How to Start a Husqvarna 236 Chainsaw


The manufacturer recommends using the Husqvarna 235 chainsaw for maintenance work on garden plots, harvesting firewood for heating or any other household needs. Due to its small size, the saw can be taken on a hike.

The saw has a significant drawback. it can not be used daily. With constant use, when the chainsaw is used non-stop for several hours a day, its piston group will quickly wear out.

On a note! Engine repair on a Husqvarna chainsaw, using original spare parts, will result in a round sum.

Therefore, if a saw is required for continuous work, it is better to pay attention to other models aimed at professional or semi-professional use.

How to Start a Husqvarna 236 Chainsaw


Characteristics of the Husqvarna 235 chainsaw:

  • power. 1.3 kW;
  • cylinder volume. 34.4 cm 3;
  • tire length. 15 inches;
  • fuel tank. 0.3 l;
  • oil tank. 0.2 l;
  • idle speed. 3,000 rpm;
  • maximum speed during operation. 9,000 rpm;
  • chain pitch and thickness 0.325. 1.3 mm.

Analyzing the above characteristics, it becomes clear that the characteristics are not maximum even in the class of household saws. All indicators can be called modest, because without problems you can find a tool that produces large maximum revolutions, where the tire is longer and so on.


The chainsaw is assembled as required, convenient to use and confidently held in hands during operation. Thanks to ergonomics, not even the most experienced person can quickly adapt to the 235 model.

  1. High build quality.
  2. Ergonomics
  3. Materials used.
  4. Good balance.

The chainsaw has a number of unique technologies that were developed by Husqvarna:

Video: How to Start a Husqvarna 236 Chainsaw

  1. Anti-vibration system LowVib.
  2. A system that allows you to combine throttle control with engine shutdown.
  3. Air purification, a system called Air Injection.
  4. X-Torq system for efficient fuel combustion in a chainsaw engine.

Carb adjustment

The best way to adjust the carburetor is to consult a specialist, but the procedure can be carried out independently. To adjust the carburetor of a Husqvarna 235 chainsaw do it yourself:

  1. Clean the chainsaw from dirt and dust. It is best to use a compressor for these purposes.
  2. Screws H and L are set one and a half turns from the twisted position, and screw T is loosened.
  3. Start the chainsaw and warm up for three minutes.
  4. Using screw L, you need to find the maximum idle speed, and then turn a quarter counterclockwise. If the idle speed is no longer held, then screw T is tightened until the speed is normalized.
  5. Now you need to determine the maximum engine speed, for this you need to look for the position of the screw H.

If the carburetor is adjusted correctly, the engine will start easily and will be able to reach maximum speed.

If you don’t understand the process and have any questions, we recommend that you read the general article on adjusting the carburetors of Husqvarna chainsaws.

Frequent breakdowns

Frequently encountered faults on the Husqvarna 235 chainsaw:

  • fuel filter contamination;
  • blockage in the fuel supply system;
  • impulse channel blockage;
  • incorrect adjustment of the Husqvarna 235 carburetor, which causes many problems;
  • loosening the fuel pump covers;
  • problems with coils or spark plugs;
  • fuel line breakthrough.

A simple video in which the appearance is first demonstrated, and then the practical work of a chainsaw.

By the way, the 235 model is almost identical to the Husqvarna 236 chainsaw, it has similar characteristics, differ in tire length and other non-critical parameters. Videos about 235 models are very rare, so you can safely watch a video about 236 Huskvarna.

The Husqvarna 235 chainsaw is ideal for domestic use. Due to its light weight and compactness it is very convenient to use. The X-Torq system saves fuel. For constant work with large volumes of saw, of course not prepared. Therefore, when choosing, weigh all the pros and cons and find out if the tool is suitable for your needs.