How To Grind An Angle Grinder Metal

Grinding wood

Wood is a unique material. It can be sanded by hand quite well, but with an angle grinder you can achieve very good results. Some snobs argue that you can’t grind an angle grinder at all, but this is from ignorance and inability.

The main secret of the grinder is used at minimum speed. If the angle grinder has a speed switch, then there will be no problem. At high speeds, the sandpaper will clog very quickly and very tightly with wood. In this mode, it will not be enough for five minutes of work. Optimum speed no more than 6000 rpm.

Another secret is not to sand the entire wheel area. If you sand the entire surface, then circular marks will remain on the wood. So that no traces of sandpaper remain at all or they would be minimal, it is necessary to grind only with the upper sector of the circle. The movement of the machine should be along the grain of the wood.

With this method, you can get excellent results when sanding the lining. The board becomes smooth and does not retain tool marks. Do not just get carried away and change the emery pads on the circle in time.

The blockhouse is polished in a similar way. Here, it is desirable that the support plate is thin around the edge. With such a plate, it will be easier to sand narrow places where the logs meet. Otherwise, this work will have to be finished with a chisel.

How to grind an angle grinder

Do not forget that sanding is always associated with a lot of dust. Do not forget about yourself when preparing for sanding! A face shield and a respirator are the best helpers when sanding. You can also find an option where the mask is combined with a good respirator.

The respirator filter will clog up very quickly, so you need to prepare several pieces at once for quick replacement. Only after thorough preparatory work can you start grinding.

Primary grinding

For this processing stage, grinding and polishing discs are used. If such an accessory was not at hand, then you can use an ordinary circle, to which coarse-grained emery is securely attached.

How to sand wood angle grinder

Fine grinding

For such sanding of wood on a disc, an angle grinder is preferable to a flap type, for example, P80 SMT, with a low level of grit.

How to make a sander from an angle grinder?

Such a question can be perplexing, because an angle grinder is an angle grinder. But it is very versatile and must be prepared for each operation. To prepare the angle grinder for grinding, you need to purchase a support wheel, which is installed directly on the machine shaft.

To process wood, you need to glue an emery cloth on this circle. The number of sandpaper is selected for the immediate moment of work. On sale you can find both a grinding wheel of the required diameter and emery wheels of the appropriate size. Velcro emery discs are also available, which are very easy and quick to change on the tool.

To convert our angle grinder to concrete grinder, it would be a good decision to purchase a special dust cover. It is good because it has a branch pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner. The well-known casings are produced by Hilti. On the cover of this company there is a sliding sector that opens part of the wheel for grinding in the corners.

Grinding metal angle grinder is usually done with standard metal grinding wheels. They have different diameters, different thicknesses and different grains of the grinding surface. But, if you are going to grind an indecently rusted surface, then first you need to brush it over the metal. Such brushes of the required diameters are also on sale.

How to choose the right discs

The circle has symbols that will help you choose the right circle.

When choosing discs, you need to know what they will be used for, pay attention to their diameter and thickness. These are the main parameters of the disks.

The smallest diameter is 125 mm, and the maximum, from the public, is 250 mm. In professional angle grinders, discs can be larger in diameter.

The thickness of the cut part and the maximum depth of cut depend on the diameter of the disc.

If you plan to cut only metal, you need to purchase a cutting disc. It has the smallest thickness from 1 to 1.2 mm, for industrial grinders up to 2.5 mm. This will ease the physical strain on the angle grinder and on the worker. The cut is neat.

If you plan a curly thread on thin metal, then it is done with a disc of the smallest diameter or an old, almost worn out disc.

Many people think that a diamond blade should be used to cut metal. This is a completely wrong opinion. The diamond disc will simply get stuck in the metal and will be unsuitable for further work.

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Experts say that even beginners do not have any special difficulties in cutting metal with an angle grinder.

How to choose the right angle grinder

The angle grinder should fit comfortably in your hand.

The correct choice and quality of the angle grinder itself determines the quality of work and the safety of the worker.

When choosing a machine, one should be guided by its main parameters: power and diameter of the cutting abrasive wheel. Its weight is also important, since it is often necessary to work by weight, and its dimensions so that it is possible to perform work in inconvenient and hard-to-reach places.

At the sight of powerful grinders, most buyers are somewhat frightened that it is more difficult to cope with it than with a low-power one. This is a misconception. Low-power grinders are more likely to jam discs, i.E. They are physically unable to pull the disc under heavy loads. The situation of how the disk and the machine itself will behave after reducing the load is unpredictable. The angle grinder will most likely tear out of your hands. The consequence of this will be a break in the disc, damage to the machine and injury to the cutter. Therefore, it is better for novice craftsmen to purchase an angle grinder for a 125 mm disc with a power of 800-1000 W and a spindle speed of 10,000 rpm. This power is enough to cut iron.

For cutting metal, there are machines for a 115 mm disc powered by batteries, but, as practice shows, with their high cost in solving household problems, they do not justify themselves.

The handles of the angle grinder must be rubber or made of a material that will dampen vibrations from the machine.

But none of the technical characteristics reflect the convenience and safety in work. The angle grinder should lie comfortably and securely in your hand so that when working with metal you can focus your attention on it, and not on how to hold the tool in your hands. It is desirable that the grips are rubber or vibration-damping material with finger recesses.

Low-powered grinders, as a rule, do not have an additional handle.

If you find any inconvenience when choosing, you should look for an angle grinder of another model.

How to properly cut metal angle grinder. Practical tips and tricks

If long pipes rest on supports, the overhanging edge must be cut. If you cut them in the middle, then due to its own weight, the metal will bend and clamp the disc.

If you do not have the skills to handle an angle grinder, then before starting work, you should learn how to cut on unnecessary parts.

The cut-off wheel only accepts radial forces. Attempting to change the cutting plane while the blade is inside a metal piece will break.

The disc heel (near lower part of the circle) cuts metal more effectively.

In order for the angle grinder and discs to serve for a long time, you need to take a break for 20-30 minutes every 5-7 minutes of work. This rule is especially important for low-power grinders who are afraid of overheating.

To increase the service life of discs, especially expensive ones, and to cool the metal, the place of the cut should be watered. It is advisable to carry out the work together.

Aluminum is a very tough metal. When cutting a part of large thickness, kerosene must be dripped into the seam, observing fire safety rules.

For molding, cutting of sheet metal, curly carving, use spent stub discs, so do not throw them away immediately.

Correctly cut the corner not in one go, but separately both shelves.

If long enough pipes, corners, fittings lie on the supports, cut the hanging edge correctly. If you cut between the supports, the part will bend due to its own weight and jam the disc.

Thick parts are cut only in a straight line. If you need to cut out a curly part, straight-line cuts are made first, then the remaining unnecessary parts are removed.

Do not put pressure on the angle grinder. This will cause the blade to jam or break and overheat the angle grinder. If the cutting process is slow, the blade should be replaced.

The resulting cut should not be processed with the side of the disc. For this, a different type of disc is used.

Melted particles of metal and abrasive, falling on plastic products, glass and car headlights, get stuck in them, and then it is almost impossible to remove them. Therefore, before starting work, they must be removed or protected.

Basic rules for safe work when cutting metal angle grinder

The layout of the most dangerous sectors during operation of the angle grinder, taking into account the rebound and destruction of the disc.

The most necessary condition for cutting is strict adherence to the rules of safe work.

Grinder manufacturers are constantly trying to minimize the risk of injury and injury by inventing and improving various protection systems. But no one cares about the worker like himself.

The main dangers that arise when cutting metal are the flight of fragments of a broken disk, the flow of sparks and the smallest abrasive particles, the inability to hold the tool in your hands.

If the disc breaks or gets jammed, the angle grinder can be pulled out of your hands at the most inopportune moment and with great force, therefore, before starting work, you should consider the direction of its possible movement.

How To Grind An Angle Grinder Metal

Safety rules cannot be neglected even when performing small work.

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Before starting work, you should:

  • Protect face, eyes, hands, if possible and all body parts.
  • Remove all combustible materials and objects that are in the direction of the emission of sparks.
  • Clamp the workpiece to be machined in a vice, if possible. Do not hold the workpiece with your free hand or press with your feet.
  • If a new disc is installed, you need to rotate its angle grinder at maximum speed, placing it further: the disc may be defective and fly to pieces.
  • Install, adjust and secure the protective cover.

It is best to protect your face with a special face shield when working with an angle grinder.

During work, you should:

  • When replacing discs during rest, disconnect the angle grinder from the mains.
  • To protect eyes and face, use goggles or a face shield.Professionals use both for extended work.
  • Hold the angle grinder firmly during all work.
  • To replace a disk, you need to wait until it completely stops.
  • Wear protective gloves. It is undesirable to use cotton gloves, they do not provide sufficient protection, they can ignite, and the threads wind up on the spindle of an angle grinder or disc.
  • During work, you need to position yourself so that the face, and, if possible, all parts of the body are not in the plane of rotation of the disk.

At the end of the work, you should:

  • Wait until the disc rotation has stopped completely and only then put the tool on the floor with the disc facing up, so as not to damage it;
  • Disconnect the angle grinder from the mains;
  • Make sure there is no smoke or other signs of fire.

A typical mistake that is made when cutting metal: if the diameter of the new circle is larger than the size of the protective cover, it is removed. The cover is a protection in case the disc breaks and shatters during the metal cutting process.

Instead of a disc, many people put cutters, saws or other scrap materials. Doing this is strictly prohibited.

How to cut metal with an angle grinder

There is an opinion that the very concept of an angle grinder came into our use because this tool was first brought from Bulgaria. This is partly true. But they developed and began to produce it in Germany. He first came to us from Bulgaria, where they began to produce it in the seventies. Angle grinder correct tool name.

When working with an angle grinder, it is imperative to observe safety precautions, namely: wear glasses, gloves, a helmet and a protective apron.

The resulting sections can be grinded, polished, sharpened. A large selection of interchangeable attachments makes this tool irreplaceable and versatile.

At the same time, it is the most traumatic tool.

To cut metal, an angle grinder will need:

  • Mask;
  • Glasses;
  • Disks;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • Metal.

Can I use an angle grinder to cut metal tiles and corrugated board?

At a time when they just started to use metal tiles and corrugated board, the instructions said that using an angle grinder for cutting these roofing materials is strictly prohibited. This is explained by the fact that on both sides they are protected with zinc and polymer coatings and painted.

The abrasive disc heats and melts the material. The sections are ragged. Flying sparks also break the paint. All this causes corrosion of the material and a reduction in service life.

Recently, however, builders have begun to use an angle grinder for this work. This greatly facilitates the work, it can be carried out directly on the roof. After cutting, the edges must be treated with anti-corrosion agents, primed and painted.

Correctly cutting metal with an angle grinder is easy. Everything can be learned. The main thing is to follow the safety rules and follow the recommendations.

Safety when working with an angle grinder

A really huge role is played by safety measures when working with an angle grinder. The most important nuances of safe work are reduced to a few simple rules:

  • Carefully consider protecting the whole body eyes, face, hands;
  • Remove all unnecessary items from the workspace. This is especially true of the place from which sparks can fly;
  • Hide all combustible materials away;
  • Make sure that the fixation of your workpiece is really reliable;
  • Check the fixation of the workpiece again (!);
  • Hold the tool firmly with both hands during work;
  • It is not necessary to directly influence your angle grinder, namely to put pressure on it while working. Let the disk do it on its own;
  • After completing the work, wait until the rotation stops completely, then put the angle grinder with the disc upwards so as not to damage it;
  • Unplug the device from the mains and make sure there is no smoke or fire.

Cut, clean, grind. How to work properly with an angle grinder

Angle grinder (angle grinder), it is also an angle grinder, is an effective, but extremely traumatic tool. The use of this machine inappropriately enough often leads to various types of injury, damage and injury, in some cases fatal. In most cases, such injuries are inflicted on themselves by non-professionals who for the first time hold such a tool in their hands and have an idea of ​​its work only in words. That is why the study of safety precautions, operating rules and the use of protection in the process of working with an angle grinder is of great importance.

In order not to get lost among the many empty tips and unnecessary recommendations, choose only the right sources of information. How to use an angle grinder correctly, what protection to use and much more you will learn just by reading this article.

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What you can do an angle grinder and where to start

Such a tool allows you to confidently cut, grind, clean and polish many well-known materials, such as concrete and tiles, metal and wood, brick and others. over, for each specific type of work, a special replaceable nozzle will be required. In some cases, such a tool can be used for other purposes, such as cutting an angle glass grinder or sharpening cutting surfaces (knives, drills, etc.).

This power tool is indispensable in the process of construction or repair work. It is actively used in auto repair shops, utilities, during rescue operations and in other areas of our life. In other words, the angle grinder is widely used in industry and in everyday life.

The very work of the angle grinder is a hazardous operation. Before starting it, it is important to prepare the instrument itself. In this case, the choice of the nozzle plays a special role. It is important to consider the following points here:

  • The diameter of the saw blade, the smaller its value, the greater the rotational speed, which means that it is able to withstand a greater number of revolutions;
  • The working material directly affects the choice of consumables. For example, for metal pipes, an abrasive disc, and concrete. Diamond;
  • Study the symbols and markings of such consumable carefully. This will allow you to understand if the attachment is suitable for the intended operation.

Types of attachments for an angle grinder

Angle grinder discs are widely used in different operations and must be changed for different materials. over, each of them has unique properties and design. That is why it is so important to choose the right consumable for your angle grinder.

Depending on the purpose, they are:

  • Detachable for cutting or sawing materials;
  • Saw blades for cutting various wood products;
  • Roughing for grinding metal, concrete and wood blanks;
  • Sweepers for removing rust from metal surfaces and removing other types of stubborn dirt.

Flap discs are among the most common types of wiper discs. Such tools are suitable for processing materials from metal, plastic and wood.

Attaching the accessory to the angle grinder

  • Disconnect the tool from the mains and jam the rotation shaft with the attachment by means of a special button;
  • The lock nut must be unscrewed. To do this, use a key with two tabs;
  • Remove the old drive. After that, a new one can be installed on the mounting flange;
  • Screw in and secure the lock nut with a wrench.

Can plexiglass be cut with an angle grinder?

Thanks to the angle grinder, you can effortlessly cut the plexiglass. For this operation, an ordinary ceramic circle will be sufficient.

It is necessary to make a contour cut, and then deepen it. The cut glass will need to be moved to the edge of the table and broken. Remember to cut this material carefully so as not to damage it.

How to cut wood, plywood, chipboard

Despite many questions and attempts to cut wood products from an angle grinder, many experts do not recommend using this tool for such work, but take other tools for these purposes, jigsaws, circular saws, etc. This is due to the high degree of danger in the process of performing such work.

Among the causes of increased danger, the most important are:

  • The likelihood of a large amount of wood being captured by the teeth of the disc, which will lead to a sharp slip of the tool from the hands;
  • Heating of the disc during cutting, which leads to its fragility. In this case, even a slight skew becomes the cause of the destruction of the disk, which is why its small pieces will fly apart;
  • There is a high probability of soldering disconnection, which can lead to injury to the master.

Now there is a wide variety of special tools for woodworking. So why risk your own life?

How to cut an angle grinder metal

Cutting metal with an angle grinder is a rather complicated process. Approach him competently.

The working wheel should be selected depending on the thickness of the sheet metal. You will also need to choose a rotation speed that is optimal for the job, and cut strictly according to the drawn lines. Approaching the end of the tile, sink the angle grinder a little so that the cut border does not have a bevel.

You can start the process of cutting corrugated board completely from any edge. If necessary, the cut can also be started from the middle. The only caveat here concerns thin metal when cutting it from the back side, a ragged cut is formed. To avoid injury and to ensure cleanliness, it is recommended to grind such a cut.

Not sure how to cut pipe angle grinder? Any metal pipe is equal to a sheet of metal and does not require additional skills. The whole difference here lies only in the shape of the product itself.

Cutting reinforced concrete can cause some difficulty. It’s almost the same as cutting metal though. A diamond disc is suitable for these purposes. A quick tip to start cutting at a depth of about 1 cm. If there are no problems with your angle grinder, continue the operation. The depth of each subsequent cut should be no more than 1.5 cm.