What Grease Is Needed For A Screwdriver Gear

What Grease Is Needed For A Screwdriver Gear

An angle grinder, like other tools used in household and professional activities, requires regular maintenance. Efficiency and durability are ensured by timely service.

Lubrication for an angle grinder is the main component when servicing the device. To improve performance, you should choose the right composition.

Replacement Rules

The main modular unit of the angle grinder is the gearbox. He assumes the bulk of the load during operation. It consists of helical gears that transmit torque from the rotor to the active element. Gearbox lubrication angular grinder reduces friction in gears. It also helps to reduce the temperature that occurs during operation.

When to change the lubricant? During operation, the lubricating coating expands on the sides of the gear housing. After a short time, it begins to dry, and lumps form. Lumps can accumulate dust and metal particles formed during operation. If during parsing an angle grinder, lumps are found, then a new lubricant for the reducer angle grinder is needed.

There are situations when it is necessary to replace the gearbox parts with an angle grinder or rotor bearing. In this case, it is necessary to disassemble the device. Accordingly, the lubricant layer will be removed. Instead, new material is applied.

For long periods of operation, the angle grinder gearbox is heated. Accordingly, the coating used also begins to heat up. When warmed up, the lubricant becomes liquid and can leak. As a result, little remains of it. This can be seen by inspecting the gears. They should have a thick layer. Thus, with a small amount of lubricant coating, it is necessary to replace it.

Lubricant properties

The lubricant coating for gearboxes is characterized by the following properties:

  • viscosity no more than 800 Pass;
  • drop temperature not less than 120 ° С;
  • tensile strength not less than 120 Pa;
  • lack of mechanical impurities;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • high melting point;
  • water repellent.

It is necessary to choose a lubricant that does not contribute to the occurrence of serifs in the areas of the contacting parts.

When choosing a coating, one should be guided by the condition that the lubricating coating for the bearing parts of the gearbox is different from the lubricating coating of the motor bearings.

Types of Lubricants

Many people are interested in the question. how to lubricate the gear reducer angle grinder, so as not to damage the tool and increase its efficiency. The following types of lubricants are possible:

  • brand of lubricant corresponds to the brand of the tool manufacturer;
  • composition for CV joints;
  • solidol and lithol.

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Many tool manufacturers strongly recommend the use of a suitable lubricant for servicing in order to avoid negative consequences during operation. When applying the composition of another production tool is not subject to warranty repair.

It will seem to many that it is very expensive to lubricate the gearbox with the manufacturer. After all, the cost of such materials is quite high. In addition, there are manufacturers that do not produce lubricants.

When choosing solid oil or lithol as a lubricant, there is a risk of causing the tool to break quickly. This is due to the fact that these substances do not require use at elevated temperatures and high friction. Therefore, after some time, problems may arise during the operation of the tool.

Thus, the optimal lubrication option for an angle grinder is considered to be that which corresponds to the brand of the tool manufacturer.

Lubrication steps

Lubrication can be done in special workshops or independently. When doing in-house lubrication, remember that a lubricant that does not match the type of tool can cause damage to the tool. The course of the treatment process with new lubricants implies the complete removal of the old lubricant layer. Parts and walls of the housing should not contain the remains of the old coating.

Lubrication stages of the angle gear reducer:

  • disassemble the angle grinder;
  • wash with the help of kerosene or a solution of kerosene and gasoline the sides and cavities of the gearbox;
  • dry the washed parts;
  • mix new lubricant;
  • apply bearings and cavities;
  • assemble the tool.

When applying, the question arises: how much grease is required? Applying a large amount of lubricant will cause excess volume to leak out during operation. With a small content, the operation of the gearbox will be difficult and will lead to a quick failure. Therefore, such a volume of material is placed in the housing that the gear teeth hide under the surface of the applied layer. The approximate content of the gearboxes covering the angle grinder is less than ½ the volume of the whole gearbox.

Application accuracy check

The angle grinder lubrication, namely its abundance, is checked in idle mode during a trial run for a short period of time. After starting, the gearbox starts to warm up. If part of the grease escapes when the gearbox is warm, disassemble the tool again and remove the excess.

If as a result of a short period of idling, there are signs of noise or rattling, then the volume of the applied layer must be increased.

Do-it-yourself quality grease

If you want to use a good gear lubricant composition for an angle grinder, but there is no possibility of acquisition, then you should do it yourself on the basis of a lubricant for CV joints. Do not forget that the material used must have good adhesion.

The composition must firmly linger on the rubbing elements. The composition for SHRUS is characterized by increased adhesion and the ability to work at high temperature loads.

For the manufacture of the mixture, the composition for the SHRUS and MS-20 oil are taken to enhance the necessary viscosity and density. Using a homemade mixer, the composition is mixed with a small supply of oil (drop by drop).

And you can also get material from a mixture of lubricant Tsiatim-221 and TAD-17. The main component is Tsiatim.

Popular brands of greases

Lubricants in a gearbox of foreign manufacture are much more expensive than domestic ones. From foreign, the Bosch brand is widely known. It is used to lubricate tools of the same brand, as well as other models of grinders. The coating has good performance.

From domestic manufacturers known products of the company "Nanotech" under the name "Metal Plac Electra". Lubricating compounds of this brand are used for many components of an electric tool.

Operation of the angle grinder without a lubricant coating will lead first to slight malfunctions in the work, and then to the failure of the tool. Lubricated gearboxes will extend tool life and increase productivity. Which lubricant is suitable for the existing device, the master decides.