Is It Possible To Mow Wet Grass With A Gasoline Lawn Mower


Trimming flower beds, lawns and side paths can be done comfortably with a trimmer with a lower engine, because its cutting plane can be placed vertically. For even greater effect along the cutting strip, it is useful to dig a groove of about 4×4 cm. Then the line will cut the grass below ground level without touching its surface. The result is a very clean, blemish-free vertical haircut.

Highest herb

In this case, it is more convenient to mow in both directions. 1st pass. from left to right, cutting off the tops of the grass, and then, lowered the tool to a suitable level, the lower part is cut off with a reverse motion. The cut grass also remains on the treated surface on the left side. If the thickets of Burian are very high, then in order to reduce the possibility of winding the grass on the drum, you have to mow a couple of times from top to bottom, but this is fraught with overestimated line consumption.

Regular grass cutting

Mowing of an adult lawn is usually done once or twice a week, depending on the intensity of grass growth in different weather conditions. Regular and correct trimming strengthens the grass, makes it lush and does NOT allow weeds to thrive. There are norms that establish the height of the grass stand based on their biological characteristics. The height of mowing of thin-leaved grass lawn is not lower than 3 cm, for broad-leaved grasses 5 cm.

Most common lawn mowing tools: lawn mower, trimmer, cordless grass shears.

Is It Possible To Mow Wet Grass With A Gasoline Lawn Mower

Mows need in dry cloudy weather. The rule of “scythe spit while the dew” with modern lawn mowers can play a bad joke. The fact is that wet grass sticks together, sticks to the plastic, which leads to blockages and does NOT allow the grass to freely fall into the grass catcher. However, mowing in the scorching sun also negatively affects the green surface, the grass turns yellow, the tip dries out. In sunny weather, the best time to mow your lawn is evening. In case of prolonged drought, DO NOT cut the lawn too short, try to maintain a height of the grass stand of about 5 cm.This cutting height will protect the soil from drought, and the lawn will look well-groomed.

Starting the lawn mower

Before starting the gasoline lawnmower, a visual inspection should be carried out for visible damage. The process of starting the unit is conventionally divided into several stages.

Trimmer storage and care

Petrol trimmers require especially painstaking care. NOT counting the cleaning and lubrication of cutting and rubbing surfaces from plant sap and dirt, you also need to take care of the engine. The air filter clogs up the fastest. The frequency of cleaning is approximately 10 hours. NOT counting that, from time to time, the radiator fins become dirty with the cooling of the motor, which makes it rapidly overheat, and this can lead to its jamming. How to clean the radiator and air filter is described in the annotation for a specific Trimmer.

Before leaving the trimmer for long-term storage at the end of the season, drain all fuel from it, then start the engine and wait until it stops. This ensures that there is no fuel in the reservoir and no carburetor. After the engine has cooled down, it is necessary to unscrew the plug, pour 30-40 ml of two-stroke oil into the cylinder, slowly turn the crankshaft using the starter cable so that it is distributed over all the cavities inside the engine, then tighten the plug in place. After that, it is necessary to disassemble the bar, if it is disassembled, cover all iron parts with preservative grease, which can rust and keep the trimmer in a place protected from water.

After finishing work in electric trimmers, it is necessary to wipe and roll wires and extension cords, and in rechargeable ones it will put the battery on charge, because it is not recommended to store the trimmer even for a very short time with a discharged battery. this leads to a brisk failure. After that, you should remove the head, because you will have to clean both the protective casing and the insides of the drum itself. If this is not done, the herbal juice can dry up on them and cause the bobbin with the line fixing mechanism to stop working normally the next time you start.

It is much easier to prepare electronic trimmers for long-term storage. The main thing is to protect them from water getting inside the control circuit and the engine, as well as from rust on unprotected iron elements with the help of a preservative lubricant. It is imperative to charge the battery before storage, then your trimmer will be like new in the spring.

How to cut the grass

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new higher
by rating

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If you look at how the electric trimmer works, then notice that its engine, all parts of the device, which are energized, are at a height, on the part of the mower opposite to the mowing head. Relatively speaking, the electric trimmer motor does NOT fall below the chest of the person working with it.

So there is no danger to a person, who decides to mow wet grass with such a trimmer. I confess that I had to mow wet grass on the lawn around the house with an electric trimmer and nothing terrible happened.

Here, in the rain, mows with an electric trimmer, of course, should not be, but to be honest, it is difficult for me to imagine such a reckless mower, who would begin to mow the grass right in the pouring rain.

The only thing is if you have some kind of wire connection, an extension cord. It is better not to put it in wet grass.

By the way, the usual scythe was always mowed in the morning, in the dew, that is, it was wet grass. Probably easier to cut.

The electric lawn mower is more difficult, it has the engine underneath, so it is better to wait here for a while, let the grass dry up. Also, if you have a trimmer model with a lower engine position, they also mow wet grass not worth it.

Hello! To be honest, I am very far from Mowing the grass. But two mutually exclusive words in your question caught my attention. These are the words “wet” and “electric”.

From school knowledge of physics, I remember that water is a conductor of electric current.

Therefore, it would be logical to assume that mowing wet grass when switched on by an electric lawn mower that runs on electric current is very dangerous.

I do not know what the experts will say on this issue, but personally, with the lawn mower turned on, I am even close to damp things and, moreover, to wet grass, and I will not approach solely for safety reasons. In my opinion, a technical amateur the words “wet” and “electric” are a priori incompatible.

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And an electric washing machine is a terrible thing for you, it doesn’t say about an electric kettle! ))
– 1 week ago

Every owner of a country house or gardener, having planted a lawn on their site for the first time, is faced with the question: when do you need to mow the lawn for the first time and how to do it correctly? The first cutting of young seedlings should be done NOT earlier than 25. 30 days after planting. Sometimes cutting is delayed due to the fact that fresh grass shoots look weak and are afraid to be trampled. This is mistake. The fact is that from trampling, the lawn grass begins to bush more strongly, while forming a dense turf.

Rules for operating a gasoline lawn mower

Like any technique, the mower needs some care and adherence to the basic principles of use. These rules are simple, but they will help keep the unit working for a long time.

General operating rules:

  • Read the instructions for use and care of the lawn mower, study the basic rules of operation, storage and safety.
  • After each use, cleans the body, channels, grass catcher, knives, preferably with the use of Special liquids.
  • Does not clean the lawnmower with a hot engine.
  • During operation Monitor the condition of the engine, do not let it overheat, take breaks.
  • If the mower is in operation for long periods (about a month), drain the fuel. In this case, at the end of the work, the device is given the opportunity to idle and stall.

Rules for preparing equipment for winter:

  • A visual inspection of the mower is carried out, the main parts are removed, cleaned, dried, damaged.
  • Fuel is drained.
  • The air filter is being cleaned.
  • Oil is poured into the gearbox.
  • All moving parts of the engine are cleaned and lubricated.
  • The motor is wrapped in an oiled cloth.

Petrol lawn mower MTD Smart 51 BO

  • Before starting work, the working area is checked for foreign objects: stones, branches.
  • The presence of unauthorized persons at a distance of at least 5 m from the mower is not allowed.
  • Work is carried out in Special glasses.
  • A visual inspection of the mower is carried out for damage, loose parts. Malfunctions are eliminated.
  • Mows can be injured, no higher than 20 cm, no more than a third at a time.
  • When working on slopes, drive along the slope, not up and down.
  • Engine stops before bevel height configuration.
  • If foreign elements enter the mower knife, the work stops, the knife is cleaned.

Petrol lawn mowers have earned the respect of users for their power and quality of work. In order to extend the durability and performance of the unit, you need to study all the intricacies of care and maintenance of the lawn mower, follow the safety rules, adhere to the operating instructions for this equipment.

Why you can’t cut wet grass with a trimmer

Why you shouldn’t cut wet grass with a trimmer

There are also indirect prerequisites for why it is impossible to mow grass wet from dew or rain on a personal plot. These include:

  • Early wear on the trimmer;
  • Harming the lawn.

How can you disable a lawn mower by mowing wet vegetation? It’s simple. It is displayed as a result of a short circuit when water enters the power compartment. In addition, even if everything is very well sealed, there is a great possibility that the engine will not withstand the heavy load put on the flexible trimmer shaft. Well, the shaft itself can be turned. Such loads in most cases appear from the adhesion of wet grass on the knives and on the spindle to which they are attached.

In trimmers with a gasoline engine, mowing grass in wet weather, due to huge loads, increases the degree of wear of the main components and assemblies. Is it possible to mow grass into wet grass with an electric trimmer. Here you can note the early failure of the piston pair, as well as other moving units. In most cases, the piston pair fails due to overheating of the motor. In our case, the motor will overheat from the load created by wet grass when mowing.

If you mow wet grass with a gasoline trimmer, let it idle for 30 seconds without load to avoid overheating the engine. With this method, you taste the excess heat and preserve the piston pair.

Starting warm up the engine

Starting to preheat the motor is much easier and no longer requires such efforts:

  • The control handle is set to the “maximum fuel supply” position;
  • The engine starts;
  • The desired speed is selected.

You can get to work.

Is it possible to mow the grass when it is wet?

So, after working days you escaped to the dacha for the weekend, and your eyes were greeted with an unkempt lawn, which you decided to tidy up with the help of an electric or gasoline lawn mower. It would seem that nothing can prevent you from putting your site in order. But did you know that if it has been raining recently and the grass in your area is wet, it is better to put it off until the grass is dry? Do you understand that cutting wet grass can be dangerous?

So before you take your lawnmower, put on your waterproof shoes, here are a few things to remember:

Wet grass can clog the mower

Wet grass is very sticky! It not only sticks to your shoes, but also to various parts of the mower. As a result, accumulated grass can block the blades and other parts of the mower, making it difficult to mow the lawn further. What’s more, wet grass can even damage your lawn mower.

Wet grass. increased risk of danger

Even if your waterproof shoes are well-soled, you still have the risk of slipping on wet grass while you mow. And with a running lawnmower it can be dangerous. Especially if you are trying to mow the grass quickly.

Lawn mowers that run on electricity are unsafe

We all know that during a Thunderstorm, you shouldn’t swim in a river, pond or sea. But why then use an electric lawn mower on a wet lawn? Indeed, in this case, you also risk getting an electric discharge. When you mow wet grass with the electric mower, there is a risk of damage to the mower due to moisture. It can also potentially lead to injury to the person working with the lawn mower.

Did you know that mowing a wet lawn is much more difficult?

Do you enjoy looking at a smooth, mowed lawn? Did you know that if you mow a wet lawn with a gasoline or electric mower, you are unlikely to get such a perfect result? This is because it is more difficult for wet knives to cut the grass evenly. This results in an uneven lawn surface. This is especially true for mobile mowers. So if you care about the look of your lawn, you should wait until the grass on your area is completely dry.

Mowing wet grass is not recommended for safety reasons. It can really damage your lawn.

If you decide to mow wet grass in your area, then You must know that you can spoil Not only the appearance of the lawn. Grass isn’t the only wet part of your lawn. Together with the grass, the soil is moist. When using the mower, you can damage the soil and grass roots. As a result, your lawn can become uneven and covered with ugly spots throughout the territory.

So with some of the dangers and potential damage you might inflict on your summer cottage lawn, it is wise to keep the mower away from the grass when it is wet.

Is it possible to mow wet grass with a trimmer and lawn mower and how to do it?

Arrangement of a suburban area (and even a local area in a city) is a very difficult matter. Especially because you have to look after the farm all the time. Many people also have questions about how to do this or that work, for example, is it possible to cut wet grass with a trimmer.

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Features of the situation

Of course, such a question will NOT arise before the topic of who lives in the immediate vicinity of the lawn. Then you can wait a while and work when the grass dries up. But the need to remove wet grass arises immediately if you can visit the site only occasionally. What to do if you have to mow the lawn on the weekend, on another day with rainy weather, that’s the subtlety. The opinions of the summer residents themselves differ, so there is no particular sense in focusing on their position. You need to understand the nuances yourself.

The role of equipment

It should be pointed out from the outset that there are two main types of trimmers, which differently “relate” to wet vegetation. Some devices are equipped with a gasoline engine, others are set in motion by connecting to the mains or installing a battery. In turn, electric mowers are divided into two subgroups: from the location of the motor in the lower or upper part of the apparatus. Safe enough for the user to remove damp grass can only be gasoline trimmers or hand scythes.

In this case, it is absolutely undesirable to use an electric lawn mower. Sometimes you can find statements that this requirement applies only to devices with a lower motor placement. Such an electric motor comes into direct contact with water. Due to this contact, you can be afraid of a short circuit.

If water does get inside the power plant, there is a feature not only of a short circuit, but also of an electric shock. It is worth noting that these restrictions apply not only to trimmers, but also to full-fledged lawn mowers. The assurances of manufacturers and marketers about safety are not worth taking into account. To minimize the risk to yourself and your equipment, you should use a lawn mower. But there are a few more subtleties that must be taken into account.

Even if the mower does NOT fail, and its owner will not be electrocuted (for example, such a favorable situation per minute), it is still impossible to mow wet grass with a trimmer. This is a deliberately abnormal mode of operation, due to which the equipment wears out too quickly. Wet vegetation is much more resistant to cutting elements than it should be. Therefore, even very well insulated motors operate with overload.

Due to the sticking of wet grass to the knives and to the spindle, the load on them will necessarily increase. This cannot be avoided, and no skill of mowers, no methods and schemes of lawn clearing help. Not only the motor suffers, but also the shaft, which sometimes turns.

Problems when mowing wet grass can also arise with gasoline machines. Yes, they are more powerful than their electrical counterparts, but the load still exceeds normal values. First of all, piston pairs and other moving parts are “under attack”. If there is no way out other than using a gasoline mower, you need to take care of it. When mowing raw grass, the device is periodically switched to idle mode without load. 30 seconds is enough to remove excess heat and save the trimmer resource.

And also in different situations

When talking about mowing wet grass, the following possible situations must be distinguished:

  • It is wet after the rain;
  • It is raining;
  • Moisture is caused by a wet area (lowland or groundwater).

In the first case, it is quite possible to take a risk and try to put things in order with a lawn mower. In the second, mowing is impractical. In the third, you will first have to deal with moisture and only then puts the lawn or lawn in order. If you often have to mow wet grass after rain or “through dew” in a small area, then it is better to use NOT a trimmer, and not lawn mowers, but a simple hand scythe. You need to look Not only at the grass that is removed, but also at where the power cable is put.

Moisturizing it can be a very serious risk factor. For mowing after rain, you need to wait a little. A few minutes, even with a very big rush, will not significantly reduce the time that can be allocated for mowing.

As for the mowing of raw grass, there are still the following objections to it:

  • Walking with a trimmer or lawn mower in such conditions is more difficult, you can easily fall and get injured;
  • You will have to spend more time on work;
  • After mowing, it will be necessary to thoroughly clean the machine itself;
  • Wet chlorophyll will leave more stains on clothes, leather, shoes.

Now you need to figure out exactly how to act if you still decide to use a gasoline trimmer to clean your lawn or lawn in wet weather. An important rule is to keep the grass at the optimum length. Excessively shorten it, especially in summer, summer residents run the risk of provoking early drying of plants. It is unlikely that this will contribute to a good appearance.

Of course, they wear sturdy, waterproof shoes. Headphones or earplugs are used only when working with a two-stroke petrol trimmer. On a large meadow with flat grass, mowing is carried out along imaginary squares, conventionally dividing the entire territory into them. They first move along the perimeter of each square, then mow it from the inside and move on to the next part of the lawn. Regardless of the weather, before starting work, you should do the following:

  • Check the serviceability of the equipment;
  • Remove all debris and foreign objects from the site;
  • Replace, if necessary, worn cutting elements;
  • Determined with the direction of the mowing, so that the lawn does not resemble a “washboard”.

For how to cut wet grass with a trimmer and lawn mower, see the following.

What trimmers can you cut wet grass

To realize what trimmers you can mows wet grass, and which ones are available, you should deal with their device. Today, the consumer has two main types of lawn mowers:

trimmers, suspension from the location of the motor, can be:

  • Top-mounted electric motor;
  • Bottom arrangement electric motor.

Proceeding from the convictions of safety precautions, it is possible to cut grass soaked from rain or dew only with a gasoline trimmer or “Lithuanian”. The introduction of electronic lawn mowers is not very necessary. Especially when it comes to devices with a lower motor position, because they are in the area of ​​water ingress. As a result, a short circuit may occur.

It is not recommended to mow the grass during the rain and trimmers with an overhead motor. In the event of water penetration to the unit, it can not only be short, but also hit by a current of a mower.

Wet grass must also not be mowed by electric lawn mowers. The reason is the same as with the trimmer with the lower location of the unit. a great possibility of a short circuit. In addition, there is a danger that In case of failure to vigilance, the power wire supplying the unit is cut.

Why you shouldn’t cut wet grass with a trimmer

There are also indirect reasons why it is impossible to mow the grass wet from dew or rain on the garden plot. These include:

  • Premature trimmer wear
  • Harming the lawn.

How can you disable your lawn mower by mowing wet vegetation? Everything is very simple. It is displayed as a result of a short circuit when water enters the power compartment. In addition, even if everything is very well sealed, there is a good chance that the engine will NOT be able to withstand the heavy load put on the flexible trimmer shaft. And the shaft itself can be turned. Such loads most often arise from the sticking of wet grass on the knives and on the spindle to which they are attached.

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In trimmers with a gasoline engine, mowing in wet weather, due to heavy loads, increases the degree of wear of the main components and assemblies. Here you can note the premature failure of the piston pair, as well as other moving parts. Most often, the piston pair fails due to engine overheating. In our case, the motor will overheat due to the load created by wet grass when mowing.

About the harm to lawn grass

Many have probably noticed that if they mow wet grass with a trimmer, then the cut is ragged. In the future, it dries up, and the grass itself begins to turn yellow. This can happen for several reasons:

  • Wet grass is very flexible and pulls to the ground;
  • Trimmer line is either too thick or round line is used.

In the first case, it is worth waiting for the vegetation to dry out. When dry, the grass always becomes harder. In the second case, it is worth replacing the fishing line with a thinner one or with a different profile. As practice shows, an even cut on wet grass can be obtained using profiled lines with a square or star section.

Those who have ever tried mowing the grass in the dew or in the drizzling rain noticed that the vegetation adhering to the knife and to the spindle is scattered in piles on the lawn. If they are NOT removed in time, bald spots will appear on the lawn in places where wet grass falls. The cuttings begin to rot and the lawn begins to ache. This is how unsightly bald spots appear.

So, dear readers, decide for yourself whether it is possible to mow wet grass with a trimmer and a lawn mower, if you still want to put the lawn in order before the onset of cold weather.

Mowed lawn care

The question arises: what to do with the cut grass. leave it on the lawn or clean it? On the one hand, cut plants can serve as an excellent fertilizer for the lawn, nutrients from them will return back to the soil, the spread of moss will stop, and you do NOT have to waste time cleaning the grass from the lawn.

However, there is a downside to the coin: the mown grass will lead to the rapid appearance of weeds, the reproduction of earthworms, the surface of the lawn will acquire a porous structure and will be more susceptible to disease, and soil ventilation will deteriorate. Thus, it is better to remove the cut grass after cutting; it is recommended to leave it only in dry weather, so that the necessary moisture evaporates less from the lawn.

Mowing the lawn should be regular, then the plants will take a dwarf form

As for watering and feeding, they are necessary for the formation of a thick, high-quality cover, even if you have to mow the lawn more often due to the rapid growth of grass. It’s better to mow the grass more often and get a beautiful green surface without bald spots as a result.

Mowing the lawn should be regular, then the plants will take a dwarf form and, instead of increasing the leaf mass, will form more and more new shoots, creating a dense turf. If you cut rarely and immediately shortly, the grass will weaken and begin to lunge, and in its place separate islands are formed, overgrown with weeds, yarrow, moss or bluegrass.

How to cut grass with a knife

Slanting wet grass, after dew. With an ordinary long knife. For small areas, a braid is NOT required. Braids.

Here’s the first to the last lawn mow

The first mowing of the lawn should not be delayed due to the fact that the sprouting blades of grass still look very weak. it is scary to trample. In fact, trampling and rolling the lawn will only benefit him, the grass from this will begin to bush more, creating a dense sod. Yes, and you will step on the already mown grass, move the lawn mower in front of you, so that no harm to the young lawn will be caused.

Let’s figure out when to start cutting the first seedlings, how often does he mow during the season, and when is the last time he mows the lawn? Also from the article you will learn how to mow correctly in order to avoid common problems that beginners often face.

How do you know when it’s time to mow your lawn for the first time? Usually the first lawn mow is in mid-May. Look at how much the blades of grass have grown: if they stretch up to 10 cm, then there is nowhere to put it further. Try to choose dry weather so that the grass is not wet (the mower will clog up), but the ground should remain slightly damp. Plants will uproot from dry soil, and mowing on wet soil is not recommended later, as the lawn mower will damage the surface of the lawn when driving.

Before mowing the grass for the first time, make sure the mower blades are perfectly sharp so that weak blades of grass are NOT pulled out of the ground by the mower. You will only need to cut the very tops of the plants, so set the knives to their maximum height immediately.

Before mowing the grass for the first time, make sure the mower blades are perfectly sharp.

In the future, mowing the grass should be done at least once a week in warm, humid weather, and on cold or dry days, it will be enough to mow the lawn once every two weeks. Be guided, first of all, by the height of the grass: the lawn looks neat at a height of five centimeters, if the grass has grown two centimeters higher, then it is time to mow it. It is advisable that your lawn is about the same height throughout the season, but too short a lawn mowing is not recommended during the summer months, as the plants can dry out quickly.

The last mowing of the lawn should be carried out before frost, excessively high or low grass will not overwinter well. Look according to the circumstances. perhaps the last time you mow the grass in mid-September, and in the case of a warm autumn, you may need to trim again in October.

How to properly mow the grass on the site and will not make mistakes

Here are a few rules to consider when mowing your lawn:

  • First of all, make sure that the height is the same on both sides of the mower drum, otherwise you risk ruining the lawn;
  • Clear the area from stones, sticks, wire and other debris that could harm the lawn mower;
  • Sweep the surface of the lawn with a broom or a rake to level the piles of earth after earthworms and raise the grass towards the blade;
  • Mark mentally the direction of the haircut. adjacent stripes should be obtained at a certain angle to each other;
  • Change the direction of the stripes with each mowing to perpendicular, then ribbed stripes will not turn out on the lawn;
  • The last haircut in autumn should not be done in a cold wind, otherwise the tip of the blades of grass will be frostbitten, which will negatively affect the quality of the lawn next year.

Mowing grass with a lawnmower is not as easy as it sounds. Of course, you will need to learn how to operate the mower first before you start mowing your lawn. However, in the process of work, you can accidentally make mistakes, which will noticeably worsen the appearance of the lawn. The most common mistakes: