How to use a drill with a screwdriver. Pros and cons of the battery drill

How to use a drill with a screwdriver?

Can draw a conclusion that drill occasionally can Use as screwdriver, but do not abuse such inappropriate use.

Clockwise we drill or screw the screws and screws. Counterclockwise. Help the drill out of the hole or unscrew the screws. When the switch is in the middle, drill Blocked. Therefore, if the battery is charged and drill does not work, make sure that the switch is shifted to the left or right.

Instructions for working with a piercing drill

The battery drill-shuruvret (hereinafter referred to as a screwdriver) is designed to tighten screws and drill holes in wood, metal and plastics. The screwdriver is intended only for domestic use. The screwdriver has a modern design, simple and reliable in work, is convenient to maintain and will last you for a long time.

FIXA 14.4V Screwdriver / drill REVIEW TEST (IKEA li-ion 14.4 V)

Your charger (ZU) has double insulation, and does not require a grounding wire. Always check the voltage of the supply network, it must correspond to the technical characteristics of the. Do not try to connect the batteries directly to the supply network. To minimize the risk of fire, electric shock and injury, when working with electrical tools, always follow the safety instructions. Before you start working with the tool, carefully read all the instructions. Keep this instruction in a safe place.

  • Maintain the workplace order.
  • The mess at the workplace can lead to an accident.
  • Pay attention to working conditions.
  • It is forbidden to work in rooms with an explosive, as well as a chemically active environment that destroys metals and isolation.
  • Do not leave a screwdriver in raw non.Heated rooms, protect it from blows and sharp loads.
  • The workplace should be well lit.
  • Do not let children close.
  • Do not let children touch the tool. Outsiders, as well as animals should not be next to the workplace.
  • Dress right.
  • To prevent injuries and tightening the elements of clothing in the rotating parts of the screwdriver, fasten the sleeves and clothes, hide the hair under the head

To protect the organs of vision from chips and other factors arising when working with a screwdriver, special protective glasses should be worn. To protect the organs of hearing, use the appropriate funds if necessary (bears, headphones). If the dust is formed during operation or the particles of the processed material are separated, put on a dustproof mask.

  • Work in a stable position. Follow the correct position of the legs and body. When working at a height, use the Stremoyanka staircase.
  • Be careful. Watch what you do. Do not be distracted during work. Do not use a screwdriver if you are under the influence of alcohol, narcotic substances or medications, as well as in a painful or tired state.
  • Fix the workpiece. When performing drilling operations, fix the processed part with a clamp or a vice.
  • Carefully handle the charger. Detaccinate the charger from the outlet directly behind the fork. Exclude the effects of cutting and temperature factors on the charger cable.
  • Use the appropriate tool and devices.
  • The use of tools, accessories and devices that are not recommended for this screwdriver, as well as its use to perform operations that are not indescribable in this instructions can lead to a breakdown or accident.
  • Exceeding the operating modes when processing materials above the above instructions, the overload of the electric motor can lead to premature wear of parts and units of the screwdriver, its exit of operation or an accident.
  • The tool will work better and safer with the load on which it is designed.
  • Check the serviceability of the units and parts of the screwdriver.
  • Before starting work, carefully inspect the screwdriver and make sure its performance.
  • Check the mutual position and reliability of fastening the removable nodes of the screwdriver, the absence of broken details, and the correctness of its assembly. Do not use a screwdriver for faulty elements of changing operating modes (start button, rotation mode switch, backlight lamp button).
  • Exclude the possibility of unintentional turning on the screwdriver.
  • Do not keep your finger on the start.Up button when replacing the tool, changing the operating mode and during breaks between operations.

For reliable and safe work, you should regularly maintain a screwdriver. After completing the work, clean the screwdriver. The outer surfaces of the screwdriver and removable nodes should be clean, dry and without traces of lubrication.

  • It is forbidden to open the battery.
  • Do not expose the water effects.
  • Store at temperatures from 00 C to 400 s.
  • Charge only at ambient temperatures from 10 C to 40 C.
  • For charging, use only the memory included.
  • Under extreme conditions, fluid leakage from batteries is possible. If the leak is detected, act in the following possession:

-Carefully, using a piece of fabric, wipe the liquid from the battery surface. Avoid contact contact with skin.

-In case of contact with the skin, immediately rinse with a large amount of water. You can neutralize the effect of battery fluid using poorly concentrated acid, such as citric juice or vinegar. In case of contact

With eyes, rinse your eyes plentifully with clean water for at least 10 minutes. Consult a doctor. Fire hazardous! Avoid a short closure of the battery contacts when it is disconnected (for example, when stored in a case).

  • Do not burn batteries.
  • Do not charge damaged batteries. Charger (ZU)
  • Use your VIS only to charge batteries included in the completeness of a screwdriver.

Your item is intended for use of 220 V with a voltage of 220 V and a current frequency of 50 Hz.

This tool has a reverse switch 6 to change the direction of rotation. Click on the lever of a reversing switch on the right side for rotation clockwise or on the left side for rotation counterclockwise. Когда рычаг реверсивного переключателя находится в нейтральном положении, триггерный переключатель нажать нельзя.

  • Before work, always check the direction of rotation.
  • Use a reversing switch only after a complete stop
  • Tool. Changing the direction of rotation until a complete stop
  • The tool can lead to its damage.
  • If the tool is not used, always translate the reversing lever
  • Switch to neutral position.

How to choose a drill for a home.Couplings and recommendations with a photo

Than to drill a hole in a tree, brick or concrete? Which drill is better for the home: shock or unstressed, network or battery, professional or household? What else can be done using a drill? You can find answers to these and other questions in our article.

Which drill to choose for home

  • Hang a picture, hanger or some other interior item.
  • Adjust the sagging interior door or door in the closet.
  • Fix something with self-tapping screws.
  • Punch through the wall in the wall.

Almost any person invariably encounters these and other household tasks. To fulfill them quickly and efficiently, just use the electric drill. This is one of those tools that should be in every apartment along with a hammer and a screwdriver. But which drill to choose for home? In order to correctly answer this question, you need to know the varieties and the possibilities of this power tool and clearly imagine why it may be required specifically.

What are the drills

Depending on the design features and purpose, the following types of drills can be distinguished:

Unstressed drill. Designed to make holes in relatively soft materials: wood, plastic, drywall and metal of small thickness. It is suitable for small repair of various products and fix objects on partitions from soft materials.

Shock drill. With its help you can additionally drill brick, concrete walls and ceilings. If you need to hang a chandelier or cabinet, make a hole in the floor or ceiling, install the doors, then it is precisely it. When the shock mode is turned on, its cartridge makes reciprocating, directed perpendicular to its own axis of rotation. This allows the drill to quickly make your way even in solid material.

Corner drill. Equipped with a cartridge located at right angles to the handle, and can be used in hard.To.Reach places. It will help in cases where holes must be done in a narrow niche and an opening, space occupied by any objects.

Drill Mixer-intended primarily for mixing various solutions and paintwork materials. Some models are also suitable for drilling holes of large diameter and surface cleaning, for example, from paint and rust.

In most cases, it is better to choose a shock drill or drill-shuruvret drill. The advantage of the latter is that it additionally allows you to tighten and unscrew the screws and screws, that is, it is a more multifunctional tool. Unlike the rest, the drill-shuruver always has a reverse-its cartridge can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, as well as multi-stage adjustment of the torque.

Which drill to buy: household or professional

All drills can be divided into household drills and professional drills. The difference between them is that the model intended for professional application is designed for more serious loads and intensive use. Conventionally, they must work out during the service life, provided that daily use for several hours in a row. This is ensured by the use of wear.Resistant materials and characteristic design features.

The design of household drills is usually easier, and the details are more susceptible to wear. However, their cost is also significantly lower. Thus, if the task is to buy a home drill, which will be used often and will last several years, it is better to choose a professional model. If you plan to get a tool from a box every few months, then you can buy a cheaper household tool.

What power should be at the drill for the house

The power of the drill, or rather its engine, is one of its main parameters that directly affect the speed of rotation and torque, and therefore on performance and functionality. A powerful tool breaks the hole faster even in solid materials, at the same time it is more expensive and has more weight.

Unstressed usually have a capacity of 250 to 500 watts, drums-from 500 to 1500 watts, mixers drills from 800 to 2000 watts. If you plan to use an electric drill exclusively to drill small holes in wooden and plastic products, then there is no particular need to buy a tool more powerful than 600 watts. For effective drilling brick and holes with a diameter of more than 10 mm, the power should be from 800 watts and above, and if you plan to pierce concrete walls and mix building mixtures, then the power is at least 1 kW.

What does the speed of rotation and torque affect

Rotational speed. This is the number of revolutions made by the cartridge per unit time. The higher it is, the faster the hole forms. To work with wood or plastic, this parameter is not so critical, but if you plan to drill metal, glass, ceramic tiles and even more concrete, it is better to buy a drill that has a rotation speed of at least 3000 rpm.

Most modern models are equipped with an electronic rotation speed regulator. The stronger the user presses the button on the handle that starts the tool, the faster the cartridge moves. Some also have a switch that allows you to limit the number of revolutions, since you need a low speed to tighten and unscrew the fasteners.

Before choosing a drill-shuruvret, you should pay more attention to another parameter-the maximum torque. It is its value that determines the force with which the tool will affect the fasteners. Ideally, torque should be at least 30 nm, otherwise it will not be possible to screw screws into products made of solid materials without preliminary drilling.

What cartridge should be in the drill for the house

Professional and domestic electrodels are equipped with two types of cartridges: fast.Packed and gear.

Drinks with a fast.Packed cartridge are more convenient, since replacing a drill or bit does not require the use of an additional tool. This can be done manually. If it is planned to work mainly with various soft materials and often change the equipment, it is better to choose a drill with a fast.Packed cartridge.

Installation of torque

The drill has a control ring to install the torque at which its values ​​are applied.

This is necessary in order to set the most suitable value when working with materials that have different hardness.

For example, for twisting screws into drywall (with a slight effort), a range of values ​​2-4 is suitable, and for a hard tree, the torque can be set to the maximum number on the ring.

Such adjustment helps to avoid quick damage to the fasteners of fasteners.

Trigger drill

Trigger or, as it is also called, the start button is, in principle, a very simple organ. He launches the device or stops it. To do this, accordingly, you must click on it or release it.

However, with a trigger there is one nuance. Because in separate models by force of pressing the trigger you can change the speed of rotation.

What is the screwdriver consists of? Settings of the device.

In the plastic case there is a engine and a geover mechanism that drives the bat, which is installed at the end of the screwdriver. The device is provided for by the presence of a start.Up starter, direction of direction and speed speed, diode illumination and tightening time regulator.

The principle of activity of the tool is very simple. The nozzle, previously fixed in the cartridge, moves using a shaft, which starts moving from the work of the motor through the gearbox. Before using a screwdriver, you should find out if the battery is charged, and whether the nozzle is installed correctly.

Immediately before the work, you need to look after such a nozzle so that it corresponds to the self.Tapping screw or screw hat.

To install the desired nozzle, you should choose it by the size of the hat of the fastener and fix it in the magnetic holder of the cartridge. First, the cartridge with the coupling must be removed from the device, and after fixing the bat, the cartridge must again be fixed to the screwdriver body.

Then it is required to assign a suitable bit speed of the bit. Settings are performed by means of a special regulator. The required mode is set in the disconnected state of the tool.

Before using the power tool, it is necessary to adjust the depth of screwing the fastening element. After some time, the need to replace the magnetic holder may arise. To change it, a cartridge, magnetic mount and coupling is removed. Next, the cartridge with the coupling is fixed back to the block-the-clock of the screwdriver.

Communities Tool. We share experience Forum Selection of a screwdriver

Hello, and again I’m with the choice of a screwdriver. I decided to buy Shurik from the budget line all the same., with some models, but I still don’t know anything about them.Maybe someone had experience with these models, manufacturers, share your experience and knowledge about them.Edon CF 1202, Patriot BK 114 Li, Einhell Th-Co 12-2 Li, Bort BAB-10.8 NX2LI-FDK.

I believe that overwhelming money and take the Chinese on lithium-ion batteries 14.4V with a good torque.

You can advise such a shurik, the main thing is not to be particularly bulky?

I would advise Makita, good equipment and the most important presence of spare parts and this is the most important thing when choosing.

I am familiar with Einchell from these vehicles, a good Chin German, but now I work at the Poles factory, we repair refrigeration equipment, we have a good screwdriver, you can do it, and it continues to turn it out, but it continues to twist. True, they are nickel-cadmium, therefore should be taken with two batteries, or buy another, there is an effect of memory. They are charged quickly (somewhere around two hours)

Here’s the question, for what purposes it is. If in order to lie at home just in case, unscrew a dozen screws once a month, then it is not needed, it is better to buy a network drill with a screwdriver function. At home there is Energomash, 18 volts, the batteries died at a statute of limitations, and the question is that the purchase of two new batteries at a price is equal to the purchase of one new semi-professional drill-spray from the network. He did not work with my.

It is not necessary to take a screwdriver for the home, it can look towards the battery boot? Their power is enough for the house for the eyes.

I have hitachi, small, powerful and not killed, he is 3 years old, his whole service torments his whole service every day, and he continues to live, took it for 3800, now it costs 7 thousand (

Bought here: ru.Aliexpress.COM/item/SH 5B6C242629B300E22727081FD, Ibid my analysis with pictures, a 40mm screw of 20mm pierces through. Unlike Russian analogues of the gear, everything is made of metal.

You can put a more powerful battery of 2500-3000, enough for a long time, but x.H. How to get a native exercise and protection payment, while I use it, I am satisfied. The granddaughter was brought, so I collected the crib in 10 minutes

I have a network (FIT, China), and battery (Metabo, Germany), as well as a drill, a perforator, a screwdriver, a dremel.One. I will advise you to take network: if you constantly make furniture, you are tormented to charge, even if two batteries. If battery. With two lithium. Nicd screws China. Disposable.2. From 400 W, as the tree grows the drill.3. Two speeds. If one. Not higher than 750 rpm. Or, in other words, the moment 22NM, the diameter of the screw 6mm, the diameter of the cartridge from 10mm.4. With a reverse. Preferably a lever, not a button. More convenient.5. Cartridge from 10mm, fast.Packed, preferably with locking.6. Preferably with backlight. And with level.

Unboxing I bell cordless driver drill 12 volt battery-powered

Intercker network screwdriver is not bad 320 watts

At the work of Bosch on Bosch GSR 1440-Li lithium, two batteries are very conveniently charged. High.Quality assembled there is a backlight in the dark is convenient.I was 4 mm steel by a drill (carrot)When on the TP installation of accounting nodes (update) 220 take (nowhere)Autonomy plays a large role.

At home in the operation of Hitachi DS 18 DVF3 lamp with a simple battery bulb Ni-CD 1.5a/h Shurik is powerful heavy, acumis quickly go into the category. It should be noted that they are charged in 30 minutes.

As practice has shown. Brand Dexter, MacAlister does not make a bad tool for home use, which is surprisingly surviving at a construction site. According to the battery 10.8 in 1.5-2Ach, it is enough to assemble furniture and periodic drilling up to 10 mm.If you get better, Metabo Power Max, small, compact and evil Shurik. Of the shortcomings, perhaps only a weak gearbox, he does not live on drilling for a long time. And so this is the only compact Shurik which in the hand lies like a glove.

Great review. Tell me the pancreatic which by the number with an asterisk you can unscrew the cartridge ?Devolt 907

The use of screwdriver

Those models of screwdrivers that are sold today in stores allow you to choose a bit to a self.Tapping screw so that their fit to each other is dense. And setting a screwdriver so that the delay of each self.Tribunal is perfect, it became very simple.

We Ranked Every DRILL/DRIVER From Beginner LVL To Expert LVL (What Level Are You?)

Do not think that you can use the screwdrivers, only to drill, twist and twist screws. When repairing a car, you can twist and twist nuts and bolts, grind a variety of surface nozzles. Assembly of furniture without using a screwdriver will take a lot of time. Hanging cornices for curtains or book shelves with a screwdriver is much easier than running with a screwdriver and making efforts. So today Shurovyrt has taken its honorable place among the most necessary tools in the household.

Proper use of a screwdriver

The screwdriver successfully replaced not only various types of screwdrivers, but also warden, hexagonal keys. This tool is also used instead of a drill. For builders with furniturers, the electric shuruvrustrot has become an indispensable assistant. For him and at home, there is constantly application. The assortment in the market is represented by a wide variety of models. Despite the prevalence of screwdrivers in various fields of activity, not all users, especially beginners, know how to operate it. Proper use, maintenance and storage of power tools will extend its service life to the maximum.

According to the power method, screwdrivers are divided into two varieties:

The external and internally device of network and battery models is almost the same. In general, the power tool consists of the following structural elements:

  • Hulls;
  • Cartridge;
  • Turning buttons;
  • Switch of the direction of rotation of the electric motor (reverse);
  • Speed regulator (number of revolutions);
  • Buttons of turning on on;
  • A tightening power regulator (switch of torque).

The photo further presents the design of the battery.Type screwdriver.

A number of models are additionally Equipped with backlight, which is constructively realized in different ways. Not every product has a speed control and button for turning on on. Network electric shuruvrusts have a power cord, and the battery has a charge drive instead of it.

The housing of the power tool Most often made of plastic, much less often from alloys of different metals. For convenience, it usually consists of 2 halves. There are such main details inside the case:

The circuit of electrical connections depends on the model.

Electric shurubover can be equipped with cartridges of different types. The most widespread Quick.Packed three.Cub variant of this part. The cartridge also consists of separate parts that are presented in the following photo.

Printing work both network and battery screwdrivers are the same. It lies in the fact that electric energy leads to rotation of the electric motor. Through the gearbox and the shaft, the force and speed to the nozzle fixed in the cartridge are transmitted from the motor. It already drills a hole or screws or twists fasteners. A feature of the process is that the electric motor in network models operates at a variable voltage of 220 V, and in battery ones. On a constant one, the value of which can be in the range from 3.5 v to 36 V 36 V.

Installation of torque

The drill has an adjusting ring for installing the torque for which its value is applied.

This is necessary in order to set the most suitable value when working with materials of various hardness.

For example, for screwing screws into drywall (with slight efforts), a range of values ​​2-4 is suitable, and for solid wood, the torque can be set on the maximum number on the ring.

drill, screwdriver, pros, cons

This regulation helps to avoid Rapid damage to the hairpins.

During operation, you can change the speed of rotation by increasing or decreasing the pressure on the trigger of the tool.

This allows you to stop the tool in time when the screw or screw is completely tightened.

Tool care

Squad, like any power tool, does not tolerate water, so it is better to use it away from moist places. Do not throw a tool or lay it carelessly. This can lead to damage to the details and its failure. It is necessary to try to avoid dust and dirt inward. Small.Dispersed particles can lead to an early breakdown of the device.

  • You should always work in gloves and goggles to avoid wounding with fragments.
  • You can not use damaged batteries and a tool with defects in the case.
  • Store the tool in a dry warm place protected from children.
  • Before starting work, you should check the performance and integrity of the device.
  • You should always be in a stable position to avoid falling and prevent the risks of injuries.
  • To avoid “wrapping” hair or parts of clothing into a screwdriver, you should tightly fasten the sleeves or roll them up and put on gloves, and remove the hair and close the hair.
  • The workplace must be removed and well lit.

Even for dummies, the use of screwdrivers should not be significant problems, since the tool is extremely easy to master and work. The main thing is to comply with the rules of operation and safety requirements, and with experience an understanding of how best to apply such a device in everyday activities.

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The direction of turnover of the cartridge

In the design of the drill. A screwdriver there is a pushing type switch with which you can change the direction of turnover of the cartridge for twisting or unscrewing the fasteners.

On both sides of the tool near this switch there is a designation of the direction. By pressing the switch, you can perform a reverse.

BEST SCREWDRIVER Xiaomi Mijia Electric Drill 3N vs Metabo POWERMAXX BS x2 AWESOME HERE

It must be remembered that the turning direction can only be changed when the electric motor is completely stopped.

If necessary, the cartridge of the drill-shurubound can be replaced. It must be borne in mind that it is fixed with a screw with left thread and it means you need to unscrew it clockwise.

drill, screwdriver, pros, cons

Access to this screw can be obtained through the front of the cartridge.

The instrumental kit also includes a set of drills of different diameters. All of them are designed to work in relatively soft materials.

Drills in the cartridge are clamped similarly to a nozzle with a bat.(cm. Photo above)

How to correctly change the drill or bit by screwdriver

Cartridge. A node of a screwdriver in which a shift nozzle is installed: a bat, drill or another. Installation is performed manually, automatically (without equipment) or with equipment in the form of a key. There are several types of cartridges.

How to correctly change the drill or bit in a screwdriver

The procedure for installing a change of nozzle is as follows:

The cams are compressed, for which the front coupling rotates counterclockwise. The nozzle is installed, the coupling is twisted back.

The nozzle is inserted or pulled out with a slight effort. Fixing the nozzle is performed by an attractive magnetic effect.

Most often used in screwdrivers with pneumatic drive. The head is executed in the direction of the opposite work direction. After installing the nozzle, the head is released, as a result of which the nozzle is fixed. In order to get it, you need to release the squeezing and holding of the head.

If the key is used for installation, then the process is as follows:

  • The spindle or engine is blocked, or the head with the nozzle is simply held by the hand;
  • By rotating the key installed in the groove, the cartridge is rotated before the tsang or the release of the nozzle;
  • The cartridge closes with the key in the opposite direction.

Regardless of the type of cartridge, you should pay attention to the position of the nozzle after installation. You need to serve food and start rotating the cartridge. If the nozzle is incorrectly installed, a beating will appear. The phenomenon of moving the end of the nozzle to the direction of rotation. In this mode, the work will not be effective.

How to use a battery

The power supply of battery models is Nickel-Kadmieva (Ni-CD) or Lithuanian (Li-Ion) battery. To understand how to work with a screwdriver with a first type of battery, you need to know the pros and cons of the latter.

The advantages include a low price, a large number of charge-discharge cycles, and the possibility of operation at low temperatures. Disadvantages release a loss of 8-10% of the container during storage, the “memory effect”. With each charging not a completely discharged power source, its capacity will gradually decrease. If the battery does not operate for a long time, then it will be ready to work after 5 charge-discharge cycles.

Lithium-ion samples attract the lack of “memory effect”. They can be charged with any degree of discharge. The advantages include low weight, low level of self.Discharge (up to 5% per month), charging speed. The main disadvantages highlight a high price and a quick discharge at a temperature below 0 degrees. Store such batteries with half a charge level.

How to use a drill-spacer on the battery, described in detail in the instructions for the operation of the unit. Even the most expensive models can work on one charge no more than 2 hours, so many manufacturers are equipped with a tool with a spare power source.

The battery is charged using a conventional or pulse charger. The rate of replenishment of the container in the first case is 2-6 hours, in the second-not more than 1.5 hours. Some models have fast charging. 30 minutes. When connected by the battery to the charger, you need to control the correctness of combination of polarity on each subject. The glow of the red LED indicates the beginning of the charge process, the ending of the green.

Tips for women on working with a screwdriver

Not always attach or unscrew the fasteners in the house, a man can. Interest on how to use a screwdriver often occurs in women. First of all, experts recommend choosing an easy and compact model.

Then you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions that describe how to twist the fasteners in materials of different densities in order to achieve the desired result. Having studied the rules for setting, installing nozzles, a woman should not forget that the use of the unit requires physical strength. When working, it is better to hold the tool with both hands and be extremely attentive.

Do not forget about the safety rules:

  • Start work only after setting up the unit and install the correct nozzle;
  • Avoid the flow of fluid, sand, building dust and shavings inside the body;
  • Perform operations in the room with good illumination;
  • Periodically clean and lubricate the cartridge;
  • Put on work clothes and protective glasses.

Features of proper storage in order to increase the service life

Knowing how the screwdrivers of the network and battery type work, it remains to understand the question of how to care for them to extend the service life. Everything is as simple as the principle of work of the screwdriver. The following recommendations are taken into account during storage:

  • Eliminate water entering the instrument
  • You can not miss and drop the device, since in addition to damage to the case, internal devices may come out of the system
  • Ensure regular patron lubrication to increase its service life
  • If different contaminants get inside, then before the subsequent use of the device, it should be disassembled and cleaned
  • You can not store the tool with completely batteries discharged
  • Store and operate the device in a temperature range of at least.5 and not higher than 30 degrees
  • When drilling, cool the nozzle

Only if all of the above recommendations are observed, it is possible to provide prolonged use of the tool without breakdowns. The service life of the device also depends on the quality, since the cheap Chinese screwdriver will not be able to last a long time a priori, because in its production exceptionally low quality components are used.

Summing up, it is worth noting that not only the master, whose work is related to the operation of the device, but also beginners who use the tool for the first time, should know about how the screwdriver works. This will extend the service life of a screwdriver, and also eliminate the need to pass the device to the service center, in case of malfunctions.