Lawnmower Viking Mb 448tх. Operation Features, Maintenance

Non-self-propelled gasoline mower Viking MB 448TX compact powerful unit with a capacity of 2.6 hp, designed for lawn mowing up to 1200 square meters. m. It provides mowing grass with a working width of 46 cm, has a small mass of 26 kg. Very maneuverable model is executed in modern design, has a strong beautiful case.

Lawnmower Viking Mb 448tх. Operation Features, Maintenance

A version of the VIKING MB 448 T lawn mower with the eco-friendly B engine is on the market&S Serie 575 EX OHV RS, which provides optimum torque and high performance with reduced emissions. A modification of the Viking lawn mower MB 448 TC has also been developed with an ergonomic one-sided drive handle, which is continuously adjustable in height.


Description of the Viking MB 448TX self-propelled mower

  • The Viking Lawnmower is equipped with a 55 liter grass catcher. and with a special indicator of filling, mowed grass and dust do not fly apart.
  • The cutting height of the grass is regulated by a spring-loaded lever in six positions within 25-75 mm. and displayed on a special scale.
  • Thanks to the single-stage motorized wheel drive, it is simple and convenient to control the mower.
  • Two portable handles built into the housing allow you to quickly unload and carry the unit.
  • During the movement of the aerodynamic knife with flaps, a directed movement of the air flow is created, which raises the grass before mowing, then the mowed grass is blown into the grass catcher through the air ducts. Grass on the lawn mows as low as possible, absolutely even.
  • Equipping the drive wheels with a special profile ensures good maneuverability and stability of the Viking lawn mower.
  • The body of the VIKING lawn mower is made of high-strength polymer, resistant to UV rays, heat, shock loads.

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Operational Features

The launch is carried out using a cable. Optionally, a mulching device can be installed on the unit, as on all Viking lawn mowers, with which the grass is sheared and chopped. In this case, the grass is not collected in the grass catcher, but spread evenly on the lawn.

The operator does not need to spend time releasing a bunker with grass, and the roots of plants receive additional natural fertilizer. Installation of a multifunctional knife allows you to set the necessary operating mode of the Viking lawn mower. picking grass or chopping.

The mower consumes any unleaded gasoline with an octane rating above 77, VIKING HD 10 W-30 branded oil. The maintenance interval is 25 hours. The knife, grass catcher, V-belts are consumable wearing parts that must be replaced with new ones in a timely manner.

You can familiarize yourself with the operating features of the VIKING MB 448TX lawn mower in more detail in the instructions.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

There are no obvious shortcomings in the mower; malfunctions often occur due to neglect of the operating rules. For example, increased vibration during operation occurs due to imbalance of the knife (improper sharpening, cracks) or loose knife mounts. The engine may overheat due to contamination of the air filter, cooling fins, low oil level.

Video review of the Viking MB 448TX self-propelled mower

Overview of the VIKING MB 448TX lawn mower

VIKING MB 448TX mower in operation, oil change

Owner reviews


“I bought a Viking 448TX petrol lawnmower modification for myself at the cottage. Quite a powerful unit, it works flawlessly, consumables should be changed, it is necessary quite often, well, this can be a large amount of work. about 17 hundred parts. If you monitor the cleanliness, especially after mulching, pour fresh gasoline, good oil, then it mows without stopping. ”