Husqvarna 365 Xp Doesn't Pull

The modern powerful Husqvarna 450 е ll chainsaw belongs to the class of semi-professional (universal) gasoline saws, which is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers, due to its features.

Husqvarna 365 Xp Doesn't Pull


Husqvarna AB saws have always been considered and are considered one of the best. To this day, the company uses only the most advanced technologies in the production of chainsaws. Each saw has a common set of features, and there is an individual one, used only on a specific chainsaw or category of saws. For example, on all powerful Husqvarna professional chainsaws, a decompressor is installed to facilitate starting. individual. A common feature is the engine with X-Torq technology, used on all saws to save fuel and reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Let’s see what features the Husqvarna 450 chainsaw has directly.

  • Air Injection system. extends the life of the air filter, thanks to an effective air purification system, you can change the filter much less often;
  • quick-mount air filter. the replacement process has become much faster;
  • ignition switch with automatic shutter. the switch is automatically returned to the ON position to facilitate restarting;
  • 3-part crankshaft. the technology has significantly increased the crankshaft engine life;
  • primer. fuel priming pump;
  • Smart Start system. according to the developers, it provides easy start-up of the saw, due to a decrease in cord resistance during start-up by 40%;
  • LowVib. vibration reduction system, effectively protects a person from harmful effects during operation;
  • X-Torq fuel economy and emission control system;
  • easy and convenient refueling thanks to the fuel hinged lid;
  • chain tension without an additional tool. the Husqvarna 450 e does not need an additional tool to tighten the chain (a very convenient function).

Only the most interesting advantages of the Husqvarna 450 e chainsaw are listed. For a larger picture, it is also worth noting the presence of an ergonomic handle with inserts of soft materials, a cylinder cover on the latches (which allows you to quickly access the filter, candles), an indication of the fuel level; chain brake; marking for the direction of felling trees.


An overview of the technical characteristics of the Husqvarna 450 chainsaw will begin with the engine, as this is the main knot. the heart of the saw! The provided data should be taken from the official website of the company Husqvarna AB. Of particular interest is the engine power. 2.4 kW and volume. 50.3 cubic centimeters. For refueling, you need to know the fuel tank capacity. 0.45 liters (slightly less than half a liter). Half a liter is the golden mean, not hard and refueling is not so frequent. To replace the spark plug, you need to know its brand and model. NGK BPMR7A. The clearance of the candle is 0.5 mm.

Video: Husqvarna 365 Xp Doesn’t Pull

Fuel consumption for this class of chainsaw is not large, and is only 1.15 kg / hour.

A little bit about engine speed. The idle speed of Husqvarna 450 is 2700 rpm. Clutch engagement (chain rotation) starts at an engine speed of 4300 rpm. Maximum power is achieved at revolutions of 9000 per minute.

  • power. 2.4 kW;
  • engine capacity. 50.2 cm³;
  • fuel tank capacity. 0.45 l.

The second important component of the Husqvarna 450 e chainsaw is the saw set, consider its characteristics:

  • bar length (inch) 15 ″. tire length in inches;
  • recommended tire length, min-max Shortest 33 cm;
  • recommended tire length, min-max Longest 50 cm;
  • chain pitch. 325 inches;
  • chain type H30.

Knowledge of the characteristics of the chain and tire will be required when sharpening the chain or replacing it. The information provided is also taken from the official website of Husqvarna AB. Above, the list lists the main characteristics, the knowledge of which is sufficient to solve many problems. Other parameters, less significant, are rarely required, but still we list some of them: chain rotation speed at maximum speeds. 17.3 meters per second; narrow shank of the tire; tire groove width. 0.05 in.

We also note some important characteristics of the Huskvrna 450 e chainsaw. The weight together with the saw set (chain, tire) is a little more than five kilograms. 5.1 kg. To lubricate the engine, it is recommended to use two-stroke oil Husqvarna XP and dilute with gasoline in a ratio of 50: 1. The capacity of the oil tank for chain lubrication is 0.26 liters.


On sale there are two modifications of the chainsaw: Husqvarna 450 and Husqvarna 450 е. The modification with the letter “e” is distinguished by the absence of a chain tension system without a tool, which means that you will need to use a special key for tensioning, which comes standard with any saw.


We recommend watching an interesting video. a review about the Husqvarna 450 chainsaw, the author does not make much comparison with the Husqvarna 135 chainsaw and notes that despite the larger engine size of the 450th, they weigh the same! Which is very surprising!


Advantages: powerful, comfortable, not noisy, fuel consumption is not large.

Disadvantages: not revealed.

Feedback: Husqvarna 450 is the first chainsaw that I used, so there is nothing to compare with, but I am completely satisfied with the result of the work. Recommend.

Uryupin Nikolay, Ivanov

Advantages: of the advantages I want to note the easy start-up and quick chain tension, more than enough power for my work.

Disadvantages: price, I would like the price tag to still be lower.

Feedback: Often you have to start the Husqvarna 450 chainsaw in the cold, no complaints, it starts without problems, and it also starts up somehow easily for its engine size. I tried the tire more than 50 centimeters. I do not recommend, it does not pull. With a standard tire, a chainsaw perfectly brings down birch trees with a thickness of 50 centimeters.

Manzhelevsky Artem, Tomsk