How to start a saw without a starter. Chainsaw: no spark

How to start a chainsaw without a starter

I want to buy a chainsaw Ural Electron. Interested in its main possible problems and ways to solve them The most important malfunctions that may occur during the operation of the chainsaw of the Ural Electron can occur:

A) there is no fuel. Pour fuel into the tank,

b) Fuel does not come to the carburetor. Clean the filters of the carburetor and sump, clean

C) there is no spark between the electrodes of the sparkling candle, there can be many reasons, one of them: the electrodes of the candles are covered with soot, oily. Peel the candle, then rinse with gasoline and dry,

A) water fell into fuel. Drain the fuel from the tank and replace with high.Quality fuel,

B) a lender connection of the cylinder with a carburetor card. You can fix it by simply pulling up the mounting nuts,

A) If the engine is new, it is not yet worked out, try not to overload it,

B) the Windows of the crankcase cover are simply clogged with sawdust. Carefully clean,

C) In the fuel mixture, insufficient oil. This table will help to choose the right relationship of fuel and oil:

About her “not capriciousness”, including the possibility of working with any gasoline and oil (well, almost) everyone has heard.

But the malfunctions are of course like any saw.

Starts up, but not a lot of work stalls a lot.

It does not work stable, the chainsaw does not gain speed.

The malfunctions of the engine include the ignition malfunction and the fuel system malfunction.

This is the contamination of the fuel filter (if we are talking about the fuel system).

How to fix a chainsaw with a weak spark mac saw will not start

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And a banal situation when a hole in the tank cover simply clogs.

Filter, replaced, or cleaned, the hole in the tank cover is cleaned, the candle is replaced and so on, repairs from the breakdown.

Less commonly, but still on the Ural chainsaw there are problems associated with the carburetor, competent adjustment is one of the factors affecting its work.

I don’t know why you have a choice for this chainsaw, this is a professional chainsaw in your idea, today such saws are probably applicable only for the roll of huge trees on an industrial scale.

The most common problems of this saw is the incorrect work of the carburetor, the saw can either stall or accelerate like crazy, the same to burn a lot of fuel through the chur, it can even be bad and fill the candle at all.

And so, in principle, there are no complaints about the work of the motor, the gearbox of the saw, it is reliable and hardy.

So the carburetor is a weak point of this saw that you will have to learn to regulate and clean.

Chainsaw Ignition Coil Test Step by Step Easy Test Covers All Chainsaws

Also, users of this saw note that the electronic ignition blocks that are felts from moisture, felts from factory marriage have to be changed, almost from the new one. Almost from the new one. Are often out of order But this problem is not for all chainsaws of the Urals!

A chainsaw “Ural” is an excellent tool and if problems appear in it, then only because of poor fuel or from its improper operation. I always advise everyone who works with such mechanisms. You need to work carefully with them, then they will serve you faithfully for a long time. Here, download this document for yourself and it will help you in the repair of a chainsaw:

Starts, but soon stops.

Can It Be Saved? The Junkiest Chainsaw Ever. Picked out of The Trash.

Here it is necessary to check the candles, if dry means does not come fuel.

If the frog, then you need to clean. If it is strongly sprayed with fuel, then a large supply of fuel should be adjusted to the carburetor.

Further, this is the repair of oil supply to the chain:

The control of the brake of the quapi that is very common:

How to get a chainsaw. A couple of effective ways

The chainsaws are slightly different in structural features, but in most cases the assembly principle is carried out according to two standard schemes. Many devices contain information about the need to activate the emergency installation brake before starting the inclusion procedure.

You should first master the installation of the plant and study the main methods of correcting breakdowns, then a person will have the opportunity to fully operate the device.

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Launch problems

  • From the cold air, the carburetor membrane lose their plasticity and therefore do not work as they should.
  • The supercooled motor has completely different tolerances and gaps than the one that is in work or at least at the offship at room temperature.
  • The structure of a mixture of gasoline and oil changes, although this last factor has a lesser effect.

As a result, in order to confidently start the saw and it did not stall, has to work for a long time by the starter, catch the moment of starting, gamble at the start, etc.D.

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Briefly about the installation of the plant

A chainsaw works on an internal combustion engine. This is a simple device, the design of which has no special bells. It usually works properly even in difficult conditions for this.

The functioning is provided by structural elements:

  • Carburetor engine (see. Carburetor adjustment).
  • Clipers of centrifugal type clutch.
  • Ignition system, in almost all devices contactless.
  • Carburetor that adds air to the fuel mixture.
  • Fuel system. Its standard device consists of a hose, filter and gas tank, but sometimes it also has additional details.
  • Starter.
  • Tire.
  • Chain (see. Oil for the chain).
  • Tension mechanism and circuit brake (see. How to sharpen a chain).

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How right

The best and best way: Before the first launch After storing in the cold, the saw must be brought in

PAL AUTO SALES : HOW TO START A CHAINSAW (IN HINDI)|STIHL MS 382|चैनसाव आरा मशीन कैसे स्टार्ट करें

Warm room! As practice shows, only 10-15 minutes of stay in heat reduces damage and the likelihood of breakdown many times. A typical situation: they were going to go to the forest: first bring the saw home, and then, going out into the street, start and warm up. If before leaving, let it work and dial the operating temperature (idle-about 100 degrees, the maximum temperature is up to 150-200 degrees), and then insulate the saw as much as possible during transportation to work-this will significantly extend her life and reduce the number of problems.

Another important factor is to switch the saw in winter mode of operation. For those devices in which this regime is provided. It is achieved, as a rule, by stopping the damper, changing the direction of air flows, so that already heated air enters the motor.

As a result, a clean, without a carbar, a carburetor, a cylinder and its glass without bullying.

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Criteria for choosing motor oil

A full.Fledged alternative to recommended branded oils may be similar in working characteristics products of leading manufacturers. As a result of natural selection on unofficial consumer demand ratings over the years, the motor and chain oils of the brands of Shtil and Khuskvarna have been leading.

  • It is strictly forbidden to use cheap analogues of unknown origin for the preparation of a combustible mixture for a chainsaw, as well as motor oils for mopeds and boat engines.
  • In order to avoid the risks of acquiring cheaper, but of poor.Quality falsifications, it is recommended to buy consumables in company and licensed trade enterprises.

The working mixture is prepared in a small amount sufficient to perform one.Time operation. For long-term use, more than one month, the combustible composition is not calculated due to significant deteriorations of the working characteristics.

The mixture through a fine.Mesh filter or suede is poured into a gas tank, from which the gas pipeline is supplied to the input of the carburetor.

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How wrong

Some advise to pour gasoline with a low octane number before the launch. For example, it is not clear where the placed 76th or 80th (however, we, urban ones, do not use this). This is effective, it works, many of this method use. It should be, however, it should be noted that in the instructions for modern saws, such as STIHL, the manufacturer directly recommends using gasoline with an octane number of at least 92, even better. 95. In the latter case, it thunders less, more powerful, works more efficiently.

The use of the 76th gasoline allows the tool to warm up much faster, but significantly increases the risk of its reversal. Therefore, we do not recommend this method. The best is the usual warmth.

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Maintenance of the tool

To properly start the chainsaws in the work, you should hold it in the right way at the time of launch. The location of the saw is very important here. Retention at the time of starting can be carried out in two ways.

In the first case, the saw is installed on a flat surface, at the same time you need to hold the left hand directly and hold the tool by the upper handle, put the right leg to protect for the second hand, and press the tool itself to the ground. In such a position, it will be convenient to start the tool, since your right hand is free, and the tool is fixed quite reliably.

start, starter, chainsaw, spark

Regardless of which position it is planned to launch the saw, be sure to turn on the brake of saw.

In the second option, you need to take the position of standing and hold the upper handle of the tool with the left hand, and click the back handle between the legs. Thanks to this position, you will easily start a low.Power tool, and it will be securely fixed, thereby you will protect yourself from an accident.

Answer to a popular question, about the launch of the chainsaw

On the Internet, very often you can find questions about how to start a chainsaw without the help of a starter. The answer is simple. It is impossible to start a chainsaw without a starter in principle. Manufacturers do not provide for any alternative ways of starting, t. To. Even if you remove it and start a saw somehow, it will be impossible to work for it, due to violations in the cooling system. In it, a snail is installed, which transfers cold air flow from the flywheel impeller, to the cylinder.

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If you remove it, the engine will overheat and most likely it will jam.

Starting without a starter

Often, many home masters are interested in whether a chainsaw can be acted without the help of a starter. The answer is very simple: this is impossible to do in principle.

None of the manufacturers have provided other alternative ways to launch. Therefore, even if you remove the starter and try to start the car somehow differently, it will not work anyway, since violations will occur in the cooling system. In this system there is a snail for transmitting cold air flow from the flywheel impeller towards the cylinder. If it does not, then the engine will overheat and eventually jam.

How to run a chainsaw: Instructions

Consider the main stages that you need to adhere to in order to correctly start a chainsaw.

  • Before launching, it is necessary to act in the chain brake. It is activated when pressing it in the direction of forward (as shown in the photo).
  • Remove the protective cover from the tire.
  • If the model has a decompression valve, it should be brought to the inclusion position, which will facilitate the tool factory factory.
  • Click on the fuel pump to reduce the number of pumping and facilitate the launch.
  • The combined lever must be included in the cold launch mode. To do this, it is necessary to block the gas lever, and press the combined lever all the way down.
  • Before starting the launch of the system, it is necessary to ensure a flat surface. In this case, the cutting part should be at a distance from the ground, otherwise it will be dull when launched.
  • Take the tool with both hands, while it should be on the ground. The left hand should be on the handle of the chainsaw, and the right. At the starting cable. With your right foot, fix the tool stepping on the back handle.
  • Gently pull the cable launch with your right hand until you feel strong resistance. By putting the effort, pull the starting cable several times, starting the engine for a short while. At the same time, in order to avoid abrasion, it is recommended to pull the cable in the direction up from the body.
  • After short.Term launch, the motor stalls. Now move the combined lever up one click. The lever should take the position of the half.Gas.
  • Turn over the starting cable again to start the chainsaw engine.
  • When the motor is launched by a short press of the finger, bring the gas lever to the work. The combined lever will automatically be transferred to the idle state.
  • Without touching the gas lever, move the chainsaw.
  • Pulling the handle over yourself, remove the chain brake. The position of the left hand remains unchanged, the hand is on the handle. The chain will be unlocked after the corresponding click.

About how to make a chainsaw correctly, on the video you can see a detailed description. Using this detailed instruction, you can get skills of how to start a chainsaw.

What to do if the chainsaw does not start?

But what to do in the case when all the stages specified in the instruction manual are observed, and the chainsaw is still not started? Regardless of the manufacturer of the chainsaw. Shtil, Khuskvarn, partner, Urals, friendship. We can distinguish a number of general events in the tool factory.

Below are practical advice from professionals who have been tested in practice and have a proven effectiveness:

  • Do not be nervous, do not try to adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw.
  • Set aside the tool to the side and let him “relax”. The reason may just be that the candles are flooded. Give them the opportunity to dry.
  • Take the instruction manual. Repeat the attempt to start a saw again. The saw brake does not need to turn on.
  • If this did not help, try to remove the lid from the chainsaw housing and remove the air filter. So you can check the cleanliness of the filter and at the same time facilitate the launch process.
  • Replace the candles. If there is no way to install new candles, you can use the old ones, having previously removed and cooled them.
  • In the event that an extraneous pungent smell appears, it means that excess fuel came into the chainsaw engine. To correct this situation, it is necessary to remove the candle and, turning the saw with a hole down, drain the excess. Without returning the saw to normal, sharply pull the starter several times. So you will achieve that combustion products will leave the camera. The candle must be wiped and reached dry, and then screw it up and start again without installing the filter.
  • It is necessary to check the surface of the piston for the presence of fuel in it. If you twisted the candle and noticed through the hole that it is dry inside, you must enter a little fuel into the chamber with a syringe. The cause of problems in this case may be a blockage that interferes with the supply of fuel to the engine. If the engine can be launched using a small amount of fuel, then the thrust will allow the blockage to eliminate and the problem will be solved.
  • The last two actions can only be performed if the dry candle.
  • Check the staff of the starter. It is impossible to start a chainsaw without a starter.
  • Check the ignition unit for the presence of a spark.
  • Try to carefully remove the muffler of the tool and get it without it.

Each saw has its own characteristics of the plant. How to start a Huskvarna chainsaw, you can watch on the video. Follow the instructions thoroughly and the saw will last you for a long time.

How to saw correctly: tips and recommendations

In the video lessons presented, you can familiarize yourself with the methods of working with a chainsaw in different situations, learn not only to harvest firewood for the winter, but to saw logs on boards, cut off other materials, saw the ice with a chainsaw, saw a log along.

Preparation of fuel mixture for chain saw.

Since the manufacturer puts two.Stroke engines that do not provide for a separate lubrication of rubbing parts on most chain saws available to the consumer, it is very important to prepare the correct fuel mixture when running. It is prepared from gasoline and two.Stroke engine oil in a certain proportion recommended by the plant by the manufacturer of the chainsaw.

What gasoline to take for the fuel mixture?

The basis is taken by gasoline with an octane number of at least 90. For Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, the AI-92 brand is the best fuel option. Avoid the use of dubious types of fuel, as well as the use of any additives that increase the octane number. Over time, additives lose their properties, and gasoline becomes low.Blade.

The use of fuel with a low octane number when running and operating a chain chainsaw causes uneven operation of the engine and tapping it. In this case, there is an increase in the temperature of the motor and an increase in the load on the indigenous bearings. Imaginary savings most often leads to the failure of the cylinder-piston group requiring significant means to restore it.

Often the newly made chainsaw owners, the question arises what gasoline to pour in the tank of the instrument: ethylated or uneashed? Ethyl fuel is used to start the engine without a catalyst. If your saw with a catalyst (a green gas tank cover), then use an inequilled type of fuel.

What kind of oil is used in the fuel mixture, and in what proportions?

For both running.In and for the constant operation of the chainsaw, two.Stroke engine oil is used. If you do not want to take risks and experiment, then purchase a lubricant recommended by the manufacturers of the tool. As a rule, for them, fuel and lubricants make large companies to order. This allows the manufacturer of chain saws and other benzo.Tools to guarantee the proper start and trouble.Free operation of their products.

Since the branded oil for chainsaws Husqvarna, STIHL, Partner, Oregon, Jonsred are based from one barrel, you can run into the tool any of these. At the same time, it is very important to consider the recommendations both on the instructions for the oils and the recommendations of manufacturers of chain saws. Using branded fuel and lubricants, in the preparation of the fuel mixture, adhere to the instructions for the operation of the benzo tool.

Recommended fuel and lubricants in fuel preparation
Circrated chainsaws Proportion Gasoline, (liters) Oil, (liters)
Husqvarna up to 1.5 kW 1:40 one 0.025
Husqvarna over 1.5 kW 1:50 one 0.020
STIHL up to 1.5 kW 1:40 one 0.025
STIHL over 1.5 kW 1:50 one 0.020
Partner 1:40 one 0.025
Partner 1:33 one 0.030

In the absence of branded oils, you can run into a new chainsaw using the lubricants of third.Party manufacturers of the JASOFB or ISOEGB class. According to the instructions, the ratio of components is taken from the rate of 1:33. At the same time, the manufacturer of the tool does not recommend taking four.Stroke engine oils and two.Stroke for boat.Cooled boat engines, labeling as TCW.

Preparing the fuel mixture for the rolled chainsaw should be in a clean container designed to store fuel and lubricants.

  • Pour into a container a half portion of the necessary gasoline;
  • Add the required amount of oil;
  • Gently mix the components;
  • Pour the remaining gasoline and mix.

How to get a chainsaw

In the midst of the workpiece of firewood, it would be very insulting to stay with a non.Working tool, so it is important to know how to start a chainsaw, how to do it correctly and what to do if the saw does not start. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Chain motorcade is a fairly complex device and therefore for non.Failure requires proper operation and competent maintenance.

For reliable starting the saw, first of all, a serviceable spark plug, reliable fuel supply and properly prepared fuel mixture for two.Stroke engines are required. By the way, it should be noted that after a long.Term idle of the saw, it is not easy to start it the first time and here you are very lucky if the motorizedopia is equipped with a manual pumping pump of fuel, otherwise it may be necessary to tinker.

The chainsaw is not started, there is no fuel supply

This is a pretty common problem for cheap gasoline saws of manual swing unequiped pump. Once I was not able to start a motorcycle after long downtime in the usual way. But do not be discouraged, winning this problem is quite simple.

To do this, remove the air filter lid, remove the filter element and fill a few drops of gasoline directly into the carburetor with a small syringe. We wait half a minute until vapor is formed and twitch the starter handle.

As a rule, in this case, the engine is launched the first time. There is a more radical and effective way. Turn the candle and pour a few drops of gasoline right inside the cylinder. We screw the candle back. The method is one hundred percent effective and the saw will start, but only if there is a spark on a candle.

How to check a spark on a melting candle

Although much less often, it also happens that it is impossible to start a chainsaw due to the lack of a spark on the electrodes of the candle. How to check its presence? And very simple. Again, we turn the candle, put a high.Voltage wire on it and provide reliable contact of the spark plug body (that is, its skirts, where the thread) with the cylinder unit. After that we pull the starter’s hand as when starting.

start, starter, chainsaw, spark

You must clearly see a spark. If there is a fuel supply, but there is no spark, then most likely, malfunctioning Magneto, or there is a breakthrough of wires somewhere in the system. In this case, check the serviceability of the magneto and the integrity of the electrical circuit. After all these operations, the engine should start. If it was not possible, then write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Let’s try to figure it out.

How to start a chainsaw Urals without a starter

How to get a chainsaw: a couple of existing methods

The chainsaws are a little different between structural features, but almost always the assembly principle is carried out according to two standard schemes. Many devices have information about the need to activate the brake of a critical installation before you start the inclusion function.

You should first master the installation of the plant and study the main methods of correction of breakdowns, then a person will have the opportunity to fully operate the device.

Briefly about the installation of the plant

Basopile works from a gasoline engine. This is a common device, the design of which has no special bells. It usually works properly even in languid criteria for this. Familiarize yourself with the device The functioning is provided by structural elements:

  • Carburetor engine (see. Carburetor adjustment).
  • Clipers of centrifugal type clutch.
  • Ignition system, in fact, in all devices are contactless.
  • Carburetor that adds air to the fuel mixture.
  • Fuel system. Its standard device consists of a hose, filter and gas tank, but from time to time it has additional details.
  • Starter.
  • Tire.
  • Chain (see. Oil for the chain).
  • Tension mechanism and circuit brake (see. How to sharpen a chain).

Step-by-step instruction

With an activated brake, the assembly process occurs much slower, so everything is also safe and more comfortable to turn on the mechanism without the use of brake equipment.

If a person is not sure of his knowledge and accuracy, then the brake, on the contrary, needs to activate. How to start a chainsaw how to start a chainsaw correctly. The launch of the chainsaw. With the right order of action, the device does not start, the mechanism will not make actions dangerous for a person.

1 diagram of the standard mechanism

  • Step 1. Before you start a benzoil, it is necessary to make a damper that performs the adjustment lever, push it off down, compared with the optimal position. First you need to click on the button responsible for the gas supply. Only if this condition is met, it is possible normal movement of the damper to extreme stops from below. You need to simultaneously move the damper and hold the gas button.

In our rating of chainsaws in quality, you will find all the chainsaws with the optimal price-quality ratio.

It will also help to make your choice in favor of a particular chainsaw brand our other article.

At the Russian.Made chainsaws. Low price with a fairly high quality.

2 Scheme of the standard mechanism

  • Step 1. The ignition is turned on. To do this, you need to move to the right place the toggle switch or move the switch.
  • Step 2. You usually have to press the pile of swing more than two times. Gasoline is poured into it, after which you will have to click on the device more than three times. Sometimes a chainsaw is not equipped with a primer, then you can skip this stage. Adjustment lever
  • Step 3.

The adjustment lever responsible for the location of the damper, Need to stretch it all the way. Many chainsaws have the ability to block this element. Then it can only be moved when pressing and holding the gas button. Some chainsaws do not have such a blocking that makes their use more comfortable.

The damper after this must be pushed to its original position, checking its reach to the stop. We tell and show how to properly start a chainsaw on the example of Husqvarna 140 and STIHL 170.Video how to make a channel channel Sergey Belov. Then the starter handle twitches again to the installation of the device. Before conducting this event, you need to make sure that this particular method will help to start a chainsaw.

Turn the Urals with a rope

Achtung! For especially gifted: 1. The roof was not injured. 2. Its gasoline, so the octane number has long been no longer.

When the device stalls constantly, you need to systematically start it again (see. What to do when the chainsaw stalls when pressing gas). After some time, the motor will gain momentum and will be able to maintain active work without interruptions.

If it doesn’t work out

Когда все действия выполняются согласно установленному порядку, а бензопила не начинает работу, значит есть сбои в ее механизме. Typically, the cause of this phenomenon is common and easily eliminated problems, such as the lack of spark, overlap fuel, clogging of the filter that passes the air.

In order to start a chainsaw, you will have to find the reason and perform the necessary actions to eliminate it. We need to follow the rules Only the correct actions should be carried out. If a person does not know what to do, there is no need to commit rash actions. It is forbidden to disassemble the device, especially carefully you need to handle the carburetor.

You can not unscrew any screws on it, since if its device causes a breakdown, then it is impossible to fix a chainsaw without professional equipment.

  • First, let the device take a rest. This is especially true for the saw that were in operation recently. It is enough to wait for no more than 10 minutes, since during this time the mechanism will cool and in the absence of other breakdowns will easily start. How to get a chainsaw of various Urals, friendship without a starter cannot be started by a chainsaw. Sometimes it happens that during the establishment a candle is poured at the device. If this unpleasant property has occurred, then it is enough to wait for a very small pause and repeat all the actions for the motor factory again.
  • The hull cover is unscrewed from the device for taking out the air filter. The process of the device is performed in the absence of it. Sometimes the reason for the lack of ignition is that the filter is contaminated. If the ignition occurs without it, then the reason lies in this. To eliminate these troubles, it is enough to wash the filter under running, warm water and soap, then dry out. You can also replace the old element with a new.
  • The spark plug is removed. The spark is checking. If it does not appear, you need to replace the old candle with a new. This usually helps and the spark appears, but in some cases there is no sparks when replacing the mixture.

Operation of a chainsaw

A handle that controls the throttle damper, in a simple gas button, is placed on the back of the handle. In order to avoid random starting the engine, pressing the gas button, you need to squeeze the lever. The throttle lock located on top of the handle. At the bottom of the saw is a chain capture, in the event of a chain break, it captures it, protecting the operator from serious injuries.

Using the stop button, it is also called the ignition, you can quickly turn off the engine, it is in a convenient place. The lap of the backwall brake can be activated in two different ways. Method number one. Manual, you just need to push the hilt of the brakes forward, the second method is inertial, in the case of a reverse impact when rebound. It will be necessary to make sure of the correct stretch of the chain, which is not much pulled, but does not hang from the tire. The newly relied chain needs to be pulled after some time of the chainsaw.

When starting the chainsaw engine, we install it on a flat surface, the place under the tire should be cleared of outsiders of small objects. Having set the circuit brake to the GL position, we move the handle of the inertial brake forward, squeeze the “Smart start” button if this function is present. When starting an unhealthy cold engine, we always completely close the air damper, stretching the regulator to itself.

The right leg occurs to the toe on the bottom of the posterior handle. Holding the upper handle with your left hand, sharp, but moderately with strong movements we pull the starter’s lace by the handle, continue until the engine supplies the first signs of launch. Now the damper needs to be completely opened by pushing the regulator. We continue to pull the starter’s lace. It will be enough to make two or three jerks so that the saw starts. Click on the gas button once, after which the engine should stop working at idle.

To launch an enslaved and preheated engine, there is no need to use the air damper. All other points to launch the saw will be exactly the same. It happens that it is difficult to start the saw even on a well.Heated engine, you need to pull out the regulator to the end, as you did it when you started the cold motor, but then push it back.

After starting the engine of the chainsaw, you do not need to remove the chain from the hand brake until the start of work

It will be important to check the chain for the presence of lubrication. It will be necessary to use some light plane, whether it be a stump, paper or a light rag

We increase the speed of the circuit revolutions slightly, the path of motor oil is formed, which will indicate a sufficient level of oil in the saw tank.

Try to hold the chainsaw with both hands, all fingers must fully cover both handles completely. To minimize the power of the reverse blow. The rebound, the left hand must completely cover the front handle, the thumb is strictly below. You never need to be afraid of a saw, the closer to the body you hold it, the less you will feel the real weight of the saw. The best equilibrium and control over the tool will remain.

When moving from one place of work to another, you need to be sure that the chain is in a stationary position. To do this, always turn on the brake of the circuit, and it is better to stop the engine. When moving at even more distant distances, put a protective casing onto the tire, this will protect you from random injuries and will help protect the chain itself. After completion of work, it is recommended to drain the gas mixture and store a chainsaw with a dry tank

It is important not to forget that the gas mixture is prepared based on 7 to 10 days of maximum use. The mixture has its expiration date and after 7 to 10 days loses its properties

The chainsaws are slightly different in structural features, but in most cases the assembly principle is carried out according to two standard schemes. Many devices contain information about the need to activate the emergency installation brake before starting the inclusion procedure.

You should first master the installation of the plant and study the main methods of correcting breakdowns, then a person will have the opportunity to fully operate the device.

How to keep a chainsaw

To carry out the correct launch of the chainsaw, an important point is how the saw is located at that moment, more precisely, how the operator holds it. Two options for proper retention of the saw at the time of starting are allowed.

First option: the saw is installed on a flat surface, the operator’s left hand is straight and holds the saw by the upper handle, the right leg is set to protect for the right hand and presses the saw to the ground.

In this position, the operator is as convenient as possible to launch the tool, t. To. The right hand is free and at the same time the tool is securely fixed.

Option Second: the operator stands, the left hand holds the upper handle of the saw, while the rear hand closed the operator between the legs.

This position allows you to easily start a low.Power saw, and at the same time reliably fix it, warning itself against accidents.

Watch the video how to start a chainsaw and clearly study the actions when starting you can be below. In the video, a specialist of Shtil, talks about how to work correctly with a tool, and launch it on the example of a chainsaw of a calm MS 211 videos is very informative and contains reliable information from the manufacturer.

How to start a saw after prolonged downtime

I can not have a chainsaw, after prolonged downtime. Such Комментарии и мнения владельцев can be found on forums on the repair and operation of the saw. Let’s figure out how to start a chainsaw after prolonged downtime.

The fact is that about successful launch after downtime, you need to take care in advance and correctly prepare the saw for storage. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, before storing storage, it is necessary to drain the fuel from the tank, and then start the engine and make the fuel in the fuel system.

Preparation is necessary so that in the process of storage, the membranes of the carburetor do not stick together. Performing this simple operation will successfully start a saw after long storage.

It is much easier to start a chainsaw six months after downtime, if immediately before starting, through a candle hole, add 1. 2 ml of fuel mixture to the cylinder. You can do this with a syringe.

What to do if the chainsaw does not start?

There are many factors why the chainsaws are not started subject to launch technology. The most common causes and ways to eliminate them:

  • There is no spark on the spark plug. Replacement or drying is required when water hits;
  • The problem with the supply of gasoline to the filter. Blowing the fuel hose or filter, replacement;
  • Zasori fuel or air filter. You need high.Quality cleaning.

If these simple tips do not help, you need a complete diagnosis of problems. It is recommended to give a chainsaw to the service center, where they can check the compression of the cylinder and crankcase, as well as the operation of the carburetor.

The correct launch of the chainsaw provides the stable and reliable operation of this tool. When starting before the start of sawing, you should properly prepare and pour the fuel mixture, adjust the main structural elements

It is important to consider weather conditions, as well as the features of a particular model

How to put a spring on a chainsaw starter?

Placing a starter spring in the desired groove is not easy to do with an experienced user. First, the spring should be twisted to the previous diameter and installed in the cavity of the hub of the drum. The outer end of the spring is fixed for the restrictive ledge, and the external using the screwdriver should be placed opposite the holes in the lock. The loop at the inner end of the spring with a screwdriver is combined with the hole, after which the disk is lowered. How to put a chain on a legless if it flew? How to start a chainsaw correctly. The disk is checked whether the dog of the ratchet has become in place. Next is the assembly of the ratchet itself.

After installing the spring, it is necessary to adjust its tension. To do this, a cable is inserted into the groove on a circle, and a return spring is twisted around it. After eliminating the slack, it is better to wind the spring at an additional several revolutions to guarantee the required part of the part.

It is not recommended to carry out the repair of the ratchet mechanism itself at home, since many operations will require the use of CNC machine. It’s easier to purchase a new node in specialized stores.

The algorithm for starting a chainsaw

In order to Bind several processes should occur at the same time. This is the supply of the fuel mixture for the engine piston, its maximum compression and the supply of sparks at this moment for ignition and launch.

All these processes occur at the moment when we pull the starter handle. If you have a new chainsaw, then do not forget that it should be running in.

But not everything is as simple as it seems, fuel for launching in a cold and hot engine mode should vary in the quality of the air mixture. For example, a hot ICE can start with a normal level of air, in which it works steadily and confidently holds idle speed. The same amount of air will be too much to Bind cold engine, and before Bind The chainsaw will have to be pulled starter 10 times, and maybe more. How to solve this problem?

To reduce the amount of air and increase the supply of fuel, manufacturers of chainsaws installed a special damper in the carburetor, which is responsible for the process of adjusting the amount of air at the time of the release of the internal combustion engine.

Start the saw engine with its help several times faster, which increases the duration of the starter and the entire saw in general.

Starting a saw in the place where it was refueling is dangerous.

Since the right to run the saw? The start algorithm is as follows:

  • Fully block the air damper. To do this, in all chainsaws, a special lever is installed, pulling which is closed.
  • Using a primer, pump up fuel in a carburetor. This is necessary so that the ICE does not require several working tacts to fill the carburetor.
  • Make several movements by the starter, until the first fire in the cylinder. It is called the first flash. At this point, we will dwell in more detail due to its extreme importance for proper starting. It is at the time of the initial fire that the optimal conditions for subsequent launch are created. Under the influence of temperature from the first outbreak, fuel in the cylinder evaporates, forming gas pairs, and as everyone knows, it is they who participate in the work of the internal combustion engine. Therefore, the next stage should complete the process, and finally Bind The engine of the chainsaw.
  • To open the air damper half and move the starter. After these actions, the chainsaw should start and start working at high speeds, to normalize them, it is necessary to click on the control lever for the number of revolutions to the maximum and immediately lower. After these actions, the correctly adjusted engine will go into idle mode and reduce the moment.

What will happen if you do not open the air damper after the first outbreak? The answer is simple, the carburetor will not reduce the supply of fuel into the cylinder, and it will flood the electrode of the candle. After that, even a large number of movements by the starter will not allow Bind a chainsaw.

The reasons for not twisting starter there may be a malfunction of a retracting relay, a weak charge of the battery, poor electrical contacts in the diagram, mechanical breakdown of the starter, and so on. It will be useful for each car owner to know what to do in the case when the starter does not twist the engine. Indeed, in most cases, the repair can be done with your own hand. Over, the breakdown usually occurs at the most unforeseen moment when there is no way to use the help of an automaker. Next, we will consider in detail the causes of the malfunction and methods for their elimination.

Closing terminals with screwdriver, mount or wrench

If a faulty traction relay, the method of direct circuit is used by any metal rod of the desired length. It can be a screwdriver, wrench or mount. A characteristic click of the key during the turning of the key in the ignition lock is evidenced of. The starter at this moment is unable to crank the crankshaft, since the teeth of Bendix do not cling to the crown of the flywheel. Having closed the power terminals of the starter, it will be possible to start the current for electric views directly. Wrench or screwdriver will take over the functions of the traction relay.

Be sure to put the car on the handbrake and in the neutral before this, in order to avoid accidents. The tool itself should have an isolated handle and a rather thick rod. Therefore, it is recommended to use one of the above items. Mount or key can be wrapped with electrical tape at the capture site.

Close contacts b and s, m and b. It is strictly prohibited! Decoding: B. Bold or thick wire. Contact of the constant voltage. On many starters, a protective rubber hat is closed and marked “12”. M. Motor or electric motor. S. Start, contact is made in the form of a threaded lifting, petal or plug, often closed with a plastic tip, so before forced closure you need to remove. 8. Minus contact, connected to the body.

On some models of the car (VAZ 2109, 2110, 2114), to drive the starter with a screwdriver, you need to dismantle the air filter and disconnect the chip laid on the contact group. After starting the motor, everything is going back.

Stages of running a chain benchmone.

After the successful start of the chainsaw, it’s time to start running it up. First we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions. The procedure itself consists of two main stages, allowing the mobile details of the gasoline tool engine itself and the pile.Fledged unit itself. We will analyze in more detail all actions.

Playing the engine of gasoline saw.

Motors of gasoline saws of imported production are run by some differences from domestic units. Husqvarna, STIHL, Partner and others are not designed for prolonged work at idle. In this regard, after starting the chainsaw engine, let it work for about 3 5 minutes at idle, and then proceed to cutting wood with a diameter not exceeding 10 cm at medium speeds. Drilling is best carried out in cyclic mode:

Why is the operation of the power unit at idle during the running.In the run.In a gas station is not recommended? The reason here is this:

start, starter, chainsaw, spark
  • On xx fuel-air mixture enters the cylinder in no sufficient quantity. It is enough only to maintain the rotational moment of the connecting rod-piston group. Because of which there is no full lubrication of rubbing parts.
  • Lack of lubrication causes an increase in temperature and increases the wear of the nodes.

The running.In the domestic chainsaws “Ural” and “Friendship” is fundamentally different. The instrument developed in the USSR requires the production of 3-4 fuel tanks at idle with periodical. In the future, it is allowed to work with incomplete load within 24 hours according to the above cyclic scheme. That is why oil is added to the fuel mixture more than imported analogues.

As a rule, after the production of 5 7 full tanks, the restored tool of domestic and imported production reaches full power laid down by the manufacturer. During this period, it is not worth it:

  • Overheat the engine;
  • Allow a long operation of the chainsaw at idle;
  • Work at too high speeds;
  • Maximum load.

We start with a pusher

The most suggestive way to start the engine of the machine if the starter does not show signs of “life”. Only help will be required. One, two, three. The more people, the better. The main thing is to push the car a lot and disperse so that the crankshaft is spinning to the necessary revolutions. Then turn on the speed and press the accelerator pedal. The car is easier to push on the descent. Forward or back, it does not matter much.

The driver can sit at this time driving. If the assistant is only one, then you have to push him with him, and then jump into the seat and turn on the speed. This requires a certain dexterity. The transfer is better to put a second or third.