Snow Blower Petrol Hyundai S 6560

  • Snow Blower Petrol Hyundai S 6560


  • The HYUNDAI S 6560 snow blower is equipped with a powerful gasoline 4-stroke engine with a lightweight winter start system. You can be sure that the car will not let you down in any weather conditions.
  • Robust steel frame and metal discharge pipe. HYUNDAI S 6560 petrol snow blower is made of quality material. This ensures a long service life of the equipment.
  • Perfect balancing, thanks to this the HYUNDAI S 6560 snow blower demonstrates excellent cross-country ability. The presence of a reverse gear provides easy maneuvering.
  • Double-sided ski guides.
  • Aggressive augers ice axes for any type of snow. It will cope with any noticeable surface without damaging the coating.

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Gas Blower HYUNDAI S 6560

HYUNDAI engines mounted on snow blowers are specially designed for winter conditions and have a number of distinctive features:

Heated carburetor for stable operation at low temperatures;
Easy start system (automatic decompression valve);
Lack of air filter;
The possibility of using synthetic oil;
Expanded oil channels.

Drive System O-Matic

The system (4 forward-2 backward) allows you to redistribute the motor power between the wheels and the auger, which allows you to always choose the necessary speed of movement depending on the working conditions.

Aggressive augers allow you to work with any type of snow, from freshly fallen to caked.

The reinforced serviced gearbox is capable of transmitting 100% of the engine torque. Special shear bolts are installed on the screws to protect the gearbox from overloads.

Convenient and ergonomic control panel

The ejection chute is made of steel, and is securely fixed at the base and has a special “directional” shape, this allows to increase the range and accuracy of snow ejection.

All HYUNDAI wheeled snow blowers are equipped with pneumatic tubeless wheels with X-TRACK winter tread pattern. This type of tread minimizes wheel slippage and significantly improves grip on ice and slopes.

Discharge Direction System

Convenient system for quickly changing the direction of the ejection of snow from the operator panel.

Double-sided ski guides

Designed to adjust the height of the bucket, thereby protecting the tile or other coating from the snow blower augers.