Husqvarna 142 Does Not Receive Oil To The Chain

If no oil enters the chainsaw during operation, look for the cause of the problem. In fact, there can be many factors influencing this process. You should disassemble the chainsaw and identify the main problem. Possible reasons for this process will be described below.

Husqvarna 142 Does Not Receive Oil To The Chain

The reason for the lack of oil supply to the circuit during the operation of the chainsaw may be several factors and to identify them, it is necessary to disassemble the chainsaw.

Possible causes of non-receipt of fuel

Oil may not flow onto the circuit only if there are two breakdowns. These include:

  • problems with air leaks;
  • damage to the oil pump drive.

The main parameters of the chainsaw chain.

The main cause of the breakdown is air leaks. This can happen due to depressurization of the oil hose in the process of using a chainsaw. In this case, remove the hose from the hole. Do this in the place where it is connected to the crankcase. Then the hose sits on the sealant and installs in the usual position. If this did not help, then elasticity was most likely lost. For further operation of the chainsaw, it is advisable to replace the hose.

The second reason is the failure of the oil pump drive. In common people, this part is called a worm. When the drive fails, the oil will no longer flow to the circuit. The oil pump drive is a round plastic ring with grooves inside it. The constant use of a chainsaw leads to wear of the internal parts, as a result of which there is a puncture of the metal hook inside the drive. After this breakdown, the oil stops flowing to the circuit.

You can fix the problems yourself or under the guidance of specialists.

Features of the lubrication system and oil selection

Fuel tanks are selected in exact accordance with the volume. At maximum output, it is allowed to choose components with a small amount of oil.

Chainsaw fuel system: 1. fuel filter, 2. carburetor, 3. manual pre-pump.

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If you correctly adjust the carburetor, the fuel will be spent in an acceptable volume. Otherwise, it will end too quickly.

Slow fuel reduction during saw operation is a normal process. If it is absent, the chain is not lubricated correctly, so working with a chainsaw should be coordinated. It is necessary not only to be able to eliminate breakdowns, but also to independently identify them.

You can change the flow of fuel manually. The correct operation of the lubrication system is determined by holding the tire. If oil splashes appear, then everything is set up correctly.

It is desirable to make a cut with a significant amount of lubricant. If you have to work with soft wood, a small amount of fuel is supplied.

The chain should always be well lubricated. This will avoid smoke and further failure of the entire chainsaw. If the oil leaks or does not flow at all, it is necessary to identify the cause of the breakdown. Operating the tool before repair is not recommended.

When choosing fuel, you need to do it right. The desire to save money leads to the fact that the circuit quickly fails. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is undesirable to choose oil, the manufacturer of which is China. Preference should be given to the original firms. In their price category they are much higher, but their quality is better.

Circuit Troubleshooting

During the operation of the chainsaw, it is necessary to constantly monitor the lubrication of the chain. After all, it is this part that works in the most difficult conditions. The chain undergoes constant overheating, dust and abrasive particles are clogged in it. All this negatively affects its life. Correct the situation will allow a special lubricant. It is fed to the chain from the tank, thereby ensuring unimpeded operation.

If lubrication does not occur during operation, there is a high likelihood of overheating. When no oil enters, the chain begins to stretch. At the same time, there is a likelihood of it jamming or spontaneous jumping off, as a result of which a person may get seriously injured.

The channels through which the fuel is supplied can become clogged with small particles, so it is advisable to periodically clean them. It is important to monitor the oil level in the tank. Debris in the channel becomes a common cause of chain brake failure. This may adversely affect work.

Continuous cleaning of the channels and general care of the chainsaw will allow the tool to function for a long time.

But what to do if all the recommendations are followed, and the oil still flows. Make sure that the chainsaw is working properly. It is likely that it was collected incorrectly. If the breakdown was not detected, it is recommended to take it to the workshop. In some cases, it is necessary to replace the pump, but this must be done if the saw is new. Old tools are leaking due to the deterioration of the tank.

The current state of the chainsaw can only be evaluated by a specialist. In the absence of knowledge or self-doubt, repair of the tool is advisable to entrust to a professional.