What is the difference between a braid and a trimmer. Easy operation

How the benzokos differs from the benzotrimer

Trimmer and Motokos. Tools that are very similar in appearance. Over, many manufacturers belong to Motokos to one of the varieties of trimmers. However, these are fundamentally different devices that have many significant differences. The main of them:

  • Cutting elements. Knives or cord are installed in Motokosa, while the trimmer is equipped with a trimmer line.
  • Appointment. The trimmer is designed for cutting grass, fine vegetation and thin bushes, while the motokos has a more serious task. It easily copes with thick vegetation, shrubs and young trees.
  • Power and performance. The trimmer works from the battery or electric network, therefore it does not have high power and can only serve a small area. Motokos is equipped with a gasoline engine, so much more powerful, can work longer and serve a large territory.
  • Weight and ease of use. The trimmer is light. Its weight is only about 3 kg, this allows you to use it for a long time to a person of any gender and age. Standard weight motorcosa at least 7 kg, so using it is much harder.


As a result, it turns out that both of these tools are very different and are suitable for different tasks. The trimmer is a lightweight, low.Power and purely household device suitable for simple tasks and capable of processing small areas. Motokosa is a more serious tool, has high power and performance, can process large areas with thick vegetation.

Yak correctly. A trimer of a car of a motorcycle?

The word “trimer” came to us at once by lawns. Vid to the Anglіyski Dіlova “To trim”. Lead to Lada, Pidrivnuvati. Visoja you can feel the deck of the wars:

Schob do not break through in names, in a conquest rosumi, pu mammino. I wanted the trimer allowed to squint the grass, according to the principle of Roboti vin, not a scolder. Tim NOT MEASH, “Motokos”. Sinonim “Garden Trimer”. Inodi can feel the dumka, the “motorcycle” of the “motorcycle” vitromely trimerias by the gasoline dvigun. Tse is not Zovsim Virno. Zreta of the understanding of the “Motokosa” Vonistya SPIVPADAє Z “trimer”. The prefixes “Benz-” Tu “Elektro-”, the stench mean the enjoyment of the garden Instrument to the singing type. About the TIPI TIPE TERITHING DALI.

Varieties of trimmers/motorcycle

Let’s go from simple to more complex, and the simplest are low.Power electric trimmers, which can be conditionally divided into two subgroups:

As a rule, the power of such trimmers is from 350-450 W to 1-1.2 kW. There are more powerful models-up to 2 kW, but, as a rule, if necessary, in the processing of large areas, a person buys a gasoline motorcycle, therefore electric counterparts with a capacity of 1.5-2.2 kW are a less common phenomenon. The purpose of low.Power electric trimmers is to care for hard.To.Reach areas of adjacent territories. These are the zones around trees, shrubs, along the fences, where it is inconvenient to work as a lawn mower.

Often low.Power electric trimmers mowers are equipped with a reel with a trimmer line, a nylon cord. Two ends protrude from the closed body of the coil out. They are cutting elements. Less often, and only on more powerful models, it is possible to install steel knives instead of a nylon cord. Minuses of trimmer line as a cutting element are a high degree of wear. It is intended only for mowing lawn grass and not too thick stems of weeds. Once on a thicker branch of a shrub or on the corner of the border, the trimmer line immediately cuts off.

As for the battery models, their only difference and advantage is the possibility of autonomous work in places where there is no standard power supply. But do not forget that one battery charge is enough for 30-120 minutes, depending on its capacity and engine power. But. No harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Gasoline trimmers or motorcycles are equipped with internal combustion engines with a working volume of up to 46-48 cm 3 and a capacity of 1.2-3 horsepower. Benzo trimmers are completely autonomous, which is their big plus, but they cannot be used in closed rooms (winter gardens, greenhouses), since exhaust is formed as a result of their work. They differ in high performance, can be equipped with a trimmer line (nylon cord), as well as steel knives or disks for mowing thick shrubs and even young wooden.

Choosing a trimmer for an engine brand

Having visited the store, many consumers expresses a desire to purchase a model that was made outside of China. However, it should be borne in mind that even European manufacturers prefer to purchase engines from companies that specialize in their issue. Typically, these companies are located in China, since it was there that today the most favorable conditions have been created for production.

This suggests that Mitsubishi, MTD and Briggs Stratton are Chinese assembly engines. The exception is only Honda. Therefore, when choosing a trimmer of a well.Known brand, you should tune in that the Chinese motor will be installed inside, but it usually has good quality, because it is made in the conditions of the factory.

Braid or trimmer. Which is better

It would seem to compare a device designed to facilitate manual labor, with its predecessor. The task is ungrateful. However, a regular braid, or Lithuanian, who is well familiar to our ancestors, still has a lot of fans who are in no hurry to change it to a modern trimmer. When a braid is better than a trimmer?

We wrote about all the features of the choice of a trimmer working on gasoline. The usual peasant braid has an indisputable advantage over this tool. No fuel is required, only skillful hands. There is no vibration, a characteristic loud sound, which often wakes up in the morning, if the communal services in the city or neighbors in the country decided to shave the grass on the site. There is no smell of gasoline. And in comparison with an electric trimmer, the wires for which are often a big problem, a braid is generally a very mobile and independent tool.

In addition, many consider working with a trimmer much more dirty. Indeed, small beveled grass simply scatters in different directions, special clothing is required, which then is unlikely to be removed, protection for the eyes and face, headphones are desirable to work more comfortably. There are no such problems with a scythe.

The braid, of course, needs to be beaten off, Nature, monitor the state of the blade. Minus. However, the trimmer needs to be careful, it also has to be cleaned after the end of work, to monitor the condition of the blades. In this regard, according to users’ reviews, both tools go approximately on equal terms.

The plus of a gasoline trimmer is that it is convenient for them to work on a site with various obstacles. Trees, flower beds, borders. However, in the open space, a spacious lawn, for example, the usual braids of the lithium is much faster, of course, in skillful and experienced hands. There are small braids that are also used in areas with obstacles, but still a trimmer in this case is more convenient, we recognize.

As for the experience of working with a trimmer and a scythe. Disputes about what is more complicated do not stop. Yes, dexterity for working with a scythe is simply necessary, but it will also not work perfectly to control the trimmer the first time. Perhaps that is why the owners of the sites who sang perfectly wave the scythe and rightfully proud of their skill, go to the gasoline version are in no hurry. They just enjoy the process when mowing goes even, and work is arguing.

There is even an expression: “Benzokos. For the economy, and manual. For the soul”.

An ordinary trimmer does not take high grass poorly, with which the braid copes perfectly, a special metal mill is required. However, it is the modern version of the tool that allows you to remove the grass almost to zero, to create the most smooth and short.Haired lawn. In addition, it is difficult to cope with delayed weeds that have remained from last year with an ordinary braid. However, with the help of a trimmer too.

We state: the trimmer is easier to use, less physical efforts and costs are made. However, you should not rush to get rid of great.Grandfather’s braids. Often it turns out to be an effective and very convenient tool for cleaning grass from the site.


So, two devices perform the same function. Ennoble the territory. And the difference between motorcycles and a trimmer lies in their technical capabilities, structural features and direct purpose.

Motokosa. A more powerful unit. She usually works on gasoline. This device can be in continuous action for quite some time, which is especially important when it is required to process large areas. Motokos cops not only with thin grass, but also with weeds, shrubby vegetation, breaking through trees.

But where it is necessary to adjust the inaccessible zones, for example, the spaces between closely planted shrubs, it is preferable to operate with a trimmer. Such an instrument will smoothly cut soft grass in a small area and make a clear edge of the lawn. It should be borne in mind that on such devices a long continuous work does not affect the best way, and if you need to mow a lot of grass, this should be done in several approaches.

Trimmers most often use the battery energy or electric. Their cutting detail is traditionally a trimmer line. The handle of units of this type is usually closed, D-shaped. Meanwhile, in motokosa, it looks like a bicycle steering wheel. It is easier to control more weighty, compared to a trimmer, tool. On this equipment, in addition to the trimmer line, there may be a knife or disk on this equipment.

What is the difference between a motorcycle and a trimmer yet? The fact that the first device works louder, the second produces a much smaller noise. In general, the trimmer is more suitable for home use. And Motokos is an indispensable tool in the hands of those who professionally process various territories.

What to opt for

To choose the right tool, you need to put priorities in the needs of acquisition of technology. The main aspects will be:

Owners of plots with an area of ​​up to ten acres are best purchased by a simple trimmer, which will help to monitor grass in hard.To.Reach places. The same rule applies to Luja with uneven relief. But if we are talking about the processing of large areas (20-30 acres) and the fight against wild vegetation is planned, you can not do without motorcycle cousins, which will please with power and freedom of movement.

What is the difference between a motorcycle from a trimmer

Trimmer benzocouses are distinguished by purpose, performed functions and adaptability to loads.

Trimmer. Technique for mowing grass and low bushes. Often it is easier and more compact motorcosa, characterized by low power and performance. It is equipped with a reel or bobbin with a trimmer line for cutting grass. Outwardly differs in the presence of one handle for holding. The difference between a lawn mower and a trimmer is also that the latter is not adapted for long.Term operation.

Motokosa is a more powerful device adapted for grass, hard vegetation, shrubs, thin branches of trees. It is equipped with trimmer line and discs. In most cases, it is larger, more powerful and heavier than a trimmer, capable of working at full capacity up to 8 hours a day and is equipped with two handles.

Which is better than a gas troops or an electric cost

In order to figure out what is better, benzos or electric cosmos, consider the main pros and cons of the tools and highlight the differences.

  • Application. The electritrimmer is suitable for trimming the lawn with soft grass and cutting weeds in a summer cottage or personal plot. A trimmer with a more powerful gasoline engine is more universal, and is suitable for both a soft lawn and for removing a section of hard herbs, ducklings, weeds, shrubs and a young growth of trees with a thin barrel.
  • Autonomy. The work of benzokos provides a two.Stroke ICE that works on the fuel mixture of gasoline and oil, and starts with a manual starter. The electric trimmer works from the network, and to start it, you need constant access to power supply. Therefore, if you work in a place where there is no network at all, or the site is large and it makes no sense to pull the multi.Meter wires from the outlet, choose a gasoline model.
  • The weight. Due to the features of the design, the gas station, even with an empty tank, will weigh more an electric tool almost double. Since when working, Trimmer has to keep a canopy all the time, this factor plays a role, especially for girls, adolescents and elderly people.
  • Preparation for work. Electrics are not required, just connect it to the outlet and press the button. This option is especially suitable for those people who have never mowed grass. Benzokos with a 2x-tact engine, firstly, you need primary running-in (how to conduct it, described in detail in the operating instructions). Secondly, it must be refueled every 40-60 minutes with a gasoline mixture, which must be prepared in advance by mixing in a special canister of gasoline and motor oil in the desired proportion.
  • Ease of operation. The electrimmer works much quieter than gasoline and does not pollute the environment with exhaust gases. But it is worth noting that the models operating from electricity often have the lower location of the engine, this does work with them in rainy or raw weather unsafe. And also the electric motor should not overheat, this must be carefully monitored and the trimmer should not be overstated, otherwise it will quickly break.
  • Service and storage. Electrics are less picky in maintenance. It is only necessary to clean the cutting elements from the remnants of the grass, blow the cooling hole and lubricate the lower gearbox. You will have to tinker with a benzo tool: you need a regular check of spark plugs, cleaning the fuel filter, you need to learn how to prepare high-quality butterbenzine or change the oil in time (if the trimmer is equipped with a 4-tact engine). Gas trimmer is stored only in a non-residential room due to the smell of gasoline, and “canned” for the winter.
  • Price. An indisputable plus of an electric trimmer is its relatively low cost, unlike a gasoline fellow.

Based on the advantages and disadvantages given, we can conclude what is the difference between benzo- and power tools. Otherwise, it all depends on what goals you will set before the chosen trimmer.

Features of benzokos

In some cases, gasoline braids and trimmers have more powerful power units, which allows them to better cope with heavy loads: hard grass, weeds, bushes of bushes, young shoots. The engine power range varies from 600 to 3000 W.

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Adapted for the improvement of large areas, non.Electrified sites, strongly overgrown and abandoned territories. Some models are equipped with a cutting knife for shrubs and woody branches.

Features of electric cos

Electrics and electrimmers have less weight, low noise during operation and low vibration on the handle. In management, electrical equipment is simple and intuitive even for beginners.

Disadvantages Electros. Small performance, low power of an electric engine (from 300 to 1300 W), the need to constantly pull the extension cable.

How to set up a trimmer before work

Before you start working on the site, it is worth performing preparatory actions:

  • Set the length of the handles and belt, grease the gearbox with a special composition.
  • Check the condition of the filters.
  • Refun the tank with a composition or charge the battery (optionally).
  • Electrimmer connect to a socket.
  • Wind a trimmer line on a spool before installation or prepare knives.
  • Inspect the nozzles and bar for damage. Do not use knives with pierced parts and without sharpening.

The procedure for preparing the device may differ depending on the characteristics and manufacturer of the braid, in which case the instruction from the manufacturer will never be superfluous. It is worth studying it in detail, and only then start work on the basis of read rules and requirements.

What is the difference between an electromer and electric cosmos

How to choose an electric cost and how it differs from an electro trimmer? Often such a question is before buying. On some sites on the Internet, they often do not put differences on the same tool by calling it an electric shock and a trimmer at the same time. Or on one site, this model is called an electrical oblique, on the other, it is an electro trimmer, and on the third is just an electric trimmer. Therefore, confusion may occur in understanding this. But there is some difference in these concepts. It is generally accepted that a trimmer is a braid with the lower location of the engine that is used to cut the grass with trimmer line without the use of metal knives and mills. And by an electric shock is meant a powerful tool with the upper location of the engine for spinning grass, small shrub and dryness with the ability to use trimmer line and various steel mills. With such powerful braids, it is possible to use various nozzles, such as for example, an alcohol toss or bush.

Trimmer electric It is not replaced for mowing the grass if you have a small neatly jest that is well groaning. For thin jewelry work with grass in difficult places of electro trimmer is what you need. Due to the lower location of the engine, the center of gravity is below and it is easy to control it. Cut the grass near the curb or around the flowerbed is very simple. Some models have the ability to adjust the angle of the engine that increases the capabilities of the tool. The trimmers are mainly not very powerful, but highly resourceful engines. This allows them to work without high loads on the mains.

Which company to choose an electric trimmer? If you have determined for yourself to buy the best inexpensive electric trimmer, then pay attention primarily to its power warranty life and reviews on the Internet. The presence of various useful additions in the trimmer, such as the presence of a stubborn wheel or increased length of the network cable in the trimmer. Also, when choosing, give preference to sites with a good reputation. Remember that a very cheap price for the tool is very different from the average. Suspicious.

Unlike a trimmer, Powerful electrocos This is a combine to combat thickets and even small trees. Using mills with winning attacks, you can do the trimming of non.Thick branches in the garden. Electrics differ in engine power and rod design (collapsible, not collapsible). The most powerful electric ships have a smooth start. When choosing them, you need to take into account reviews on the forums and view various ratings of the electric FOCUS of Ukraine. This will help you choose the best electric trimmer for grass that is suitable for you.

The best professional gasoline trimmers

Professional benzotrimers are distinguished by endurance, high performance and the ability to work for a long time even in strict conditions. Their practicality and independence from the energy network bribes even those who are used to working only eclectic units. At the same time, the technical characteristics do not affect the scale, however, this does not prevent the tool from serving many times longer than more powerful and budget versions. Such a trimmer will work out of a long time for a long time, demanding only periodic to replace worn.Out consumables. A great advantage will be impeccable ergonomics and the absence of even small flaws of assembly.


The most powerful trimmer in the ranking was made by the STIHL brand. The unit with a two.Handed handle is designed to maintain forestry, garden work. Trimmer perfectly copes with the reeds, falling grass, nettles, burdocks, when installing the knife “masters” young trees and a knotted shrub. Technical side: light and trouble.Free start, reliable mounts, STIHL compensator prevents the oversaturation of the mixture, maintaining constant capacity. The electronic ignition system, a manual fuel pump and competent control, concentrated on one handle, completes the picture.

  • The high power of the trimmer to match the professional technique;
  • Soft shoulder straps evenly distribute the load;
  • The presence of a light start system;
  • Reliability in work;
  • Thoughtful design;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • Lack of vibrations.

Husqvarna 143r-II

A good professional trimmer for a summer residence is offered by Husqvarna. The high.Class unit with proper maintenance will last for many years, attractive not only with quality and good assembly, which is characteristic of any professional equipment, but also comfortable operation. The anti.Vibration system operates 100%, a 2 liter trimmer engine.With. Durable and hardy, which confirms numerous user response.

  • Easy replacement of trimmer line, reel and starter cord;
  • Durable coupling;
  • Good power supply;
  • Anti.Vibration system;
  • Long time of continuous work;
  • Great quality to the smallest detail.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 38

The top 3 closes one of the best gasoline trimmers according to experts. Spartan Oleo-Mac is equipped with a specially designed engine with a high torque. The shaft is cast from aluminum, the piston is two.Segment, which together provides reliability with the intensive operation of the trimmer. A large flywheel contributes to effective cooling, preventing the overheating of the internal nodes, and the aluminum transmission withstands significant loads. Despite not the highest power among the models of the rating, the professional benzotrimer easily “transfers” small overloads. If necessary, a trimmer can remove tall grass, shrubs, small trees, burdocks and other “complex” shoots.

  • Good combination of power and mass;
  • Reliability and durability;
  • Excellent assembly;
  • Economy;
  • Unpretentiousness;
  • There are no complaints about serious breakdowns.

What is the difference between a trimmer and a motorcycle?

The trend towards the well.Groomed lawn has long been adopted by our gardeners and firmly entered our use. Some decide to purchase specialized tools to help monitor the cleanliness of the site. These include a trimmer and motorcycle. Almost identical tools for the layman have no difference. But we will tell how the trimmer differs from the motorcycle.

How to choose a trimmer or motorcycle?

Trimmer or motorcycle, take into account your own needs. If you just need to bring order on a small lawn in front of the house, it makes no sense to spend money on expensive motorcycle

If you have the task. To clear the site of large area not only from rough grass, but also for shrubs, the trimmer in this situation will be powerless.

The difference between a trimmer and a benzocosa

Consumers, visiting shops, are wondering about how the benzokos differs from the trimmer. The first tool has a gasoline powerful internal combustion engine, which can work for a rather long time. Professional motorcycles are very expensive, so not every user is available. They have high performance and low noise.

The consumption of fuel and lubricants is quite low. These devices are simple, reliable, characterized by durable and stable operation. In a word, motorcycles are tools that are able to work under heavy loads. This applies to tough high grass, shrubs and weeds, as well as young shoots of trees.

For gentle loads, a trimmer is intended. With its help, only grass on the lawn is usually trimmed. Thus, the difference between a trimmer and a motorcycle is that the latter is designed to process large areas. Such equipment usually has a large number of cutting elements. This should include not only a reel with a trimmer line. Metal knives are also installed on motorcycles, which consist of sharpening blades. This equipment can be complemented by cutting discs that have a large number of teeth. As an example, you can distinguish the model of the Sadko GTR-2200 Sadko motorcosa, which is equipped with an eight-pound disk and trimmer line.

Which is better. Benzotrimer or benzoocos?

The trimmer head is included in the combination of the vast majority of motorcycle and benzos, so devices equipped with an additional cutting tool, are more universal.

Also, you can not do without a knife or disk, if you have to cut out the unwanted shoot of trees or shrubs, or cut it from a branch. Therefore, motokos or benzokos is the same trimmer, only with wider functionality, suitable not only for mowing lawn or haircuts of grass around the trees, but also to perform other works.

What is the difference?

Despite the similarity of these motorized tools of the motorcycle, it is still different from the trimmer.

No Criterion Trimmer Benzokos
one The weight About 3 kg About 7 kg
2 Source of power Electricity (network or battery) Petrol
3 Performance Suitable for small sections (garden paths and t.P.) Used to process large territories
4 Power Only grass can be cut off with a thin stem (lawn). The most powerful models can cope with the thin branches of the bush. It is used to remove grass of all species, bushes and even young trees.
5 Working element Field (cord) Knife

It is worth noting that most manufacturers are equipped with their tools with a knife and a trimmer line, so the last item in the list of differences in a trimmer from a braid is very doubtful.

What is the difference between a benzokos and a trimmer?

Do not overpay for extra power! Think for what tasks do you need garden equipment. If you periodically cut the lawn near the house, then the trimmer is enough for you. But when at your disposal a huge plot with high grass, numerous bushes, weeds, trees, we advise you to buy a gas station in Minsk.

difference, braid, trimmer, easy, operation

What is the difference between a trimmer and a motorcycle: compare the parameters

To make the right choice, you need to understand the key differences in these tools. There are several parameters that are worth paying attention to before buying.

The purpose of the devices

The general function is reduced to the processing of grass on the site. The tools are similar even in external parameters. Their technical capabilities differ. The trimmer is necessary for processing small bushes and a standard lawn. It is convenient for them to mow grass even in difficult places, next to trees, flower beds. He copes with work on an uneven relief.

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Motokos is suitable for combating thick vegetation on the site. You can use it even for young trees. It copes with a great area. Operation time. Up to 8 hours. But getting the perfect texture of the lawn using motorcycles is difficult.

The cutting element in the trimmer is the trimmer line. There are models equipped with knives. However, the trimmer line is more common. Motokosa cuts grass using knives or cord.

Power and performance

Motokosa has a higher power due to a gasoline engine. Its execution can be two- and four-stroke. It allows the device to work for a long time and process large territories.

Trimmers can also be gasoline. Often there are models working from electricity or battery, which reduces their performance and power. But when operating from such a device, less noise. Use more than 2 hours it will not work. It is worth remembering that when working with an electric model, access to the outlet will be required, and the wire may interfere. Put in order an extensive area in this case will not be possible.

Easy in operation

Motokos weighs much more trimmer. This affects the ease of use and maneuverability of the device. The more powerful the motor is installed in the unit, the heavier the last.

This affects the time of work with equipment. It is very problematic to use a heavy tool for a long time. The back and hands will begin to get tired, unpleasant, pain may occur, so it is unlikely that you can process a large area with a heavy mower at a time. Trimmers are more light. They will be able to use the elderly for a long time.

The presence of additional nozzles

Nozzles allow the device to become more functional and make it more universal. Motokos can be equipped:

  • Altitude. They can cut branches at any height, even 3 meters. Has a little weight, making it convenient for work.
  • Blower. Helps remove garbage on the lawn and fallen foliage.
  • Board.Cutting nozzle. Several knives about 1.5 meters long, working on the principle of scissors. Suitable for trimming bushes, trees.
  • Territory handler. It is necessary for hard.To.Reach areas and leveling the lawn edge.
  • Forest nozzle. For horizontal surfaces.
  • Cultivator. Used for soil areas of small area. The zones near trees are loosening with such a nozzle or flower beds are dug.

The following nozzles can go with the trimmer:

  • A three.Lobed mill, which is a metal disk equipped with several knives. Suitable for processing old grass and fine shoots, cutting everything like a razor.
  • Knife with pointed ledges. It is necessary for working with thick grass. Copes even with dry weeds.
  • Saw disk. Used to create an even carpet of the lawn.

For the right choice of tool, it is necessary to take into account several factors. First of all, it is the area of ​​the site. Baskets are suitable for large territories, but it is heavy and the mower will quickly get tired. For a small there is enough trimmer.

It is also important how often it is planned to use the equipment and what type of vegetation on the site. It is better to process the territory with uneven relief to a trimmer.

Regardless of the selected type of device, it must be remembered that you should not work if the grass is wet. In addition, you need to constantly ensure that the tool does not overload.