How To Turn On A Bosch Speaker

How to turn on a Bosch speaker. Automatic speaker setup

Such devices are equipped with only one regulator. He is responsible for power, heating temperature. The built-in self-diagnosis system provides a complete assessment of the operation of the nodes at startup. If something is wrong, a red indicator on the panel glows. the equipment is blocked from turning on. In this case, adjust the pressure as described above.

  • Remove the batteries from the compartment.
  • Unplug the microswitch.
  • Insert batteries.
  • Open the hot water tap, turn on the microswitch.
  • Set the burner pressure to maximum.
  • When the settings are saved, the orange light will come on.

The rest of the columns can be adjusted by turning the toggle switch, controlling the strength of the water flow.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply set the settings according to the instructions, since each system has different indicators. If you are unable to adjust the work of the gas column, contact a specialist.

How to light a gas water heater bosch Therm 4000 O WR 10/13 / 15.2 P.

The difference between these models lies in the amount of heated water per minute. A device equipped with a piezo ignition is designated by the letter P at the end of the name. It has the ability to regulate two parameters, water and combustion power. To turn on the column, you must move the slider to the ignition position, drown it.

Press the piezo ignition button several times until a flame appears on the ignition burner. Wait ten seconds, release the slider and move it to the desired power position. Moving the slider to the right increases the power and decreases it to the left. The column is in standby mode all the time, if you need to get hot water, you just need to open the valve with hot water.

When you need to turn off, move the slider to the left until it stops. After a couple of seconds, the pilot flame will go out. Close the gas valve and water taps.

See below for instructions on how to enable:

How to set up a gas water heater: adjust gas, water temperature

Many users face a problem: the column does not produce the expected results. This happens due to incorrect setting of the technique. Manufacturers have found a way out and released devices with automatic adjustment. We will tell you how to set up a gas water heater. conventional and automatic.

Adjusting the water temperature

Open the mixer and estimate the heating temperature of the water flow. It should be 25 degrees higher than when entering. Please note that the gas boiler does not heat up the water immediately, you need to wait a little. Use the gas lever to adjust.

Experts do not recommend heating over 55 degrees. This negatively affects the operation of the device, since scale is actively deposited.

The settings take some time, so you don’t have to wait for the result right away. After each stage, you need to drain the water and let it warm up again to check the accuracy of the indicators. Low pressure in the system can make it difficult to work.

If the unit is running on LPG and there is a pressure problem, proceed as follows:

  • Remove the instrument cover.
  • Loosen the locking bolt, measure with a pressure gauge.
  • Remove the seal from the adjustment screw.
  • Start the boiler.
  • Set maximum values, unscrew all hot water mixers.
  • Adjust the required pressure.

Some models are equipped with an additional "Winter-Summer" mode. The power of water heating in the column depends on the temperature of the inlet stream. In winter, the regulator is set to the “maximum” position. maximum heating. In summer, the inlet temperature is higher, so the value is “minimum”. This saves resources.

Problems with poor water flow can be corrected by checking. If the equipment was already in operation and you decided to reconfigure it, but there is no pressure:

  • Check the rubber membrane. Its work depends on the pressure in the line. The diaphragm bends, activates the gas valve. When it wears out, deforms, the gas flow does not start, the burner does not light up. Replace the membrane.
  • Mesh filter. Located at the inlet to the water reducer (block). It gets clogged with small debris from the water supply system, so the pressure may decrease. Clean the part.

Gas water heater Bosch WR 10-2P-igniter goes out

People. Help. There is a Bosch WR 10. 2P gas water heater with piezo ignition. Since yesterday, the igniter began to go out. It lights up normally, but when the button is released, the gas goes out. I held the button and 5 seconds and a minute the result is the same. He took off the cover and noticed that between the tip of the ignition flame. And the thermocouple gap is 4-5mm. I blew lightly on the igniter flame so that it touched the thermocouple and the igniter began to work. Fine? But after a minute the electromagnet cut off the igniter again. I think I have contaminated the pilot tube, and if so, how to clean it. Please advise. Thanks in advance. P.S. Igniter flame color. hard.

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Remove the igniter (aluminum tube), blow it out from dust. Then with a very thin wire it is necessary to clean the hole in the nozzle, from where the gas is supplied to the igniter. It can be on the spot, if the eyesight is good, but you can twist it and clean it like that. Clean the burner in one.

Slavik64, Can you please tell me how the igniter is removed from this column.

Vbrt and MrGalaxy give photos of your igniters. I know at least two types. Somewhere it gets out, and somewhere, roughly speaking, it pulls out.

It will be much more difficult with the burner, you cannot handle it yourself. Go through at least a vacuum cleaner.

I hope so clear? P.S. If you suddenly remove the burner, you will need to brush the radiator grill with a brush. The photo shows how "cocoa" is already pouring from there.

Slavik 64. Many thanks for the detailed explanation. With best regards. Vbrt.

Vbrt, health!

Look and envy! I have an old Polish column. Now I noticed that the igniter is red. He removed the cover (removed without a tool) and blew once on the igniter. And that’s all. See photos.

Thank you Slavik64, I have an igniter, like vbrt. He took off, blew it. Now the flame literally hugs the thermal sensor. It is enough to hold the button for 10 s instead of 2-3 minutes, as before.

BOSCH WR275 with electric ignition. the electric ignition stopped working, that is, do not turn on the column. By the sound of the water supply, a click of a microswitch is heard, but a spark does not appear. Tell me what to do, how to find a malfunction? Or is the control unit out of order? Maybe temporarily "cheat" electronics how to light from a match.Thanks.

Regarding the BOSCH igniter. do not try to poke anything into the nozzle, it is enough to blow harder on it and blow the igniter. Then put the igniter so that there is 2-3mm between it and the nozzle (if set correctly, then the igniter should ignite the first time, provided that the igniter spring is not pulled out, compressed, released

If I understand correctly, you have a column with batteries. The first step is to change the batteries. If it does not work, then remove the terminals from the sensors (overheating and traction) and close them with a wire. In this way, we find out the integrity of the sensors. Turn on the water. If it works, then one of the sensors is covered. If it does not work, you can try to remove all the terminals one by one, including the connectors of the control unit, in the hope that the glitch caught the block or the contacts acidify. We turn on the water. Didn’t work? Then the control unit most likely failed. By replacing it. It is possible to deceive electronics, but it is very dangerous for life, it is better not to do this

The ignition flame goes out

It is necessary to check the safety sensors, in which case connect them, or replace them.

Preparatory work before switching on the Bosch instantaneous water heater

Before turning on for the first time, you need to remove air from the pipes of the water heater, this can be done by turning on the hot water tap and wait for a stable flow of water from their tap, this will be evidenced by the absence of any extraneous sounds when the hot water tap is open.

Important! This action can protect the metal parts of the water heater from excessive overheating in places where it is not desirable, namely at the joints of the pipes. You may also have to bleed off excess air in the gas pipes, this is done differently on different water heaters.

This usually happens by pressing the gas supply button or unscrewing the screw from the gas regulating tube, of course, how to do this on a specific heater is written in the instructions for this very water heater. Also, if the water heater is installed after repair, it is necessary to remove air from the pipes, for this, open the free valve, or do it using the water heater.

Before turning on, make sure that there is traction. this may be the reason why the Bosch gas water heater does not ignite, this is spelled out in most instructions for instantaneous water heaters, for this, simply bring a lit match to the window on the control panel and by the behavior of the flame it will be possible to understand the presence of air draft: case when the flame deflects towards the window on the control panel, it indicates that there is sufficient air draft, which means that the operation of the device will be stable.

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For the full operation of the device, a large amount of air is needed, since the burner of the water heater consumes a large amount of oxygen, and it takes this oxygen from the room where it is installed, to do this, ensure a normal flow of air, for this the door to the room with a flowing water heater should not close tightly, also in the apartment or house must have a constant flow of fresh air from the atmosphere, otherwise there is a high risk of poisoning by the products of the burner of an instantaneous water heater.

Important! During operation of the instantaneous water heater, it is not recommended to use a fan or air conditioner, as this disrupts the normal removal of gas oxidation products through the collector. It is also not recommended to approach the window while the burner is running, as there is a risk of burns.

Goes out when mixed

The mixer filter may be clogged, in which case clean it. Also, the flow of cold water can simply reduce the pressure of hot, for this it is necessary to set the appropriate temperature of hot water on the column.

Possible other reasons

The main reasons why the Bosch column does not light up are the incorrect setting of the gas pressure. To do this, it is necessary to make the necessary settings, and then the burner will burn stably.

Piezoelectric ignition

This type of switching on an instantaneous water heater from Bosch is used in several models: WR 10-2P, WR 13-2P, WR 15-2P, as well as in column W 10-2P. In most cases, these models have similar ignition schemes. This type of ignition is semi-automatic

To turn on the column for the first time and further debug, first remove the metal protective casing from the column. After this procedure, check the setting of the ignition flame length, and also check the air gap between the nozzle and the ignition tube, it must be sufficient for the ignition flame to burn.

To ignite the appliance, move the slider on the control panel to the ignition position, usually this is the central position. Next, you need to make sure the gas supply. Press the button on the control panel slider, at the same time press the piezoelectric ignition button, which is located just below the slider and the control panel itself, as a rule, one press of the piezoelectric ignition button is enough to ignite the pilot flame, but you should still make sure that the igniter is working. Otherwise, press the button again until the ignition flame switches on. Next, you need to release the button on the slider of the control panel, the flame, of course, should not go out.

The next step is to set the maximum temperature: to do this, move the slider to the maximum power position, that is, to the right, turn the temperature regulator to the maximum position, and open the hot water tap, the instantaneous water heater should start working. Next, it is necessary to check the gas pressure, if the gas pressure is higher than the required one, then the temperature of the combustion products will be higher than normal, due to which unstable operation is possible. In which case, make the setting.

How to clean the column ignition wick

If the igniter is clogged, the column will be unstable, for this it is necessary to clean it, for which dismantle it, then clean the nozzle with a thin steel wire.

The Bosch speaker may not light up due to poor wick performance.

Step-by-step instruction

Let’s consider how the speaker systems are connected correctly:

1. Location of devices.

Speakers of analog type 2.0 and 2.1 must be placed correctly: the speakers are best placed on the sides of the monitor, and the subwoofer is optional, but for maximum effect.

Each column at the back is labeled with L (left) and R (right). There has been a lot of debate about the location of the subwoofer, so it should be installed where the bass sound will be most optimal for the user.

2. Connection.

The first step is to turn off your computer. Many users neglect this recommendation, but this is a safety precaution and it is better to follow it once again to avoid electric shock or voltage surges. T. K. Power constantly "walks" on the motherboard, supplying electricity to various devices, a sharp increase in power will lead to breakdown (especially if the speaker system is digital and resource-demanding).

Then the power supply unit is connected to an outlet or surge protector. But here, too, you should be careful: the surge protector is an adapter. It is understood that if plugs from appliances that consume more than 220 volts in total (the maximum value of the socket) are inserted into it, then all the wiring in the house will be very hard: a fire may occur, and the wires will sparkle brightly.

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Each of the plugs is colored in a specific color:

  • Red and White: for the right and left columns, respectively;
  • Green: for a socket in the computer motherboard;
  • Blue: for additional devices, most often a subwoofer.

There is no need to stick the plugs into the pink connector. it is exclusively for the microphone. Otherwise, there will be no problems, since each socket is painted in the corresponding color, and various additional markings are indicated near the green one (on the system unit). This is either the inscription "AudioIn" (audio input), or a drawn speaker that emits sound.

You can also learn about connectors and their colors from this.

3. Functional check.

After directly connecting the speakers to the system unit and the network, you can turn on your computer. The system should automatically detect the device and install the correct drivers (requires an Internet connection). If this does not happen, then you will have to install the software yourself. If the kit contains an installation disc, you should use it.

4. Digital speakers 5.1 and 7.1.

Devices of this type differ in several essential details:

  • A discrete sound card is required, since the built-in one will not be able to reveal the potential of the speakers;
  • Digital speakers have a lot more cables for which there are no connectors on the motherboard itself;
  • If the power supply in the system unit is weak, you will have to purchase a new one. otherwise there will be not enough power and an emergency shutdown will occur.

The discrete sound card has slightly more colored sockets (black and orange), for each plug from the cables of digital speakers. It is enough just to connect the plug to the connector according to the color designations, and otherwise the connection procedure will be completely identical.

The highest quality and most expensive models use one specific instead of color plugs:

  • HDMI;
  • S / PDIF.

The presence of only one cable does not mean poor sound quality, but quite the opposite. These connectors are innovative and modern, allowing you to fully unleash the potential of even professional equipment.

This completes the connection, but there is a possibility of various errors that you have to deal with.

Step-by-step connection of speakers to a computer

The order of connecting the speakers directly depends on the type of speaker system. Let’s first consider what speakers there are and then give instructions on how to connect them.

Key features

There are two main types of columns:

1. Analog.

This is the sound of ordinary speakers that can be seamlessly connected to any computer or laptop. They have 1 port (if with a subwoofer, then 2) and give average quality sound, although a standard user is unlikely to understand the difference.

2. Digital.

Speakers of this type produce stunningly clear sound of the highest quality, but it is much more difficult to connect them. over, the built-in sound card will not be enough to reproduce such sound. The reason is not even a lack of power or characteristics, but in the number of ports (for digital sound, special connectors are required).

Any type of speaker can be connected by simply plugging the plugs into the appropriate jacks. Also, if the speakers are of high quality, you must connect the power supply to an outlet or a surge protector. This is necessary because the power in the computer connectors will not be enough to operate a serious speaker system.

Possible difficulties

It happens that the user is overtaken not only by ordinary, but also very significant problems during the connection:

1. Different connectors.

If the plugs of the cables from the speakers do not fit into any jack on the computer, then it is permissible to use adapters. However, you should not use more than one: it will require more power from the computer, and it will simply burn out. Also, the speakers themselves may become faulty if the adapter is defective.

2. Noise, interference, distortion.

If you hear extraneous sounds from the speakers while listening, the reasons may be:

  • Defective columns (manufacturing defects);
  • Incorrect connection of connectors or one of them;
  • Crushed, damaged, kinked wires;
  • Use of low-quality adapters;
  • Wrong drivers.

3. No sound.

It is important to understand here if the problem is in the computer or speakers:

How To Turn On A Bosch Speaker
  • If, after turning on the computer, a colored diode lights up on the speakers, it means that they are powered and they are working (to exclude a breakdown, you can send the speakers to a service center for diagnostics or it is corny to try to turn them on on a third-party computer);
  • If the speakers are working properly or no faults are found, the volume may be turned off in the settings of audio devices, or the volume on the speakers themselves (on the regulator) is set to the minimum value;
  • Damaged and loose connectors from frequent use can also be a problem.