of all, you need to check the fuel filter for the level of pollution. To check this, you need to remove the fuel hose and check how quickly the fuel flows.

If it is served under a little pressure, then the problem is precisely in the filter.

Husqvarna 450 Rancher Chainsaw: Carb Diaphragm and Tune Up

In this case, you need to clean the filter. It goes directly through the tank. The filter is cleaned and installed back. It is washed under a stream of clean water.

Launch of a cold engine

With a heated engine, the saw starts without using the damper. Follow the above instructions, skipping points regarding the damper. If the engine starts with difficulty, half open the throttle. The half.Open position is achieved by using the lever of the damper, after which the lever is returned to its original position.

Launch of a cold engine

With a heated engine, the saw starts without using the damper. Follow the above instructions, skipping points regarding the damper. If the engine starts with difficulty, half open the throttle. The half.Open position is achieved by using the lever of the damper, after which the lever is returned to its original position.

Husqvarna 435 1.6 kW, tire 15 ″, 40.9cm3. 9671554-45 at a bargain price

Husqvarna 435 chainsaw corresponds to a wide range of users and even surpasses them. This light and productive universal chainsaw is equipped with an improved X-TorQ engine and is ideal for those users who are looking for a tool convenient in working, which can solve any problem.

Technical characteristics of the chainsaw Husqvarna 435:Power: 1600 WWorking volume: 40.9 cm33Fuel tank volume: 0.37 lTire length: 38 cm (15 “)Chain step: 0.325 “Pase width: 1.3 mmWeight: 4.2 kg- ergonomic rear handle of curved shape with soft inserts- Simplified launch thanks to conveniently located controls, Smart Start starting system and fuel pumping pump- inertial brake of the chain, reducing the risk of injuries associated with the reverse blow- easily removed cylinder cover for quick replacement of candles and cleaning the filter- LowVib anti.Vibration system, which reduces the transfer of vibration to the user and reduces fatigue- preliminary cleaning of air to increase the service life of the engine and more rare filter cleanings-engine with X-TorQ technology for a more economical fuel consumption and reduced emission of waste gases- Marking direction for a more accurate tree roll- Conveniently located side device for tensioning the chain- forged three.Element crankshaft for maximum strength and performing the most difficult tasks- Fuel level indicator- Quickly removable air filter for easy replacement and cleaning

Husqvarna 435 chainsaw is a powerful tool with a set of functions that distinguish it from competitive models and make it suitable to perform all the work on the personal plot and any other open air work. This chainsaw can be used for drilling trees, woodwork, as well as for trimming trees, bushes and hedges. Husqvarna 435 chainsaw will be an excellent assistant for solving most household problems and demonstrate an excellent result when working in any conditions. This chainsaw has a low weight, is easy to endure and works effectively. This model is equipped with an improved X-Torque engine, which increases the efficiency of work, at the same time, reducing the release of harmful substances and exhaust gases. In addition, the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw is equipped with a fuel pumping pump, which facilitates launch and allows you to quickly start a chainsaw.The start of the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw engine is facilitated not only by the fuel pumping pump, but also due to conveniently located control elements. To launch a chainsaw, it is enough to pull the trigger only once or twice. To avoid “flooding” of the engine, always close the throttle before starting the chainsaw. The advanced X-Torque engine has a number of advantages compared to conventional two-stroke engines. Such an engine is 20% more energy.Efficient and 60% reduces the level of noise and vibration, as well as the level of emission of harmful substances. All this makes the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw a highly effective and economical tool that reduces fuel consumption and increases the overall performance. Another feature that makes the chainsaw is convenient to work is the starting lever that automatically returns to its original position, reducing the time spent on the rehasion of the chainsaw.Husqvarna 435 chainsaw is a light, high.Performance and universal chainsaw, which is ideal for any work on a suburban area. This chainsaw has good maneuverability, and is also equipped with conveniently located and easily accessible controls. The Husqvarna 435 chainsaw functions include a filtration system with preliminary air purification, which removes large particles of garbage before they fall on the deep cleaning filter. The lid of the cylinder of the chainsaw is attached to comfortable latches that facilitate the replacement of suppositories and cleaning the filter, the anti.Vibration technology “Lowvib” reduces the negative effects of vibration on the user’s body, and the inertial brake protects the user from injuries. Husqvarna 435 chainsaw weighs about four kilograms and is comfortable in use thanks to an ergonomic rear handle with soft inserts.

How to start a chainsaw of Huskvarna.

When starting a chainsaw, it is necessary to observe a certain sequence. First you need to put the saw horizontally on a flat surface, while the chain should not come into contact with objects. Turn the handle of the backwater brake into a position from yourself, which will not allow it to rotate immediately after the launch of the chainsaw. Pull the air damper lever on yourself, pump up the fuel mixture several times using a primer. Next, place the toe of the right leg inside the handle behind the chainsaw, hold the upper handle with your left hand, pull the starter cord with your free hand to resistance and then pull up sharply, the sound of the engine will be heard the sound of the engine. Then push the air damper half ago and pull the starter’s cord again. After starting, let the engine warm up for 2-3 minutes, while leaving the SSRIP brake handle in position from yourself. For the work of the chain brake, return to the initial position to yourself.

All Huskvarna chainsaws are created with a large margin of strength, and do not lose their performance for decades, and subject to proper operation.For all Husqvarna chainsaws, which you bought in our store, an original warranty coupon is issued, which has the force in all authorized service centers of Husqvarna.

Husqvarna saw disassembly algorithm

The process of disassembling the chainsaw of Husqvarna is quite simple. In order to do everything right and not break the parts of the case or CPG, it is necessary to disassemble in the following order:

How to properly start a Husqvarna chainsaw

  • Upper cover.
  • The brake cover of the quapi and saw.
  • Starter.
  • Flywheel and clutch.
  • The front handle.
  • Carburetor.
  • Oil pump.
  • Engine.


Husqvarna Husqvarna Huskvarna 236 Video review How to launch a chainsaw

Depending on the model, Khuskvarvar is, the disassembly order may vary slightly.

Important: Before proceeding to disassemble the chainsaw, it is necessary to clean it. When working with a saw, a lot of shavings and wood dust forms, which, when disassembled, can fall into the internal parts of the Husqvarna chainsaw.

Ignition system

DIY rupture repair of the chainsaw “Husqvarna 240”, and any other model, you should start by searching for a malfunction in the ignition system.

First of all, experts recommend getting and inspecting the candle. The state of this element will indicate shortcomings in the operation of the fuel system.

  • If the candle is completely dry, it means that the fuel mixture does not get into the cylinder. In this case, the candle is screwed into place and the fuel system is repaired.
  • If the candle is strongly flooded with the fuel mixture, then the rules for launching the unit may be violated, or the carburetor is poorly adjusted. It is necessary to block the fuel supply and start the starter. This is done in order to remove an excess of fuel. The candle must first be cleaned with a sharp object, then rinse with detergents, dried with a hairdryer and installed in place. After that, the tool is launched and its work is checked.
  • If there are no residues of fuel on the candle, then it must be cleaned, washed and checked for a spark. Its absence may indicate a violation of the gap between the flywheel and its magnetic circuit or the breakdown of the ignition module.

The malfunction in the ignition system can be associated with the use of poor oil or with an incorrect ratio of gasoline and oil.

start, huskvarna, carburetor

The reasons why the chainsaw is not started

The launch of the tool must be carried out strictly according to the instructions. But if you have completed all of the listed points, but the saw did not start, this means that something is wrong with her. There are several reasons why she may not start:

So, what needs to be done to identify the true reason why the tool does not work?

Firstly, you must definitely say, If the tool does not start, the screws on the carburetor in no case can not be twisted

And if you are not a professional in this area, then evenDo not try to configure anything with your own hands or try to start a tool.

The actions listed below are necessary for the tool to start working, you need to perform in a strictly indicated sequence. You need to start to execute the next point only when the previous one did not work. The actions are as follows:

The above material examined how to properly start a chainsaw using one of the Shtil models, as well as how to behave if the tool cannot start. If you are a beginner in this case or faced a problem, then such information may come in handy in the future.

Preliminary run.In the chainsaw after the first launch is a mandatory procedure for both the new and the restored tool. The process allows you to increase the service life of the power unit and sawing headset due to the grinding of mobile nodes and parts, in sparing loads. For beginners, the running.In procedure allows you to acquire skills with a chain tool.

Why the chainsaw is not started?

If you did everything according to the instructions, but the chainsaw does not start, then something is wrong. This may be due to some common reasons: lack of sparks; fuel is not supplied; The air filter is clogged. So, below we offer a procedure that will help determine the reason why the chainsaw does not start.

Procedure if you don’t start a chainsaw

The first thing to note if you do not launch a chainsaw. Do not tighten the screws on the carburetor. If you are not an expert, you still will not be able to adjust something yourself, and you will not be able to run the chainsaw.

Follow the following actions to run the chainsaw in the indicated order, starting from the next number, only if the previous one did not help.

  • First, try to leave the chainsaw at rest for 5-10 minutes. It is possible that the candle was filled during winding. It happens. Then try to start again in accordance with the instructions.
  • Remove the lid from the chainsaw, remove the air filter and try to run without it. If the filter is contaminated, it should be washed in soapy water and dried or replaced with a new.
  • Twist the light of the fuel from the chainsaw. Check for sparks. If there are no sparks, try to put a new candle. If the spark does not appear, this means that the ignition unit is damaged and the saw must be transported for repair. However, visual observation of a spark does not mean that the ignition unit is in good condition. If a spark occurs, but the chainsaw is still not working, follow the following actions in the list.
  • If there is a spark, but the spark plug is wet, turn the chainsaw to drain excess gas from the cylinder if it accumulated there. Pull the starter of the spark plug 10-15 times to ventilate the combustion chamber. Light a candle and tighten it back, but it is better to replace it with a new one if it is. Try to start again according to the instructions.
  • If the candle is dry, place one or two cubes of the gas mixture in the syringe and fill it in the cylinder. Try starting the chainsaw. There may be a small spot in the carburetor, which prevents fuel from entering the combustion chamber. It is possible that this will be displayed by the stream generated after the launch of the chainsaw, adding fuel directly to the cylinder.
  • Unscrew the muffler and remove it, observing caution so as not to damage the gasket between the silencer and the engine. Try to run without a silencer and air filter. Having removed the muffler, you can inspect the piston inside the chainsaw. If there are burrs or nests on the walls of the cylinder or piston, or the ring on the piston is hidden by burrs, you will have to be very upset, because this means that the piston is damaged or worn out. This usually happens when the oil is added to the fuel mixture. In this case, you will have to contact the service and, possibly, think about buying a new chainsaw, since replacing the piston. Pretty expensive operation.

Thus, in this article we discussed how to launch a chainsaw “according to the instructions”, and also what to do if the chainsaw does not start. We hope that you will find these advice useful.