Replacing Brushes Angle Grinder 125 900

In households and in industrial production, it is often necessary to carry out cutting and grinding of metal, stone or other products from solid materials. A power tool such as the Interskol angle grinder, angle grinder-125 / 1100E is very effective for these purposes.

Replacing Brushes Angle Grinder 125 900

What is this tool?

Angle grinder "Interskol" angle grinder-125 / 1100E. is an electronic device. In everyday life, it is often called an angle grinder and is used to work with iron, stone, concrete and other materials. "Interskol" angle grinder-125 / 1100E. angle grinder using nozzles with a diameter of 125 mm, power 1100 watts. It is a product of the Russian company Interskol. Working with an angle grinder is not limited to slicing. This electrical device can also be ground and polished if necessary. Wide multifunctionality in application is possible due to design features and technical capabilities of an angle grinder.

angle grinder "Interskol" angle grinder-125 / 1100E. Design features

Performing grinding and polishing work on the surfaces of concrete products is often accompanied by abundant dust emissions, which is very undesirable for a power tool. Settling dust adversely affects the life of any angle grinder. Interskol angle grinder The angle grinder-125 / 1100E is assembled in such a way that the dust generated during polishing / grinding does not penetrate the mechanism. This became possible due to the direction of the impeller of the anchor, which sends air flows through the front of the gearbox.

In these angle grinders, the gears are fastened with a key connection, they are pressed onto the spindle shaft. The whole mechanism of the angle grinder The angle grinder-125 / 1100E is assembled in one case, in the back of which there is a convenient handle. This angle grinder is a very convenient and powerful machine designed for professional use. Two-handed design (the main handle is optional in the kit) provides comfort and convenience during operation of this power tool.

What is equipped with an angle grinder?

"Interskol" angle grinder-125 / 1100E has an electronic system that allows you to adjust the speed if necessary (from ten thousand a minute to three). The owner of this power tool can reduce them to the required level, without worrying about the fact that the power of an angle grinder will also decrease. This quality, which the Interskol grinder possesses, the angle grinder-125 / 1100E, is especially appreciated by professional tilers. By lowering the speed, you can easily process glazed tiles and other delicate surfaces.

In addition to the electronic system, the Interskol angle grinder-125 / 1100E angle grinder contains a special soft-start board, which greatly facilitates the operation of the angle grinder. The presence of a smooth start of the system is especially in demand when working with heavy cleaning discs and diamond nozzles for stone surfaces.

What provides reliable retention of the angle grinder?

Comfort during operation is provided by special handles. holders. They complete each angle grinder. "Interskol" angle grinder-125 / 1100E has one more handle, an additional one. Despite the fact that this electrical device is compact in size, allowing it to be held with one hand, an additional handle is included in the kit and is indispensable for work related to cutting metal.

Technical indicators

  • The power that a power tool consumes is 1,100 watts.
  • Voltage. 220 V / 50 Hz. Power comes from the mains.
  • Speed from 3,000 to 10,000 per minute.
  • The mass is 2.2 kg.
  • The power tool is designed for a circle with a diameter of 125 mm.
  • The main handle is three-position.
  • Smooth start.
  • There is a speed adjustment function.
  • There is a fixed spindle.

When selling Interskol, the angle grinder-125 / 1100E is equipped with:

  • additional handle;
  • a set of gaskets;
  • a special key for installing discs and nozzles.


One of the most reliable and durable Russian-made products is considered to be the Interskol angle grinder, the 125 / 1100E angle grinder. Customer reviews indicate good work and high reliability of this electric tool.

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Among users, the strengths of this angle grinder are:

The combination of power, dimensions, weight and additional functions are the positive qualities that distinguish the Interskol angle grinder-125 / 1100E angle grinder. User reviews confirm the well-deserved popularity of the tool among masters who professionally use this angle grinder in production, and among amateurs, lovers of tinkering at home.

Disadvantages of angle grinder-125 / 1100E

According to many consumers, the weaknesses of this angle grinder are:

Long service life of the angle grinder-125 / 1100E is possible subject to high-quality lubrication and timely replacement of its carbon brushes and bearings.


Any power tool sooner or later fails. Interskol angle grinder-125 / 1100E is no exception. You can repair this unit yourself.

All breakdowns of grinders are divided into mechanical and electrical.

For successful and quick troubleshooting, you will need:

  • the instruction, which contains a detailed algorithm for disassembling and assembling the Interskol design, angle grinder-125 / 1100E;
  • product outline;
  • open-end wrenches, hammer, vise, press. These tools are used to troubleshoot mechanical problems;
  • IR-2 tester for detecting short-circuited turns (used for electrical breakdowns of grinders);
  • grease, flushing fluid, wipes (auxiliary materials).

Before starting work, it is necessary to ensure high-quality lighting of the workplace.

Guided by step-by-step instructions and a visual diagram, you can successfully repair the tool yourself.

Stator failure. Symptoms

The most common stator failure is considered to be its burning. Mostly it occurs as a result of burning a power tool. Before proceeding to repair the angle grinder, it is necessary to inspect the structure and determine the nature of the malfunction. With a burned-out stator, the rotor of the angle grinder begins to spin uncontrollably.

How to repair

First, the angle grinder needs to be disassembled and a faulty stator removed from the housing. You can also check its performance without removing it from the case.

But a similar procedure is possible only in a specialized workshop. At home, for such a check, you can use a special device for monitoring closed-circuit turns IK-2. It is intended to detect breaks or short circuits in the stator windings, which for this need not be removed from the housing. A burnt stator needs to be rewound or replaced.

How to rewind the stator?

If it is not possible to purchase a new stator, then the old one can be repaired by carrying out repair measures consisting in covering the stator with a new winding.

  • from one edge you need to cut the old winding;
  • count the turns and determine in which direction the winding is made;
  • measure the diameter of the wire;
  • calculate the percentage of core groove filling;
  • after removing the damaged winding, it is necessary to check the insulation and clean the grooves, wind the required number of turns;
  • put on the ends of the windings an insulating wire;
  • solder the ends of the windings.

When implementing the stator winding, it is important, using alternating current, to impregnate new windings. After impregnation, traces of impregnation are necessarily cleaned up, both inside the stator and outside, on its body. During operation, it is necessary to check from time to time whether the rotor moves freely inside the stator.

Rotor failure

The causes of the malfunction are several:

  • carbon brush wear;
  • power outages and short circuits;
  • wear of lamellas of an anchor collector;
  • destruction or jamming of rotor bearings.

To eliminate the rotor malfunction, experience is needed. It is best to purchase a new tool or repair an angle grinder in a specialized service center. If the work is done on its own, it is very important to have the necessary material and follow the procedure:

  • the nut and key are unscrewed, fixing the leading bevel gear of the rotor (11);
  • the gear is removed from the rotor shaft (8);
  • the rotor is removed from the gear housing (19);
  • with the help of a special puller or improvised means (vice, steel strips, hammer), bearings (9) are removed from it.

What kind of breakdowns are there?

One of the common electrical failures are:

1. Damage to carbon brushes. You can also deal with this problem on your own. Procedure:

  • design “Interskol” angle grinder The angle grinder-125 / 1100E is designed in such a way that the carbon brushes are located in special brush holders. You can get to them after removing the back cover in the stator housing;
  • unscrew the screws that secure the brush holder;
  • determine the level of wear of carbon brushes. This can be done after measuring their remaining length. If the brush is in working condition, then its length should be at least 0.5 cm.

2. Damage to the power cable. This malfunction mainly occurs at the places where the wire enters the tool and into the plug. Twists in these cases will not solve the problem. Faulty power cable should be replaced.

Final stage

After carrying out all necessary repair measures, the angle grinder is assembled back in the same sequence as it was disassembled. But before assembly, it is necessary to lubricate all the mechanical components of the angle grinder.