Screwdriver 12 Or 18 Volts Which Is Better

User’s manual

Household screwdrivers work for a limited amount of time (no more than 20 minutes). After purchase, you should carefully read the instructions, which provide the following information:

  • The workplace should have normal lighting;
  • Coming back to work in places where there are explosive and flammable materials;
  • Children must be present near the operating unit;
  • Before starting the work process, you should check the presence of grease in the screwdriver;
  • If the power screwdriver has double insulation, then it must be connected to a socket with an earthed wire;

Screwdriver 12 Or 18 Volts Which Is Better

  • There should be no contacts of the device with metal materials;
  • If work takes place in rooms with high humidity, an overheater should be used, which ensures safe contact of the device with the network;
  • When working, you should use special gloves and shoes, especially in rooms with high humidity;
  • The screwdriver must be out of reach of moisture;
  • The cord of the screwdriver must not come into contact with machine oil;
  • At the beginning of the working cycle, you should test the operation of the "Start" button;
  • A stable balance should be observed during the operation of the screwdriver;
  • If the screwdriver works with increased load, it may fail, especially for non-professional models;
  • If the "Start" button has become unusable, then you cannot work with it;
  • Disconnect the device from the mains during repairs;
  • It is recommended to draw up a schedule of preventive examination and strictly follow it;
  • Repair work of high complexity should be done in a service center;
  • Unacceptable self-disassembly of the device, which is under warranty;
  • Drills, bits and other elements must match the format of this model;
  • Before starting work, the screwdriver must be idle for a short time;
  • Do not turn the crown more than 104 degrees;
  • Before changing the attachments, remove the battery, and you can also fix the rotation direction switch in the middle position;
  • When changing nozzles, one hand holds the device, the other hand should remove the cartridge;
  • To disassemble the cartridge, turn it clockwise;
  • Disassembly of the cartridge should be done without serious physical effort;
  • Before doing such work, you should carefully read the assembly diagram, assemble all nozzles, carefully inspect them;
  • After completion of the work, a test run should be made, the tool drill should have a normal centering;
  • You should watch out for removable batteries, which should not be discharged to 100%; if this happens, the battery should be charged urgently.
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Model rating

There are several Interskol screwdrivers that are in great demand.


A successful model is the DA-12ER-02 screwdriver. It costs about 3.5 thousand rubles, has a bright backlight. It is possible to work with such a unit in the darkest rooms without the presence of electric lighting. The kit includes several chargers (12 volts), each of which has a capacity of 1.31 Ah. The weight of the screwdriver is only one and a half kilograms.

All gears are metal, so the guaranteed service life is significant. And also there is a torque adjustment (12 Nm), in which there are 18 steps. The chuck accepts a drill up to 1 cm in diameter. This tool has useful features such as reverse and start button lock. Thanks to the electronic rotation control, working with such a unit is simple and comfortable. Unfortunately (and this is a disadvantage), rubber pads wear out quickly.

DA-13 / 18M3

It is worth considering the DA-13 / 18M3 screwdriver from Interskol, which is distinguished by excellent functionality, powerful engine and low price. Such a tool is not inferior to the best world analogues. In the model, lithium-ion chargers provide a voltage of 18 volts (capacity 1.6 A / h), which gives a chance to work with supporting structures for more than three hours. There are more than two dozen levels of self-tapping force, while the torque on the shaft is 37 Nm. This makes it possible to drill even dense wood, for example, oak, with a drill with a diameter of 26 mm, and make holes with a diameter of 12 mm in a metal plate. The maximum rotation speed is 1300 rpm, that is, the screwdriver can easily perform the functions of an electric drill.

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This model has the following characteristics:

  • Light weight (1.5 kg);
  • Significant power;
  • Fast charging;
  • Energy efficiency.

One battery lasts all day. Among the shortcomings, we can mention the presence of a not very clear backlight. Another portable charger is included. This screwdriver has the following additions:

  • Backlight;
  • Two speeds;
  • Chuck with one sleeve (diameter. 1.49–12.9 mm);
  • Automatic blocking.


This model has a minimum weight (0.98 kg) and costs about 3000 rubles. This tool is convenient to use both in professional activities and in everyday life. It is equipped with a powerful 12 volt lithium charger and has a capacity of 1.31 Ah. Torque can be generated up to 29 Nm. The chuck is made very conveniently, you can change drills (from 0.8 to 10 mm) in a matter of seconds. And also this screwdriver has the following features:

  • Two speeds;
  • Reverse;
  • Overload protection unit;
  • Backlight;
  • Lock the start button.


The DA-18ER model is called the standard among electric tools for household work. This flattering statement is not far from the truth. The unit price is only 5000 rubles. The screwdriver operates on a battery, weighs a little more than 1 kilogram, which is very convenient when performing drywall work of any complexity. The torque is rather big. 36 Nm.

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