What can be done from motorcycles. Explanation of the electric motor

What can be done from the engine from the trimmer

Before starting to assemble a motorized car with your own hands from a benzo.Cos, you will need to choose an engine that will become the basis of a homemade. It is the power of the internal combustion engine that directly affects the traction characteristics and endurance of the adaptation.

In practice, homemans equipped with trimmers with a capacity of 3 liters showed the best of all. With. And higher. Each such a scooter with a motor is able to transport 1 adult from manual luggage, having, while, an additional supply of torque.

It is strictly not recommended to collect a home.Made on the basis of electric engines from trimmers. This is associated with a low power of the power of such engines, as well as their instability before poor weather conditions

If there is no other way out, and there is only an electric motor at hand, then when installing the engine, you need to pay special attention to its protection from external factors: moisture, dust, garbage. With further operation of a scooter with an electric motor from a trimmer, it will be necessary to take frequent breaks to cool the engine

Otherwise, the engine will quickly fail.

Having dealt with the engine, you need to go to the bike frame. It will need to be equipped with an additional platform on which the motor and tank for fuel will be attached. In this case, the latter should be located above the engine from the trimmer, so that fuel comes to the power unit naturally.

It is very important that homemade bicycles with a trimmer motor are equipped with a comfortable steering wheel, on the handles of which you can take out all the switches necessary for work. This will simplify the operation of homemade when moving at high speed

What is the nozzle for remaking the trimmer to the boat motor

The trimmer has a higher speed speed of the blades, which makes it possible to move around the water at a higher speed, which will proceed with fishing faster than with the motor. Everyone saw how a trimmer was working. How the lawn and ordinary grass cuts, but here, its blades are turned the other way and at the same time, performs the function of the most economical motor.

But if the trimmer is lower, the speed will be lower. But the most important drawback of the trimmer compared to ordinary boat engines is that they are very loud and you should not use them to the full, if you do not want to frighten off the fish.

Simple technique

To assemble with your own hands a walk.Behind tractor for plowing ordinary soil, use the engine from a moped “Carpathians”. To increase the power of the power unit, it is recommended to equip the equipment with an additional shaft. A more powerful equipment can be made from the motorcycle sunrise, ant, Minsk.

Homemade motoblock, equipped with an engine of sunrise, has a capacity of 13.5 liters.With. The ignition is dismantled from the Vyatka-Electron Motoroller. To support the normal operation of the motor, forced cooling is equipped. To do this, use a fan of the supply type. The base for the frame uses the gearbox, dismantled from ZIL-130. To this design, weld the racks of the subframe of the power unit. The receiver itself is cut to 243 mm. We install a carburetor on a subframe, a gas tank.

To assemble a drive shaft, use segments of slot shafts from the following units:

The crankcase is fixed to the gearbox body, in which we cut out the window for fixing the gears. The next stage is the manufacture of wheels. Experts recommend cooking steel wheels. We weld the rim to the disk to which soil.Bearing are welded (16 pieces).

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To make motor control levers, we use a steel pipe. At the top we connect the levers with a cross.Member, and we weld the flanges below. To switch the gears, you need a handle. It can be installed on the left control lever.

To attach the mounting equipment to the walk.Behind tractor equipped with a motorcycle engine, a suspension and adjustment units are made. To fix the first element, the bracket is used. Minus of homemade agricultural machinery. Lack of differential. To turn around, additional efforts will be required. But such a constructive solution has its own plus. Transportation of transport without adjusting the driver.

The cooling of the power unit

Before making a mini.Tractor with an engine from the Ural motorcycle, a compulsory cooling system is prepared. Without it, the motor will overheat. Experts do not recommend equipping a liquid cooling system.

The principle of such a system can be taken from motor vehicles (transmitting efforts from the crankshaft to the fan). In the end of the pulley, cut the thread. To fix it to the crankshaft, you will need a screw M7. The supply fan is equipped with 4 petals carved from a steel sheet. The fan shaft is presented as a design with a driven pulley.

The shaft bearing is installed in the case. For the manufacture of a protective ring, we use a steel sheet with a thickness of 3 mm. We mount the housing with bearings on 4 steel knitting needles in the center. To fix the ring to the motor, 3 brackets will be required. The guide casing is made of duralumin. This part reduces the scattering of the air flow from the fan.

A homemade mini.Tractor is equipped with KP from Victory, a bridge from Moskvich 408. The wheels can be removed from the UAZ, and the wheels from Volvo. To change the direction of rotation, unfold the gearbox on the bridge by 180º. With the help of chains, you can get compact minute (in length as “Ural”).

To assemble a heavy motoblock, an engine from a motorcycle is used. Since the speed of the equipment during operation is low, so the compulsory cooling system is installed. To do this, use an electric fan or a device with a drive. To direct the air mass to the working cylinder of the power unit, a protective casing is installed.

The design of the walk.Behind tractor

Do.It.Yourself walk.As booth consists of a gasoline or diesel engine, transmission, chassis, control and aggregation system. During the assembly, it will be necessary to stock up on some nodes and components. About them below.

Gearbox. A special mechanism transmitting a rotational moment from the engine to the lead shaft. Used to lower or increase torque, respectively, the speed of rotation decreases or increases, depending on the required task.

For example, the engine has 1400 rpm. It is clear that the speed is too high and the car never crushes from the place. A gearbox comes to the rescue, which is created to lower the starting revolutions and increase the torque.

The nimbler. Is a component of the transmission, designed to obtain very low revolutions. Without the use of the coachman, the walk.Behind tractor will only cope with the transportation of the cargo, since the turns are still high.

By setting this component, you can dig potatoes, cut the furrows for planting plants and perform other tasks that require low speed.

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Adapter. Is a driver’s seat. Optional component, but can greatly improve the management of the machine. The adapter significantly increases human performance, because working sitting is much more convenient.

Trailer. A device for a walk.Behind tractor intended for cargo transportation. It will not be difficult to construct such a trailer with your own hands. To do this, you need an axis for wheels, leaf iron, corners, two wheels and a set of tools necessary for work.

Everything is extremely simple. First you need to cut the sheet metal: two sheets of the same length and width, and two other sheets make it shorter in length. Then cut the bottom, suitable size.

Will turn out the design of the type of rectangle without a roof. After that, to weld the corners from below and drill holes in them. To install the axis. Fix the wheels. Weld the drawbar. For attaching to the walk.Behind tractor.

Types and principle of work of cultivators

The principle of operation of the cultivator is simple: the element that loosen the ground begins to work after the mechanical part of the device is launched. Depending on the external size, engine power and performance, cultivators are divided into three types: light, medium and heavy equipment.

  • Light equipment is used in small areas with soft soil (flower beds, greenhouses).
  • Medium severity is used on clay soils.
  • Heavy equipment refers to universal equipment. It can be used for any soil.

Cultivators are of different types: disk, rotational, lap and milling. In terms of functioning, they can be: manual, with electric drive and working on gasoline, as well as trailed, hinged, process one or more rows.

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When processing a land plot, everyone chooses the model you need. Hand cultivators are good in that they can be made independently with minimal cash costs.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each cultivator, regardless of whether it is manual or electric, has its pros and cons of.

  • Manual cultivator. Easy to use and much more conveniently shovels, compact. Does not load the lower back. The soil loosens well, does not melt the roots throughout the site. But this technique will not cope with the unlucky land, as it has low performance. It is better to use it in small areas, such as flower beds or greenhouses.
  • Electric cultivator. Light and compact equipment working from the network. Simple in maintenance. The lack of equipment is an electric cord. It can interfere during operation, and due to its length there is a limitation in the processed area. Has low power and small soil processing depth. Not intended for hinged equipment.
  • Gasoline cultivator. Thanks to hinging equipment, it has many functions. Does not connect to electricity, so it can move throughout the site. Suitable for processing small territories. Weighs much more electrical equipment. It is difficult to care for it, and fuel is required for refueling.


Quite often, the owners of small country houses need motorized devices that can facilitate very time.Consuming snow cleaning work from the adjacent territory. Factory snowmers are relative to the road, and not every homeowner can afford their acquisition. However, he, possessing certain skills in carrying out locksmiths and electrical work, may well make a small rotary snowman independently using a gasoline trimmer with a direct barbell.

Most of all, a powerful motorcycle is suitable for the manufacture of a snowman, in which torque is transmitted to a mowing head (knife) through a hard shaft and a gearbox, for example, the Echo SRM-35ES device or its analogues.

Materials and tools

For the manufacture of such a snowman you will need:

  • Welding machine;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Drill;
  • A segment of a steel pipe with a length of about 300 mm;
  • Steel sheet 1.5 mm thick;
  • Tooth disk (included in the supply of motorcycles);
  • Small barrel (for example, beer).

The algorithm of work

The details are made and the snowman is assembled in the following order:

  • The barrel is cut in a circle, retreating from the bottom about 150 mm;
  • In the lower part of the barrel, a hole is cut out for the protruding part of the gearbox;
  • Holes are drilled from the same side, coinciding with location with holes on the gearbox shield;
  • A square hole of 100×100 mm is cut to the side, which will serve to throw snow;
  • The resulting workpiece on top is covered with a 1/3 steel sheet.

From the remains of the barrel are made deflector. To do this, cut a metal strip with dimensions about 150×300 mm, and then the resulting blank is bent and welded to it by sidewalls with a height of not more than 100 mm high. Next, the resulting deflector is welded to the body.

Then make it shoulder blade, Why is a billet of 300×400 mm in size of a steel sheet, the edges of which are bent, forming an side with a height of about 20 mm high. The finished shoulder blade is attached to the bottom of the case. The manufacture of the snowman casing ends on this. It is attached to the trimmer gearbox through the opening in the lower part.

Now you need to make rotor blades, For what, first of all, 4 blanks are cut out of the steel sheet with a size of 250×100 mm. The shape of the shovel is given to each obtained part, and one of the corners is cut, thus receiving the finished blades. Then they are welded to the toothed disk, which is then screwed to the gear shaft instead of a trimmer knives. Everything. The snowman is assembled and ready for operation. In more detail, the process of manufacturing such a home.Made, collected on the basis of a gasoline trimmer, can be seen in the video:

Cultivator from a trimmer

If you have to process the soil in the country all year round, then, without a doubt, the converted trimmer to the cultivator will become a real assistant in this difficult matter. Immediately you need to make a reservation and say that you can purchase ready.Made nozzles for a trimmer for soil processing, but you can, like us, engage in their independent manufacture.

First, it will demand to prepare all the necessary material with tools:

  • A piece of sheet metal with a thickness of 3 mm, but it is possible a little more. The base for the knives of the cultivator will be cut out of the metal;
  • Thick metal wire (katanka), which will subsequently be cut into pieces, is flattened and welded to a piece of metal;
  • Corresponding tools for the manufacture of cultivator knives. First of all, this is a grinder, a welding machine, some fitting tool, of course, a hammer, and t. D.

The process of manufacturing a cultivator from a trimmer will best be divided into several separate stages. At the first stage, you need to prepare the base from a piece of sheet metal. For these purposes, two circles must be cut from a steel sheet with a diameter of 25-30 cm. Then you need to cut the wire into pieces, no more than 10 cm long, and flatten the ends on it. The large length of the cultivator knives will create a strong load on the trimmer, as a result of which the internal combustion engine may fail.

As soon as the wire is ready to be welded to metal circles. 3-4 pieces of wire are enough for the effective lift of the earth. Exactly the same operation is carried out with the second circle of metal. After homemade mills for the cultivator are ready, they can be attached to the trimmer.

Just an ideal option in this case will be a reverse thread and a welded tube with a nut on home.Made cutters. In this case, the nozzle simply wraps up on the shaft of the trimmer, so the alterations of the tool will be reduced to “no”. If an electric trimmer is used for the manufacture of the cultivator, then a fairly long extension cord will need to be provided, which would be enough for the entire processed area.

How to make a snowmobile from a lawn mower?

To assemble the snowpock, it is necessary to act strictly in a certain order.

The correct algorithm of work is as follows:

  • The first stage is the manufacture of a durable stable frame. She should hold the engine, drive, bucket, a rush groove, therefore, several rather thick pieces of profile will require its manufacture. At the same time, it is important not to use too large and heavy metal parts, since the engine from the lawn mower will succumb to increased load, and will not be able to effectively perform its direct functions. To assemble the frame, 2 pieces of profile will be required, 100 with a length, and 4 pieces. 50 cm long. In the manufacture of the frame, it is best to weld them, since bolted joints due to constant vibration will lose their reliability over time;
  • Further, 2 smaller pieces will need to be bent in such a way as to initially form a peculiar dump from them. After that, the pieces of profile used must be welded to each other;
  • Then 2 long pieces of the profile will need to be placed vertically, one in the lower and upper part of the home.Made frame;
  • After that, the 2 remaining pieces of lower length must be welded directly to the dump made earlier;
  • Further, from a solid sheet of steel, it will be necessary to cut a workpiece, the dimensions of which should be 1 × 0.5 m;
  • In the resulting workpiece, you need to drill a hole, at a distance of about 1 cm from the circuit;
  • The workpiece with the holes made will need to be applied to the collected frame and drill holes in the profile so that both holes exactly coincide with each other. Then both elements with holes will need to be sealed;
  • Profiles are also suitable for the manufacture of snowboards from a household. To do this, you must first make 2 blanks out of them, 20 and 30 cm long, respectively;
  • Further, the workpieces will need to be stuck evenly with each other using spot welding in such a way that they resemble corners in shape. In each part, you need to drill small holes, retreating, while 3 cm from the existing seams;
  • Then on the finished frame it is necessary to fix the engine from the lawn mower. You need to connect the chain drive to the engine so that when moving it does not hurt the details of the home.Made frame;
  • To make the snowmobile snowmaker easier to use, it must be equipped with a handle. The levers and switches need to be carried out on it, installing them in such a way that they are located closer to the operator’s hands;
  • At the end, the metal parts of the finished machine will need to be painted so that rust does not form on them.

Making a snowman from the lawn mower with your own hands is quite simple if you prepare everything you need in advance for work. The finished machine will have small dimensions, which will allow it to cope with the clearing of snow in places with limited space.

Research and development electric motors

Car technology management (VTO) supports research and development (RD) to improve engines in hybrid and connected electric vehicles, paying special attention to reducing the use of rare.Earth materials currently used for engines based on permanent magnets.

In the electric drive system, the electric motor converts the electric energy accumulated in the battery into mechanical energy. The electric motors consist of a rotor (mobile part of the engine) and stator (motionless part of the engine). The engine with constant magnets includes a rotor containing a number of magnets, and a stator with current (usually having the shape of an iron ring), separated by an air gap. There are three types of electric motors that can be used in hybrid or connected traction drive systems of electric vehicles.

  • Engines with an internal permanent magnet (IPM) have high specific capacity and support high efficiency in a large percentage of the working range. Almost all hybrid and electric cars connected to electric networks use rare.Earth permanent magnets in traction engines. Due to the high cost of the manufacture of magnets and rotor, these engines are relative to the road. Other problems when using IPM engines include limited availability and high cost of rare.Earth magnetic materials.Despite the problems, the automotive industry expects to continue using IPM engines in most electric vehicles over the next decade.
  • Asynchronous engines have a high trigger and high reliability. However, their specific power and the total efficiency are lower than that of IPM engines. Today they are widely accessible and common in various industries, including in some serial cars. Since this engine technology is mature, it is unlikely that studies can lead to additional improvements in efficiency, cost, weight and volume for competitive electric vehicles of the future.
  • Jet engines offer a cheaper option that can be easy to manufacture. They also have a strong design that can withstand high temperatures and speeds. However, they produce more noise and vibration than engines of comparable structures, which is a serious problem for use in vehicles. In addition, valve reactive electric motors are less effective than electric motors of other types, and require additional sensors and complex electric motors controllers, which increases the total cost of the electric drive system.

Research and development of WTO electric motors

VTO ​​- reduce the cost, volume and weight of electric motors while maintaining or increasing productivity, efficiency and reliability.

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What to make from the engine from a trimmer

First of all, you need to make a frame for the engine. To do this, take a metal sheet with a thickness of at least three millimeters. The size of the frame is selected based on the length of the knife, but the maximum width of the lawn mower rarely exceeds sixty centimeters. Thus, you need to cut a square of metal with a side of 50 or 60 centimeters. In the center of the square you need to make a hole under the engine. The flange engine is attached to the frame with a shaft down. If the engine is with ears, then you need to weld additional mounts to the frame.

Such a frame can be made from boards or plywood, but the metal is still preferable, since it is less susceptible to deformations. The casing is designed to protect the engine shaft from garbage and scraps of grass. The simplest casing can be made of a metal canbank. Complex options will have to tinker. If the finished casing is high, it will protect the electrical mechanism of the lawn mower. If not, then to protect connections with a wire, you need to make another casing.

The casing is put on the engine shaft. Next, the sharpened knife is put on and the entire mechanism is fixed with a bolt. Next, the wheel is attached to the frame. To do this, corners with holes drilled in them should be launched on the frame. The diameter of the wheels is selected so that the knife passes at a height of five to seven centimeters above the ground. If the knife drops below, it is likely that it will get stuck in the ground. The grass is crushed at a larger height, not cut.

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Regardless of what the handle is made of, it needs to be straightened up by the growth of the one who will most often use the lawnical mower. Usually the optimal handle length is about 90 centimeters. The final stage of operation. The connection of the power cord. Do.It.Yourself electric lawn mower is ready, you can test it in your own summer cottage. In order to protect against cut grass, a mesh is attached over the lawn mower.

The second option is to make a frame of a special curved shape. This technique described the assembly of the lawn mower to the standard form. Options. A lawn mower made of a drill, on which a wide knife is fixed instead of a drill. At the same time, the drill itself must be attached to the frame with the handle. The advantages of such a home.Made lawn mower are that you do not have to fool the head with the connection of the cord. The drill mechanism is used. Secondly, such lawnmands can be used to cut grass under the trees and off the borders.

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In a similar way, you can make a gas mower from a chainsaw. For him, you need to prepare a special frame frame, for example, cook it from pieces of pipe. Next, move the chainsaw engine to it. There are both drawings on the network and a video on fastening knives to such a lawn mower. Due to the engine power, the gas mower from the chainsaw copes even with a small shrub.

By cutting the tire in half and installing it on metal legs, you can get a rather interesting newspaper or magazine (who is closer).

A great idea for the fence is the tires laid on each other, sprinkled with earth with planted plants.

Vegetable store

Summer residents complain about the lack of places for the crop. A broken refrigerator will save them. Passing it in the cellar, you need to put it with a lid up. Everything, convenient storage for vegetables is ready. Shelves can be used as partitions for different varieties.

Actual option for gardeners who love honey. It is necessary to make a number of actions to turn into a bee house. For example, so that insects can fly and fly out, cut a few cracks.


Suitable for summer residents. To carry out, it is necessary to remove the lid and cover the film. Thus, you can create a miniature greenhouse at home.

Original way of storing things. You can not change anything at all or repaint the color of the interior. Thus, it is permissible to add any objects into it. Great idea to stand out among others.


Perhaps the most popular direction is the manufacture of jewelry. The number of ideas is so huge that it was difficult to choose options for demonstration. Everyone is good.The base is a key and a chain (ribbon, beads, cord), and what you add as suspensions. A personal preference for everyone. It is remarkable that not a single jewelry created with your own hands is impossible to repeat exactly. Who wants to wear such as everyone!

Jewelry with keys

But these specimens are called differently than the works of a real master, the language will not turn.

Author’s jewelry

Bright, stylish, spectacular! And the basis of the jewelry is a regular key!

Original and beautiful

From keys you can make such interesting bracelets.

Keys for bracelets

Keys for earrings

And rings. In general, with their help you can create a whole set of jewelry)

Keys for rings

There are “key” ideas for wedding fashion. An exquisite budonier for the groom will get from a beautiful key.

Botoneries with keys

Skewer handle cover

For such a cover, thick skin with good warmth is suitable for such a case. She will reliably protect her hand from burns. The fabric version of the cover is firstly dirty and absorbs oil, and secondly, it does not guarantee good protection against temperature exposure.

How to make a motor for a boat from a trimmer: methods and advice

The presence of a boat makes rest or fishing on any pond, whether it is a river, a lake or even a sea, a more pleasant and fascinating event. Despite the fact that many types of inflatable boats that are often used by vacationers in freshwater reservoirs are equipped only with oars, if desired, you can independently make a motor from a trimmer. Most of modern trimmers used to cut lawns are an excellent basis for making a home.Made motor for an inflatable boat, which is characterized by a relatively small weight. Given the trimmer’s mechanism, the basis of the task for any person who wants to make an engine for a boat is a transformation of the lower nozzle intended for mowing grass into a full.Fledged screw with blades.

Any modern trimmer has almost all the necessary parts to turn it into an engine for a boat, including a fairly powerful engine and a bar, including a shaft transmitting torsion. Thus, to convert the trimmer into a full.Fledged boat motor, it must be equipped with a screw with blades, a suspension on the mines and, of course, replace the handle of control. For the manufacture of a home.Made motor for the boat, a trimmer with a two.Stroke engine, the declared power of which is at least 700 watts, will be quite enough. Such trimmers are compact and their weight usually does not exceed 5 kg. If you need a more powerful motor for the boat, it is better to take a four.Stroke trimmer as a basis. In addition, the second important point in converting a trimmer into a motor for an inflatable boat is the fastener of a protective structure that will not allow damage to the blades when they touch the bottom or clue of various garbage and algae.

So, to start turning the trimmer into a full.Fledged motor for an inflatable boat is worth replacing the lower nozzle for mowing grass with a curved bar, as this is the most difficult moment. First of all, you should remove the bobbin with a trimmer line from the trimmer and unscrew the nut available on the bar, which will be needed in further work. Next, you should carefully cut the nut with a saw on the metal to get two, but smaller. After that, you need to carefully remove and remove the plastic gas button. Given that, as a rule, at the end of the rod, a sliding bearing is installed, not roller, it will need to be cut, and as neat as possible. Sliding bearing is represented by an ordinary bronze sleeve. Before carrying out this manipulation, it should be removed from the main pipe-stank, which is in it flexible and deedwood ramparts. Last of all, from the pipe-stamp, you need to carefully remove the plastic tread.

After all the necessary elements are neatly extracted from the “darling” of the curved bar, you should choose a duralumin straight tube that will replace it. A bronze sleeve is carefully impressed into the new straight bar, and then a flexible shaft and a plastic tread is installed. Next, you need to make a screw from the usual strip of duralumin, the thickness of which should be at least 2 mm. The size of the duralumin sheet should be 100×30 cm. Then a drawing of the future screw is applied to the paper, and in its center you need to make a rounded hole corresponding to the diameter of the shaft. The finished pattern should be moved to a duralumin sheet and cut a screw along it. The finished screw must be put on any even horizontal surface and gently bend each of the 2 blades under the bend upward. It is best to bend the blade by about 10 mm. If the duralumin screw bends poorly it needs to warm it up and bend the edges of the blades with pliers.

On a new bar, with all the necessary elements installed in it, a standard nut is put on, on which the screw is fixed. On the outside, the screw is fixed by the second regular nut. To improve the appearance of the screw, you should cover the standard nut with a conical elastic Band, which can be purchased in any car shop. Further, instead of the previously removed overlay with the gas switch, the usual switch of the bicycle speed switch should be installed. Then you need to make a ring nozzle that will cover the screw, preventing it from being damaged on stones or wind up algae. The nozzle is a long sheet of a metal sheet, the width of which should be about 15 cm, bent into a circle and fixed with bolts, with fasteners extending from it. The protective nozzle is attached with clamps directly to the bar. The trimmer motor is last fixed on the boat mines with a clamp.

Humadies from a trimmer: Homema from a trimmer: DIY snowmaker, drawings, ice drift, motor, engine bicycle, cultivator, snowmobile

For everyday household work, outdoor activities or travel, using a trimmer motor, many craftsmen can independently make different devices:

Humes are much cheaper than factory analogues, but at the same time are not inferior in power and efficiency. Using the necessary set of tools and a minimum of knowledge, you can achieve great results in the manufacture of motorcycle equipment with your own hands. Such units are characterized by simplicity of design and minimal financial costs.

CHICE with a trimmer engine

A homemade bicycle with a trimmer motor is a high.Tech vehicle that differs from simple analogues of high driving speed, practicality and low cost, using cheap configuration.

The following devices are needed for the assembly of a motorcycle:

  • Bicycle in working condition;
  • Trimmer motor;
  • Chain;
  • Tensioner;
  • Star;
  • Clamp;
  • Cable;
  • Fuse;
  • Controller;
  • Exhaust pipe;
  • Sleeve, bolts, washers.
  • 2 rubber gaskets are attached to the rear wheel: the first between the knitting needles, the second is behind them.
  • Asterisk should approach the trimmer motor. It is inserted into the sleeve, which is located on the outer part of the wheel. The crescent is attached to the inside.
  • The engine is mounted on the trunk or behind the seat using a clamp bought or made of a steel plate with your own hands.
  • Install the chain on the asterisk and the power unit, regulate the tensioner. Instead of a chain, it is not recommended to use belts. Under the influence of friction force, they often become unusable, their service life is minimal.
  • Gas handle and engine are connected by cable.
  • Fasten the tank for fuel and carburetor.
  • The exhaust pipe is welded by a weld seam.

See “How to make a snowmaker from a trimmer

Some craftsmen create a braking system and replace standard wheel tires with non.Slip. After the assembly of all nodes, they must check the bicycle work. The functionality of the mechanism and its own safety will depend on this.

Ice Bour

Ledobur from a trimmer is a low.Power unit for lovers of winter fishing, characterized by a little weight and convenient transportation. In order to save money on the purchase of new equipment and forces necessary for manual drilling of ice, fishermen make them from old trimmers. This is needed:

At home it is difficult to make ice drift. Details to which you need to pay attention are screws and the base for knives.

  • Calculate the sizes of product segments.
  • Prepare metal blanks, mark, cut the sector, cook segments among themselves. As a result, a steel spring is made on one side.
  • Stretch the spring on a given step on a special machine in order to boil the segments from the other side.
  • Grab the rebid and weld it to the pipe.
  • Boil the joints of the screws and paint.
  • When choosing rotation of the screw, the direction of rotation of the benzo tool is taken into account.

Re.Equipment of a trimmer into a benzor is suitable for units with a folding bar. The adapter for the connection is the easiest to prepare.

If it is necessary to increase the rigidity and stability of the mechanism, make a strong frame for attaching the gearbox and motor.

Motoburs. Units for laying holes for installing wooden piles, laying the foundation, drilling wells. The principle of operation and the method of manufacture is similar.

Snowmobile or snowfall

On the basis of the Trimmer motor, you can redo it with a self.Propelled vehicle for a snow.Covered flat terrain or a simple snowbreaker (motorized sleigh) for steep descent from the mountain.

Self.Propelled guns. A frame structure, including:

The frame is made of welded spars, on which racks of 30×30 cm are welded and cross. A steel pipe with a diameter of 14 mm is taken as a drive shaft. Skiing-musculoskel. Moving the snowmobile occurs with a screw or chain transmission.

What else can be done from a trimmer

Homemade motorized motor vehicle. A vehicle for moving at short distances along the sidewalks and park tracks. The mechanism develops speed up to 40 km/h, due to wheels of small size it has small stability, for large loads and cargo transportation is not intended.

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An old scooter is suitable for assembling the product, which mechanize:

  • Install stiffeners using a square metal profile to enhance the frame;
  • Selected stable and wide wheels, for example from a garden trolley;
  • The gearbox is made to transmit power from the engine to the rear wheel with chain gear;
  • Install brakes, gas handles and cables.

Motorized scooter is a good technique, but it must be remembered that children should not give such a “toy”.