What oil in a mower is a gasoline. Practical recommendations for the preparation of the mixture

Is it possible to fill in car oil into a lawn mower

Most modern lawn mowers use two.stroke, gasoline motors with air cooling. The working volume of power plants rarely exceeds 200 cubic centimeters. This design provides moderate weight and efficiency of the unit.

In some cases, companies produce lawn mowers with four.stroke water.cooled engines. In this case, you should buy oil suitable for automobile engines. ICE design in this case will not be different.

General recommendations for the choice of oil for lawn mowers

Based on the above features of the engine design, it is best to use special oil for lawn mowers for lubrication, and it must comply with the temperature conditions in which the unit will be used. The best option is the specialized lubrication of the SAE 30 class. It is used at temperatures above 5 degrees.

If the special is not available, then you can use car lubricants of the class:

These lubricants are also designed mainly for the positive ambient temperature and the maximum value above 35 degrees.

By the type of lubricating fluid. mineral and semi.synthetic. Completely synthetic will be too expensive. The quality level of operational properties for the API. “SF”, “SG”, “SH”, “SJ” and above. For four.stroke engines of garden equipment on the label, there should be a marking “4t”.

Rating of the best oils for gasoline trimmer for grass

Nomination Place Name Price
The best oils for 2-stroke gasoline trimmers one 800 ₽
2 835 ₽
3 240 ₽
four 185 ₽
The best oils for 4-stroke gasoline trimmers one 495 ₽
2 390 ₽
3 275 ₽
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Trammers for grass with a 2-stroke gasoline engine easier and cheaper. In them, the oil plays two roles at once-lubricates the rubbing parts and ensures high-quality combustion of the air fuel mixture. If the lubricant is incorrectly selected, the piston and the walls of the cylinder can leave dry, or not to burn out completely and select soot deposits polluting the chamber. Here are the best oils that will not allow this.

Husqvarna 2-stroke HP 1 l

The oil from the world brand is specially designed for a garden tool, whether it be a gasoline saw, a trimmer for grass or a sprayer. Semi.synthetic lubricant is poured into 1 liter canisters, equipped with ergonomic depressions on the body for convenient girth with a hand. Filling substance in a cap of 50 ml for mixing, you will not miss thanks to a narrow neck. Reviews show that one liter bottle is enough for three seasons of operation of a trimmer for grass. Buyers note the stability of the quality of lubrication from the party to the party, which inspires reliability and ensures stable work motorcycles. The owners are also happy with economical proportions to ensure normal lubrication and complete combustion.

The oil is released by a special formula designed for the interaction of lubrication with AI-92 gasoline of low quality. The manufacturer produces a market for the market so that additional additives are excluded by the deposition of soot on the walls of the internal combustion engine and guaranteed to extend its resource.


  • economical consumption;
  • Suitable for any weather conditions;
  • Protects gasoline ICE from soot;
  • interacts well with low.quality gasoline.

Liqui Moly 2-Takt-Motoroil 1 L

The second place is occupied by semi-synthetic motor oil, on the label of which it is indicated for gasoline generators, saws, motorcycles and various lawn mowers with 2-stroke ICE. The substance is perfectly mixed with fuel and does not delay in the process. It provides high protection of the parts of the motor from wear during friction and prevents the oxidation of the metal. Judging by the reviews, buyers praise the product for a comfortable bottle with a pipe that facilitates the dosing of the oil into the gas tank. It is easy to buy goods from a proven brand in any city and it perfectly performs its role in a gasoline trimmer.

The product for a trimmer for grass was on the list of the best due to excellent combustion with fuel, so there is almost no smoke. If you have a lot to mow, then you will be as comfortable as much as possible both in windy and calm weather.


  • the shelf life from the date of release is 3 years;
  • conveniently pour;
  • high protection against corrosion;
  • easily mixed;
  • no smoke when combustible.


The following oil is suitable for benzo tools, garden equipment and motorcycles. The product is compiled on a mineral basis with the addition of an extensive package of synthetic additives, which provide light fluidity, excellent mixing with fuel and complete combustion. Does not lose the lubricant of competitors and in terms of metal protection from oxidation. Using the scale on the side of the canistra, it is convenient to navigate the flooded volume, even if there is no measured glass at hand. Two cavities on the bottle provide a reliable grip with one hand. Another profitable difference is the expiration date of the product of 5 years, when other competitors have 3 years. If you do not have very large volumes of mowing grass, then the bottles will be enough for 5 years and you will not have to spend money on new oil only because of the expired period.

Experts allocated oil for the fact that with him a candle of trimmer for grass always remains clean. Thanks to this, each fuel injection receives enough sparks and ignites without gaps, which ensures stable operation of a two.stroke power unit.


  • low smoke formation;
  • Convenient scale on the side of the canister;
  • Suitable for all.season use;
  • promotes a clean combustion chamber.

Huter 2T 1 L

The German brand Huter offers 2T oil for gasoline garden equipment in a 1 liter canister. It is suitable for 2-stroke units used in trimmers, motor cultivators, motorc likes and snowballs. The lubricant manifests itself perfectly at any engine speed and retains stable properties. The substance is easily mixed with AI-92 gasoline. The manufacturer recommends it for trimmers of his own brand, but the oil works fine in the gasoline technique of other brands. The plastic canister is covered with many pimples to increase the clutch with the skin of the hand and it is simply impossible to drop by accidentally.

Reviews show that if you add the product in accordance with proportions in the instructions (1:50), then the exhaust will be almost without smell and smoke, and the motor will be able to get enough lubricants. But some buyers mix even in a ratio of 1:30 and they say that the lawn mower works fine, so increased savings.


  • all.season use;
  • It works great both at low and high speeds;
  • There is almost no smell from the exhaust;
  • can be diluted 1:30 to save.

Trammers for grass with a 4-stroke gasoline engine are heavier than their 2-stroke “brothers”, but they work more stable and quieter. It is not required to mix fuel with butter, since the lubricant is poured into a separate hole and enters the motor crankcase for distribution through the channels. The task of the oil has only one. to lubricate the rubbing details. You will not be mistaken if you use the following verified proposals.

Liqui Moly Rasenmher-Oil 30 0.6 l

German oil is specially designed for gasoline lawn mowers and trimmers with four.stroke power plants. It can be mixed with other mineral oils if you notice a low fluid level in the crankcase, but there is no same product at hand. But the low level of evaporation reduces such situations to a minimum. The oil reliably protects the engine from wear and retains stable pressure in the system. Experts note expressive detergents of the product, so the internal combustion engine is maintained in pure state, even if poor oil or fuel was used before, which led to law.

The viscosity of the SAE 30 makes it optimal for operation in the summer, when at a temperature of 25 degrees it has the best fluidity. In hot times, the lubricant does not become “water” and leaves a solid oil film on the wall of the trimmer cylinder for grass. The substance was created on a mineral basis and retains its viscosity stable throughout the entire service life.

Features of lawn mowers

Despite the fact that in the general design four.stroke lawns of lawn mowers are similar to automobile, they still have important differences: in order to reduce the cost of the product, the gas mowing is excluded by the oil pump and the oil supply system is generally excluded, this increases the requirements for the viscosity of garden equipment used in motors. The engine oil in the engine of the lawn mower is distributed using a crankshaft: scooped up from the crankcase and sprayed to the details. Due to this design, the viscosity of the lubricant should be sufficient to hold the oil film on the details, at the same time it should not be too thick to interfere with the movement of parts or form a hard crust.

On the other hand, the lawn mower operates mainly at positive ambient temperatures and the load on their engines is not as serious as in automobile engines. For lawnmands, the “cold start” is most often not required in the cold, which greatly reduces the car’s engine resource and requires low.temperature properties from lubrication.

On the contrary, the lawn mowers, as a rule, have air cooling and therefore the temperature of their engine is higher than that of car engines with liquid cooling.

The first refueling is designed to run the engine. after five hours of operation it is replaced, after which you can work on a new lubricant all season. In the future, the replacement is made according to the regulations through a certain number of motorcycle hours, or it is drained at the end of the summer season and the next year is filled with a new.

What gasoline to fill

Gasoline for the lawn mower. the second element of the fuel mixture. Its brand is selected taking into account the recommendations of the manufacturer described in the passport to the unit. The duration of the fuel and resistance to detonation indicates the value of the octane number: the higher the number, the longer the fuel burns out. So, at gas stations you can buy such brands of oil products:

AI-92 has a greater tendency to detonation.

When using fuel with a higher indicator of the octane number than stated in the instructions, in units with 2-stroke engines a motor is damaged, with a smaller parameter-a piston group.

The mixture is prepared before operation in the proportion, which is indicated on the cover of the gasoline tank:

This means that for 1 liter of fuel you need 20 ml of oil fluid.

Manufacturers of benzocystems with a two.stroke engine (for example, Patriot PT 555 or Champion T336) indicate the desired proportion for the preparation of the fuel mixture in the instrumentation instructions. For the first model, a ratio of 32: 1 is proposed, for the second. 50: 1.

The lawn mower with a 4-stroke engine does not require preliminary preparation of oil products. The equipment device provides for 2 containers. It is necessary to pour gasoline into the tank, and the oil fluid in the drain hole on the crankcase.

The selection of oil and gasoline for the preparation of the fuel mixture for a trimmer for grass. we consider the issue

Household appliances with gasoline engines requires a responsible approach to maintenance. In order for the tool to please the instrument for a long time with non.precious work, it is necessary to use fuel and oil mushrooms according to the instructions for technical operation. Two.stroke gasoline engines operate with the addition of oil in a combustible mixture, four.strokes have a separate tank in the fuel tank.

Recommendations for storing the finished fuel mixture for a trimmer for grass

After refueling a trimmer for grass, many put off the mixture remaining in the bottle until the next time. Sometimes this next time does not come soon, and stretches until next year. It is impossible to store the finished mixture for so long, since the decomposition of the oil occurs. After preparing the mixture, it must be consumed for 1-2 weeks. In addition, it is also impossible to store the tool for a long time with a fuel mixture flooded into the tank, since the effect will be similar. To prevent unforeseen circumstances, it is recommended to take into account the following recommendations for storing the finished mixture of gasoline with oil:

  • Prepare the fuel mixture in such an amount that will be used. If you do not know how much fuel you use, then it is better to cook less
  • If in the tank of a trimmer for grass (when the tool is hidden until the next season) there remains a fuel mixture, then it must be fully consumed or drained
  • Before adding the cooked mixture to the tank, you need to thoroughly stir it
  • Store the finished mixture in a tightly twisting container, as well as in a place limited to the effects of sunlight
mower, gasoline, practical, recommendations

Subject to all recommendations, the service life of a trimmer for grass will be no less than indicated in the instructions. The use of qualitative consumables in pairs in compliance with the recommendations for the preparation of the mixture in the trimmer for grass will entail a long and effective service of gasoline tools.

The coefficient of smoke formation

The work of the tool for the home, the summer cottage should be maximally harmless to the environment. That is why electrimmers with zero exhaust are popular on small lawns. But also oil manufacturers try to extremely reduce the amount of carbon monitor gas generated gasoline engines, offering several options marked with the corresponding marking:

  • FA. slight formation of smoke;
  • FB. the volume of harmful gases corresponds to the standards adopted in the Federation;
  • FC. the engine generates minimal emissions, and they are visually invisible to others;
  • FD is the maximum harmless oil for the environment that does not provoke the appearance of smoke.

As a rule, the environmental parameter directly affects the cost of the consumable: the higher the standard, the more expensive the motor oil for the trimmer for the grass.

The use of additives

If earlier the presence of additives spoke about the low quality of the raw materials used, then with the development of technology the additives of steel are used to give the lubrication of additional properties. Among the possible components:

  • anti.corrosion. prevent the formation on the working elements of the rust gasoline engine that can reduce the reliability of parts, increase friction;
  • antioxidant. the supplement is maximally leveling the negative effect of oxygen on the composition, allowing you to maintain the working characteristics longer;
  • anti.symbolic. increase the engine resource, minimizing the frequency of service;
  • antifriction. additives that reduce the force of friction of individual spare parts and mechanisms.

The more additives in oil, the higher the likelihood that the engine of the lawn mower will last longer. But this pattern does not work for every manufacturer of garden equipment.

Gas found in Oil Lawn tractor Edition

We read the label in oil

SAE number is the code used to classify oil by viscosity. Visibility is a measure of fluid resistance, sometimes called the “thickness” of the liquid. The smaller the number, the easier the liquid flows. Motor oils have a designation from 5 to 50.

mower, gasoline, practical, recommendations

The temperature can affect the viscosity of the liquid, so different oils have a rating for winter, indicated by the letter “W”. Oils of different classes (for example, 10W-30) can be used both at summer and winter temperatures, since the oil does not thicken at lower temperatures due to additives.

Types of oil mushrooms

So, what kind of oil to pour into a lawn mower? One factor to remember is the climate of the place where you are. Different oils work best at different temperatures, and not all are suitable for your equipment.

Be sure to read the operating manual to get the manufacturer’s recommendations for your lawn mower. We compiled this leadership to help you choose one of the common types of oil.


This is the most commonly used oil mowing oil variety, as it is ideal for temperatures from 4 ° C to 37 ° C. If the street is colder than 4 degrees, you hardly need to cut the lawn. In general, this is the best choice for inexpensive oil, which can be used in a lawn mower from spring to autumn.

SAE 10W-30

This oil has a wider temperature range, from.17 ° C to 37 ° C. Since this type of oil withstands lower temperatures, it can also be used in other engines. For example in snowmers. When used at temperatures above 28 degrees, oil consumption may increase.

SAE 5W-30

This oil works best at a temperature below 4 ° C. Thus, it is ideal for your snow removal, but not for your lawn mower.

Synthetic SAE 5W-30

The synthetic version of the 5W-30 oil has a wide range of temperatures in which it can be used from.28 to 48 ° C. This oil works all year round. This oil improves the engine start and reduces the consumption, but it also costs more.

Synthetic SAE 15W-50

This oil also has a range of high temperatures, from.6 up to 54 ° C, but it works best at higher temperatures. It is usually used for commercial equipment for haircuts.

General recommendations for the choice of oil for lawn mowers

Based on the above features of the engine design, it is best to use special oil for lawn mowers for lubrication, and it must comply with the temperature conditions in which the unit will be used. The best option is the specialized lubrication of the SAE 30 class. It is used at temperatures above 5 degrees.

If the special is not available, then you can use car lubricants of the class:

These lubricants are also designed mainly for the positive ambient temperature and the maximum value above 35 degrees.

By the type of lubricating fluid. mineral and semi.synthetic. Completely synthetic will be too expensive. The quality level of operational properties for the API. “SF”, “SG”, “SH”, “SJ” and above. For four.stroke engines of garden equipment on the label, there should be a marking “4t”.

Recommendations for the choice of oil of specific manufacturers

Manufacturers of lawn mowers in the instructions for them necessarily indicate the form that is used in their technique, as well as the frequency of oil change, usually in the motorcycle members. Typically, manufacturers indicate their proprietary lubricants and should be used if you want to save a warranty on equipment. But often manufacturers indicate the general characteristics of lubricants and then you can choose similar lubricants from more widely available automobile oils.

Some manufacturers of motor oils produce a special series for garden equipment. It can be cheaper, but requires a more frequent replacement than the usual.

The best for any engine is the recommended by the manufacturer. Shell Helix Ultra has a world famous, Shell 40 years old has been developing a new technology for obtaining synthetic oil from natural gas. PurePlus technology made it possible to obtain an improved composition of basic oil. Based on it, with the addition of the necessary additives, leading manufacturers recommended for their equipment.

It is recommended to purchase in trusted stores, t.to. Despite the fact that the requirements for lubrication in lawn mowers are lower than that of cars, fake oil entering the engine can disable it.

Functions of the engine oil mowing

The main function of lubricants in any internal combustion engine is a decrease in wear of conjugated movable parts (pistons and others), as well as preventing the appearance of mechanical damage on their surface. The thin layer of oil on the surface of the parts, although it does not stop, but significantly slows off wear and destruction of the metal during friction. In addition, the lubricant performs other tasks:

  • contributes to a more effective air cooling of all elements;
  • allows you to perform work at maximum speed for a long time without overheating of the engine;
  • serves as an additional protection of parts from corrosion processes.

The effectiveness of its application directly depends on the quality of the oil and its characteristics of the engine.

General requirements for two- and four-stroke engines

Given the features of the engines, some of the requirements for the oil used are universal for all cases, but there are also a number of differences. All lubricants of the lawn mowers should have such properties without exception:

  • ensure minimal friction of contacting parts, while possessing fluidity, which allows to evenly be distributed over the entire surface and viscosity that prevents drainage;
  • to help improve the cooling of the unit, having sufficient thermal conductivity for this;
  • allow you to perform work at maximum revolutions for a long time;
  • serve as additional protection against contact with moisture, preventing corrosion processes.

Correct Way To Mix Gas and Oil For a ChainSaw, WeedEater etc.

The ideal option is to use the oil recommended by the manufacturer of equipment or its full analogue.

Features of oils for two.stroke engines

Oil used in a two.stroke engine is mixed with gasoline and burns along with the fuel. Taking into account such features of use, in addition to the main ones listed above, it should have a number of specific properties:

  • It is good to mix with gasoline, evenly distributed throughout the volume of fuel and creating a homogeneous substance;
  • Contain the minimum amount of impurities that form the smoke, burn and ash during combustion;
  • have resistance to high temperatures;
  • in the presence of a separate tank. have good fluidity indicators.

Some manufacturers introduce special additives into such lubricants, contributing to the removal of the parts of the carbar engine from the surfaces and the smallest dust formed during friction.

The best oils for 2 strokes

    – a relatively inexpensive, but high.quality semi.synthetic universal oil, which can be used not only for the maintenance of gasoline lawn mowers, chainsaws or other garden tools, as well as scooters, mopeds and other equipment All.season, perfectly proven when caring for lawn in spring or autumn, semi.synthetic lubricant. Special additives contribute to uniform distribution throughout the volume of fuel during mixing, as well as almost complete burnout semi.synthetic oil, providing maximum protection against abrasion and wear, as well as corrosion processes. Well suited for lawn mowers regularly working at maximum power and high speeds specially designed for use in lawnmands, chainsaws and other garden technology or tool oil, a distinctive feature of which is the ability to mix with fuel not of the highest quality, as a result of which the number of deposits on the crankcase is reduced. The only drawback of the product is the high cost compared to other The main advantage of this brand of oil (in addition to high quality and a balanced composition) is its versatility, which makes it possible to use not only two.stroke, but also in four.stroke engines.

Features of oils for four.stroke engines

Unlike two.stroke, in four.stroke engines, the oil does not burn, and circulates in the system for a long time and therefore should have the following characteristics:

The best oils for 4 strokes

    – summer mineral oil of medium viscosity, with a balanced set of additives, providing a minimum amount of soot and soot on details, as well as low harmful substances in exhaust gases. It is allowed to use combustible materials with similar characteristics as an alternative recommended by the manufacturer All.season mineral oil designed for use in both gasoline and diesel engines of internal combustion of lawn mowers, Scarifiers, motorcels and other garden equipment with both air and water cooling. Practically does not smoke and does not leave a carbon on the details All.season oil is suitable not only for lawn mowers, but also for other types of garden equipment, including for involved in the winter, so it can be considered universal for use in the country or in a private house universal semi.synthetic oil, suitable for both garden technology and motorliers, mopeds, motor boats and other low.power vehicles. Power Release Formula technology guarantees the fastest possible circulation of lubricants, providing the unpromitative operation of the engine at high speeds for a long period of time Mineral oil intended for use in the summer in four.stroke engines of lawn mowers, motoblocks, electric generators and other equipment. The main advantage is the optimal combination of high performance and reasonable value.

Oil for four.stroke engines

For lawn mowers with a four.stroke engine, the lubricant must be poured into a special hole in the crankcase, and gasoline should be in the corresponding tank. Operating instructions for each specific benzogasonocoser contains recommendations regarding the frequency of replacement of the lubricant. Nevertheless, it must be remembered that the efficiency of lubrication is reduced after about 50 hours of general work of the device. In cases where it is required to mow small areas, even in one season so many working hours may not get. This means that lubricants will need to be changed only to preservation of the device in the cold season.

The process of replacing the lubricant steps as follows:

  • Firstly, the aggregate motor is launched for 15 minutes of idling in order to warm it up (in this case, the viscosity of the old substance will decrease, and its fluidity, on the contrary, will increase);
  • Next, a plug of the oil opening is unscrewed on the crankcase;
  • The lawn mower itself is tilted towards this drain, having previously substituted a container for collecting a waste lubrication;
  • After the drainage of the material, the cork is twisted;
  • The device is installed on an even base;
  • The upper crankcase opening is opened and a new lubricant is poured there, while its level is periodically checked by the probe;
  • When the level reaches the desired mark, the filling hole is tightly screwed with a cork (the standard lubricant volume can vary from 500 to 600 milliliters).

Professionals believe it is possible (and this justifies practice) to use on four.stroke ICE not only branded oil samples recommended by the manufacturer, but also their close analogues. For example, the “10W40” brand may well replace “SAE-30”. For most modern mowing models, almost any lubricant from the category of “SF” and above is suitable. In cold weather and for conservation purposes, special frost.resistant brands should be used.

Masters advise not to drain the spent liquid directly into the soil. this causes great harm to the ecology. It is better to use special containers to collect “working out” and utilize at special training grounds.

Rating of the best oils for lawn mowers for 2022

Oil for four.stroke engines

This lubricant has several degrees of protection at once, so buying it in almost any store, you can be sure of quality. Judging by the responses, this liquid is characterized by high quality and can be successfully used on the corresponding engines. It contains a balanced set of additives that provides increased efficiency, and medium.sized consistency significantly expands the temperature regime of application. Installed