The Better To Cut Siding

How and the best way to cut vinyl and metal siding

When facing the front of a building (front and basement) with siding panels, the material must be adjusted to the required dimensions and configurations. With the help of a special cutting tool, longitudinal and transverse cuts, curly cuts, angular cuts are made. To make a high-quality fit or cut, you need to know how and how to cut vinyl and metal siding. For such work, ordinary hand and power tools are used. There are also universal fixtures on the construction market that are suitable for any type of siding panels.

How to cut metal siding

The Better To Cut Siding

How to cut metal siding panels is described in the installation instructions. But what devices to use should be understood in more detail. The main thing is to choose such a tool with which you will get an even cut without chipping. The absence of mechanical damage to the polymer coating on the edge excludes the manifestation of corrosive changes, thereby prolonging the service life of the metal outer skin.

Mechanical processing of metal siding panels can be performed:

  • Jigsaw. The device is easy to operate, but it also requires experience and skill in work. When cutting metal siding, a special metal blade with fine teeth is used. T101 is best suited. The main disadvantage of the device is the same as that of circular saws: a solid and even base is required for work, which the siding itself does not have. To prevent damage to the surface, it is advisable to use construction tape, which is placed along the edge and removed after the work is done. Fine-toothed blade creates an even edge but leaves a burr. A small edge is trimmed with the scissors.
  • Angle Grinder. This device is the most convenient for cutting siding panels. It is not recommended to use powerful devices with an abrasive wheel, as the metal becomes very hot during the cutting process. Use the angle grinder at low speed. The disc should be selected with a thickness of 1.5 mm and a diameter of 12.5 mm. The machine makes high-quality end and longitudinal cuts.
  • A hacksaw for metal. The simplest tool for a cross cut. Due to the insufficient "reach" of the hacksaw, work in the longitudinal direction becomes more difficult. But, even if you turn the canvas, the process will be very difficult. The disadvantage of using a hacksaw is that it is time consuming, since numerous manual manipulations have to be performed.
  • Cutting shears. Such a power tool is used for cutting block house siding (under a log), "Ship board". The disadvantage is that electric shears cannot cope with the lock and manual counterparts are used for a full cut.
  • Manual scissors for metal. Two types of scissors are suitable for working with metal siding: combined and trimming. The tool must be paired. left and right, which are alternately used when passing bends.
  • Multifunctional cutter. Stationary and hand-held circular saws speed up the cutting of siding (this prescription is given in the instructions for the devices). Backward-facing fabric softens the cut and makes the edge cleaner. A good edge is obtained by moving the tool slowly. A multi-function cutter is best suited for end cutting a metal panel. Experts recommend the IVT MPC-135 model with the special IVT MPCB-135 disc.

When choosing circular saws for working with siding, you need to be aware of possible problems:

  • With a radial saw, it is difficult to make cross and longitudinal cuts, as well as end cuts.
  • When using a hand-held circular saw, difficulties arise with any cut.
  • Stationary models are suitable for cross and longitudinal cuts. But in order to perform such work, you will need to do the manipulation of turning the panels at least 2 times. On such equipment, end cuts are not made and "sagging" on the upper lock is not processed. Therefore, additional use of metal scissors is required. It is also impossible to carry out a drink under the window opening.
  • Inconvenience during work is created by the supporting metal platform, which the saws are equipped with. It covers the siding surface and does not show how the cutting process is going.
  • A significant drawback is the large weight of the device. The lack of support under the cut-off part causes the panel to bend under pressure, and the cut line goes to the side.

You can work with a professional tool if you have sufficient experience and skill, otherwise it is very difficult to get a high-quality and even cut.

: Cutting metal siding

How to cut vinyl siding

Mechanical processing of vinyl panels has its own characteristics. The choice of tool depends not only on the size and number of teeth on the panel, but also on the ambient temperature. At low temperatures, the material becomes more vulnerable. edge chipping occurs. Such errors cannot be allowed, since during further operation, cracks will go from small chips. To work with PVC panels, special panels with fine teeth are used, the number of which should be from 12 to 16 pieces per 2.5 cm segment.For a Bosch power tool, it is quite difficult to find a cutting element with the appropriate requirements.

Cutting tools:

  • Electric shears. It is convenient to use a power tool to perform longitudinal cuts and shape cutting only on a flat plane of plastic siding. Difficulties in work arise when the cutting element hits the bend and the top lock on the panel.
  • Scissors for metal. It is best to use a universal model such as the MALCO M12. Hand tools are only suitable for work in warm weather: in the cold, cracks form in the places where the blades meet.
  • Garden pruner. It is recommended to choose a small option so that you can hold it with one hand. This will be enough for comfortable cutting of panels on site.
  • Angle Grinder. Vinyl siding as well as metal siding, cutting an angle grinder is quite good. Work should be done at low speed to avoid edge melting. For ease of installation, it is preferable to use a small angle grinder.
  • Knife. In the absence of specialized devices, drank under the window opening can be done with a knife with a sharp blade. On the vinyl panel, 2 transverse cuts and 1 notch are made. After that, the cut part is bent to the side along the cut mowing line until it clicks. The disadvantage of a knife is that it cannot rip or end cut. If we consider the power tool by brand, then the leading positions are occupied by the models AEG, Bosch, Kress (Germany), Skill and Black Decker (USA), Makita and Hitachi (Japan).

: How To Cut Siding Correctly

Comparison of cutting methods for vinyl siding

Vinyl siding always has to be cut during installation. And even despite the fact that detailed instructions are attached to the siding, certain difficulties may arise.

Why problems arise

Choosing a material for exterior decoration of a built house, its owner wants the finishing work to take place with minimal financial costs. Euromet’s specialists advise not to forget that their price includes both the cost of the material itself and the cost of its installation. But at the same time with the question of the price, the owner of the house is concerned about another question: how to make the house, firstly, look beautiful, and secondly, does not require special efforts to maintain its appearance. Vinyl siding is the best finishing material in terms of price, quality and appearance. That is why in recent years there has been a growing popularity of vinyl siding in our country.

As usual, growing demand leads to an increase in supply. If you analyze the situation in the Russian siding market, you can easily calculate that the number of siding manufacturers currently represented on it has increased in just a couple of years by one and a half, or even twice. And the number of firms that undertake its installation has grown even more significantly. by 3-4 times. True, the quality of work can vary significantly in different companies. It is even more difficult to judge how many owners of country houses and dachas, trying to save on finishing the house, independently install siding. But we can say with confidence that almost every home owner installing siding without professional help will inevitably face not just difficulties, but real problems. And these problems are primarily associated with sharp siding. One of the reasons for this is the lack of detailed and thoughtful instructions drawn up by siding manufacturers. And this omission is difficult to blame siding manufacturers. After all, the overwhelming majority of vinyl siding brands presented on the Russian market today are products of Western manufacturers. It is quite difficult for them to imagine that the siding will be installed by the owner of the house himself, and not by specially trained professionals. It is clear that professional installers of the Euromet company, in general, do not need instructions for cutting and installing siding. Vinyl siding, in principle, is not designed to be installed by people who are completely unfamiliar with the technology of carrying out this kind of work. Domestic siding manufacturers are not far from the western ones in this regard. The instructions for the installation of siding offered by them are approximately similar to the instructions of foreign manufacturers, since it is on the model of Western ones that they are written.

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Difficulty getting the first one creates a multi-layer lock hook

It is most advisable to turn to siding cutting issues not to manufacturers, but to companies that manufacture tools for working with it. The development of power tools for working with siding is based on a careful study of the mechanical and physical properties of the panels. Naturally, who, if not the developers of the tool, know what cutting methods to use when installing siding. A large number of manufacturers of cutting power tools are represented on the Russian market: German companies Kress, AEG, Bosch, American Skil, Black Decker, Japanese Makita, Hitachi, among the domestic ones it is worth mentioning Bykovskiy Power Tool Plant, Interskol, Izhevsk Mechanical Plant. We will consider the features of cutting siding using Bosch tools. Our choice is easy to explain: the work of the company also includes such a type of activity as demonstrating the capabilities of the tool being produced to both professional specialists and ordinary customers. It is on the advice of Bosch demonstrators, each of whom is a high-class professional, that we built our recommendations. The task that they faced was to explain with specific examples how to cut this or that type of siding, as well as comment on the instructions that the manufacturer attached to it.

Where to cut siding?

Vinyl siding panels are made of PVC using the extrusion method. The finished panels have a length of 2 to 6 meters. each manufacturer has its own length standard. According to Euromet’s specialists, each panel is equipped with a latch-lock along the lower edge, and a perforated edge with holes for nails or self-tapping holes runs along the upper edge of the panel, with the help of which the siding is fastened. The second half of the castle is located in the same part. There are also cutouts in the side ends of the panel, which are made so that the panels are attached to each other when connected with an overlap.

When installing siding, the sections to be installed can be of any length. If the wall length is not a multiple of the panel length, it is obvious that the outermost panel will have to be cut to the required size. When it comes to finishing the gable, the panel has to be cut not across, but at a certain angle corresponding to the angle of inclination of the roof. And here the first difficulty arises: after all, cutting off a part of the panel, we together with it remove the end cuts that are necessary for fixing the panels. These cuts will have to be redone on the remainder of the panel. It is easier to do this if the lower part of the panel is cut off, and much more difficult if the upper part of the panel is removed, which is multilayer.

Siding has to be cut not only when the length of the outer panel is excessive. Situations also arise when the width of the panel is excessive. this occurs in places where the wall is connected to a window or to the overhang of the roof. It’s easier with the roof. the panel is simply cut lengthwise. But the panels installed at the junction with the window have to be cut out in accordance with the window opening. For this, one longitudinal section and two transverse.

Summarizing the above, the specialists of the Euromet company conclude that three main situations can arise when cutting siding. The first is the need to cut the panel just across or across at a certain angle, the second. Cut the panel lengthwise, and the third. Cut the panel and restore the cutouts on its end part.

Use for Cutting Vinyl Panels Reciprocating Saw (3)

Which tool to use?

If you refer to the instructions for installing siding, then most manufacturers in their recommendations are quite categorical. For cutting siding, they suggest using an electric saw or jigsaw, metal scissors, a knife, a hacksaw for metal. Let’s consider each of these options.

Used for window edging (6)

Electric saw. Most manufacturers recommend using a fine-toothed saw to cut the siding. However, even a quick glance at the assortment of the same Bosch, which offers one of the richest selections of power tools, shows that there is simply no such saw in it. It is possible that some manufacturer will be able to find a hand-held circular saw with the required teeth, but in practice it is rather difficult to perform both a longitudinal and a cross section with its help.

There is no need to talk about end cuts. With a stationary saw, rip and cross cuts can be made, but end cuts are problematic again. When cutting, the panel has to be turned over several times, and in the area of ​​the upper lock you cannot do without scissors. It is also impossible to cut a hole in the desired shape for a window using a saw.

It looks somewhat strange that the tool is not suitable, in general, for cutting siding, nevertheless, almost all manufacturers offer to use it with enviable persistence. They even accompany their recommendations with a drawing in which cutting with a saw looks very reliable and, in the eyes of a stranger with the question, is not difficult.

And only the eye of a professional will be able to notice that in the figure the proportions between the dimensions of the siding panel and the saw are simply violated. The problem with using a saw is that the person who is cutting is not able to see how the process is going on: the support platform of the saw obscures the view of the cutting line.

And if no support is placed under the siding, the cut line will inevitably bend. As for a saw with large teeth, it is also not recommended to use it: our experiments have shown that chips are formed, and cracks will inevitably go along the panel in the cold.

Jigsaw. For cutting siding, it can be used with some caveats. This is because the siding panel is not solid enough to support cutting by itself. And the presence of an even and solid support is a prerequisite for working with a jigsaw. When you try to cut the siding with a jigsaw, you will inevitably come across the fact that the siding panel does not rest on anything during the cutting process, especially if you need to cut off a small part of it.

The only blade size that, according to Euromet’s experts, can be suitable for cutting siding is T101. The main purpose of this very fine-toothed blade is to cut laminate. You shouldn’t even try to cut the siding with other canvases. they inevitably break the panels. With a jigsaw with the recommended size of the canvas, it is quite simple to make longitudinal and transverse cuts, but it is completely impossible to cope with the cuts at the ends. Another point. when using a jigsaw, the cut is largely ragged, so the jigsaw can only be used in warm weather.

Hacksaw for metal. As siding manufacturers assure, you can cut siding with a hacksaw in any weather, giving it any desired shape. Having made a number of experiments in this direction, we can say that the hacksaw copes with the notorious ends, but each cut takes more than 5 minutes, and the panel has to be turned over several times. As for the cross cuts. the length of the working blade is clearly not enough for their execution.

Perhaps with some persistence and dexterity, you will still be able to cut the siding across. But it will take a lot of time, because you will have to cut with short strokes. But at an angle, with all your desire, you will not cut the siding with a hacksaw. Soffits. panels for processing roof overhangs, you should not even try to cut with a hacksaw, even at a right angle.

Scissors for metal. For cutting siding, they can only be used in warm weather; at low temperatures, siding will inevitably crack. You should be very careful when choosing scissors: some models can crack in the warm season. Referring back to the instructions, you can get the following information from it: when cutting siding with scissors, it is not recommended to completely close their edges. We are advised to start cutting siding from the upper edge, where the fastener is located. But what happens in practice? Having started cutting from the upper, multi-layer part, a person will inevitably make certain efforts, and when this part is cut through, the movement of the edges of the scissors can no longer be stopped.

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As a result, the ends of the scissors close together and the siding will crack. To follow the recommendations given in the instructions, you will either have to practice for a long time (on your own siding), or you must have tremendous physical strength. However, common sense helps to solve the problem very simply. start cutting the panel from the bottom side.

If you try to cut vinyl siding with scissors, you will encounter the fact that in those places where the panel bends, under your efforts the siding crumples, and in cold weather it completely cracks. And, of course, again the end cuts. they can be done, showing a certain ingenuity. But along the panel, it is easy and convenient to cut with scissors. until the cutting line reaches the bend of the panel.

Knife. Let’s return to our instruction, which has already provided us with such invaluable help. She advises to first draw a groove on the panel with a knife, and then bend and straighten it several times until it breaks. For flat areas of material, this method is not difficult. For example, to make a drink under a window, you first need to make two cross cuts, attach a ruler, make a long cut with a knife, and then just bend the cut off part. it will gently break off. But you shouldn’t try to cut the siding with a knife in the transverse direction, as well as make end cuts.

Cutter knifefor cutting under the window opening, make two cross cutsCross-cutting of panels, as advised in the instructions, should not be done with a knife.

"Angle Grinder". The majority of siding manufacturers are very hostile to this tool and do not recommend (and some even prohibit) cutting the siding with an angle grinder. According to the manufacturers, this will lead to edge embrittlement and cracking of the panel. It is very rare to find in the installation instructions for siding a mention that an angle grinder can cut siding, but at low speed.

To verify this thesis, we used a 1400 W angle grinder from Bosch. A less powerful unit can also be used. It is only important that the motor winding of the machine is protected from dust, which inevitably appears in large quantities when cutting siding. This dust is very fine and corrosive, and settles on the surface of the processed materials and on clothes. This dust, clogging up in the cracks of the tool, can even cause its failure.

What experiments have shown with an angle grinder? And the fact that siding with its help is perfectly cut both along and across. It is only important to choose a thin disc. in our case it was a disc with a diameter of 125 mm and a thickness of 1.5 mm, as well as a certain rotation speed. Difficulties arise only when making end cuts, since in this case you have to work on weight, which is both inconvenient and even dangerous. When making an end cut, it is very difficult to cut off the bead in the upper part of the panel. it is important to stop the angle grinder in time and not cut through the entire blade.

Straight grinder. Such a tool is still little known in our country. One of the models that has appeared in the Russian market in recent years. Dremel 400 digital (Bosch). It is light (weighing only half a kilogram), compact and easy-to-use device, its power, despite its small size, reaches 140 W. The rotation frequency can be adjusted from 5 to 33 thousand revolutions per minute. The convenience of using the device lies in the fact that it can work without problems on weight. If you take a thin cut-off wheel, even with end wheels it can be done in just a couple of minutes, and the cut is extremely clean and accurate. If the required precision is not achieved when cutting the parts, the final trim can be performed on the already installed panel. However, you should not perform longitudinal and transverse cutting with this tool. its power is clearly not enough for this, it is better to use an angle grinder.

Tools not listed in the manufacturer’s instructions. Siding manufacturers, of course, listed in their instructions a far from complete list of cutting tools. In addition to the above, we also tested a reciprocating saw and electric shears for cutting metal. The reciprocating saw has shown itself not from the best side. its platform during cutting must abut against a hard surface, which is difficult to achieve on a construction site. As for the electric shears, with their help it is very convenient to cut panels in the longitudinal direction and make curly cuts. But it is impossible to work with scissors on curved surfaces, since in this case it is not possible to arrange them in the right way. parallel to the surface. Scissors will not be able to cut the multi-layer top of the panel.


Having tested all the cutting tools recommended and not recommended by siding manufacturers, the Euromet specialists came to a unanimous conclusion: the angle grinder, which is unanimously rejected by almost all manufacturers of vinyl panels, is the optimal tool for cutting siding. Our experiments, we hope, will relieve you of the need to experiment on your own and allow you to immediately apply the best method.

Metal scissors

It is very important to know that cutting the siding with scissors is possible only in warm weather, since at low temperatures the material will seriously crack. However, some models of scissors can have this effect in any weather, so it is very important to take a responsible approach to their choice.

It is also worth understanding the following points:

  • When cutting with scissors, do not completely close their ends, as this will damage the material.
  • It is recommended to start cutting from the upper edges, on which the fastener is located. However, such a measure leads to the fact that a person will make more efforts. In addition, having reached the top edge, the movement of the edges of the scissors will be extremely difficult to stop.

In practice, it turns out that to stop the movement of the edges of the scissors, you need to either practice for a very long time, or have not hefty physical strength. However, there is an easier way out of this situation. to start cutting the siding from the bottom, contrary to the recommendations.

Today there are semi-automatic models of scissors that greatly simplify the cutting process.

An inexperienced craftsman may inevitably face the fact that, as a result of certain efforts during cutting, the siding will begin to wrinkle, and if the work is carried out at relatively low temperatures, it will crack. If you have not dealt with metal scissors, check out the tutorial at the end of this article, which will help you understand the basics. However, it is better to practice before starting cutting, for this you can use a small piece of the panel.


The person who decided to finish the building is concerned about what needs to be done to make the house beautiful and at the same time it does not require additional maintenance. Vinyl siding is ideal for solving such a problem (see Which vinyl siding is better to choose), in connection with which, it received its wide popularity.

However, its use is fraught with at least one difficulty. cutting.

In order for the cutting of siding to be done correctly, you must have a set of certain knowledge. Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not pay enough attention to this aspect, deciding to put it on the shoulders of consumers. Therefore, they do not give them detailed instructions, as a result of which fatal mistakes are often made.

In addition, it is worth considering the fact that the lion’s share of siding manufacturers in the domestic market are foreign companies (see How to choose a siding), and in the West it is not customary to carry out construction operations with your own hands. As a result, siding consumers are forced by trial and error to try to cut panels.

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Approximately such a set of tools should be owned by a person who decides to start finishing siding

The best option is to contact a company that is directly involved in the development of tools for cutting siding. There are quite a few of them in our country, and they conduct direct cooperation with Western Partners.

To date, the following cutting tool companies are represented:

  • AEG, Kress and Bosch (Germany).
  • Black Decker and Skill (USA).
  • Hitachi, Makita (Japan).
  • Bykovsky Instrument Plant, Izhevsk Mechanical Plant and Interskol (Russia).

Of course, German manufacturers have the best quality tools, but their price is much higher than for Russian counterparts. In general, if possible, it is better to purchase German brand tools, as they are able to minimize errors (see also outdoor siding. installation).

Angle Grinder

Almost all siding manufacturers claim that an angle grinder can damage the material, therefore, its use is impractical. According to them, in the process of cutting the material will start to seriously crack. However, is it really so?

When cutting the angle grinder, it is very important to hold the panel

Contrary to popular stereotypes, some people still decide to use an angle grinder. To the surprise of many, such a tool does not carry destructive power, but on the contrary allows you to achieve amazing evenness.

The main thing is to understand a few important points.

  • It is worth working at low or medium speeds, since at high speeds there is a high risk of deformation of the panels.
  • It is best to use medium power models, that is, 1000. 1400 watts. However, you can use less powerful analogs.
  • It is important to pay attention to protecting the device from dust. In particular, it is necessary to equip the instrument with a special diaphragm. Metal dust can harm the angle grinder if it gets into the engine.
  • Use only a thin disc (100-125 mm in diameter and 1.5-2 mm in thickness). impressive models can seriously damage the surface. In addition, they do not provide high accuracy.
  • Pay particular attention to the notch of the bead in the upper part, since during the execution it is necessary to stop the operation of the tool in time. If this is not done, the entire panel can be cut through. For insurance, you can ask your partner to follow the movement of the car.

Hacksaw for metal

Wear gloves when using a hacksaw to prevent injury

Almost all manufacturers unanimously say that with the help of a hacksaw you can cut the siding in any weather, while giving it the desired shape. However, in reality, this turns out to be not a completely objective assessment.

In particular, it is almost impossible to make a cross-section with it. This is due to the fact that the working length is not enough to perform this operation. However, if you show some skill, it is still possible to carry out the task.

It is very important to choose the right canvas

As for the thread at an angle, it is basically impossible to do this with a hacksaw. The same goes for cutting soffits. As a result, we can state that this tool is suitable only for a limited scope of work.

Construction knife

Perhaps the most commonplace tool for this operation is a knife. Almost anyone can handle it. However, does it provide a guarantee of cutting accuracy?

The knife should have a "floating" roller like in this photo. It has a shock-absorbing effect

As practice shows, it is quite possible to make an accurate cut with a knife and for this you do not need to have special skills. The main thing is that it is well sharpened.

Cutting should be done as follows:

  • Mark the mowing line of the proposed cut with a pencil.
  • An even furrow is drawn along the marking with a knife.
  • The panel bends several times until it breaks into two parts.

This method can easily cut straight sections. When it comes to corner pieces (like window frames), you have to put in a little more effort.

In particular, you will need to first make two transverse cuts, then attach a ruler to them and make a long cut, then bend the cut off element and it will easily break off.

Thus, we can state that the knife is quite a competitive tool for cutting siding. The main thing is to make every effort and know some tricks.

Electric saw

Many siding manufacturers recommend their consumers to cut siding with a fine-toothed saw.

Such a recommendation carries a number of negative aspects:

  • First, quite a few manufacturers have this type of saw. The world famous Bosch, for example, does not have it at all, despite the fact that it is one of the leaders in this field. As a result, consumers have a search problem.

Working with such a massive tool requires certain skills, remember this

  • Secondly, even if a person has found such a saw, it will be quite difficult to cut with it. Simply put, such a tool is only suitable for an experienced technician.
  • Thirdly, with its help, it is almost impossible to make end cuts. As a result, a person will have to purchase an additional tool for this operation. The question arises, why then use a saw at all?
  • Finally, the last point worth noting is the fact that only a professional can notice inaccuracies in the cutting process. This is due to the fact that the person performing the cutting practically does not see how it is being cut, since the support platform obstructs the view. This jeopardizes the success of the entire operation.

It looks extremely strange that the instructions of most siding manufacturers recommend cutting with a saw.

The naked eye shows that this tool is hardly suitable for this operation. Some companies will stir various images, on which it is carried out without any problems.Using a jigsaw, even an inexperienced saw can handle it, but this is only in the picture.

How to cut siding

How to cut PVC siding (vinyl)

At the same time, the question is often. what is in the first place to cut siding, and here’s why. Firstly, if the installation of siding is performed for the first time, then of course, not everyone knows how to properly cut siding and what tool can be used for this.

But sometimes, even experienced craftsmen make gross mistakes when cutting siding. The bottom line is one, spoiled material and wasted money.

How to cut siding. tools

Today, there are plenty of tools for cutting siding with your own hands. Therefore, the question of how to cut the siding is completely solved with the help of a tool such as:

1. The saw is not a very convenient option for cutting siding. The fact is that cutting the siding requires a circular saw blade with very small teeth. Otherwise, when cutting the siding, an electric hacksaw will simply tear the material, which can lead to its damage.

2. Jigsaw. like a saw, it is also suitable for cutting siding. True, the conditions here for the tool are the same, and the blade must be selected with as few teeth as possible, for example, as for cutting laminate (T-101 blade).

3. Hacksaw. cutting siding with a hand hacksaw for metal can be done at any time of the year. However, this work is not easy and you will have to sweat a lot. In addition, a small length hacksaw blade will cut the siding only across.

This tool for cutting PVC siding is also convenient in that it is easy to transport it in a tool box, but you can read about which tool box to choose by clicking on the link above.

4. Sharp knife. absolutely not suitable for cross-cutting siding. However, for cutting longitudinal siding, a knife can sometimes come in handy.

5. Angle grinder (angle grinder). it is most convenient to cut the siding with an angle grinder. angle grinder. At the same time, you need to know what is better for these purposes an angle grinder with adjustable speeds and an installed thin, not more than 1.5 mm cutting disc.

How to cut siding properly

To cut the siding with any of the above tools, you will first need to perform all the necessary measurements associated with this. It is worth considering some expansion of the material during its operation. Of course, you do not need to cut the siding so that it dangles in the profile, but it is better, of course, to leave some gap of a couple of millimeters.

For slitting siding, it is advisable to use a sharp knife, angle grinder, or electric jigsaw. At the same time, it is important to understand that cutting siding by weight is strictly prohibited, as this can lead to injury. The best option would be a flat and long tabletop with a non-slip rubber coating.