Installation of a knife on Patriot mitch. What material for a trimmer knife is better

How to remove a knife from a lawn mower

Cutting elements in lawnmands are important components that need special care. Over time, the blades become unusable. In this case, they put sharpening or change. Before you remove the knife from the lawn mower, the owner of the site must perform actions that will protect it during operation.

Blade for the lawn mower performs the function of mowing herbal. Knives are made of high.quality steel. Sharpening of a knife affects the performance of work. A sharp tool cuts plants evenly. Dumb. leaves a fringe on them, that is, a cut of each blade of grass is dissected perpendicular to the surface on several parts. This happens if you tear the grass with your hands. As a result of the grass, cut carefully and evenly, the next day the slice is tightened. Such a lawn looks attractive and bright. In the second case, the territory in front of the house is dirty green in color. Disable sections are delayed only after 10-18 days.

note! The additional function of the knife in the lawn mower is to create an air flow during rotation, thanks to which the plants are transferred to the grass collector. For this, the blades often have several special cuts.

Reasons for removing a knife

Among the common reasons for removing or replacing the cutting element are as follows:

When the knife swept, bent or deformed, the lawn after the haircut looks untidy. Comfortable sharpening will correct the situation.

Professionals advise to carry out the procedure once a year. It is better to do this in the spring, before starting work. If the cutting elements dull faster, then sharpen them more often.

If chips, cracks are visible on the blades, or it is very stuck and has become thin, then in this case a replacement is necessary. Sharping such a tool does not make sense. In addition, the blade can break and fly out from under the case of the car at any time, injuring people or animals that were nearby. Such a device can also lead to engine breakdown. Change the element is allowed to be a similar model. The characteristics of the knife are indicated in the instructions.

If there is no suitable product in the store, you can always purchase a lower length blades. In this case, a little more time will go to put the lawn in order than before. But this is not a problem compared to the fact that the inappropriate knife is sometimes impossible to securely fix on garden technology. Then the way out. knives for lawn mowers are universal. These are the blades, which includes adapters, bolts, washers, etc. The knives themselves have several fasteners options. As a result, the cutting elements can be fixed on completely different models.

Review of species

For motorcycles, preference should be given to special knives. They allow you to mow higher and hard grass than a fishing line for a trimmer. In addition, the knife is suitable even for trimming young bushes.

There are many types of discs that differ in the cutting edge, shape and material from which.

On the performance of the cutting edges

  • with two teeth. for young soft grass, lawns;
  • with three teeth. for young grass, dry, weeds;
  • with four teeth. for hard grass and young shoots of trees;
  • with eight teeth, mow grass without severe grinding;
  • with 24 teeth-for hard and dry grass, shrubs, thin trees;
  • with 40 or more teeth. for mowing of any grass, bushes, trees;
  • with the 80th or more-for professional motorcycle.
  • with two. for soft and low braids for grass;
  • with three. for mowing weeds;
  • With four or more. for mowing grass on hay.

By form

The form distinguishes knives with disk canvases and several blades that are at a certain distance with each other. The shape of the blades may also differ. It is worth noting that this does not affect either speed or quality of work with a motorcycle.

Currently, manufacturers began to offer, in addition to traditional forms, still triangular, rectangular and trapezoidal.

According to the material

A disk for a lawn mower can be made of metal or plastic. It should be clarified that for electric motorcycles it is worth giving preference to plastic blades. They are excellently suitable for a curved rod of this tool, which does not separate the working area and legs of the mowing. Plastic knives are able to spin well with outgrown dry grass, for example, nettles or burdock trunks.

Metal knives are suitable only for a gasoline trimmer for grass. This is due to a flat bar, which removes the disk from the legs to a safe distance. Safety also contributes to the handles of a special shape. When impact on a hard object, part of the impact is extinguished with a clutch clutch with a clutch. Iron knives are suitable for mowing grass from large areas, weeds, shrubs, young trees.

Review of manufacturers

Motokos disks manufacturers are a huge number. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the most popular among them. For example, the Bosch brand is known for its knives with two and three blades. The peculiarity of the knives of this company is that each of the blades can be replaced separately from the others.

Another company, known for its lobed knives, is a “shark”. The advantage of the design is that the blades are fixed relative to each other at an angle of 120 degrees. As a result, it is easy to configure each of the blades, which is convenient for different vegetation. Another feature of the knives from this manufacturer is small weight.

Husqvarna is also known for its knives with many teeth, especially hay knives. Ideal for thick and dense grass. Of the minuses, it is worth noting the large weight of the disks and the fact that you can not turn the knife if one side is imprisoned.

InForce knives cope well with undergrowth and branches. In practice, the metal from which the cutting elements are made shows itself as a very strong. The only thing in some models of winning attacks are erased very quickly.

Positive reviews often receive knives from Maruama. They are characterized as very strong and durable.

Discs do equally well as grass of different types, so with shrubs and trees.

Rezer discs perfectly cut grass, weeds, branches. The teeth can withstand even drilling trees with a thickness of 6 or more centimeters. However, they have a lack of winding grass on the shaft.

Patriot company produces high.quality knives. Users note that if you choose the right disk for a certain job, then it will serve for a long time and surprise with its performance. It is very easy to drag knives from this manufacturer on your own.

A knife installation algorithm for a trimmer for grass

Replacing the knife on the trimmer is quite simple. In the kit with it, manufacturers include the key to remove the cutting nozzle (spray with a fishing line) and a pin designed to block the gearbox. To change the disk, you need to perform the following actions:

  • remove the casing that performs protective functions;
  • insert the pin into the combined holes located on the shaft and gearbox, and in this way block the drive;
  • If a spool with a fishing line is installed, then it should be unscrewed along the time of time and find a nut to tighten the knife;

In detail the algorithm for installing a knife on a trimmer for grass is demonstrated in the video further.

Modern trimmers for grass, for example, from the company “STIHL”, are easy to maintain. Conduct the replacement of cutting parts on your own will not be difficult.

When working, you should pay attention to safety measures so as not to cut.

How to sharpen a disk if it is dull

Motokos are designed for mowing grass, shrubs and young trees. The quality and productivity of the work depends on the severity of the blades. Over time, knives are blunting even with winning attacks. In this case, you can go in two ways:

To properly sharpen the knives, act as follows:

  • Gently disassemble the trimmer for the grass, removing the cutter;
  • examine it for cracks that make further operation impossible;
  • If the blades are bent, then they are aligned using a hammer;
  • reliably clamp the blades, not too much, but so that they do not move;
  • Based on the size of the disk, choose a file for metal so that it is convenient to work;
  • to the same extent (at an angle equal to 30 degrees), all cutting (upper) edges of the knives are pulled;
  • The lawn mower is assembled in the reverse order.

Disks with an attack of solid materials are only changed to new ones, but do not sharpen.

Sharpening can be carried out on an emery machine at low speeds. this will accelerate the workflow. At the same time, a grinding circle with the average grain size is used to work. Knives should be sharpened, having previously put on gloves and glasses.

Your 9 1/4″ French Chef

For motorcycle, plastic and metal cutting nozzles with different number of blades and sharpening are used. These factors determine the sphere of application of knives. Therefore, they should be selected, given the nature of the upcoming work. Replacing and sharpening the discs of a trimmer for grass should be carried out carefully so as not to get injuries. There is nothing complicated about it. Only a way to fix the milling on old models can differ, therefore, it may be necessary to use another tool.

How to change a disk on a gasoline trimmer

Set a new one or replace the nozzle on a motorcycle will not be inconvenience. A pin is always in the kit with the tool, which need to block the gearbox hole. We need it, so that the blade does not spin and we could unscrew the mounts under our nozzle. The main thing is to adhere to safety precautions. It is forbidden to change the nozzles on the tool on!

How to put a disk instead of fishing line or a new blade on a trimmer for grass:

  • Remove the plastic casing.
  • Block the pin hole in the pin. It is necessary to simultaneously hook the gearbox and a cup of the shaft. If everything worked out, we move on.
  • Unscrew the rogue through the mounting nut (clockwise). If the trimmer for grass is used for the first time, then the antipsychot is unscrewed along with the structure. He is there.
  • Install the knife so that its hole coincides with the center.
  • We fasten the boot back.
  • Without removing the pinstore, we tighten the nut (in the opposite direction).
  • Tighten the nut by any key. The stronger the better.
  • Put a protective casing.

To change the disk for a trimmer’s fishing line on a gas station, a similar procedure is carried out. Only instead of a nut you unscrew the spool. And at the last stages you return the nut and the boot.

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Now you know how to put a knife on a trimmer for grass instead of a fishing line, or install a completely new nozzle. Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев what knives you use and how effective they are in the fight against weeds. See you in the following articles!

How to put a knife on a trimmer for grass correctly

Putting a knife on a trimmer for grass is not so difficult. The manufacturer equips his tools with a special pin that allows you to block the gearbox and the key, with which the spool is unscrewed with the fishing line. The most important thing is to observe when changing the cutting elements safety precautions and the assembly sequence of disassembly.

The algorithm for installing a knife on a trimmer for the grass is as follows:

  • Remove the protective casing;
  • We block the drive. To do this, it is necessary to combine two holes. in the hub of the shaft and in the gearbox cup. After combining them, insert the pin into the holes;
  • We unscrew clockwise a spool with a fishing rod with a fishing line or a mounting nut that holds the boot (if the trimmer for the grass has not yet been used);
  • Next, we install the cutting knife, so that the slots on the puck of the hub coincide with the notchs in the hole of the cutting disk;
  • Install the boot;
  • We twist the mounting nut (counterclockwise) holding the stopped pin;
  • We tighten it using a tubular key;
  • Return the protective casing in place.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated. Now you can safely start the mowing of weeds on the site.

A garden tool, as well as any other, requires regular care, which includes sharpening a trimmer for grass. Workshops are most often provided to sharpening standard tools. knives, scissors, forceps, less often. drills, chains for chainsaws. And our workshop “The blade” can sharpen a trimmer for the grass so that the tool will help you solve your garden issues for a long time.

Sharpening of a trimmer for grass. the price of services

Our craftsmen efficiently and quickly performed a knife for a trimmer for grass, each client will like the price of the service. And those who regularly turn to us for sharpening the tools receive pleasant discounts.

Contact, we guarantee an excellent service, high.quality performance of our work.

Despite the fact that the laces of the lawn mowers are made of high.quality steel, from time to time their sharpening has to be updated. Fortunately, for this you do not need special skills and equipment, and today we will tell you how to sharpen the lawn mowing knife yourself without worsening the quality of the metal.

You can cut off excess grass from the lawn even if the edges are obviously bluntly bluntly at the mowing knife. However, at the same time, the shoots will be spaced in the longitudinal direction, turning into a fringe. A few days after the mowing, the grass will become terrible and will hurt a few more weeks. The cut should be even and neat, then it will drag on in just a few hours and the lawn will always be juicy-green. This requires the knife to be sharpened almost perfectly.

Left: grass cut off with a blunt blade of the lawn mower. Right: grass cut off with a sharp blade

When the use of knives is relevant

When using motorcycles in summer cottages, the most popular nozzle is a fishing line for a trimmer. It has a small price, suitable for different trimmer heads, is safe when working. The minus of the application of the fishing line is that it is convenient only for the bevel of low shoots. In other situations, the string is immediately clogged, regardless of whether the gasoline or electric model of the trimmer for grass is used. In addition, vegetation is wound on a spindle, which creates significant resistance on the shaft and leads to its breakdown. It can also provoke a failure of the piston system in benzocos or burning out the motor in electrimmers.

Therefore, for mowing high or hard vegetation, various nozzles are used. So, for harvesting tall and rough grass, thin shoots of trees and shrubs to install and use it better. This nozzle clogs much less often, which contributes to the greater wear resistance of technology.

On a note! Due to the fact that the engine of electrical and battery models is less powerful than on benzocos, so the use of discs is more relevant for gasoline braids.

Features of disks for motorcycle

Disks-ceremonies are produced by plastic and metal, as well as various shapes to perform diverse tasks.

  • Two-, three- and four-lobed knives with pronounced blades are used for mowing grass and overgrown trees. However, they are not suitable for harvesting hay, as the shoots are crushed, cutting them several times.
  • Massive four.lobed discs are intended not only for clearing the earth from grass, but also for hay mowing. They prevent multiple cutting of shoots, thereby making them suitable for harvesting for the winter.
  • Disks with cutting faces around the perimeter are relevant for the bevel of reed and reeds. Such knives are very heavy. this is the necessary quality to cut thick stems.
  • Professional discs with a saw tooth for artisans and motorcycles allow you to cut down small trees and bushes.

Plastic knives are used as an alternative to metal disks. They do not need to be tightly attached in the head, and they revolve as a result of exposure to centrifugal force. The strength of the plastic knives is high, so the service life is quite long.

On a note! The advantage of plastic disks lies in the fact that, having hit an irresistible obstacle, they bounce, and there is no

Popular manufacturers

Like lawmakers and components for them, for example, knives, are produced by popular manufacturers, the best of which are the following:

  • Bosch;
  • Gardena;
  • Craftsman;
  • Champion;
  • Makita;
  • Hyundai;
  • Daewoo;
  • Honda;
  • “Bison”;
  • “Interskol”;
  • “Enkor”.

Chips on the choice

First of all, the knife should be durable and durable. The best material for knives is stainless steel of the desired thickness, and not, for example, black steel with stainless steel or galvanized iron. Sometimes manufacturers indicate a stainless steel brand, for example, AISI 304. A knife is not the detail on which it is worth saving.

For portable lawn mowers, the minimum solution is considered to be a blade with two knives. In other words. you should choose a knife with two cutting edges. He will cut the grass. but it will not grind it. To mulch the grass. buy a cutter with eight.e likely. The optimal angle of sharpening is approximately 30 degrees. You will quickly learn to recognize such knives.

The carving of the rotor pin on which the cutter is put on with its landing holes does not matter. It is usually left if the knife spins to the right. and vice versa. This helps to avoid unscrewing the nuts and flowering the knife at full speed.

If your choice still fell on plastic knives. look for a black and rather hard plastic, which longer retains the factory severity of the cutting line. Such does not scatter into crumbs from the slightest blow when carrying or rolling the lawn mower to the place of the beginning of the mowing of grass.

NRS Co-pilot Knife ,HOW TO Install TO A PFD life jacket.

Chips on the choice

Choosing a hinged unit for hay harvesting using the Neva MB 2 walk.behind tractor, you need to consider:

  • Type and relief of the terrain;
  • The composition of the grass and its changes;
  • Their financial capabilities;
  • The capabilities of the walk.behind tractor in terms of installation of attachment equipment;
  • The required power of the motor.

Precautionary measures

When operating any mowing for a walk.behind tractor Neva, in order to extend the deadline for its work, it is necessary to take the following actions:

  • always check the strength of the connections before the start of working with the equipment;
  • never go in front of hayfield knives;
  • stop the work if you doubt the serviceability of technology;
  • check the equipment every 2 hours;
  • Every 12 hours, lubricate the gears with something like a solidol or lithol;
  • be extremely neat in work and not exceed technical capabilities to avoid breakdown.

Features of dumps and rotary braids

For Patriot motor blocks, several sets of attachment equipment are sold. The most popular models are available under the names: Nevada and Comfort, Montana, Detroit, Dacota, “Victory”. Often use rotary mowers for begging grass and dumps-lopats for snow cleaning in the winter.

Patriot rotor mowles clean land from herbal thickets and small bushes. For example, Patriot Kkr-3 hayfields Detroit and KKK-5 to Nevada Machine of the same company Patriot, mush the grass in such a way that after cleaning the site it is laid in even rows. This greatly facilitates the cleaning process. KKH-4 rotary mower to Dakota Pro is very easy to drive, cut grass rolls into rollers. The weight of rotary braids is 20-29 kg. They cost from 13 to 26 thousand. rubles. On the Patriot Victory Motoboblok, the mounting knot of the braids is peculiar and differs from such an element on other production models.

The lawn mower itself is a frame with rotating disks installed on it. There are two or three of them. On each disk knives are attached, which cut the grass. The more knives are placed on the discs of the braid, the higher the speed of work and performance. On the side of the frame there are a kind of sledding. It is they who regulate how height pruning the grass will be carried out.

installation, knife, patriot, material

Rotor braids for the Patriot motor blocks can be located in front and behind them. There are models placed on the side. Such attaching equipment does not require certain skills in handling it, it is reliable. Care for this technique is simple.

In winter, snow.offers were widely used. Since the Patriot motoblocks have proven themselves as machines capable of working at low temperature conditions, being endowed with manual launch, they can function with severe frosts. The peculiarity of the snowman is that he copes well with cleaning fresh snow, already compressed snow cover, as well as with ice. As a working tool is a screw equipped with teeth (knives). Such a screw makes it possible to change the direction of movement of the dumpy-lopata, and also regulates the height of cutting snowdrifts.

Fuel tank is seasoned with gasoline. Work can also be carried out using electricity. It is very easy to repair and maintain such attachments. The steering wheel handles have an additional function, they are endowed with heating elements. The snowman is supplemented by optical components, which makes it possible to clear the site from the snow cover even at the later time. A negative point in the use of the decomposition is the need for a long cleaning of adhering snow after completion of work.


Hinged mechanisms can be closed on a single tractor and with their help to loosen, hill the ground, fight weeds and pests. These devices include mills with different number of knives. These elements are attached behind the walk.behind tractor. The faster the agricultural machine moves, the better these nozzles work. Treens on the same.based Patriot tractor can be installed with saber.shaped knives and in the form of “goose legs”. They have a rotation axis, they plant blocks (sections) on them, each of which contains three or four cutting elements. Knives come with bent blades to the right or left (respectively, are called right and left cutting elements).

Each assembled section is located at a small angle to the previous part. This makes it possible to gently and alternately enter the ground. This feature of the assembly is reflected in the depth of the plow of the earth, its quality processing. Manufacturers sell mills of disassembled form. Their assembly can be performed independently, following the attached instructions. “Goose paws” are distinguished by a specific form. They are made in the form of a triangle. Such a milling cutter is whole, it is made in such a way that it cannot be disassembled.

The cutting elements “Goose paws” are used in order to plow the eminent land, for example, virgin lands. Such a milling cutter with knives is characterized by high patency. The depth of soil processing reaches 35-40 cm. The lack of this type of hinged structures is that in terms of strength they are inferior to elements made in the form of a saber of solid steel.

Goose legs knives can be fixed at home in case of their breakdown. These designs are easily amenable to welding and are suitable for operation as soon as possible after repair. Such a criterion is dominant when choosing a hinged technique of this type.

What to buy from attachments first of all, watch in the next video.