Motoblock Hulk

The manufacturer of Hulk walk-behind tractors is the American company DDE (Dynamic Drive Equipment). The company was founded in the mid-20th century by Daniel Davis. Its original name was Dynamic Equipmen, but the success of the organization was noted by the leading industrialists of America and already in the 90s there was a merger of enterprises and the concern got its current name. The company’s products are high-quality landscape gardening equipment.

Motoblock Hulk

Motorblocks Hulk have proven themselves in the harsh climate of our country. He is not afraid of either low temperatures or dampness. Three modifications with different engines allow the consumer to choose the best option for themselves. Motor-blocks are perfectly aggregated with various attachments, both of their own production, and designed for Neva motor-blocks.

Product Range Overview

The manufacturer has released three modifications of the Hulk brand motoblocks:

  • DDE V 950 II Hulk-1
  • DDE V950 II Hulk-2H
  • DDE V950 II Hulk-3

Let us consider in more detail each modification.

DDE V 950 II Hulk-1

DDE V 950 II Hulk-1 belongs to the middle class technology, its weight is 94.5 kg. The seven-stroke four-stroke petrol unit DDE 270 is installed on the unit. Air protection protects the device from overheating. Starting the engine from a manual starter.

A manual gearbox provides 4 forward and 2 rear speeds. The differential unlock function increases the maneuverability of the unit. The gear-chain reducer is hidden in a reliable aluminum housing. Convenient ergonomic handles are adjustable in two planes, a horn is fixed to the handle. The cultivation depth of cutters can reach 25-30 cm. There is a power take-off shaft that allows you to attach various attachments to the walk-behind tractor. It is recommended to use AI-92 gasoline as fuel. Pneumatic wheels are equipped with a self-cleaning tread that increases the cross-country ability of the walk-behind tractor in viscous soils.


DDE V950 II Hulk-2H

The DDE V950 II Hulk-2H weighs 94.5 kg. and equipped with the powerful four-stroke single-cylinder gasoline engine Honda GX160. Engine performance 5.5 horsepower. Starting reversing from a manual starter.

The transmission is mechanical, multi-stage, provides 4 forward speeds and 2 reverse. Chain drive in a sturdy aluminum case. Unlocking the wheels and self-cleaning tread on pneumatic wheels increase the maneuverability and maneuverability of the unit. Thanks to the power take-off shaft, various functional attachments are attached to the walk-behind tractor. The cultivation depth of cutters is 25-30 cm. Adjustable steering column with horn.


DDE V950 II Hulk-3

Unit weight 96 kg, a gasoline four-stroke power unit DDE with a capacity of 9 horsepower is installed on the walk-behind tractor. Starting the engine from a manual starter. The gear-chain reducer in the aluminum case provides torque transmission to working bodies.

The transmission is mechanical, provides 4 forward and 2 reverse speeds. The power take-off shaft allows you to aggregate various attachments to the walk-behind tractor. The cultivation depth is up to 30 cm. The steering column with horn is adjustable in various planes. Differential unlocking increases machine maneuverability. Powerful protectors with a self-cleaning function on wheels protect the device from sticking and slipping.



To expand the functionality of the Hulk brand motoblocks, attachments are used, both of its own manufacturer DDE, and for Neva motoblocks.

DDE manufacturer offers the following equipment

Milling cutters

The manufacturer makes saber-shaped cutters with four knives. A kit for a walk-behind tractor may include 4-6 soil mills. Their main purpose is the cultivation of all types of soils.

The manufacturer produces a revolving and universal plow. Used for the primary plowing of virgin lands, as well as in the preparation of the field for the winter season.

The Hills

Hookers are adjustable, casement, single and double row. Designed for cutting furrows in the beds, ridges of plants, the formation of soil ridges.


They consist of a metal rim with welded stiffeners, put on the shaft instead of pneumatic wheels. When moving, they not only move the walk-behind tractor forward, but also perform additional loosening of the soil with ribs.

Indispensable for most field work, used in conjunction with canopies such as hiller, plow, potato planter, digger. It is not intended for movement of the motor-block on a hard asphalt surface.

Potato digger

The nozzle allows you to quickly harvest potatoes.

Potato planters

It consists of a hopper with grabs that immerse the potatoes to the desired depth. A soil ridge immediately forms above the tuber.


The folding trailer with belt brakes and mechanical tipping, with a loading capacity of 400 kg, is designed for transporting piece and bulk cargoes.

Video: Motoblock Hulk

Pneumatic wheels

Equipped with powerful self-cleaning agricultural protectors. Used in conjunction with a trailer, mower, snow blower.

Axle extensions

They allow to expand the processing area of ​​the cutters, add lateral stability to the unit.


Universal adjustable, thanks to them the walk-behind tractor is aggregated with various attachments.


Rotary mowers. Used for lawn care, for the preparation of livestock feed.


Pumping wastewater, watering plants. the main functions of this canopy.

Snow blowers

The manufacturer offers two varieties: a rotary snow blower and a blade.

The following equipment can be adapted from Neva motor-blocks


It consists of a rigid steel frame on wheels and a seat. Turns a walk-behind tractor into a mini tractor.


Add weight to the unit, allowing deeper immersion in the soil when processing soil.

If desired, you can purchase caterpillar wheels that will further increase the cross-country ability of the Hulk walk-behind tractor.

User manual

When purchasing any equipment, the first thing you need to make sure that the package includes instructions for use. Next, you need to carefully study the instructions, which disclose the following information about the Hulk walk-behind tractor:

  • The device and assembly of the motor block Hulk.
  • Table with technical specifications.
  • Safety requirements for maintenance and work with walk-behind tractor.
  • Carrying out the first start-up of the unit, running-in.
  • Maintenance.
  • Malfunctions, their causes, solutions.

A table with technical specifications will help evaluate the capabilities of the unit, indicate its exact parameters (dimensions, weight), distinctive features, additional functions and features (power plant power, transmission types, oils used, type of fuel, etc.).

Clearly following the detailed descriptions from the instructions, even a beginner can assemble the unit.

We offer you to read the instructions for motoblocks Hulk concern DDE: Operating Instructions for motoblock Hulk

Recommended oils and lubricants:

  • For Hulk DDE motor-blocks, it is recommended to pour high-quality Oregon oil into the crankcase, SAE 30 is suitable for summer, 5W-30 in winter.
  • For transmission and gearbox, it is recommended to use special transmission lubricants such as SAE 85W90, Lukoil TM-5-18, Reksol TM-5-18.

First start

The first 5-10 hours of operation is a break-in period when all moving parts of the motor are rubbed.

When running in, it is not recommended to use the walk-behind tractor for more than half the power.

After 5 hours of such work, it is necessary to change the oil in the crankcase. Subsequently, such a procedure must be performed every 25 hours of operation.


This section will describe the main stages of maintenance, including:

  • daily care of the walk-behind tractor;
  • inspection and troubleshooting once a month;
  • inspection of the condition of the unit in the service center (recommended once a year);
  • conservation of the walk-behind tractor.

Consider the daily actions that will ensure the long life of the Hulk walk-behind tractor.

Before fieldwork:

  • Check for fuel in the tank and oil in the crankcase, top up if necessary.
  • Check for loose fittings and bolted connections.

At the end of field work (conservation of the unit):

  • To clear the Hulk walk-behind tractor from pollution.
  • Wash with clean water.
  • Dry in a place protected from sunlight.
  • Lubricate fasteners and moving parts with lubricants.
  • Cover and store in a dry place.

Key issues and solutions

We list the most common malfunctions inherent in the Hulk petrol walk-behind tractor.

The engine will not start:

  • there is no gas in the tank. it must be refilled;
  • poor quality gasoline. drain old and pour fresh;
  • the spark plug is burnt or smoky. in the first case, replace, in the second, clean and rinse with gasoline;
  • throttle plug is closed. open it for cold start;
  • the spark plug is disconnected. attach a wire to it;
  • gas leak. wait a few minutes and start the engine again (without refueling);
  • no fuel supply. check and replace hoses, filter, clean carburetor.

The motor runs jerkily:

  • the throttle is half open. close it;
  • dirt or water got into the fuel tank. drain the fuel, fill it with high-quality gasoline;
  • the carburetor is not adjusted. adjust it following the instructions;
  • fuel does not flow. check hoses, carburetor, filter, clean, or replace damaged elements;
  • the spark plug wire is loose or disconnected. fasten it;
  • the fuel filter is out of order. replace it;
  • impeller clogged with dirt. clean it.
  • there is not enough oil in the crankcase. add it;
  • the filter is clogged with dirt. replace it;
  • the fan is clogged with dirt. clean the impeller;
  • carburetor adjustment not set. adjust according to instructions.

Transmission is difficult to switch on:

  • vertical shafts and gears are wedged. clean and lubricate sliding surfaces;
  • keyways clogged with dirt. cleaning.

Transmission Noises:

  • the bearing is worn out. replacement;
  • final drive not adjusted. adjustment according to instructions.

The cutters stopped turning:

  • stones or clods of earth hit the rotors. cleaning will help;
  • stretched or burst belt. replacement will help;
  • the roller and pulley are not adjusted. contact the service center;
  • the pins are lost. replacement.

When starting, the walk-behind tractor moves forward:

  • incorrect position of the clutch lever of the knives. move it to the neutral position.

Video review

Overview of the DDE V950 II walk-behind tractor with auger snow blower

Cultivation Overview Hulk-1 Motoblock

Owner reviews

Yuri, 44 years old:

“I have a Hulk-1, acquired for gardening work two seasons ago. An interesting point. there were no extension cords in the kit, I had to kulibnichat independently. It works, the hiller is better to take a single-row, because for two-row power it is still not enough. With milling cutters it goes confidently, without distortions and slipping. There is a clear drawback. the clutch cable constantly flies out, I try to release the clutch handle as gently as possible, then it releases it, and you correct it every now and then. try to get there. ”

Alexey, 25 years old:

“My Hulk is only a year old, worked the lossless season, though the cutters are a bit soft, I’m thinking about acquiring new ones, and maybe I’ll do the ones I need. Something left of the old Neva. it fits perfectly on the walk-behind tractor. While I’m taking a closer look, I’ll check how it comes out of the winter, how it will behave as a whole. ”

Denis, 29 years old:

“I liked the Hulk walk-behind tractor, completely took over all the field work. The clutch cable really flies. it’s unpleasant, but it does the job. In 2 hours I completely pass my 17 hectare plot, plowed, planted, spud, dug up. everything is on the walk-behind tractor. ”