Stihl Chainsaw Or Husqvarna Which Is Better

Stihl Chainsaw Or Husqvarna Which Is Better

The first place in sales has been occupied by Stihl and Husqvarna for many years.

They have a good reputation and a long history in the market for many years. When it comes time to choose between the models of these companies, the buyer is lost in the best characteristics of each. Let’s compare which saw is better!

Reliable performance with the Stihl brand (STIHL)

Working with a Stihl saw is a pleasure, I know firsthand. The modern saw is distinguished by its ergonomics and quality details. Among all the models, the Stihl 180 model is popular.

How it behaves in work:

  1. It has a fairly low level of vibration;
  2. There is a function of smooth start, as well as stable operation at maximum load level;
  3. There are a pair of working protrusions on the tiller piston that increase the saw’s engine life;
  4. Light weight crankshaft and connecting rod;
  5. Quickly gaining a working stroke;
  6. Accidental use of low-quality fuel mixture will not damage the tool, but this is best not to practice;
  7. Efficient cooling system;
  8. Elements of the construction itself are strong and reliable;
  9. Reliable and reliable operation in any direction.

Enjoy modern technology with Husqvarna (Husqvarna)

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The brand has a more modern design and reliable performance. Users note several of the best models:

  • Husqvarna 135. A household saw is used to cut logs, wood, and boards. The motor cover is quick-detachable, which greatly simplifies the replacement of spark plugs in the engine. The vibration level is very low, which simplifies the work with the tool.
  • The new Husqvarna 240 has already earned user recognition. Perfect for working in the country or in a personal plot. The model has an accelerated launch and a quick supply of gasoline.
  • One of the most original Husqvarna 236 chainsaws. Very convenient for domestic use. A feature of the saw is the minimum exhaust of combustion products. It saves gas mileage, and is tuned to low revs and runs as fast as possible.

Saw behavior during work:

  1. Low noise and vibration even at maximum load;
  2. There is a noise reduction system;
  3. Powerful piston group and crankshaft create high torque;
  4. Easy and smooth start;
  5. Efficient cooling system;
  6. The internal parts of the device are easy to replace or repair.

It remains only to compare

After we looked at what each manufacturer offers, you can see what exactly exactly the saws differ from each other:

  • The instruments are of high class and are not inferior in quality; here they are equal;
  • In the manufacturing process of saws, the highest quality materials are used;
  • Stihl’s design is original and unchanged, while Husqvarna makes a more modern case;
  • In terms of noise, the Husqvarna bypasses Stihl, as it is very quiet.

As a result, I can say that each tool is the best in its own way, but no matter what kind of Wi you purchased, you will receive world-class quality and reliability. Such a chainsaw certainly will not fail.

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