Replacing a carburetor on an echo gas station.

Cutting device.

operator from random contact with the cutting head and discarded objects.

Trued knife. Cuts a nylon string for

string length settings for the required scope of braids for grass.

The shaft tube is part of the device that serves for

Energy supply to the transmission shaft.

Front (circular) handle. Light, suitable for

Echo pb770t backpack blower fuel line install. Pb770t primer bulb. Pb770t carb

The ignition switch “Soft switching”

installed on top of the throttle of the throttle regulator, move the switch forward to the position RUN (work), or back to the Stop (stop).

Blocking the throttle regulator. Blocks

A throttle controller in a idle position until you grab the handle with your right hand.

Throwing regulator. It turns on the operator for

Air filter cover. Closes

The fuel tank contains fuel and fuel

Gas tank cap. For closing

Starter handle. Pull the launch handle

The muffler cover.Closes the muffler and

protects the operator from hot surfaces of the muffler.

Speak of ignition 17. User’s manual. Supp that p

device. Before starting work, read the management and save it for further use in order to study the correct and safe use of the device.

Tools-13 x 19 mm T-shaped key

(a combination of a screwdriver and a key to the spark plug), 4mm end key, instrumental mandrel.

Nut laying.

Screw M5x35 = screw; Circular handle = Front (Loop) Handle Fit = Nut

Gasket = Washer with a knife = Cut Off Knife bearing House = Bearing Housing; Lid = shield plastic sleeve = plastic Sleeeve the outlet shaft = output shaft winged nut = wing nut bolt = bolt

Nylon head = Nylon Line Head; The output shaft = output shaft fixing plate = fixing plate; bearing body = Bearing Housing; Locking Tool lock

Start button = Tap Knob press without effort the start button to the soil = hit knob Against the Ground Surface Lightly string will go out = nylon line comes out

Installation of the front (circular) handle

Install the handle in a convenient position for work and screw with screws (M5x35). The cutting device should be 5-7.5 cm above the soil and parallel to it.

Installation of a plastic protective cover

Remove the plastic bushings from the output shaft.

Remove the winged nut, gasket and bolt. 3. Stick the lid on the bearing housing. four. Install a bolt, gasket and winged nut.

Installation of the head with a nylon string

Turn the outlet shaft while the hole in the fixing plate and

Insert the locking device through this hole. 3. Install the head on the shaft, turning clockwise. four. Remove the locking device.

Type: B4-R Twisting: 3/8 x 24 (standard small thread)

Before starting work, make sure that there are no outsiders within a 15m radius and pay

Do not launch a cutting head at a speed of more than 10,000 rpm.

Do not run into a cutting head on hard, extraneous objects, such as

To free the nylon string from the coil, press the launch

button to soil at rotation speed below than 4,500 rpm.

A trimmed knife on the fuse controls the wrap up to 40 cm, automatically cutting the nylon string when the device begins to rotate.

When working at a smaller wrap (40cm), cut the nylon string to the desired length.

Install the handle as that security stickers are visible.

The cut knife is very sharp! When installing or removing the head, avoid contact with it.

carburetor, echo, station

Do not work without a properly installed protective cover.

Turn off the engine before working with a cutting head.

Use only flexible, non.metallic strings recommended by Kioritz Corporation

In the n and a and e, a special care is required.

Special care is required when working on gravel surfaces, t. To. Blinding small pebbles may begin. The protective screen will not be able to protect the user from objects that fly off when colliding with solid surfaces.

Always use means to protect the organs of vision. Small particles can be bounced from the ground under a protective screen or draw out from any solid surface located nearby.

Do not launch a tool at high speed near roads with active road traffic and pedestrian areas. If other people are nearby, it is also necessary to run the engine at lower speeds. Do not let the engine work at full speed.

Avoid the contact of the thread with hard plants, trees and wire fences. If the thread gets into a wire mesh or thick bushes, then torn pieces of threads can fly towards the user. You need to cut through the entire grass until the barrier, but try not to hurt it. Do not come close to the obstacle.

If the cutting part of the mechanism is clogged, unimagenly turn off the tool. Do not try to clean the knife when the engine is running. After removing the blockage, an unexpected rotation of the cutting part of the tool may begin, which can cause serious injuries.

Avoid the contact of the nylon thread with a broken wire fence. Pieces of cut wire can begin to fly off at high speed.

Do not work next to a broken wire fence. Clean the working space of wires and wire. Use the recommended protection tools. Stop the job if you can’t see what cuts the cutting device.

Use properly selected cutting devices

Cutting device can cause serious injuries. Read and follow all the safety instructions given in this manual.

Devices recommended by Kioritz Corporation.

If the nylon thread is too long, cut particles of the thread will begin to fly away when the cutting part of the mechanism begins to rotate after adjusting the length of the thread.

Use only nylon thread. Do not use metal blades.

Typical breakdown of echo trimmers

According to Servy statistics, the main malfunctions

  • The ECHO benzotrimmer is not started, there is no spark formation of the cause: the spark plug is faulty, the ignition coil (magneto), damage to the parts of the manual starter, the fuel system, wear the cylinder-piston group is faulty;
  • The gasoline trimmer for Echo grass stalls, possible causes: blockage of the fuel system (there is no fuel supply), wear of the cylinder-piston group, a carburetor, an air filter clogged;
  • The cutting nozzle of the ECHO gasolimmer, the main reasons: wear of the clutch parts (fists, springs, clutch cup), wear of the drive shaft, the gearbox is faulty.

These defects are typical of trimmers (benzos) echo: some are more common, others less often. And not rarely occur due to the simplest reasons: improper operation (no maintenance is carried out), the use of a non-high-quality benzo-mixture (oil and gasoline), the many-hour uninterrupted operation of the trimmer for grass, mowing herbal coating that does not correspond to the technical capacities of the trimmer for grass. However, all breakdowns with the right and professional approach are easy to repair with service specialists.

How to properly serve a motorcycle

The device consists of the following mandatory elements:

Trimmer care involves monitoring the technical condition of each of them.

Engine care

When caring for a gasoline engine, it is worth paying special attention to the cleanliness of the air filter. it should not have sawdust and dirt. Foam filter should be constantly moistened with oil. Check should be carried out weekly, quickly change the filter as necessary. Before starting each work, you should check how the nuts and screws are tightened. It is also necessary to clean the muffler and candles from the carbon fiber as it is contaminated.

In the electric version, it is enough to follow the operating time prescribed by the manufacturer.

Monitoring of the condition of the fishing line

How to care for the cordial part? The most important thing in this case is the use of a specially designed mowing fishing line.

In no case should you replace the fishing line for a trimmer with metal cables or wire. this is traumatic.

How to monitor the corner gearbox

The priority task of the user is to prevent the accumulation of dirt on it. This circumstance will not allow the details to cool normally. The second requirement is to use consistent lubricant (such as Husqvarna or like), designed for a reducer pair. Usually enough annual lubrication procedure.

carburetor, echo, station

What you need to know about the casing to protect

It is forbidden to work without a protective casing. initiative can be dangerous for the user and others. But it is impossible to select such details from among the non.violent, it is necessary to use the recommended by the manufacturer. Damaged casing should be changed in a timely manner.

Casings can be attached both on the bar and on the gearbox. In universal models (working and fishing line and disk) two different kokhuzha are attached. A special cutting plate that cuts off the excess cord can also be located on the “forest”.

We summarize what has been said about the main points of departure in this maintenance of the Hitachi brand Motokos:

Do not start the engine next to the fuel dressing site.

Do not start the engine next to the dressing site

Contact with caution extremely easily ignited.

a) Use the corresponding fuel tank. b) do not smoke, do not create sparks and do not allow the presence of open fire near

c) the fuel tank can be under pressure. You should first loosen the lid

fuel tank and wait until the pressure is leveled and then remove the lid.

d) carry out refueling outdoors on the ground, and twist

the lid of the fuel tank is tight. Do not fill the fuel indoors.

E) Wipe the dry fuel dry on the device. Before starting the engine

move the unit at a distance of at least 3 m from the dressing site.

f) do not fill the fuel while the engine is still hot. Do not refuel

g) Do not store the device with fuel in the tank. Fuel leak can cause

The operator must be in a good mental and physical condition. Do not work if you are under the influence of alcohol or medicines, or drugs affecting the ability to see, speed of reaction or the ability to assess the situation. To maintain health and convenience, work at temperatures from.5ºС up to 40ºС

Territory inspection and equipment check

Inspect the territory of work before starting operation. Remove objects that can be discarded by the device. Remember the places of barriers to get around them. Inspect the device before use. Perform only the maintenance and settings, the instructions for which are given in this guide. Do not try to repair the device without appropriate instructions. Service and repair should only be carried out by the prepared personnel of the Echo dealer using the relevant tools. Make sure that:

a) Fuel does not follow from the engine. b) there are properly fixed and assigned all fasteners.

C) The muffler is working. d) the device is installed appropriate for the cutting device

e) When using a cutting device, make sure that it is correct

Incorrect assembly will lead to flying around

Never run the engine if

The transmission shaft is not in place, to prevent exceeding the engine speed or the adhesion destruction.

General instructions for the operation indoor work.

Do not start the engine in the room or in a poorly ventilated room. The exhaust gases of the engine contain a dangerous poisonous carbon monoxide. Do not work with worn or damaged cutting. Do not start the engine with a completely open throttle flap without load. Do not discard/do not hit the stones, stumps and other objects with a cutting device. If the cutting device stumbled upon the barrier, immediately turn off the engine and check the cutting device for damage.

Launching the device. cutting device in free space

Put the device on a clean surface and set the control lever to the position for launch. Make sure that the cutting device does not apply to the ground or other items. Keep the device tightly so as not to lose control during launch. Do not start the device in the air. If you lose control, the device can hit you on your leg or encounter an obstacle.

Do not raise the cutting device above the level of the knees. When raising up, the cutting device will be closer to the face and the objects discarded can fall into your face and eyes. Wear recommended protection tools. Do not operate the device without appropriate protection, shoulder belt and other protective devices. Do not work with poor visibility and in poor light.

Do not let anyone approach the working dangerous area. The zone of danger. space in a radius of 15 m from a working device. People in the risk zone (abroad of a dangerous zone) should wear protective glasses to protect against flying objects. If you need to work in the zone in which people are located, work at low speeds to reduce the risk of injuries. Make sure that there are no children, strangers and animals in the field of work. Children, strangers and other workers should be 15 m from a trimmer for grass.

In the risk zone, everyone should wear goggles. The risk of eye damage is reduced when removing the device.

Elimination methods

The list of upcoming work with the engine may be as follows:

  • replacement of the fuel pump;
  • disassembly and flushing of the mesh filter;
  • replacement of the adjusting lever;
  • It is also necessary to clean the adjustment space;
  • replacement of the membrane (or the entire block where this membrane is located);
  • setting in intake, graduation and needle valves;
  • replacement of the damper;
  • cleaning the fuel channels and diffuser;
  • replacement of springs of screws;
  • Change of primer.

Not all these works can be completed. It often turns out that many of them have no need if a specific malfunction is immediately discovered.

Carburetor adjustment on a benzocos

DIY diagnostics and adjustment with your own hands can take only a few minutes.

Wash the filters before it (see. instructions). You can set the carburetor yourself with the help of three adjusting screws.

To do everything right, run the motor. Your actions are as follows.

  • Find limit speed at idle. To do this, unscrew the screw l to the right, and then to the left. Turning step. a quarter of turning counterclockwise.
  • Using the screw t, you can configure the idle speed of the motor: increasing when rotating the screw clockwise, decrease. on the contrary. The adjusted engine confidently works without load and without warming up. Heated. does not overestimate the moment.
  • If you set up not a motorcycle, but a trimmer for grass, then the rotor of the screw t sets a greater margin of turnover per minute. For devices of both types, stable turns are set when choosing a mowing height with a knife (or fishing line).
  • The last rotate the screw h. He sets the rate of supply of gasoline with air at maximum speed, engine power, motor heating temperature and fuel consumption.

To configure the motor from the screw h, do the following.

  • Open the throttle and squeeze the gas at maximum speeds.
  • Twist the screw h clockwise until the engine speeds are reduced.
  • Twist slowly the same screw counterclockwise until the engine gives out unstable speeds.
  • Take the screw back a little (clockwise) until the engine earns smoothly. It is important to catch this line.

The result of the exact adjustment is the complete combustion of fuel and the white-brownish color of the spark plug. The candle flooded with gasoline is much darker than the unbearable.

How to adjust the carburetor of the lawn mower, see further.

Principle of operation

The order of injection and filtering of fuel in the engine of the lawn mower is next.

  • With the help of a throttle, the amount of air supplied to the diffuser is set. The more air is supplied, the more oxygen needs gasoline for combustion, and the greater the power released in the form of heat. The energy of the heat is further converted into a mechanical.
  • The membrane pump pumps the required amount of gasoline.
  • Next, gasoline passes through the engine fitting.
  • Fuel passes through a retractable and exhaust valve.
  • Fuel is filtered using a mesh filter.
  • Through the needle valve, it also enters the camera with the membrane.

The stages of the carburetor is as follows.

  • Air enters the pipeline with an air conditioning. The damper sets the desired air flow intensity.
  • The diffuser is narrowed in the node of gasoline’s injection. this is necessary to give a higher air flow rate.
  • Fuel passes through the bastard compartment and passes the jet, falls into this narrowing of the tube. The float compartment doses the supply of gasoline. In this compartment, the pressure is in a state of equilibrium. In a narrowed tube, it decreases. Due to the difference in both values ​​of pressure gasoline and passes through the jetler.
  • Accelerated stream sprays gasoline, converting it into aerosol pairs. The resulting gas-air mixture is ready for a rowing in the combustion chamber.
  • Having passed through the fuel pipeline, this mixture is in the cylinder of the carburetor.

Conclusion: To set the required power, first of all, you will adjust the rate of combustion of fuel using an air damper. If the gap is too small, and the oxygen in such a mixture is less than 10%. the fuel does not burn, therefore, the engine will not start or immediately staller.

carburetor, echo, station

In the case of buying a Chinese trimmer for grass, it is worth considering that it differs little from European- the same 2- or 4-stroke engine and drive.

However, the quality of the details is saved, forcing the consumer to change them more often. Check what compatible details offer non.Chinese companies for your device.

Clead cleaning

In the worst times of the work with a trimmer with an unresolved carburetor, the engine stopped starting after using each fuel tank. And only after cleaning the candle from the car, could you continue to work.

For cleaning the electrodes, fine sandpaper was used, and a thin stationery clip with a bent end was used to clean the space between the insulator and the case. At first, the electrodes were wiped with high dirt with a rag, then cleaned with sandpaper. After that, the candle fell into the diesel fuel and the moistened carpet was opposed by a paper clip from the surfaces of the insulator, the inside of the body and between them. Further, the candle fell several times into the diesel fuel, which then shake off it along with the pollution. Sometimes the procedure for cleaning a paper clip and washing were repeated. After that, the candle wiped dry and was ready for further operation.

Incredibly, one fuel mixture tank with an unresolved carburetor can be spent in less than 10 minutes. verified in practice, when the trimmer for the grass was launched and operated at high speeds with maximum fuel supply (the adjusting screw was unscrewed much more than the norm).

The proportion of the fuel mixture

I read somewhere that if the law mowing manual and the canister with butter indicates different proportions of the preparation of the fuel mixture, the proportion indicated in the manual should be used.

It was done for a long time. excess oil flowed out of the engine to the gas tank and the fiber was constantly formed on the candle, since the leadership indicated a proportion for a engine 1:25, and on the canister. 1:50. After the transition to a proportion of 1:50, the appearance of oil fluxes stopped. The candle continued to burn, but with less intensity (the carburetor has not yet been adjusted).

Until now, some users of the benzo tool determine the fuel mixture “by eye”. If when preparing the mixture the amount of oil is underestimated, after a while an extraneous sound may appear immediately after the engine starts, gradually disappeared during heating, and the engine stop occurs with a sharp jerk. The continuation of the operation of a trimmer for grass in this mode will lead to its failure.

Read how to replace the cord on the Elitech trimmer

Clogging the adjusting space

Deposits may accumulate in the adjustment compartment. The needle does not completely cover the hole, and a lot of gasoline enters the fuel chamber. the motor pours it, perhaps floods the spark plugs. Because of this, the gasoline mixture contains an increased number of vapor of gasoline. The efficiency falls noticeably.

The main problems and malfunctions of the carburetor.

Mesh filter. There are only two problems with this element more often:

In order to find out the cause of the breakdown, the fuel filter lid is unscrewed to extract the mesh filter. If dirt just accumulated on it, then flushing in gasoline or purging will help.

With visible damage on the mesh filter, you must definitely put a new. There may also be damage to the fuel supply pipe (during the repair they practice checking this element).

Purging parts of a carburetor with click of compressed air. permissible and convenient repair practice.

The hull of throttles, the ligaments of the parts of the carburetor, the intake or graduation pipeline. all of the listed parts are subject to depressurization. You can probably check in a primitive way. spread the problem area with soap foam.

Repair of an Echo lawn mower carburetor with your own hands

Details: Repair of the ECHO lawn carburetor with your own hands from a real master for

You can adjust the carburetor of the lawn mower with your own hands

lawn mowers, like the entire bench tool for the garden, is not difficult to maintain equipment. Repair, set up on your own and it is necessary. For example, adjusting the carburetor of the lawn mower with your own hands is the matter of five minutes.

Карбюратор от газонокосилки — это узел в системе питания. В нем, как и любых карбюраторах, идет процесс смешивания воздуха и топлива (бензина) для дальнейшей подачи в двигательные цилиндры.

В данном процессе главное – верная пропорция горючего и воздуха, для чего и регулируют карбюратор.

Сетчатый фильтр. С этим элементом чаше всего две проблемы:

Для того, что выяснить причину поломки откручивается крышка топливного фильтра для извлечения сетчатого фильтра. Если на нем просто скопилась грязь, то поможет промывка в бензине или продувка.

При видимых повреждениях на сетчатом фильтре нужно обязательно ставить новый. Также могут быть повреждения на патрубке подвода топлива (при ремонте практикуют проверку этого элемента).

Пусковое устройство карбюратора в большинстве случаев не функционирует из-за засоров. Следует использовать для промывки ацетон или тот же бензин.

Продувка частей карбюратора с засором сжатым воздухом – допустимая и удобная практика ремонта.

Корпус дроссельных заслонок, места связок деталей карбюратора, впускной или выпускной трубопровод – все перечисленные части подвержены разгерметизации. Проверить наверняка можно примитивным способом – проблемный участок намазать мыльной пеной.

Основа карбюратора газонокосилки – алюминиевый корпус. В нем расположен диффузор (отверстие с внутренними контурами). Через это отверстие нагнетается воздух. От сечения (проходного отверстия) диффузора зависит скорость подачи кислорода (воздуха).

Диффузор оснащен топливными каналами. Из них втягивается топливо при помощи потока воздуха.

У карбюраторов бензоинструмента есть малоизвестная,но серьёзная проблема,которая легко лечится.

Запчасти для китайских мотокос Китайская газонокосилка ремонт …

Дроссельная заслонка определяет количество воздуха для подачи, а от этого напрямую зависит мощность двигателя.

В карбюраторную систему засасывается топливо насосом (его мембраной). Затем проходит через штуцер в карбюраторе. Далее жидкость движется через впускной и выпускной клапаны насоса. Отфильтровывается сеточной. По игольчатому клапану движется в мембранную камеру.

  • Подача воздуха в трубку с воздушной перегородкой (заслонкой). Перегородка регулирует интенсивность воздушного потока.
  • Система подачи топлива обязательно заужена диффузором для увеличения скорости потока.
  • Бензин через поплавочную камеру и жиклер трубку с сужением. Камера с поплавком регулирует временный объем бензина. В поплавочной камере уровень давления нейтральный, а в трубке с сужением уже низкий. Благодаря перепаду давления, топливо проникает через жиклер.
  • Ускорение воздушного потока способствует переносу топлива (бензина) и его распылению. В итоге образуется воздушно-топливная смесь необходимой пропорции или плотности.
  • Воздушно-топливная смесь проникает в цилиндр двигателя через топливную трубку.

От площади открытой воздушной заслонки зависит уровень плотности воздуха в системе. Чем шире открыта заслонка, тем больше расход топлива и мощность.

Проще говоря, регулировка карбюратора на бензокосе – создание оптимальной топливной смеси за счет корректной подачи воздуха.

Перед регулировкой необходимо тщательно прочистить фильтры согласно техническому обслуживанию в инструкции.

Дальнейшая настройка карбюратора газонокосилки своими руками выполняется регулировочными винтами. Всего их три:

Правый (L) – регулировка топливной смеси для низких оборотов.

Нужно найти максимальные обороты на холостом ходу. Для этого неспешно выворачивают винт (L) вправо и влево.

Для регулировки поворачивают винт на четверть оборота обязательно против часовой стрелки.

Нижний (T) – отвечает за регулировку двигателя на холостом ходу.

How to Replace Fuel Lines on Two Cycle/Two Stroke Engines

Для правильной регулировки именно холостого хода характерно:

  • устойчивая работа холодного двигателя;
  • не завышенные обороты горячего двигателя;
  • для триммерной головки большой запас оборотов;
  • устойчивая работа двигателя при смене положения (резкое подъем или спуск ножа).

Ремонт карбюратора триммера для травы своими руками

Подробно: ремонт карбюратора триммера для травы своими руками от настоящего мастера для сайта

Очень часто жалобы владельцев бензиновых триммеров связаны с разного рода неисправностями карбюратора. Конечно, лучше всего в таком случае обращаться за помощью к специалистам в данной сфере, для которых ремонт карбюраторов бензиновых триммеров является неотъемлемой частью профессии. Однако если вы все-таки знакомы с основными принципами работы карбюратора триммера для травы, можно попробовать разобраться в проблеме самому, чтобы не переплачивать деньги в сервисе, так как иногда поломка может быть действительно несерьезной.

Данная статья как раз предназначена для того, чтобы помочь вам справиться с неисправностью.

Далее будут разобраны наиболее часто встречаемые поломки и причины их возникновения.

Первым делом следует в целом осмотреть карбюратор и выяснить, не наблюдается ли подтекания топлива.

Если выяснилось, что проблем с топливом нет, необходимо снять карбюратор с двигателя и проверить состояние прокладки, расположенной рядом с карбюратором.

Если и здесь не наблюдается никаких неисправностей, можно попробовать провести проверку карбюратора на степень герметичности.

Для этого можно приобрести специальный прибор, входящий в состав наборов инструментов для ремонта ремонт карбюратора мотокосы и представляющий собой особый манометр, который, собственно, и проверяет герметичность.

Если не хочется тратиться на его приобретение, можно воспользоваться обычным медицинским тонометром, на котором просто нужно поменять манометр.

В процессе использования данного устройства, обращайте внимание на показание.

В случае, если давление не падает и остается одинаковым на протяжении длительного времени, можете быть спокойны, поскольку это свидетельствует о герметичности карбюратора.

Если же давление через определенное время начинает снижаться, значит, проблемы все же есть.

Они могут быть связаны с повреждениями каких-либо деталей карбюратора.

Прежде чем бежать в ближайшую мастерскую по ремонту или специализированный магазин по продаже тримеров и запчастей попробуйте разобраться самостоятельно в возникшей проблеме. Извините за банальность, но карбюратор мотокосы — это не космический корабль внеземной цивилизации, и его ремонт вполне возможно произвести своими руками. Для уверенности в своих действиях ознакомьтесь с пошаговой инструкцией, представленной в этой статье.

Визуальный осмотр карбюратора поможет выявить подтекание топлива ипосос воздуха, но главные причины отказа устройства кроются внутри. Поэтому чтобы определить и главное исправить поломку карбюратор нужно разобрать.

Чтобы разобрать карбюратор мотокосы много усилий не нужно.

Достаточно отвинтить четыре винта с одной стороны

carburetor, echo, station

и два с другой. Сделать это можно при помощи обычной крестовой отвёртки. Аккуратно откручиваем винты и складываем в сторону. Они могут понадобиться при сборке. Желательно перед разборкой стол застелить белой тканью, чтобы было видно все, даже самые маленькие детали, которые могут выпасть при разборке.

Разборку начинаем со стороны системы подачи топлива.

Снимаем праймер – пузырёк подкачки, что примечательно, при сборке установить детали карбюратора неправильно просто невозможно. Изделия имеют характерные отливы и отверстия.

Теперь снимаем мембрану. Именно она выполняет функцию перекачки топлива в карбюратор.

При вибрации мембрана другой стороной оказывает давление коромысло механизма и поднимается игла, которая, в свою очередь, открывает отверстие и происходит подача топлива.

Снимаем крышку карбюратора с механизмом впрыска.

Далее, установлена еще одна мембрана. Её аккуратно снимаем.

Под мембраной находится еще одна прокладка. Её тоже бережно убираем, ни в коем случае не повредив.

Дальше переходим к демонтажу деталей с обратной стороны карбюратора. Как и, говорилось ранее, откручиваем два болта. Это уже система подачи воздуха.

Здесь расположена задвижка, которая при прибавлении «газа» открывается и увеличивает приток воздуха в двигатель.

После ее снятия в руках остаётся голый корпус. Карбюратор разобран.

Определение неисправностей и их устранение

Теперь стоит обратить внимание на неполадки, которые случаются при работе карбюратора и способы их устранения.

Первое, что случается, это забиваются грязью отверстия и жиклеры в системе подачи топлива. Не помогают фильтры, установленные в баке и непосредственно в карбюраторе. Они все же пропускают небольшие частицы, которые и становятся причиной отказа мотокосы.

Для этого откручиваем болтик на механизме, придерживая его пальцем. Дело в том, там есть пружина и неосторожное действие приведет к тому, что она потеряется.

Чем выполнить продувку. Самый действенный способ – это применение ультразвуковой ванны.

Она наполняется либо специальной жидкостью, либо бензином, туда помещается карбюратор и под действием ультразвука, так называемого эффекта кавитации, каналы прочищаются от загрязнений.

Ремонт триммера для травы ECHO SRM-22 GES ,замена карбюратора.

Как заменить карбюратор на триммере ECHO SRM-22 GES, ну во первых необходимо провести правильную диагностику и только убедившись в неремонтопригодном карбюраторе производить замену. Оригинальный карбюратор на ECHO SRM-22 GES очень дорогой поэтому мы будем ставить аналогичный карбюратор фирмы Champion. Карбюратор Champion на ECHO. Так же заходите на наш сайт www.LookTool.Ru там еще больше интересной и полезной информации.

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