Trimmer Gear Lubricant

What is the suitable lubricant for the trimmer gear?

Trimmer Gear Lubricant

During operation, the teeth are under constant load. Lubrication for lawn mowers gearbox is selected for the individual parameters of the unit used.

Factors to watch out for:

  • Brand. Most brands offer their own lubricants or recommend suitable lubricant mixtures;
  • Viscosity. There are three main groups. high-viscosity, plastic compounds for universal use and hard ones, which soften during operation.
  • Lubricant consumption. Users often rely on personal experience and expert advice on the gear unit’s life between greases. Temperature conditions are also important. Optimal operating mode at 40 ° С.

The gearbox can operate on a lubricant with the following components:

  • Anti-wear additives without toxic lead;
  • Graphite or molybdenum disulfide in solid lubricants;
  • On mineral (inorganic) oils, which are distinguished by a high degree of purification.

The list of products that are optimal in all respects includes numerous lithium greases of foreign domestic production. Do not exclude brands recommended by the lawn mower manufacturer.

Trimmer reducer

Trimmer gearbox. a module responsible for the torque in the unit. A petrol lawn mower can handle a lot of work. But she needs careful care, including high-quality and timely gear lubrication.

Gearbox types

The reduction gear works on one or several gear drives rotating at high speed. The mechanism is called a demultiplier, which converts the angular speed of rotation of the output shaft into its reduced speed.

Depending on the type of transmission, gearboxes are of several types:

  • Cylindrical with toothed cylinders;
  • Planetary. the shafts are located coaxially;
  • Worm gear. transmission through an active screw;
  • Conical. the shafts are crossed;
  • Wave;
  • Spiroid;
  • Combined.

The efficient operation of the unit is possible only at the optimum temperature conditions. Even with slight distortions or overheating, structural parts can fail. Competent care provided by gear lubricant for the trimmer.

How to properly lubricate?

Lubricating the trimmer gear is easy with simple tips. There is a special hole on the top of the case, which is plugged with a screw. It needs to be unscrewed and about two milliliters of lubricant should be introduced into the hole through the spout on the tube. If the packaging is large, you can use a disposable medical syringe. After the screw is screwed back.

The procedure is recommended to be repeated every 12 hours of operation of the lawn mowers. Also, the lubricant is updated or replaced during routine maintenance (the gears of the gearbox are cleaned and washed before summer), repairing the device, preparing the scythe for storage for the winter.

When the gearbox is disassembled, all elements must be cleaned of old grease, even if there are no traces of oxidation and dirt. After applying new lubricant, the shaft is manually checked to ensure that the lubricant is evenly distributed throughout the gearbox.

What details need to be paid more attention?

  • Flywheel. Often it is covered with grass residues, which create some resistance when working;
  • Starter coil dog. When starting the drive, it touches the grooves on the flywheel, provoking mechanical wear, as well as mechanochemical corrosion due to the contact of different materials (aluminum flywheel, steel dog);
  • Bearings. The sealed walls can wear out and grease residues begin to protrude. Under load, the device begins to vibrate intensively. This is a problem of Chinese trimmers, therefore it is often necessary to replace the native bearing assembly with a better one.

With timely and high-quality lubrication of the lawn mowers gearbox, the unit will last a long time, ensuring high productivity and excellent quality of work. It is important to build on the recommendations from the user manual and expert advice.

What is the best lubricant to lubricate the trimmer gear

Many people use Litol for this purpose, its only advantage is the low price and many people change the lubricant in the trimmer gearbox to Litol. At the same time, this grease is thicker and more viscous than that of specialized greases; it does not have special additives in its composition. Therefore, you need to constantly monitor the level of lubricant in the gearbox, add it every 20 hours. In addition, Litol cannot be used on aluminum parts. Therefore, both its performance and its service life will depend on what kind of lubricant will be in the trimmer gearbox.

As already mentioned, it is very good if, when buying a mower, you immediately purchase lubricant from the same company as the mower.

Oleo-Mac special grease for gearboxes

In addition to the fact that special lubricants have the density and viscosity necessary for such parts, it must be remembered that children can play on the lawn, adults can rest and that waste from grease that is not suitable for this purpose is unnecessary.

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Types of trimmers

For a long time, they have not used such a lawn mowing tool as an ordinary scythe to trim the lawn. Of course, in the villages this tool remained, but in a country house or in the country, in order to mow a lawn or a lawn overgrown with grass, overgrown with grass roadsides, they use a trimmer. This is a kind of garden tool that combines a scythe and a lawn mower.

Trimmers are different, but basically they can be used in three types. These are petrol, electric and battery powered.

The most powerful are gasoline-powered lawn mowers. They are considered a professional tool, they are used not only for lawns near the house, but also by employees of housing offices and road administrations to bring lawn areas in order. The engine of this tool is of high power, usually air-cooled. Having a container with gasoline and oil for the engine behind his back in a backpack, the worker is not tied to the place and can process large areas at a considerable distance, and with a fairly high speed of work.

Petrol trimmer in operation

Of course, such a tool also has its drawbacks, for example, a large amount of exhaust gases, a lot of noise, which is also heard when the windows are closed, when they mow the grass with it on the street. If, for example, something of the trimmer elements fails, it will be difficult to make repairs yourself without work experience. In addition, it has a large, comparatively, weight, it will be difficult for a woman to work with it, and the price is much higher than other types.

Electric powered tool, powered by electric cable, less powerful tool. It has an upper engine layout and a lower engine layout. Both models have their pros and cons. Due to being tied to a power source, it is used in private households, although you have to equip the device with an extension cord.

Power cord trimmer

But they are more convenient to work with and are lightweight. In addition, the noise and vibration levels are low, although they will not be able to mow thick plant stems. Easy to repair and maintain. Affordable prices.

The third type of trimmer is rechargeable. They do an excellent job where it would be impossible to fit a mower with a cable, they are comfortable to work, they can be easily carried from place to place, they will not get tangled in the wire and will not cut it. Quiet, inexpensive.

Bosch cordless trimmer

There are difficulties in their work, this is a battery that constantly needs recharging, the smallest power in comparison with other types. Therefore, they are bought as an addition to two other instruments, and the choice of models is not so large.

Trimmer device and main differences in models

If you take apart any gasoline mower, you can make sure that it is made in almost the same way, with the exception of additional options and design.

The structure of the gasoline trimmer

If it is an electric tool, it has a slight difference:

Electric trimmer, configuration example. 1. engine running on gasoline; 2. fuel tank; 3. starter handle; 4. bar, can be disassembled, telescopic, solid; 5. the handle, which is controlled during operation, can have a different shape; 6. buttons for trimmer control; 7. the buttons are connected to the engine via a small cable; 8 is a gearbox that needs constant maintenance and the addition of special oil. It transmits rotation from the motor to the shaft on which the spindle is mounted; 9. a cutting tool, which is attached to a spindle, which, in turn, consists of a spool of fishing line, which is used to cut grass, or a special knife; 10. a casing to protect the worker from flying pieces of stems.

As you can see from the photo, its difference is that there are not so many control buttons, there is one. either turn it on or off, the engine can be located either below, near the cutting tool. In this case, it is easier to work with such a tool, but it is not recommended to mow wet grass. But in this case, the gearbox, as a part, is absent, since the rotation is transmitted from the engine directly to the spindle shaft and the cutting unit. Naturally, like all other equipment that does not have a gearbox by design, it has a small power.

If the engine is on the top, it is more practical and the engine is more durable.

Trimmer with motor in the upper part as a complete set

In addition, such a mower has much more power.

If we consider the battery version, it has a motor and a battery at the top of the boom.

Trimmer Gear Lubricant

Care and maintenance of lawn mowers

Maintenance of lawn mowers, both with a gasoline engine and an electric motor, although it has its own differences, is quite possible on its own. Keeping track of the sharpness of the blades, sharpening them correctly if they are dull is not a particularly difficult task. If there is no sharpening equipment at home, you can sharpen them in workshops. In order for them to wear out equally on both sides, we periodically turn them over to the other side.

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The air filter, which is installed on the gasoline spit, should be checked at intervals of one week, at least. Moisten with oil, if necessary, change if contaminated. Checking the candles and muffler for soot contamination.

If the engine is with electric power supply, it is necessary to alternate the operating time indicated in the passport with the engine cooling time. If the equipment has a cutting element of the line, it also needs to be monitored, the reel on which it is wound is also periodically cleaned.

Untimely cleaning of the electric motor leads to the accumulation of moisture in it, the gasoline engine to a loss of its power.

It is especially important to pay attention to the maintenance of the gearbox. This part is very important in the mower operation, unless the engine is directly connected to the cutting unit.

The first is to make sure that dirt does not accumulate there.

Second, do not forget to use the grease in time, which is intended for the trimmer gear. You can ask your dealer what lubricant is needed for the trimmer gear you are buying. They will answer this question as correctly as possible, since the service life of the trimmer depends on this, and this is already a warranty. Some trimmer manufacturers recommend using their proprietary trimmer gear grease, such as Husqvarna, Huter, Makita.

Husqvarna trimmer gear grease

The fact is that during operation, the load on the gear train increases, since the rotation speed is constantly changing. At the same time, adhering grass, especially in wet weather or dew, creates its own additional load. When deciding which lubricant is best to use for your trimmer gearbox, you need to decide separately for each model.

If these are Russian or Russian-Chinese manufacturers, the specific brand of grease is not indicated here.

How to lubricate and add lubricant to the electric trimmer gearbox

In order to lubricate the gearbox, there are technological holes in it. To do this, unscrew the cap of the lubricant tube and squeeze the lubricant into the hole.

We unscrew the screw and inject grease into the technological hole

If the grease is in another container, fill in a syringe with a capacity of 5 cubes and inject the grease through the syringe.

Can also be injected through the tube

If this is a gearbox from a gasoline engine, we find the plug, it is usually indicated on the diagram. And a little more than an electric mower gearbox. We clean it and the place around it so that dirt does not get inside when opening. Then, put the trimmer on the surface (it must be turned off) sideways and with one hand squeeze out the grease slowly in the manner indicated above, and with the other we rotate the knife so that the grease is evenly distributed inside. Then close tightly the stopper on the reducer and the tube or syringe. You need to lubricate at least after 25 hours of operation, and you yourself choose which lubricant to lubricate the trimmer gear. The principle of operation of the gearbox and gasoline and electric is the same.

Malfunctions and remedies

  • Strong (or fast) heating. The main reason is the lack of lubrication. If such a malfunction is found, add lubricant and run in the tool in a gentle mode.
  • Increased vibration, gear staggering. The reason is mechanical damage. Eliminated by pulling the housing or replacing it.
  • The presence of knocking, backlash or sticking when rotating the shaft. The causes of the malfunction are the destruction of the bearing, damage to the anther. Lubricate the trimmer gear to prevent these defects. How and with what frequency to lubricate is indicated in the instructions from the manufacturer.
  • Trimmer blade jamming under heavy loads. The reason is tooth wear. There is no way to fix this problem. Complete replacement of the mechanism is required.

Lower and upper gear lubrication

There are tips that recommend lubrication at the end of the season. However, most people find it best to do this at the beginning of each season. When we repair a unit, as well as carry out any disassembly, it is necessary to use lubricants. The gearbox needs additional lubrication when the old trimmer is inserted.

Modern trimmers are equipped with a gearbox that measures the angle of transmission of mechanical energy between two components: the shaft and the head. Bevel gears are considered common, they can easily withstand high speeds, are equipped with smooth engagement, and also an increased level of bearing capacity. The housing includes a shaft, a gear wheel, which is pressed onto the driven shaft. In order to reduce friction, bearings are installed on the bearing points of the shaft.

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Trimmer lubrication points

For smooth operation and durability of the mechanism, a thorough inspection and maintenance should be carried out. An important point is the lubrication of the moving parts. In most cases, these are:

  • Place from the transition from motors to straight shaft;
  • Straight shaft joint with flexible shaft;
  • Shaft transition with landing head;
  • Reducer.

Litol-24 multipurpose waterproof grease is popular among users. The operating temperature range is from 40 to 120 degrees. This grease is used in friction units and is effective at elevated temperatures.

User feedback on lubricants

Experts advise using only original materials whose characteristics meet the manufacturer’s requirements. If there are none, you should clarify how to lubricate the trimmer gear. Experienced users do not advise using solid oil, because this material is not suitable in terms of temperature and speed characteristics of the unit, as well as in consistency. Also, the given material does not have antiwear properties.

The operating temperature range of the solid oil is from minus 40 to 65 degrees, but even with such parameters, the density of the material increases during heating, and the lubricant itself becomes coarse. In case of urgent need to process the tool, you can use "Litol-24".

How to choose the right lubricant

During operation, the units of the mechanism are loaded by contact forces on the teeth, resistance reactions when debris gets in, as well as dynamic and shock loads. Depending on the characteristics of the load, you should choose how to lubricate the trimmer gear.

The selection should take into account the following factors:

  • Manufacturer brand;
  • The viscosity of the lubricant (the selection of this parameter depends on the torque of the shaft);
  • Adhesion to the surface of assembly parts;
  • Intensity of grease consumption (take into account the ambient temperature, type and amount of work).

In the absence of the necessary lubricant, you can use a universal one. The latter should contain some components:

  • Antiwear additives (no toxic lead);
  • Highly refined mineral oils (inorganic);
  • Solid lubricants with graphite or molybdenum disulfide.

Gear lubricant for trimmer

Correct maintenance is the key to long and reliable tool performance. Primitive maintenance operations include timely lubrication of the gearbox and cleaning of the trimmer filter. And how to lubricate the trimmer gear, every user should know. Cleaning is carried out in several stages:

  • After removing the cover, the element is removed.
  • Then it is washed with gasoline and dried (naturally).
  • The place under the filter is cleaned of oil and dust residues.
  • Check the bar for rotation during operation.

Is it possible to lubricate the trimmer gear with grease if there are no other means? No, for a long service life, equipment manufacturers recommend the use of specialized lubricants. Some manufacturers develop care products that are tailored directly to the branded instrument. To lubricate the working steam, you just need to unscrew the plug and pour the liquid into the container.

Gear lubrication

Gear lubrication, OS lubrication, Winter lubrication and Summer lubrication, STP-r,

STP-3, Transol-A, OSp grease, Transol-100, Transol-200, Shakhtol, TsIATIM-208,

Gearbox grease Transol-200 for lubrication of spur and planetary gearboxes and geared motors operating with maximum specific mesh loads up to 2000 MPa. It is efficient for at least 10,000 hours at a steady lubrication temperature in the gearbox not higher than 70 ° С.

The operating temperature range is from minus 40 ° C to 70 ° C. NLGI 00 DIN 51502 GP00E-40

Tsiatim-208 gear grease for lubrication of gear and worm gears of tracked vehicles, as well as in heavy-duty gearboxes.

Operating temperature range from minus 30 ° С to 100 ° С.

NLGI 00 DIN 51502 GP1H-30

Gearbox grease Transol-100A is intended for lubrication of worm gearboxes and gear motors operating with maximum specific loads in gearing up to 400 MPa. It is efficient for at least 10,000 hours at a steady lubrication temperature in the gearbox not exceeding 110 ° С.

The operating temperature range is from.40 ° С to 110 ° С. NLGI 00 DIN 51502 GHCF00G-40

Gearbox grease STP-3r for lubrication of gears of traction reducers, gearboxes of agricultural machinery, industrial enterprises, road and construction machinery.

Operating temperature range from minus 50 ° С to 70 ° С.

NLGI 00 DIN 51502 G PF-50

Gear lubricant OS / axial / for lubrication of traction gears of locomotives, gearboxes of agricultural machinery, gearboxes of industrial equipment of metallurgical, mining and other enterprises. "L" Summer grease, "Z". Winter lubrication.

Operating temperature range Axial Summer from 0 ° C to 70 ° C (Axial Winter from 30 ° C to 0 ° C). NLGI 00

Shakhtol gear lubricant for lubrication of gearboxes of underground equipment of coal mines, transmissions of gearboxes of mining equipment, gearboxes of agricultural equipment and industrial enterprises. Shakhtol-U operating temperature range from 0 ° С to 110 ° С (Shakhtol-A from 15 ° С to 70 ° С).