Reel for Motokos Inexpensive Stamps, Fast Refueling 10×1.25 – Trészer

  • Reel for Motokos Inexpensive Stamps, Fast Refueling 10x1.25. Trészer
  • Model: 013-088
  • Manufacturer: TRÉSZER
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  • Reel for motokos plastic with a reinforced button and a quick line refueling system. The coil housing is made of material. nylon.

    The diameter of the coil body. 110mm

    The diameter of the mounting thread of the coil. 10mm

    Spool thread pitch. 1.25mm

    Thread type of coil. internal (nut)

    The working diameter of the fishing line, permissible for use in the reel. 2.0mm. 2.7mm

    The coil is used in models. motor-scythes of Chinese, Russian and Belarusian inexpensive brands with model index 430 and 520, motor-scythes HUSQVARNA 125, 128, ECHO SRM-22GES.

    Fast refueling. The main difference between this mowing head is a quick refueling system. To refuel a new portion of fishing line you do not need to disassemble the head. Simply thread the end of the line into the hole in the head and, turning the line feed button, wind the desired footage onto the head spool.

    Coil Construction Details:

    • The button for feeding the fishing line is made of metal. This allows you to maximize the life of the head.
    • The lower button of the coil, which serves to bring into operation the mechanism that feeds the mowing line, is made in one housing with a drum for winding fishing line. Thanks to this, the coil lasts a very long time, even if the case is very worn. In cheap heads, a button and a drum for fishing line are two different parts connected by plastic slots.
    • Reinforced head housing made of nylon, for four grips.
    • Rigid fixation of the lower cover of the mowing head.
    • The bottom head cover is made of nylon. Stiffening ribs are made in the lid.
    • The spring of the feed mechanism of alloy steel allows you to extend the life of the automatic line feed.

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    The reel comes with a seasoned mowing line. A fishing line with a diameter of 2.65 mm is used.

    Manufacturer company TRÉSZER. Germany.
    Hochwertige bauteile

    Quality: Premium Replacement.

    In this reel for Lawn Mower, the line feed button is mounted on a bearing. Thanks to this design, as well as the fact that the button is made of metal, it practically does not wear out. This allows you to use the coil for many years.

    Manufacturer: TRÉSZER

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    23564 Lübeck
    Trészer. Hochwertige bauteile

    Körnerstraße 21,
    23564 Lübeck
    Trészer. Hochwertige bauteile