Replacing the 18650 battery in a screwdriver

Li-ion 18650 batteries. Li-Ion 18650 batteries are the most common lithium battery format today. 18650 batteries got their name on the basis of cell dimensions: 18. battery diameter in mm, 65. battery length in mm. Lithium 18650 batteries are widely used in everyday life, they are installed in powerful LED lights, various power tools (screwdrivers, drills, wrenches, etc.), vapers are […]

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Replacing The Blade On The Miter Saw

How to choose the right one? In modern renovation, most often required miter saw blades for aluminum, plastic and stone. These materials are actively used in the creation of modern decor. In order to choose a blade for soft metals and polymers, you need to know that there is a difference in sawing a hollow structure or a dense solid. […]

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