Top 3 Best Trimmers Forester By Features: Overview, Price, Video

If you have a Lesnik-304 trimmer, do it yourself when the main equipment components fail. For repairs, you will need special tools.

Top 3 Best Trimmers Forester By Features: Overview, Price, Video


Technical characteristics and indicators of Lawn Mower:

This trimmer model is suitable for lawn care in summer cottages, allowing the user to treat the area even in hard-to-reach places: near fences, near trunks of garden trees, around flower beds and paths.

Advantages of the Forester 304 motor-scythe: it is easy to refuel, and fuel is consumed economically (only 0.8 l / h).

In order to extend the life of the equipment, it is recommended to use fuel with an octane rating of AI-92 and AI-95.


Technical indicators and parameters of the Forester-305 trimmer:

The equipment is used for mowing both young grass and dead wood, burdocks, small shrubs, nettles and marsh grass.

The Model 305 gas trimmer has the following advantages:

  • light weight and ease of assembly;
  • high quality components for a small price;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • folding ergonomic handle.


Technical characteristics and parameters of the brushcutter Lesnik-P108:

The lightweight R-108 electric scythe is suitable for mowing soft lawn grass and weeds with the help of a nozzle with a fishing line 2 mm thick. With a brush cutter, you can trim hard grass and small bushes.

User manual

Before you start working with a new tool, the operator needs to familiarize themselves with the operating instructions attached to a particular gasoline or electric model. It will definitely include the following sections:

  • a description of each part and the initial assembly of the trimmer;
  • safety precautions;
  • first launch and product operation features;
  • running of the brushcutter, which is carried out so that the parts are run in to each other;
  • Dates and rules of tool maintenance;
  • possible malfunctions and solutions.

Before starting work, check all components of the trimmer for integrity, wear safety glasses, protective clothing and noise canceling headphones.

Video: Top 3 Best Trimmers Forester By Features: Overview, Price, Video

When mowing, make sure that the engine does not overheat. The trimmer gearbox must be regularly lubricated with a special universal grease, this helps to reduce the friction of the contacting surfaces and prevents rapid wear of parts.

For a gas trimmer, use high-quality semi-synthetic two-stroke engine oil, which must be added to gasoline. The proportions of the fuel mixture can be found in the instruction manual.

Faults and repairs

The main malfunctions of the trimmer and how to solve them:

  1. If the air cleaning mechanism is clogged, it is necessary to close the damper, disconnect the locking device and remove the equipment cover. After this, you need to remove the filter mechanism and remove accumulated contaminants from its surface, blow through the system with air, and install all the elements in place. If the air filter is damaged, it should be replaced with a new one.
  2. If the engine stalls, it is recommended that you adjust the carburetor. To do this, start the engine, turn the screw adjusting device clockwise, remove excess fuel fluid, switch from idle to full speed for 2-3 seconds, and then adjust the internal cable to the required tension.
  3. If a fluid leak occurs, the fuel tank must be inspected for damage and defects. If this malfunction is detected, immediately stop using the equipment.
  4. If the spark plug is wet in the ignition system, set the correct gap between the spark plug electrodes and check the integrity of the spark plug insulation from the oil fluid. If damaged, the insulation coating must be replaced.
  5. With a low-quality cut of grass, you need to inspect the knives and check their sharpening. Replace worn parts as necessary.
  6. If the power unit does not start, it is necessary to check the presence of fuel fluid in the system, repair the short circuit in the circuit, and check the switch for defects.
  7. If the cutting element rotates at idle speed of the engine, it is recommended that the carburettor and the clutch spring be checked for damage.

Reviews and prices

The average cost of various modifications:

Dmitry, 22 years old, Rostov-on-Don: “This is a compact, reliable and easy-to-use motor-scythe. I have been using model 304 in a small garden for the second year. Of the shortcomings, I can only note low-quality plastic from which the fishing line reel is made. ”

Roman, 36 years old, Magnitogorsk: “A few months ago I bought model 304 for a summer cottage for 5,000 rubles. At first, the device started up the first time, but after 2-3 weeks it was necessary to make a lot of efforts to start this unit. ”

Mikhail, 39 years old, Tver: “I’ve been using the trimmer model 305 for several seasons in a row. Among the advantages, I can note the low noise level and low gas consumption. Disadvantages: unreliable fastening of the rods to each other, as well as poor-quality shoulder strap. "

Igor, 41 years old, Ryazan: “This is a simple and inexpensive trimmer that is suitable for processing small areas. I bought this equipment 3 months ago for 5,500 rubles. In order to start the engine the first time, I recommend pumping the system before each use. ”

Oleg, 43 years old, Saratov: “The equipment is only suitable for processing a small area, because the engine is too weak here. I bought the Forester-P108 in 2014 for 4,000 rubles. For 4 seasons, he mowed about forty hundred parts, after which the carburetor failed. Among the minuses, I can note the high fuel consumption for such low-power equipment. ”

Which grass trimmer do you use? What work problems do you most often encounter?