What vibration plate is needed for laying asphalt. Seal of dusty soils


Vibroophytus. a special type of construction equipment designed to compact soil, asphalt, bulk materials (sand, gravel, etc.) or bases for the foundation, in addition, are often used for tight laying of paving slabs.

The vibration plate is also used in the course of preparing the construction site for the main work, for example, to fill the foundation or laying asphalt, as well as at the final stages: when the power of large stones, tile pressing, etc.

The need for such processing is due to the fact that the vibro.plate provides an ideal compaction, preventing further sketching of the structure.


First of all, the vibration stations differ in mass. Obviously, the larger the mass, the greater the depth of the seal. In general, the vibration plate can compact the soil to a depth of 15 cm to 40 cm, but not all tasks are necessary for the maximum depth.

So, for example, for sealing sand or gravel 15-20cm thick, a vibrating plate weighing up to 80 kg is suitable; If necessary, a seal of up to 25 cm, you need a vibro.plate weighing 90 kg; If you have to lay tiles, then the vibrating plate should not weigh more than 140 kg, since too much the weight and intensity of the seal of the plate can lead to the destruction of the tile itself. However, the depth and the quality of the seal depends not only on the mass, but also on the dimensions of the sole.

The dimensions of the working surface

Depending on the necessary depth of the seal and the area of ​​the upcoming processing, the sole of the vibro.plate can be narrow or wide. The exact dimensions of the sole of each manufacturer are its own, but for soil compaction, for example, in trenches or to create narrow paths, it is necessary to use a stove with a narrow sole, and it is more advisable to use plates with a larger width of the working surface to process large areas.

However, when choosing, it is also worth taking into account the fact that the greatest quality of soil compaction will have a vibration plate in which the great weight will be combined with the smallest area of ​​the sole.

This is the main question that is facing the developers: how to combine these 2 indicators. A vibration plate with a large mass and the minimum possible size of the working surface is especially in demand in areas where the maximum soil compaction is required, for example, when preparing the base for the foundation. After all, the quality of the work done will depend on how much the house will go in in the future and whether the design as a whole will suffer. The heavier the vibro.plate and at the same time is less the area of ​​its sole, the greater its price and performance.

vibration, plate, needed, laying


Such an indicator as productivity depends on the size of the sole of the vibro.plate and its mass. Productivity is measured in m2/hour and can vary from 100 to 900 square meters.

Vibropopet of the Masalta MSR90 and Euro Shatal RS-1614-50 have approximately the same size of the sole (500×530 and 500×550. This difference is explained by the fact that the euro sital stove has more mass.

Direct stroke or reversing

The vibration plate can be direct stroke or reversing.

A direct stroke vibration can only move forward, has one vibration engine, which drives the equipment in motion.

Reversible vibro.plate can move both forward and backward. Its composition contains a return device (reverse) and two vibration exciters: one is responsible for moving forward; another. for movement in the opposite direction. Most often, a slab with a reverse is made with a mass of equipment. from 150 kg, since without such a mechanism to turn around a heavy stove on the construction site is quite problematic.

Electric or gasoline (diesel)

By the type of energy consumption, the vibrating plate can be:

Electric vibration stations have a slight power and weighing up to 75 kg. However, these characteristics are enough to perform work on the sealing of sand or gravel to a depth of 15-20 cm, for vibration processing of soil for small paths, creating landscape compositions, etc. In addition, an electric vibrating plate can be used in closed rooms, where the use of fuel plates is impossible due to the abundance of exhaust gases.

Diesel and gasoline vibration stations, of course the most powerful and universal. In general, the power of the plate can be distributed as follows:

Given the fact that most often the vibration fuel is used to work in open areas and often for road construction, where there is not a direct access to the electric network, the gasoline vibration plate is most common and most effective.

Additional opportunities

In addition to the main parameters of the choice, there are some features necessary for certain construction tasks. These include:

The irrigation system is necessary for vibration fuels intended for laying asphalt or for compaction of viscous mixtures.

It moistens the working surface of the stove, thereby preventing the sticking of the material on the sole. The irrigation system consists of a tank with a pipe for supplying water to the base of the stove. In some models, tanks are included in the complete set, while others need to purchase separately.

The rug is necessary if you plan to lay paving slabs or decorative cobblestones.

Rubber or polyurethane rugs reduce vibration and protect the material from damage.

Polyurethane rugs are most popular, as they have improved performance of wear resistance, which means they last longer.

The semicircular kantik of the sole. There are plates with a flat jacket of the sole, but there is a semicircular.

How to Install Decomposed Granite (DG) Step by Step.

How to choose a vibrating plate

Engine. Modern vibration fuels are equipped with three types of power units.

  • Electric models are inexpensive, but attachment to the current source makes their use extremely limited. Yes, and the power of the vibration plate with the electric motor cannot boast (250-2200 W).
  • Diesel engines are highly powerful. Such engines are equipped with large.sized professional technology. The disadvantages of this type of vibro.fuel should include a high price and a large weight.
  • Gasoline units are widely used. Such vibration fuels are bought by road construction organizations and individual entrepreneurs. They perfectly combine mobility, durability and affordable price.

Weight and depth of seal. Depending on the type of compacted material, indicators such as the weight and depth of the seal are selected.

  • For the paving of sidewalks and paths, light technique (up to 75 kg) with a depth of a seal 150 mm is suitable.
  • Vibrilates weighing up to 90 kg have universal abilities. They are suitable for repairing an asphalt canvas, landscaping and landscape work. This technique provides a depth of seal up to 250 mm.
  • In industrial and road construction, vibro.plate weighing up to 140 kg are most often used. They compact bulk material to a depth of 300 mm.
  • Professional equipment weighing 140 kg can compact not only sand and asphalt, but clay and viscous soil. Heavy vibration stations come to the rescue when rollers and asphalt punch are not able to work in a limited space. The depth of seal often exceeds 500 mm.

The area of ​​the working stove. The main element of construction equipment is a working stove or sole. It is made of cast iron, so its weight directly depends on the overall dimensions. The larger the area of ​​the plate, the higher the performance. But at the same time, you have to install a more powerful engine, make a very strong frame, which negatively affects the price. Models with dimensions 50×50 cm and higher are needed by road workers to arrange sidewalks or asphalt coating in a short time. For laying garden paths or trenching trenches, a compact sole is required (approximately 40×40 cm).

Reverses (reverse move). The vibrating plate during operation makes a straightforward movement forward. And if the technique rests against the wall or other obstacle, there is a problem with a turn. This primarily applies to heavy models. Therefore, manufacturers set an additional vibration engine that provides the return progress. The reverse allows the operator to get tired less with prolonged soil compaction.

Irrigation system. To work with viscous and vulled materials (bitumen, asphalt), constant wetting the sole with water is required. The irrigation system successfully copes with this task, which is a container for storing water and pipelines that supply it to the working area.

We took the 7 best vibration fuels to the review. All of them are sold in the market. When distributing places in the ranking, the opinion of experts and consumer reviews were taken into account.

The rating of the best vibration fuels

Nomination Place Name Price
The best vibration stamps with gasoline drive one 114 300 ₽
2 56 691 ₽
3 240 990 ₽
four 42 190 ₽
5 39 590 ₽
6 38 700 ₽
7 26 991 ₽
The best vibro stamps with diesel drive one 440 000 ₽
2 269 ​​990 ₽
3 84 655 ₽
The best vibro.drives with an electric drive one 45 110 ₽
2 29 860 ₽
3 30 065 ₽

Champion PC1645RH

The Champion PC1645RH vibrooper became the winner of our rating due to high power and ease of management. The model is equipped with a 4-stroke gasoline engine Honda GX270 (9 liters. With.) who is able to cope with the hardest work. It starts using a hand starter. The vibration plate has both a direct and a reverse move, so the management of a heavy unit is significantly facilitated. The manufacturer used durable corrosion metal, which makes the technique of durable. With the weight of the unit 161 kg, it is possible to achieve the depth of the seal at the level of 500 mm.

Professional builders note the reliability and unpretentiousness of technology. Thanks to the quiet work of the Japanese engine, the vibration pillow does not tire people with prolonged laying of tiles or asphalt.

The best rating: 5 proven models

Picked up five models of modern vibration fuels from trusted manufacturers.

Champion PC9045F

Straight.solid vibro.plate, equipped with a four.stroke gasoline engine with a capacity of 6.5 l. With. Impact force. 15 kN.

Refers to professional construction equipment.

It is used for such tasks:

  • The engine is equipped with a critical level of oil. The sensor monitors the level of oil in the motor crankcase, if the oil is not enough. the vibration plate will not start.
  • Manual starter for launch.
  • The compact design allows you to work in hard.to.reach places. near the pillars, in the trench, next to the border or wall, etc. P.
  • The vibration plate is equipped with a fuel tank by 3.6 liters.
  • Maximum sealing area. 416 m2/h.

What users say:

  • Great for work in limited space. where the rink does not pass, a vibrating plate will pass freely;
  • It starts perfectly in the cold;
  • Easily moves manually (does not require much effort);
  • The handle is equipped with a mechanism that reduces the transfer of vibration to the operator’s hands.


Reverse type vibro.plate, with a gasoline engine Honda GX200. Impact force. 30.5 kN.

  • High.performance vibro.plate equipped with an engine with a power of 6 liters.With.
  • A powerful engine allows you to compact the soil to a depth of 50 centimeters per 1 passage.
  • Effective transmission or selection of torque from engine to eccentric (carried out using a powerful 3-cup.
  • The vibrator rotor is equipped with reinforced steel bushings, and the engine is installed on a solid mount. The vibration plate serves for a long time and reliably.
  • There are transport wheels for convenient movement.

What users say:

Redverg RD-29155

A straightforced vibro.flower with a four.stroke gasoline engine. Engine power. 6.5 l.With., impact force. 13 kN.

  • Redverg vibropopylet has a strong base of thick sheet of stamped steel.
  • The protective casing prevents the entry of foreign objects on the drive belts.
  • Equipped with a soft handle that extinguishes vibrations.
  • There is a polyurethane pillow in the configuration. allows you to carefully lay a paving stones or paving stone.
  • There is a irrigation system. an additional water tank with which you can moisten the surface under the stove when laying asphalt.

What users say:

Elitech PVT 60 BLL

Gasoline vibration plate with a reliable four.stroke engine. Power. 6.5 l.With., centrifugal force. 10.5 kN.

  • The vibro.plate engine of this model is installed on an enhanced frame.
  • Works without interruptions in severe heat, as well as in frosts. Full temperature range. from.10 to 40 OS.
  • The device is equipped with a shock.resistant casing to protect belt transmission.
  • The vibration plate is equipped with an anti.vibration system. Reduces the negative impact of vibration on the engine and extends its service life.
  • There is a irrigation system with a 10 liter tank.
  • Ergonomic control handle. Conveniently folding for storage or transportation.
  • There are transport wheels in the kit for convenient movement along the site.

What users say:

Champion PC5431F

Compact gasoline vibro.flowing type. Equipped with a four.stroke engine, power. 2.3 l.With., impact force. 8.2 book.

  • Vibration frequency. 5140 beats per minute, depth of seal. 200 millimeters.
  • The case is made of shockproof plastic. Provides reliable protection of the executive mechanisms of the apparatus from the blows of crushed stone and small stone, as well as from dust.
  • The vibration plate is equipped with a special depreciation system, which absorbs vibrations well. Thanks to this system, the engine parts wear less and serve longer.
  • There is a oil level sensor in the engine.
  • Convenient handle. Can be adjusted in height, on the handle there are all elements of the device control.

What users say:

Features of device care

In order for the vibration plate to serve for a long time, it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer, follow all the instructions and carry out the scheduled then (maintenance).

Here are a few recommendations for the care of the vibration plate:

  • You need to monitor the state of the filter element, timely clean it or replace it.
  • Use quality oils and fuel. Regularly check the oil level in the engine and gearbox. Replace in a timely manner, according to the instructions.
  • Before starting at idle, it is desirable to warm up the engine within 5-10 minutes. It is especially important to do this at low ambient temperatures.

During operation, you need to take care of the device, perform only feasible tasks. It is important to monitor the temperature regime of the engine, if necessary, take breaks to rest, turning off the device.

Dimensions and weight

Depending on the type of engine, the vibration fuels are light and heavy. In addition to their weight, the size of the tool is also of considerable importance. When choosing a model, you should know that vibration stations are available in the following dimensional parameters:

  • The width of the tool is at least 0.32 m, a maximum of 0.5 m;
  • Equipment length. at least 0.78 m, maximum 1.1 m;
  • vibro.plate height. at least 0.78 m, a maximum of 1.08 m;
  • The length of the trim surface is from 0.45 m to 0.62 m;
  • The width of the tamping surface is from 0.32 m to 0.48 m.

Depending on weight, all varieties of vibration fuels are divided into 3 categories.

  • Light models weighing up to 75 kg. These are the most miniature tool options that are used for domestic use. Such a vibration plate can cope with a layer of soil not exceeding 150 mm. Often, a light type of tool is used in the process of laying paving paths.
  • Universal models weighing 75-90 kg. Such units can compact a layer of soil equal to 250 mm. They are used to prepare an asphalt traffic canvas.
  • Medium-sized models weighing 90-140 kg. Devices are professional and are used to perform preparatory road works. Vibration plate is capable of performing large volumes of tamping in a short period of time. The thickness of the processed layer will be 600 mm.
  • Heavy models from 140 kg and above. Such professional vibration lines are used only for construction and road works of narrow specifics.

The choice of vibrram tools depends on its mass. The selection of models depends on the purpose of their application. For example, for work on a personal plot, the unit of the lightweight category is quite enough, and for a large volume of construction work, professional heavy models acquire.

Popular models

The modern market offers many variants of the vibration fuel, the rating of which depends on the manufacturer. The best manufacturers of this equipment are Japan and Germany. The vibration stove with a reverse from these manufacturers can be used for industrial or private purposes of use. The units released in South Korea, Israel, Sweden and Spain have established themselves well, although the resource of such equipment is lower than in German or Japanese analogues, but they cost about 40% cheaper.

Chinese technology has only the only advantage over other manufacturers, it is at a low price, the resource of the units is the lowest.

We will consider several models of vibration pins for comparison.

  • Model Mikasa MVH-R 60E. Japanese technique with reverse, meets international quality standards. Equipped with a 4.5 liter gasoline 4-t. With. and a water tank, which makes it possible to tamp asphalt and bulk soils. The weight of the unit is 70 kg, the size of the vibro.podoshva is 35×48 cm. Reliable tool with a high durability resource.
  • Model Zitrek CNP 25-2. Czech unit produced in factories located in China. A gasoline engine with a power of 6.5 liters is used. With. The device is quite heavy and has a weight of 125 kg. Works with direct and reversing stroke. The vibration plate is made of cast iron and has good anti.corrosion protection. The depth of the sealing layer is 300 mm.
  • Model DDE VP 80.ck. American.made product, which has the most affordable cost in the market. The unit is equipped with a 6.5 liter gasoline 4-stroke engine. With. The weight of the device is small, 80 kg, the size of the vibration.like is 42×59 cm, the depth of the tamping is 300 mm. The device has only a direct move, but it has established itself as reliable and powerful equipment.
  • Model Champion PC-1645 RH. Belongs to the products of joint production. The unit is equipped with a gasoline 4-stroke Honda engine with a capacity of 9 liters. With. The unit works at a direct and reversing course, weighs 160 kg, is able to trim the depth of soil within 500 mm. The technique is unpretentious and easy to control, has anti.corrosion protection.

Experts believe that the most reliable equipment are units equipped with a gasoline engine. If a diesel engine is installed on the tool, then its resource will be short.lived, and soon a major overhaul will be required.

Choice criterion: Working space

The specificity of the workspace is another important criterion that is worth paying attention to when choosing sealing equipment.

The sizes of the contact plate of the selected equipment must correspond to the features of the task. For example, when tamping soil around reinforced concrete piles, either vibrotrams or a small vibration plate is suitable.

The presence of a reverse (reverse) in the vibrating plate makes it more maneuverable, which is extremely important when soil compaction in trenches and ditches.

And when arranging wells, the only suitable tools is vibrotrack.

Ease of use of vibration stations

An important criterion is the convenience of the vibration plate, and the convenience, as using and transportation and maintenance.

We list some features of the vibration fuels that affect the comfort of working with them:

The safety of using vibration stations

Not all manufacturers of sealing equipment pay sufficient attention to the safety issues with their tool. That in no way reduces the importance of this aspect, t.to. Vibration fuels (especially heavy class) belong to the class of equipment of increased injury hazard.

Here are a few aspects that you should pay attention to when choosing a vibration plate:

Center of gravity. A vibration plate with a high center of gravity is unstable in work and is prone to overturning, which is unsafe for the machine operator. The availability of adjustment adjustment. If the vibration plate does not have a smooth adjustment of the speed of movement, then this is a danger during the launch of the tool. Remote control. On some models of heavy vibration fuels, a distance control unit is installed. Its presence significantly increases the safeness of work, especially if they are carried out in a constrained space.

Here are the 4 main criteria that must be remembered when choosing sealing equipment.

Rating of high.quality vibration stamps with diesel drive

This type of equipment is poorly started in frost, and the functioning process is accompanied by a noise. However, among the main selection criteria that the buyer pays attention to first of all, there are such aspects:

  • Independence from external power sources.
  • High operational period.
  • High degree of reliability.
  • Simplicity in management.

Husqvarna LG 204 D 500 mm

A popular product from time.tested Swiss brand. For most people, this concern is known as one of the best manufacturers of motorcycles. Including the manufacturer is assembled by the assembly of garden equipment, and vibration fuel in particular. One of the best products from which side cannot be seen, except that the price bites. However, the cost is more than justified due to the durability, multifunctionality and reliability of the tool. The engine is not installed the most powerful (4.3 liters.With.), but the impact power of the product is 38 kN, which is considered a more than high indicator.

The declared speed of rotation is 3,000 revolutions per minute, and the depth of ramp 40 cm. Indicators are not the highest, but allow you to work in high loads. Ergonomics deserves special attention. The handle is mobile, so it can be adjusted to any growth. The manufacturer applied a complex innovative system of extinguishing vibrations, which will be appreciated by those operators who had to work with equipment of this type.

How much is the kit? Buying will cost 420,000

  • ergonomics;
  • build quality;
  • vibration damping system;
  • hardy engine;
  • professional model;
  • durability;
  • practicality.

Shatal PC-2014D

If necessary, the model can be ordered online directly from the manufacturer’s website. First of all, when describing a product of their own production, manufacturers make Accent on the most important, in their opinion, criteria. A feature of the design is considered to be a pre.installed (unique) system of extinguishing vibrations. The parameter is no doubt important, since the convenience of using the equipment as a whole depends on it.

A high vibration indicator will make the operator the operator, which means a short. All the company, without exception, work on the solution of this problem, but they have not yet been able to realize the engineers of Shatal. The stove functions without complaints, however, according to users, the point is not in the length of the sole, but on the average engine power. The vibration was reduced due to the flexible connection of the tubular handle to the base. Here the manufacturer had to donate the assembly quality.

  • a unique system of extinguishing vibrations has been applied;
  • duration of work;
  • Ease of use;
  • the ability to replace individual components;
  • ramp 25 cm of the surface in one pass;
  • High.quality engine judging by the photo offered by the brand.

Read more how to choose an electrician: the main criteria, advice of masters, a rating of popular models, their pros and cons of

Zitrek CNP 330A-3 AES

Characterized by the presence of the latest control system. Country. Product manufacturer. Czech Republic. On the territory of the country, it is considered an unspoken leader in the production of high.quality vibration stages and other garden and production tools equipped with diesel drive. A model worthy of consideration, which will become a practical solution to the problem. Among the same products has an acceptable price tag. What is it due to is not clear.

The declared technical characteristics are beyond praise. Installed engine with a capacity of 13 liters.With., and the possibility of tamping material up to 1 m deep. The impact force reaches the mark of 40 kN. Within an hour of continuous operation, the unit will process over 650 square meters of the site. The indicators are high, compared with models of a similar price category. Top was rightfully in the top, but many are embarrassed by a high indicator of power. The design is high, even for laying asphalt. There are not so many cases in which the use of a particular model is needed.

What are the vibration stages for?

The main purpose of the vibrating plate is the tamping of bulk materials. Exposure to the surface is carried out due to the flat metal bottom of the large mass, on which the vibrational effect is carried out. Weight paired with vibration allows you to easily trim the loose surface.

Equipment is used both when laying the foundation and in the improvement of garden paths. The vibration plate is indispensable in the repair of the road surface, the tamping of paving slabs and in other cases when you need to quickly and efficiently compact a loose base.

TOP-13 best vibration fuels

What kind of vibration plaque you choose or advise?

Variants of tamping devices with a gasoline engine are one of the most common. Their key advantages are:

vibration, plate, needed, laying

Most of the gasoline engines of the vibration pins are four.stroke, that is, they require a separate supply of motor oil and gasoline. The design may provide an electric starter or a manual “start.up” with a cable, with which launching occurs. Due to the fact that the oil is not burned in the combustion chamber and then is not thrown into the silencer, the engines of vibro-aggregates have a relatively safe exhaust and no less noise than two-stroke.

  • motor power, kW 4;
  • motor power, l. With.: 5.5;
  • Dimensions of the sole: 53 by 37 cm;
  • effort: 11 kN;
  • Seal depth: 25 cm.

Lifan PVB60

Lifan is better known as the manufacturer of Chinese cars of good quality. The vibration plate of this company is equipped with a four.stroke engine of its own development. A small weight of 60 kg allows you to attribute the unit to the light class, which is well suited for small volumes of work. Fill the palmar in the asphalt, compact the land plot before planting the lawn, make a section of the road from gravel, which will not fall under your feet. this is the scope of this unit.

Zhenu ZVPB-10 g

Domestic apparatus, although the assembly and Chinese. The presence of small amenities is pleasing, like a removable handle, as well as a transport frame with wheels. The main scope is the compaction of bulk materials: soil, sand, as well as small gravel. A great option for laying tiles within the same area. after that, the sand pillow is even and does not sit even without water shedding.

  • motor power, kW: 4.8;
  • motor power, l. With.: 6.5;
  • Dimensions of the sole: 50 by 36 cm;
  • effort: 10 kN;
  • Seal depth: 20 cm.

Patriot VT-90LB

This vibration plate is already a little more heavier than previous models. its weight is 85 kg, this allows you to use it not only on bulk materials. soil and sand, but also crushed stone and medium fraction. If desired, you can even make a substrate under a small asphalt road, and then align the asphalt concrete mixture using the built.in water supply system. The unit is equipped with LonCin engine, like many Zitrek plates.

Champion PC9045F

Champion. famous manufacturer of benzotechnics. Known for its chainsaws, motorcycles and fuel generators. This is the so.called honest high.quality China, which holds the level and does not lower it below the average. For private use. a great option, and gasoline four.strokes may well be used in commercial and municipal activities. Convenient sole, the force of exposure to 15 kilonyutons, a reliable engine. all this makes the model one of the most attractive in the market.

  • motor power, kW: 4.8;
  • motor power, l. With.: 6.5;
  • Dimensions of the sole: 50 by 45 cm;
  • effort: 15 kN;
  • Seal depth: 30 cm.

Rating of the best, high.quality diesel models

Such devices on which diesel ICE are installed have excellent operational characteristics. It is worth noting that heavy vibration plates are equipped with diesel engines.

In addition, some of their models with a diesel engine can cost more than 1 million. Are the most expensive vibration stoves. As a rule, such devices are used by road services, as well as construction companies when performing repair work.

It is a reversible vibration stove, which is designed to perform both road and construction work of any complexity related to the seal of various coatings. Equipped with a powerful, reliable diesel engine. Thanks to this, Zitrek CNP 330-3 AES can be used when performing construction work even in the field. It is equipped with a spacious tank for 5.5 liters for storing fuel.

The duration of continuous work without refueling is about 4 hours. Fuel consumption is 0.6 liters per 1 hour. Thanks to the battery and electric steam, this device can be easily launched under different weather conditions.

Dimensions of the sole. 820×480 mm. Tommy area. 650 square meters per hour. It is equipped with a reverse. ICE volume. 406 cubic cm. The value of incoming efforts is 38 kN. The mass of the device is 250 kg. The power of the device is 5.7 kW, engine. 7.75 l.With.

  • Durability;
  • Build quality;
  • The plate is made of high.quality, durable steel;
  • Mobility;
  • Simplicity and convenience of control;
  • Suitable for difficult work.

This device is equipped with a special two.shall vibrator, which, thanks to an increased inter.service interval, is able to create a greater pressure force even in the case of work in an inaccessible place. Additionally equipped with a special motorcycle counter.

Has good maneuverability and is able to overcome even cool climbs. This device can also be used for tamping soil on slopes (angle of slope of the soil surface up to 30%). It can be equipped with a variety of additional options. a plate bruis, a volcanic rug, an electric steamer.

The total weight of the device is 391 kg. When using a loss of 75 mm, the weight reaches a mark of 413 kg, when using a bruiser by 150 mm, the total mass is 424 kg. Plate length. 450 mm. Equipped with a motor for 6.6 kW/9 l.With. Fuel consumption indicator. 1.6 liters per hour. Fuel tank volume. 5 liters.

  • The ability to install additional options;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Assembly quality and components;
  • The ability to adjust the height of the control handle;
  • The ability to install anti.vibration mats.
  • );
  • The weight;
  • Equipment (all additional options are purchased separately);
  • Some users note that fuel consumption is higher compared to the standard indicator, which is indicated by the manufacturer.

This German production model is designed to lay paving stones, tamping such bulk materials as sand or gravel. Can be used to lay asphalt on the roads. The guide handles are automatically folded, which greatly simplifies transportation and reduces the risk of damage during movement.

In the manufacture of the supporting plate of this device, a high.strength cast iron with spherical graphite was used. Thanks to this, it has high strength indicators at the fracture and low level of wear. Thanks to a powerful diesel motor, Wacker Neuson DPU 6555HEAP can reach high speed and performance when performing the tasks. Has a small level of vibrations, which positively affects the level of comfort when operating the device.

It is equipped with a 9 motor.6 l.With. It is equipped with a reverse. Square dimensions 900×600 mm. The level of impact force is 65 kN. The maximum depth of compacted soil is 650 mm. Fuel consumption in continuous functioning is 1.9 liters per hour. It is equipped with a tank for storing fuel with a volume of 6 liters. Weight. 497 kg.

  • Assembly quality and components;
  • Reliability and performance;
  • Functional;
  • The quality of the slab;
  • Small fuel consumption as a model of this class.
  • High);
  • The weight;
  • The warranty period is only 1 year (for such equipment insufficient warranty period).

Rating of the most reliable electric drive models

Vibration plates equipped with an electric drive, compared with diesel or gasoline analogues, have low power, but they are much cheaper. For the functioning of such units, it is necessary to connect to the mains.

To perform work in places where there is no way to connect to the network, you will have to use the generator. As a rule, such devices are purchased for laying paving slabs and performing simple soil compaction work. Minimum

Reliable, high.quality electric vibrating plate, which is suitable for rammed, compaction of bulk soils, as well as laying paving slabs. Is a mobile, economical and compact device. To control this unit, only one operator needs even in a limited space. It is perfect for soil compaction near the basements of buildings, arranging borders on the roads. Also, this model is often used to lay small width pedestrian paths.

Pavestone Paver Installation

Equipped with an electric engine with a power of 0.55 kW. Dimensions of the sole. 500x300mm. The amount of effort is 11.3 pr. The total mass of the device is 80 kg.

  • Low);
  • Functionality (suitable for performing a wide spectra of simple tasks);
  • Dimensions;
  • Assembly quality and components;
  • The sole is made of strong steel;
  • Light weight.
  • Low power (suitable for performing only simple tasks);
  • Some users note that after prolonged functioning, the electric motor begins to heat up hard.

A compact device designed to compact various types of bulk soil, as well as a coherent road surface. It is perfect for both amateurs and professionals. Thanks to the use of IE-4509 and you can compact sand, gravel, asphalt concrete, conduct a variety of construction and repair measures. Suitable for completing tasks in conditions of limited space. The functioning of the electromechanical type is responsible for its functioning with a capacity of 0.25 kW.

Seal depth indicator. 200 mm. Device weight. 40 kg. Operates on a network, with a voltage in which 220 V is. Squire dimensions 400×320 mm.

High.quality, productive, according to buyers, an environmentally friendly device that has a low level of outgoing noise. Can be used to compact soils, as well as during laying cold or hot asphalt. Shatal PC-1443 can be used even in small areas with very difficult access.

Equipped with a reliable, high.quality electric motor, the power of which is 3 liters.With. Thanks to this, it is able to affect the surface with a force of 1400 kg. In the manufacture of the housing of the vibration plate, high.carbon steel was used, which has an increased level of strength. Thanks to small dimensions, this unit can be easily transported even in a passenger car. The mass of the entire structure is only 88 kg. Trump dimensions. 400×500 mm. Impact force. 13.7 kN. General performance level. 625 square meters per hour.

  • High performance as for units of this class;
  • Reliability;
  • Power;
  • Compactness;
  • Low weight;
  • Functionality (can be used to perform even complex tasks).

How to choose?

Manual vibrotrack, like any other tool, requires an attentive approach when choosing. Most often, the buyer is interested in the dimensions of the working sole, engine quality, clutch, brake pads. As a rule, modern equipment has a high working resource and warranty period of service.

So that the chosen vibration does not disappoint and can work in the conditions necessary for you, experts recommend paying attention to criteria such as:

  • working capacity of the motor;
  • sole area;
  • Vibroudar’s frequency and strength;
  • ground treatment depth;
  • fuel or electricity consumption;
  • the presence of an antivibration protective system on the handle of the tool.

Particular attention should be paid to the engine power, the average indicators of which vary from 2.5 to 4 liters. With. The more powerful the engine, the more productive the equipment and its shock force are. The area of ​​the working sole is selected based on those conditions in which it is necessary to work. if the free space is very limited, it makes no sense to choose a tool with a large area of ​​the sole.

The frequency of shock vibration determines the speed of the work, so the higher this indicator, the faster you will complete the task of raming the soil. The maximum impact rate does not exceed 690 beats/min, and the impact force rarely exceeds 8 kN. An important parameter is the maneuverability and weight of the tool. The easier manual vibrotrambovka by weight, the easier it is to control the operator with it. The weight of the equipment varies from 65 to 110 kg, so when choosing a model, it is worth evaluating your strength and capabilities.

Operating advice

As a rule, the manufacturer denotes in the technical documentation for manual vibro.traffic the useful life of the device equal to 3 years. During this time, it is necessary to carry out preventive examinations. timely pour oil into the engine, change the brake linings and conduct maintenance of the coupling, if necessary. change the connecting rod and so on.

Equipment that meets technical standards is able to compact the soil to the depth indicated in the technical passport. But at the same time, it is recommended to monitor the level of fuel consumption-on average, fuel consumption should not exceed 1.5-2 l/hour.

Working with a vibration mount, it is recommended to use a protective system from vibration located on the handles of the tool, and use personal protective equipment for hand.

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